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MinitipsX is the tech-based website where you can always find relevant information on everything related to the latest technology. From solving your everyday tech issues to telling you about some of the most hyped gadgets and devices, we are here to get you covered with proper guidelines, ideas, tips, theories, concepts, news, reviews, and what’s not.

Why You Should Try MinitipsX?

From having a wonderful, experts-managed team to being able to share content based on our reader’s perspective, there are more than a few things you’ll find interesting about our little tech arena, The MinitipsX.

We have a broad team, that is a one-of-a-kind collaboration between some of the industry-leading tech geniuses who came together with their years of experience in the tech sector. The contents we share are a methodical result of a highly time consuming and efficacy proven strategy where our team follows:

  • Gathering popularity and efficacy-based topic or product.
  • Test and approve through critical experiments and careful judgment.
  • Follow up constantly with expert members of the team.
  • Get the selected output from the above methods to decide future contents based on it.
  • Uses a wonderfully talented writing and editing team to produce easy-to-understand and friendly content.
  • And finally, constantly reaching out to people who get in touch with us for help and feeding their curiosity or by sorting their confusion.

Basically, with MinitipsX, you not only find innovative tech solutions and unbiased pure reviews but also a helpful friendly space where you can get in touch at any time for sorting out confusions and problems.

Things We Cover:

  • Things that actually help in real-life tech usage.
  • Informative but not boring tech-relevant stories.
  • Effective how-to guides that are easy to follow.
  • Problem-solving tips and tricks.
  • Tested reviews on the industry’s latest tech items.
  • And many more fun-driven contents.

Keep an eye on MinitipsX to find out about all instant solutions to regularly used devices, get highly useful and fun content every now and then as well as occasional theme-based thrilling reviews on the most popular geek items.

However, if you have eager to know more about us don’t hesitate to ask me anything.


AS Sahriyar, Founder, MinitipsX

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