DDR4 2400 vs 2666 || Pick Your One

DDR4 2400 vs 2666

You need to exchange a high-speed RAM but you are confused to buy DDR4 2400 vs 2666. Commonly these models advance the battery life of a computer and operated perfectly with a low voltage. You can fit up to 64 GB memory of two models if your pc is compatible with it.

DDR4 2400 and 2666 equally are speedy to transfer data and posses a high bandwidth interface. Support all types of processor and motherboard of 4th generation. Besides these, there are more characteristics of the two models which can vary according to your needs.

Know the specific features and facilities of them and make your decision to buy DDR4 2400 vs 2666 which will be well-suited with your computer.

DDR4 2400 vs 2666: Noteworthy features

DDR4 ( Double Data Rate 4) released in the market in 2014 with many upgraded standards. DDR4 2400 vs 2666 both posses up to 3200 Mbps data transfer rates. Updated for the new generations pc and have more space than the previous DDR3 version.

Here some beneficial features are presented that will help you to explore more.

       DDR4 2400      DDR4 2666
 Capacity of the memory
From 4 GB to 32 GBFrom 4 GB to 64 GB
Memory clock speed
2400 MHz2666MHz
Bandwidth (megabytes per second ) quality
PC4 – 19200PC4 – 21300
Supported Motherboard ( frequency)
Up to 3600 MHzUp to 3600 Mhz
Supported processor
intel Core i5 and Core i7Intel Core i5 and  higher 
Number of pins
260 and 288260
CAS(Column Access Strobe) Latency
15 – 17 (0.833 nanoseconds)12 – 17 (0.750 nanoseconds)
RAM type

More About DDR4 2400 vs 2666

DDR4 2400 RAM for best gaming:

DDR4 2400 is the upgrade version of the previous DDR3. If you are a gamer then you must need this cool RAM. It increases the working performance of a computer. The challenging working process of the RAM makes your heavy operation perfect. With up to 32 GB memory storage this RAM is suitable for desktop, laptop, and notebook.

Beneficial sights of DDR4 2400 RAM:

  • Built with a durable aluminum heat spreader.
  • Easy to install with 16 internal memory banks.
  • Supports all types of motherboard
  • Brilliant for programming and superfast gaming.
  • Save power up to 40%.

DDR4 2666 RAM for the speedy performance:

DDR4 2666 RAM is a more updated version than DDR4 2400. Supported by ATX and Micro ATX motherboard. Up to 64 GB storage with the Error-correcting code (EEC) memory will identify and correct your internal data exploitation system. This RAM doesn’t use XMP( Extreme memory profile) to touch valued frequency. It performs every task and gaming at a high speed.

Beneficial sights of DDR4 2666 RAM:

  • Built with powerful heat spreader which is more efficient than 2400 RAM.
  • Excellent for gaming and other work.
  • Users can perform every task at the extra fastest speed.
  • 16 internal memory banks.
  • Save power up to 40% and extend the battery life of a pc.


Question: What CPU do I need to install 4GB DDR4 2400 RAM?

You need Intel Core i3 CPU to install 4GB DDR4 2400 RAM.

Question: which CAS latency will perform better between DDR4 2400 and DDR4 2666?

The CAS latency of DDR4 2666 will perform any program faster than DDR4 24oo.

Question: I have a DDR3 RAM in my pc, can I add a DDR4 along with it?

Yes, you can. But operating two categories of RAM will be harmful to your pc. Your pc can be restarted automatically after booting.

DDR4 2400 vs 2666: Which RAM should you buy?

If you want to handle the challenging applications you can buy DDR4 2400. This RAM can perform several programs at the same time. It is also famous for gaming. You have to match the RAM with your motherboard and processor. It will cost around $ 38.99 for an 8 GB RAM. You can buy DDR4 2666 also for super-fast gaming and multitask. It is the upgraded version of DDR4 2400 and doesn’t need XMP to operate. It will cost around $ 29.99 for an 8 GB RAM which is comparatively less to the DDR4 2400.


After researching the whole content we hope your all confusion on DDR4 2400 vs 2666 will erase perfectly. Now you can choose your necessary RAM for your computer.

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