How to Move Photos to SD Card Galaxy S5- The Complete Solution

how to move photos to sd card galaxy s5

How to move photos to sd card galaxy  s5 when your internal storage is already filled. Are you concerned about storing images on your Samsung galaxy mobile? Although, most Samsung Smartphone has the option of using an sd card as extra storage. However, the files are stored in internal storage. As a result, there is …

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How to Install App from SD Card: 6 Easy Steps 

How to install app from SD Card

Sometimes we transfer SD Card from one phone to another. Then the apps stored in our SD Card need to install again. If you want to install app from SD Card and don’t know how to do it, we are here to guide you. Following the given 6 steps you can easily install app from …

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How to Disable Google Play Services in Just Five minutes

How to Disable Google Play Services

Google Play service is one kind of app that is utilized to update Google apps like Google Maps, Drive, Chrome, etc. Safety for device battery, users want to pop out Google Play service in sometimes. But there is no direct way on devices to disable it. For whatever reason, users face trouble to work out …

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How to Cast Android Screen to PC Using Wi-Fi – Step by Step

How to Cast Android Screen to PC Using Wi-Fi

The android screen is too small to use comfortably, do you feel that? If you think that, you can cast your screen to PC in a simple way. This content is going to provide you information on how to cast Android screen to PC using Wi-Fi. When you want to share photos, videos, or anything, …

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How To Connect Android Phone To TV Using AV Cable

how to connect android phone to tv using av cable

It’s really irritating when you want to enjoy your Android phone with your old flat-screen TV, but you are failing repeatedly. Really you are! Don’t lose your heart. Of course, you are in the right place to get an idea about how to connect Android phone to TV using AV cable. By using AV cable …

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Easy Way: How To Sign Out Of Google Play

how to sign out of google play

If you use an Android device then you definitely have a Google account signed in to that device. And you also have signed in to the “Google Play” or “Play Store” with that account. This is a very common thing for android users. But do you know how to sign out of Google Play? Signing …

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Google Pixel 4 Vs Pixel 4 XL – Define the Real Hero Of 2022

Pixel 4 Vs Pixel 4 XL

The smartphone industry has seen some really exceptional as well as failed to impress models in the last few years. And in such conditions, it’s no secret that Google pixel is probably one of the most promising series that has bought revolutionary features for their smartphones. It’s absolutely snatching buyers from all over the world …

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