Best 8TB NAS Drive Options – Top 5 Picks of 2022

Finding some quality NAS hard drive options needs some luck. Yes, there are many options available today, but not all are worth the hype or price. It’s common for people to expect the best 8tb NAS drive that will match their budget and serve essential features. Something that will help store their files in the best way possible.

No matter how expensive the device is, it still will do zero benefits If the hard drive isn’t up to the mark. So, let’s have some serious talk on a few popular and worthy picks for 8TB NAS drive out there.

Best 8TB NAS Drive

Product’s Name RAM Speed Key Benefits Price
Seagate IronWolf 8TB NAS 7200 RPM Never Makes Noise In Us Details On Amazon
BUFFALO LinkStation 220 8TB NAS 5400 RPM Good For Large Files Details On Amazon
WD 8TB My Cloud EX2 NAS 7200 RPM Fine For Windows & Mac Details On Amazon
BUFFALO TeraStation 3410DN 8 TB NAS 5900 RPM Improves Processing Speed Details On Amazon
WD 8TB My Cloud Pro Series PR2100 NAS 5400 RPM Tough To Stand Long Details On Amazon

We will be reviewing the top 5 drives to help you pick a quality one fry out a small business or home office. Keep on Reading!

1. Seagate IronWolf 8TB NAS– Secure Data Faster with This One

Should You Pick Or Not
If you are looking for the best HDD for NAS Sinology, the Seagate brand stands on top. They appear with IronWolf NAS that is made for users to enjoy faster data sharing with raid up to 8 bays. You should try it for enterprise-class hard drives.

This NAS on top comes with amazing spin speeds of 5900 RPM in lower capacity and 7200 RPM in higher capacity. It on top makes sure you are retrieving your favorite pictures or videos faster with no snag.

On top of that, this Network Attached Storage comes with the IronWolf Health Management option that allows users to easily monitor the health of drives. It also makes sure you are getting every prevention, intervention, and recovery info.

The brand on top comes with 3 years of quality assurance for their buyers to enjoy a reliable replacement. They also make sure their buyers are getting restores and return benefits with no spends to completely satisfy on purchase.

On the whole, this NAS is a good luck charm for any PC lovers who want to store more and work faster. It is also great for finding no lags or downtime with increased file sharing performance.


  • It appears at a decent price point.
  • The drive is being packed in sealed anti-static bags.
  • It is quite simple to use.
  • The NSA is great for consistent speeds.
  • It comes with plenty of storage to recover files.


  • Some people find it a bit loud.

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2. BUFFALO LinkStation 220 8TB NAS– Budget-Friendly Hard Drive Included Option to Try Out

Should You Pick Or Not
One of the finest NAS hard drive deals should come at an affordable price and 2-drive network storage device just like this one. It is also worth giving a try for storing, serving, and protecting your most important data.

Built from Japan, this TAA compliant NAS is a great option for users to enjoy Entry-class personal cloud access by creating a private cloud. It also makes sure you are getting easy remote access over the internet.

This LinkStation 220 on top comes with a reliable and central locative option for users to store and protect all data from every PC. It also makes sure you are getting faster sharing performance by speeding up to 10, 100, and 1000 Mbps.

And, it comes with a USB 2.0 port that allows users to increase storage capacity or backups from other devices. This thing also makes sure you are getting an extra level of data protection.

By and large, this Network AS is a smart pick if you desire an easy to set up plug into the router for instant network access. It is also ideal for stream videos, movies, and photos.


  • It appears with a clear user guide to learn.
  • This NAS hard drive is great for sharing files.
  • It comes with good quality and capacity.
  • This NAS has multiple features at this price range.
  • It is super simple and effective for backups.


  • Sadly, the client service is bad.

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3. WD 8TB My Cloud EX2 NAS– Enjoy Higher Ram Support with This One

Should You Pick Or Not
This best NAS hard drive for Plex Media Server is another great pick to keep all your photos, videos, and music beautifully organized. It on top comes with 1 GB Ram support for you to always ready for streaming to your PC.

This NAS hard drive is also upgraded with the powerful Marvell Armada 385 1.3GHz dual-core processor for users to enjoy faster streaming. It also makes sure you are transferring files with higher and smoother performance.

But wait, there is more. This NAS hard drive supported browsers such as Internet Explorer 10, Safari 6, Firefox 30, Google Chrome 31, and so on. It is also good for windows and MAC too.

With WD SmartWare Pro backup software, this NAS makes sure users are finding no snag on protection. You can even automatically back up your data to a separate My Cloud NAS device, or any supported cloud service like Amazon S3, or ElephantDrive.

In general, this NAS is an excellent pick if you want an automatic file synching option for your computer to access data easily. It is also great for getting a simplified file and folder sharing.


  • This NAS hard drive appears with 2 processor cores.
  • It is ideal for personal NAS storage.
  • The NAS is easy to work with.
  • It comes with good Plex to store movies and videos.
  • Great bang for the bucks.


  • A few people don’t like its design.

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4. BUFFALO TeraStation 3410DN 8 TB NAS– Find Toughest Option for Long-Term Usage

Should You Pick Or Not
The TeraStation 3410DN is known as the best NAS external hard drive designed in small to medium size for enjoying the toughest taste. Made in Japan, this NAS is good to look out for getting the pre-tested NAS-grade hard drives.

It on top comes with the iSCSI Target option for users to get large amounts of storage to a server. This thing also makes sure you are getting the better capacity to your server with no trouble of less performance.

The brand on top comes with 3 years of warranty benefits for their buyers to get good alternatives and services. They also make sure their buyers are happy with their purchase.

Want to know the coolest part? This NAS is also compatible with S3, Dropbox, Dropbox Business, Microsoft Azure, and OneDrive. It on top allows you to connect to any PC & MAC computer, tablet, and smartphone too.

Generally speaking, it is a big deal for anyone who wants a value-focused, business-ready NAS noise-free solution. This NAS is also good for backups and private clouds.


  • It is a great pick for an entry-level product.
  • The setup is quite quick and easy.
  • It is virtually silent when performing.
  • This NAS comes with iSCSI capabilities for windows 10.
  • It is perfect for archival or backup storage.


  • This user manual is hard to understand.

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5. WD 8TB My Cloud Pro Series PR2100 NAS– Improve Your PC Workflow with This One

Should You Pick Or Not
It is considered as the best HDD for Qnap NAS that makes sure user access into any workflow with a decent 1.6 GHz processor. You are free to try this if you prefer a faster reactive and processing NAS.

It is also quite quick and easy to set up on MY Cloud OS 3 for users to enjoy robust device manager. With this option, you can transfer files from your PC to drive.

This NAS on top comes with a super working 4GB DDR3L Ram support for users to enjoy the faster performance to store pictures, videos, and files as many as possible. It also allows you to download from the internet with no loading snag.

No wonder of this NAS goodness as it comes with centralized storage to organize media for users to increase workflow. It also makes sure your PC is cool when storing files.

Overall, this NAS is a good option for you to enjoy the lightweight and comprehensive security through password protection. It is also amazing for 3.9TB usable capacity in RAID 1.


  • It appears with 4 processor counts to use easily.
  • This NAS helps the PC to transfer data faster and reliably.
  • It is light in weight and compact to carry anywhere.
  • The user panel is easy for a skilled computer user.
  • It works perfect for Plex.


  • Unfortunately, it is hard to set up.

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Consideration For Buying the Best 8TB NAS Drive

Consideration For Buying the Best 8TB NAS Drive

Finding the proper NAS is not a big task if you consider some factors for hitting the bull’s eye. If you are first-timer to single out the best 8TB NAS hard drive, it’s vital for you to read it out:

Check the Hard Drives

If you want to invest on NAS devices, it’s important to go with one that includes hard drives. Some NAS doesn’t appear with a hard drive which will cost you more. While some other brand offers hard drive to enjoy better storage space and lasting value. So, note that when picking one.

Consider the Processing Power

Another thing you want to look out on NAS devices is the processing power. Nearly all NAS should come with 1.4 GHz processing power that makes sure better reaction and lug free function. So, ensure your chosen NAS has better processing power.

Inspect the Ram

Ram aka Random Access Memory is another essential fact that you want to look into deeply when choosing NAS. The simple theory is better performance relays on more Ram support. A 256MB Ram will be enough for you to store files comfortably.

Verify Bay Count

You want to check the bay count of a NAS when picking one. Basically, the bay core of a NAS indicates how much disk drives can store. Most NAS devices come with 2 bay cores for simple home use. For even higher disk drives, you want to pick 4 bay cores NAS.

Go with the Durable One

A durable constructive NAS should last for a longer period of time. This thing as well as makes sure your PC to get rid of vibration, noise, and heat with no slower spindle speeds. So, keep that in mind when you are in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a NAS?

The NAS actually stands for Network Attached Storage. It is an out and out file storage that allows many users to get back their data from a centralized disk capacity. This thing also makes sure users access shared storage on a Local Area Network.

How long a NAS do lasts?

Most NAS drives last for not more than 3 to 5 years in average. Yet, you can add some months to the lifespan of the NAS with regular maintenance, lubrication, and care. But, they will at one time lose the kinetic energy and start to wear.

Is it okay to use a regular hard drive in NAS?

Even though there won’t be the same performance and reliability benefits, you can use regular drives in a NAS setup. Using the NAS in regular hard drive will result in your PC getting overheated faster and work slow.

How much NAS should cost?

Depending on the quality and lasting ability, the NAS with hard drives should cost you not more than $600 ranges. While on the other hand, some brand only provides NAS that cost $50 to $200 points. As NAS has higher facilities, it cost more.


A quality network-attached storage system will help you get the most out of long-term potential and convenience for users. And so, make sure you do plenty of research on finding the best 8tb NAS drive for your purpose. Take your time to really evaluate your needs and then go for a final pick from the list. The ideal NAS drive will make your work life so much better. So, Go for It!