7 Best MacBook For Graphic Design To Discover Now!

Graphic design demands more than regular power when it comes to laptops. And so, who has a far view of enhancing their graphic designing skills will always want to get a worth-the-features laptop upgrade. Not only enough memory has to be on board but also it must handle those required intense applications without taking a break.

Today we will be breaking down 7 best MacBook for graphic design that comes with a fantastic display, slim dimension, and a solid body.

Best MacBook for Graphic Design

Product’s Name Storage Capacity Battery Life Graphics Key Benefits Price
Apple 13-Inch MacBook Pro 256 GB SSD Up To 10 Hours Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645 Nice Video Quality Details On Amazon
Apple 13-Inch MacBook Air 256 GB SSD Up To 11 Hours Intel Iris Plus Graphics Sturdy And Functional Details On Amazon
Apple 16-Inch MacBook Pro 512 GB SSD Up To 11 Hours Intel UHD Graphics 630 Faster CPU Speed Details On Amazon
Apple Silver 13-Inch MacBook Air 256 GB SSD Up To 12 Hours Intel Iris Plus Graphics Strong Battery Life Details On Amazon
Apple Space Gray 13-Inch MacBook Pro 128 GB SSD Up To 10 Hours Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 Great Picture Quality Details On Amazon
Apple 15-Inch MacBook Pro 512 GB SSD Up To 7 Hours Intel Iris Pro Good For Video Editing Details On Amazon
Apple 13″ MacBook Air 128 GB SSD Up To 12 Hours Intel HD Graphics 6000 Fast To Shift Big Files Details On Amazon

In this segment, we are about to break down these 7 MacBook picks for reviewing both high and low points. So that you can make a quick choice without stress.

1. Apple 13-Inch MacBook Pro– Enjoy a Good Variety of Color Range with This One

This MacBook Pro is our first pick for its P3 wide color for even more vibrant red, green, and blue shade. It also has 25% more colors than sRGB.

On top, the Mac comes with a good touch bar to take action like sending a message. It also ensures easier control than using a keypad.

And, it has 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports for clean data transfer, charging, and video output. This thing on top makes sure to share 40GB/s of throughput in 2X bandwidth power.


  • It has an amazing screen to view clearly.
  • The touch bar is easy to use.
  • Lightweight while remaining sturdy.
  • The Touch ID option is good for security.
  • It has a fluid trackpad and gestures.


  • This Mac has no USB port.
Should You Pick Or Not
It is one of the best Mac for video editing with 500 nits brightness for getting more natural viewing experience. You can also try this out for editing your video projects in HD picture quality with IPS technology.

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2. Apple 13-Inch MacBook Air– Find Touchpad Option for Graphic Designing with This One

This MacBook is known as one of the best computers for graphic design with its touchpad. And, the touchpad helps you to command without typing on the keyboard.

It on top comes with a 4-core Intel Core i7 processor that makes sure 80% faster graphics performance than others. This thing also ensures you are making videos with no snag.

In addition, it has a Touch ID option for anyone to unlock their password with fingerprint support. This thing helps you with additional security.


  • It comes with 30 days of the return policy.
  • Nice computer at an affordable price.
  • It has a good responsive fingerprint lock.
  • Perfect pick for graphic design.
  • The keypad is comfortable to type on.


  • Sadly, this Mac gets heated faster.
Should You Pick Or Not
Due to its thin and light design, this MacBook is a smart pick for anyone who prefers strong video graphics. It also has a top-notch function and faster reactions that you should try out.

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3. Apple 16-Inch MacBook Pro– Achieve Strong Battery Life with This One

This 16-inch MacBook Pro comes with a good powered battery that stays awake for up to 11 hours. It on top makes sure you are editing for long-hour.

Also, it features a big six-speaker sound system for you to listen to well. This thing also allows you to create super clean podcasts.

Besides, this Mac has up to 8TB of SSD storage to store anything you see with no snag. It also ensures up to3.2GB/s sequential read speed for fast response and loading.


  • This Mac is great for multitasking.
  • It has a good resolution screen to view.
  • The Mac has good sound quality.
  • Great option for productive work.
  • The price is reasonable.


  • It is slightly heavier than the others.
Should You Pick Or Not
With a 16-inch retina display, this MacBook is a big deal for graphics designers to take their contact on another level for an immense viewing. It’s good to check out for bringing change to the world with a piece of art.

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4. Apple Silver 13-Inch MacBook Air– Edit Many Graphics Videos with This One

This refurbished iMac for video editing comes with 16 GB of memory support to download anything and store them. It also makes sure you are saving your graphics editing with no snag.

On top, this Mac Air has Stereo speakers with wider sound quality for users to enjoy music. It also allows you to hear well when in video chatting.

This MacBook on top has strong body construction with aluminum alloy that gives stability and flawlessness. It also rocks solid that won’t break easily.


  • The cooling fan doesn’t make loud noises.
  • It is light in weight.
  • The battery lasts for a long while.
  • It has a sleek keypad for easy typing.
  • The touch ID is very sensitive.


  • Unfortunately, the camera image is not clear.
Should You Pick Or Not
One of the most loved MacBook for any editor to enjoy good sound quality, portability, and battery life. It is also great for anyone who wants razor-sharp text clarity to get a new level of detail and realism.

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5. Apple Space Gray 13-Inch MacBook Pro– Find 8th Generation Inter 6-Core Processor with This One

One of the best used iMac for video editing with the 8th generation Inter 6-core processor is Apple’s MacBook Pro. It also makes sure a smoother working processor even when multitasking.

This iMac on top comes with 2 versatile ports with thunderbolt 3 combination for high bandwidth transfer. It also makes sure you are sharing files faster twice speed.

On top, this MacBook comes with a 5K supportive display that makes sure you are viewing clear and crispy colors. It also allows you to view with no eye pressure.


  • It doesn’t give eye pressure to view.
  • For the price, it’s hard to beat.
  • It has longer battery support.
  • The client service is helpful for advice.
  • It is easy to use.


  • The keypad makes irritating noises.
Should You Pick Or Not
This MacBook is a terrific option for beginners who love advanced graphics, blazing-fast storage, and high performing memory. It’s a must-have to try out for improving your idea of editing video content.

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6. Apple 15-Inch MacBook Pro– Work on Big IPS Retina Display with This One

The Apple MacBook Pro comes with a big 15-inch IPS retina display that makes sure crisp viewing screen. It also ensures you are viewing 4D and 5K standard image quality.

And, it comes with 6 MB shared L3 cache that shares files in less time. This thing also allows the processor to handle complex tasks.

Also, the brand offers 90 days of backed warranty for their buyers to find a replacement. They also ensure free return benefits.


  • It has 2 USB 3.0 ports.
  • The Mac is trouble-free to use.
  • It has the good sound quality to listen to music.
  • The Mac has a sleek design to travel with.
  • It is clean to view small text.


  • Not for office workers.
Should You Pick Or Not
For those who want an LED display with 512 GB of hard disk MacBook, it’s an exceptional option. This Mac is a true bias of all Photoshop lovers to try out for good value and quality.

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7. Apple 13″ MacBook Air– Find Light and Sleek Design Option to Try Out

With light and sleek design, this MacBook Air is a decent pick for easy carry or travel purposes. It also ensures you are carrying it in a bag with no snag.

This Mac also comes with 1440-by-900 resolutions for clear colors and brightness. It also has a 16:10 aspect ratio to have good length.

But that’s not all. It also comes with a good keyboard for users to easily type when in need. This thing is also comfortable to press.


  • Good laptop for the price.
  • It is light yet solid for long-term use.
  • The computer responds very fast.
  • It has good battery life for long-hour practice.
  • The Mac is simple to use.


  • It is hard to clean.
Should You Pick Or Not
This Mac is an excellent pick for anyone who wants a good variety of wireless connectivity to share online or with friends. It’s also great for you to try out for getting 12 hours of wireless web battery life.

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Factors To Consider For The Top Quality MacBook For Graphic Design

Factors To Consider For The Top Quality MacBook For Graphic Design

Finding the best MacBook for graphic designers is quite a big job with no research. So, here are some factors which you want to check before picking one:

Check the Performance

You want to check the performance of Mac that should be fine if it features a four or six-core processor. When creating videos or pictures, you’ll need good performance with multitasking benefits. So, look for a Mac that has 16GB or 32GB range of Ram and storage.

Consider the Display

The display of the Mac is another fact that you want to check for getting sharp-looking and color perfect accuracy. So, aim for something that has 100% of sRGB or DCI-PS color gamut.

Decide on Weight and Size

Weight and size do matter when it comes to picking a Mac. You definitely don’t like to carry Mac that is bulky and fat, right? So, be sure to choose a lightweight and sleek-designed Mac that is easy to travel with.

Inspect the Battery Life

Battery power is another aspect that allows you to work for too long. So, look for a good battery-powered Mac to do enough hours of graphic design for the perfect outcome.

MacBook Pro Vs MacBook Air for Graphic Design

MacBook Pro Vs MacBook Air for Graphic Design

There are some huge differences between MacBook Air and MacBook Pro especially when it comes to design, performance, and price point.

If talking about MackBook Air, it comes at an inexpensive price with Intel 10th Gen Core i3, i5, and i7 processor. This version of MacBook also features Intel Iris Plus Graphics to view good quality pictures and videos. It on top has Stereo speakers and Dolby Atmos audio supports which are better than the other versions.

Conversely, the MackBook Pro has 10:21 battery life and compatible Intel 8th Gen Core i5 & i7 and 10th Gen Core i5 & i7, processors. It also features 256GB to 4TB storage with a touch bar option. Yet, this version of MackBook is more expensive than other versions.

Yet, most graphics designers suggested MackBook Air for its handy features and value while some prefer the Pro version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MacBook good for graphic design?

For a creative expert graphic design, MacBook is an effective option to make different content. There are many versions of MacBook that allows you to use unique software to create HD, 3D renderings, or animations. It also comes at a lower price than others.

Do MacBook last longer than PCs?

MacBook comes with a good lifespan of 6 years. If comparing, the PC in recent days lasts for 10 years that is higher than the MacBook lasting ability. Yet, you can increase your MacBook lifespan for some months with extra care and maintenance.

Can I add RAM to my MacBook?

To be honest, there is no such way to upgrade the additional RAM to your MacBook by yourself. Yet, MacBook Pro and Air models come with a good replacement for repairing RAM. But you cannot add RAM to your MacBook.


When you are carving for some mind-blowing color accuracy with typography, MacBook is the ultimate choice that will chop down all its PC rivals. Designers are always appreciating the flexibility that MacBook provides. It’s effortlessly efficient and at the same time glorified with all the latest features.

Pick your best MacBook for graphic design after going through the major factors sensibly. Think about the features you would love to have for your designing sessions particularly. And you’ll be able to grab yourself a worth the penny deal in no time.