Lenovo Yoga Not Turning On- How To Fix?

So your laptop was in a sound condition yesterday, but suddenly it’s not turning on? It can happen without any heavy tasking or any unexpected accidents. You must be having panic attacks, right?

Regarding that, the most discussed issue is Lenovo Yoga Not Turning On! Well, calm down; it’s a common issue and can be fixed smoothly. Lenovo Yoga is definitely one of the high-rated laptops of the company. The series definitely has an admirable fanbase because of how versatile the products are.

Problems can be both related to software and hardware for this case. Countless Lenovo users fixed this very issue just by a simple software update.

There also can be external issues that have an affordable and accessible solution. Anyway, without further ado, let’s find out how you can fix your beloved computer.

How to Fix Lenovo Yoga Not Turning On

When it comes to a Lenovo device, the problems often occur because of the auto windows update, error while laptop booting, and issues related to the AC adapter. These problems can be fixed very quickly, and you can do it by yourself.

Here are the problems and their solutions:

Frequent Windows Update

Windows 10 surely goes for frequent updates, and many devices cannot cope up with that. This problem has been seen multiple times in Lenovo Yoga 3 especially. If you’re te facing the same situation, firstly, don’t panic!

Holding the power button for 10 seconds will not only power off your laptop, but when you turn the laptop on, it’ll boot itself on its own. This is exactly what the computer needs in situations like this.

Your Lenovo Yoga will successfully get used to the new Windows Update, and it’ll work perfectly.

Damaged Ribbon Cables

If your Lenovo Yoga is still not turning on, the problem is highly likely to be hardware-related. The first thing you can do is connect your laptop to an external monitor using a VGA cable or an HDMI cable.

After connecting, check out if the device is turning on or no. If it turns on, there’s a high chance that the ribbon cables that connect the motherboard to the display are damaged or have a loose connection.

What you can do is reconnect the ribbons and checkout if the laptop is working or not. The ribbons are not loose if the laptop still doesn’t turn on; they’re damaged. In this case, you’ll have to replace the ribbon cables.

Trouble with the RAM

Dislocation of RAM and damaged ram are common problems in many laptops. These two issues have consequences, like the laptop failing to turn on. In this case, what you can do is reseat the RAM.

At first, you’ll have to unplug your computer from the AC charger and open the laptop’s casing. The RAM is always located on the motherboard. You’ll have to pull it out, clean it a bit, and then put it back where it was.

The laptop should work fine after doing that, and if it doesn’t, then the RAM is faulty. Buying new sets of RAM is the solution in this case. 

Operating System Issues

Sometimes, when an individual’s operating system is not up to date and not licensed, this problem may arise. It’s usual for a computer not to get used to the updated software without an updated operating system.

If your Lenovo Yoga has the power but not turning on the operating system, then this is the case.

You’ll have to install a licensed updated Operating System for the solution and constantly update it when new updates are arriving. This will not only fix this issue for you but also enhance the overall experience of your laptop.

Outdated or Damaged Drivers

It’s a very peculiar one, but this issue may occur to any computer. Sometimes, when the drivers installed are broken or outdated, the computer fails to load the display.

The job of the computer drivers is to assist the hardware to function correctly and build up proper communication between software and hardware. When they’re damaged or outdated, the entire procedure fails; hence, it creates systematical issues.

All you’ve to do for this case is update the drivers. If you can’t update the drivers, you’ll have to reinstall the entire operating system and install the drivers.

Motherboard Issues

After checking out all of them, if the laptop still doesn’t work, the problem is definitely with the motherboard. This is a major issue if there’s a problem with the motherboard.

Even if you fix this one, there’ll be problems in the future when the motherboard is damaged partially.  If you’ve recently bought the laptop, there’s obviously a replacement warranty.

Contact the manufacturer and use than as soon as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do These Issues Only Happen to Only Lenovo Yoga Series Laptops?

The problem regarding the Windows update especially happens to all the Lenovo Yoga Series laptops, there has been a series of complaints about it, and gladly Lenovo is taking precautions. The other problems may occur to any laptop there is.

How to Know if the Problem is Software Related or Hardware?

All you’ll need is an HDMI cable or a VGA cable and a displaying device to find it out. Countless devices can help to detect the display, starting from a monitor to a projector. Don’t have an external monitor? Why don’t you connect with your TV’s HDMI port and check out? That would work too!

Is it Wiser to Go to a Technician for Reseating the RAM?

No, it’s not. Although you’ll get a professional service, the cost is going to be higher compared to the service you will get. It’s an effortless task, and all you’ll need is one screwdriver. The RAM is really easy to find, just pull it out carefully, clean it, and put it back.

Final Words

Lenovo is one of the top-selling companies of portable computers, and their Yoga Series is a fan favorite.

However, there can be unwanted bugs in any device, no matter how good the device is. It’s usual for computers not to get used to the frequent software updates of Windows 10, and Lenovo Yoga is one of its sufferers.

Other than this, there can be other problems regarding Lenovo Yoga Not Turning On, but in most cases, the fix is straightforward, so there’s no need to panic.

Just go through the steps; there’s a high possibility that your laptop will be fixed.

Good Luck!