iPod Is Disabled Connect To iTunes: Fix The Error Completely

ipod is disabled connect to itunes

“iPod is disabled connect to iTunes” this nagging error often happens to iPod users. When your iPod shows a message that is disabled and can not able connecting to iTunes, it indicates that your iPod is entirely locked down. Behind this error has many reasons. Often it may happen by entering the wrong password many …

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Is iPhone X Waterproof? Know The Truth!

is iphone x waterproof

Suppose your iPhone X accidentally slipped from your hand. It drops down in the pool or any water area. Sometimes the damage can become somewhat fatal, impacting the quality of an iPhone X. An iPhone X assembles with different kinds of functions. Such as full screen, high performance, 3D recognition into one. That gives an …

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How to Fix AOL Mail is not Working on iPhone?

aol mail is not working on iphone

Recently some users were claiming that they can not access AOL on their iPhone around the world. Mostly this issue can be seen in the UK. This issue can be because of poor internet connectivity, server issues, due to incomplete settings, etc. These settings may IMAP or POP settings, and so on. If the AOL …

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 iPhone Charging Port Repair: Simple Guide for iPhone 7

iphone charging port repair

Are you messed up with your iPhone 7 charging issues? If your phones charging port is loose or it’s not charging at all, then probably your charging port is damaged. Hence it requires an iPhone charging port repair. It may seem that this is a very critical chore, but if you have the right tools …

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