Best RAM For Ryzen 2700x – 7 Popular Picks Reviewed

Those who want to have a taste of high-speed RAM definitely has a soft spot for the AMD’s Ryzen platform. The RAM frequency, as well as speed here, shines way brighter than the competitor Intel.

And to make the whole thing confirmed of top-notch performance, picking the right RAM is very important. Something that comes with higher frequency and pairs fine with the Ryzen processor.

We are here for all those folks who are looking for the best ram for Ryzen 2700x with 7 popular recommendations reviewed.

Best RAM for Ryzen 2700x

Product’s Name RAM Key Benefits Price
G.Skill TridentZ RGB Series F4-3200C16D-32GTZR Ram 32 GB Heatproof And Burnproof Details On Amazon
Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO Ram 16 GB Increase PC Response Time Details On Amazon
G.SKILL Trident Z Neo Series F4-3600C18D-32GTZN Ram 32 GB Sleek And Compact Details On Amazon
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB Ram 16 GB Nice For Small Cases Details On Amazon
G.Skill TridentZ RGB Series F4-3200C14D-16GTZR Ram 16 GB Increase PC Clock Speed Details On Amazon
HyperX Fury Black XMP Ram 16 GB Improve PC Processing Skill Details On Amazon
G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series F4-3200C14D-32GTZR Ram 32 GB Saves Energy Spends Details On Amazon

Let’s not waste any further moment and jump right into the complete reviews for these 7 picks.

1. G.Skill TridentZ RGB Series F4-3200C16D-32GTZR Ram– Get Dual-Channel Support with This One

Should You Pick Or Not
If you want to pick the best Ram for AMD Ryzen 2700X, then the G.Skill’s Ram is your finest pick. It appears with dual-channel that ensures good transferring of data for you to try out.

The Trident Z RGB Series Ram on top comes with luxurious hair-line finished aluminum heatsinks to get rid of heat snag. It also makes sure you are using any software with no less performance. This Ram on top has CAS Latency CL16 that increases clock speed.

Want to know the best part? This Ram appears with a wide light diffuser on top for stylish yet extravagant lighting effects. It is also easy to adjust the lighting.


  • The ram runs smoothly.
  • It is a great option for gaming.
  • The Ram looks really cool with excellent lighting effects.
  • It is a very easy process.
  • The client service is helpful for giving advice.


  • Some people find the Ram expensive.

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2. Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO Ram– Enjoy Multi-Zone RGB Lighting with This One

Should You Pick Or Not
The Corsair’s Ram comes with an amazing multi-zone RGB lighting option for users to adjust colors of their choices. You can try this out if you want the best blend of performance and stability.

It on top comes with a great deal of Ryzen 7 2700X Ram compatibility list such as Intel 100 & 200 Series, X299, and AMD 300 & 400 Series, X570. This Ram also needs just a plug and plays setups for a clean and seamless install in no minute.

On top, this Ram comes with a DDR4 memory type that makes sure great visualize and synchronize. It also makes sure you are getting maximum bandwidth and tight response times.


  • This Ram works fine with no BIOS issues.
  • It is good for Ryzen 2000 series users.
  • The Ram increases the PC’s performance.
  • It is easy to play with the colors.
  • The iUCE engine is easy to use.


  • A few people don’t like it for long-term usage.

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3. G.SKILL Trident Z Neo Series F4-3600C18D-32GTZN Ram– Achieve Dual-Tone Design Heatspreader with This One

Should You Pick Or Not
This Ram is another coolest option for those who want dual-tone design heat spreader that adds power and boldness to any builds. It is also worth trying for the latest AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs.

With a sleek beveled edge, this Ram comes with a tri-fin design that makes sure users to a sleek and clean look. It as well as makes sure you are getting the asymmetrical slant to enjoy any type of racing or sports cars and supercars.

This Ram also comes with powerful overclocked performance with hand screed memory ICs and custom 10 layers PCBs. It on top makes sure better maintenance to enjoy fast and furious multitasking benefits.


  • It works perfectly for Ryzen 3000 series CPUs.
  • This Ram is very fast and works perfect.
  • It is good for heavy Photoshop editing.
  • The Ram is quite easy to install.
  • It appears in an accurate size.


  • Most people don’t like its build quality.

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4. Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB Ram– Manage Heat Snag with This One

Should You Pick Or Not
For the best DDR4 Ram for Ryzen 2700X processor, this Ram is a big deal to try out. It is also great for managing heat with the custom performance PCB to avoid any hardware damages.

This Ram on top is built in a sleek and low-profile design that makes it a wonderful option for small cases. Even though it looks small and slim, this Ram gives higher internal space for you to store any files with no space out.

It also comes with DDR4 memory that offers higher frequency, good bandwidth speed, and less power spend. This Ram on top makes sure you are getting fast and reliable performance when downloading big sized software or games to enjoy.


  • It is trouble-free to work with.
  • The Ram helps to improve processing speed.
  • It appears with dual-channel support.
  • The Ram is great for storing big sized files.
  • One of the coolest bangs for the price.


  • We don’t like their client service.

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5. G.Skill TridentZ RGB Series F4-3200C14D-16GTZR Ram– Transfer Files Easily and Reliably with This One

Should You Pick Or Not
Another mention of the best Ram for Ryzen 3700X from G.Skill brand that ensures easy and steady transferring of files. It is also worth trying out if you want a useful and good capacity Ram.

On top of that, this Ram comes with CL14 latency that makes sure you are getting better storage density and power efficiency than others. It also makes sure you enjoy faster clock speeds to get better workability overall. This thing also improves your PC’s multitasking speed.

This Ram on top comes with 288 pins setup that is specifically made for the Intel-based platforms. It as well as has ten layered PCBs that make sure the highest signal stability for you to enjoy fast downloading speed.


  • It runs fine in both DOCP and XMP mode.
  • This Ram works with Aura Sync.
  • It makes sure a higher speed to transfer data.
  • The Ram is fast and effective to access.
  • It has an excellent aluminum heat sink design.


  • Not good for multitasking.

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6. HyperX Fury Black XMP Ram– Enjoy Fastest Speed with This One

Should You Pick Or Not
This Ram is a good pick for any video editor or gamer to enjoy fast speed up to 2400MHz-3466 MHz. It is also worth trying if you want to boost performance while editing video or gaming.

And, this Ram comes with 16GB slot support that makes sure you are installing nay games or software with no restriction. It as well as allow you to use any software without caring about the size. This thing also makes sure you get an upgrade to jumpstart the sluggish system.

But wait, that is no all. This brand comes with a limited lifetime warranty benefit for its users to enjoy free replacement. They also make sure their buyers are getting good quality options for long-term usage.


  • It comes at a decent price point.
  • The Ram is able to overclock up to 3200 Hz.
  • Great pick for maximum capacity use.
  • It is very flexible and great in quality.
  • The ram is really finicky.


  • Not compatible with the Alienware Aurora R8.

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7. G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series F4-3200C14D-32GTZR Ram– Achieve Two Matched 16GB Modules with This One

Should You Pick Or Not
It is one of the best 32GB Ram for Ryzen 2700X that has 2 coordinated 16GB modules for storing big files at ease. You can try this out for building a stylish and modern PC.

It on top comes with timings of CL14 latency at 1.35 voltages for users to get rid of excess power consumption. This thing also makes sure you are enjoying good PC speed to use two applications at the same time with no lag or buffering.

Besides, this Ram comes with unique and vibrant RGB LED lighting that is controlled by Icue and Asus Aura Sync software. It also makes sure you are customizing each color in your style with no trouble.


  • Great RAM works with Ryzen CPUs.
  • The build quality is really good at this price.
  • It has more than plenty of space for any PC.
  • The RGB lighting is smooth and accurate.
  • Easy to control with Icue or Asus Aura Sync.


  • The manual is hard to understand.

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How to Pick the Best Ram for Ryzen 2700X?


To choose the best Ram for Ryzen 7 2700X you want to look into some consideration for getting the finest one. So, read down below to find out more:

Check the Clock Speed

The clock speed indicates a better performance of Ram to increase your processor function to work even faster. A 3000MHz clock speed included Ram is enough for any gamer to enjoy the quality gaming experience. If you want an even better operation, it’s better for you to look for 3200MHz clock speed.

Consider the Memory Type

Another thing that you definitely want to consider is the memory type when picking Ram. For gaming or video editing, the Ram should have DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 memory type.

Among them, the DDR4 memory type is the fastest to improve data transferring speed and power consumption. So, ensure to check the memory type when in the market.

Single or Dual Channels

When picking Ram, you want to check the channels. It can have single or dual setups. While the dual-channel has 2 sticks, the single-channel offers 1 stick. The Ram enhances performance and expands bandwidth if the channel has better capacity.

Ryzen 7 2700X 16GB Vs 32GB Ram

Ryzen 7 2700X 16GB Vs 32GB Ram

There are many debates on 16GB and 32GB Ram about which one is good for Ryzen 7 2700X processors. Both Rams are effective for resulting higher flame time to display good quality picture.

For an average gamer, the 16GB Ram is in the sweet spot for Ryzen 7 2700X processor. It actually a great option for giving you plenty of space and fast work to play any games with no limit. The 16GB Ram is also good for the price than others.

However, a video editor would desire to have 32GB Ram for its longevity and average flame rate. The 32GB Ram gives better motion and a sharp gaming experience at HD, 1440P, 4K, and other quality too. It on top is a good pick if you are a person who uses large size software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ram impact on PC Performance?

The Ram plays a great role to improve PC’s performance yet it doesn’t perk up dramatically. It can help to increase the processing speed and good graphics. However, if your PC has good Ram, it can result in more efficient and reliable performance in your computer.

What is Ram in a PC?

Random Access Memory aka Ram is an effective memory that usually contacts with PC randomly. It is actually a great component that helps to store your PC’s data to find out in the future. The Ram in any PC also ensures to handle multitasks for user’s daily usage.

How much Ram do I need in the motherboard?

For the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700X processor, the Ram should have at least 16GB or more. You should check first in your motherboard details to find out what number of slots is decent. If your motherboard supports 16GB ram, then go for it.

Wrap Up

Before the craze of AMD, things like RAM was not so important and considered mostly rudimentary. But now with the Ryzen admiration phase, getting and choosing the best ram for Ryzen 2700x is no more an unnecessary thing in the performance priority list. So, to ensure you are getting the best outcomes, take your time, and chose something relevant, affordable, and quality full.