What is CQA Test with Solutions of Common Problems

what is cqa test

Are you worried about CQA test app which is suddenly appeared on your phone? Maybe you also have faced some unexpected problems after appearing it. But, still, you don’t know what is CQA test and how you can get rid of the problems. Don’t worry and follow the article. Here, you will get definite and …

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2 Minute Solution to Google Play Error Checking for Updates

google play error checking for updates

Frequently getting the notification of google play error checking for updates? Then leave your headache behind and read the entire article to get the ultimate solution !!! When Google play shows such errors, it can’t update any android applications. Then some of us get scared of whether this issue can be solved without losing any …

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How to Stop Ads on Android-Easily

Stop Add on Android

No more annoying ads! Stop Add on Android. When you are operating your android phone, unwanted ads make interruption. The sudden arrival of ads is common to an Android phone. It disrupts the user’s attention. To solve this problem, You can follow this article as a guide. Read this article thoroughly to learn the procedures.   We …

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Quick Solution: Google Play Stuck On Downloading

Google Play Stuck On Downloading

Do you feel annoyed while Google play stuck on downloading? You are about to download something from Google play; It’s not downloading or response after a few minutes. Sometimes this situation is exhausting and problematic. If you are facing this situation, then you have come to the perfect place. Yes, you heard it right. Here, …

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SD Card Is Unmounted? Know How To Mount Easily!

sd card is unmounted

Did you accidentally unmount your SD card and your phone couldn’t find the SD card? If so, then this article is going to help you out! When we want to remove our memory card from the phone, we need to unmount the SD card for the sake of our data’s safety. If the SD card …

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How to Use SD Card as Internal Storage Samsung?

Use SD Card as Internal Storage Samsung

A few days ago, I wanted to use the SD card as internal storage on the Samsung device. Because my device had not enough internal memory to store all the apps I need. I didn’t know how to get free of this problem. Finally, following a few steps, I was able to use the SD …

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Simple Answer: Wifi is not Working on My Phone

wifi is not working on my phone

What could be more frustrating than the feeling of being deserted? We, the people from the digital age feel the same when we can’t connect to the internet. Everyone panics when they find out the Wifi is not working on the phone. We’ll discuss how we can identify the three main reasons that may cause …

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How To Permanently Disable Airplane Mode Android?

Permanently Disable Airplane Mode Android

Are you feeling disturbed by the airplane mode of your phone? In this article, we will tell you the perfect solution of how to permanently disable airplane mode Android?. Generally, airplane mode is used to stop all signal transmission from the device. Airplane mode is usually used when you are traveling by plane. But normally …

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Resolve: Samsung Account Locked Due to Abnormal Factory

Samsung Account Locked Due to abnormal Factory

A few days ago, I noticed that my Samsung account was locked due to an abnormal factory reset, and the reason was I forgot to log out of accounts before attempting a reset.  As a result, Samsung locked me out of my account and I couldn’t figure out, how to unlock the account? Then I …

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The Solution: Can You Text in Airplane Mode with Wifi?


During traveling on an airplane, we can’t contact others via mobile number, because of “Airplane Mode” on cell signal doesn’t support and our mobile data are going to off automatically. But sometimes we need to contact in emergency purpose. Now, you may have the question- Can you text in airplane mode with Wifi? Yes, you …

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