Single Fan vs Dual Fan GPU: Choose The Right One For You 

single fan vs dual fan gpu

Alisa wants to buy a GPU. She is confused between Single fan vs dual fan GPU! Which one is the perfect choice for her? 

Are you in the same situation too? Don’t worry. We will guide you to choose the right one. Go through the article.

You will get a clear idea about Single fan vs dual fan GPU. Then you can choose your own. Here, we have ensured the best help for you.

Single Fan vs Dual Fan GPU: Comparison

Single fan GPU and dual fan GPU both have some advantages and disadvantages. It depends on some factors such as GPU clock, air circulation system, space in the case, budget, etc.

          Single fan GPU         Dual fan GPU 


It is not good for overclocking.Great for overclocking.


Occupy less space.Occupy more space.


Works well with a good cooling system of the computer.Better to choose Dual fan GPU if the CPU cooling system is not good enough.


Comparatively noisier.It produces less noise.


Slower than Dual fan GPU.Faster than Single fan GPU.


Budget-friendly.Comparatively costly.


Not good for poor ventilation.Work well even if the ventilation is not great.

Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of single fan vs dual fan GPU depending on different factors.

There are two different types of cards depending on two air cooling systems. One is the reference card (blower-style cooler) and another is the custom card (open-air cooler). 

More About Single Fan GPU

Blower style cooler generally takes air from your case. It blows the air out horizontally along the GPU via vents. The air gets out through the back of the computer case. Generally, a single fan GPU follows this cooling system. 


Single fan GPU is not good for Overclocking. As overclocking produces more heat, it gets hotter. So, a strong cooling system is necessary for better performance.

Pre-built computer

If your computer is a pre-built one such as Acer, ASUS, HP, Dell, etc. , the cooling system of the computer may not have great cooling. In this case, single fan GPU is better. As it blows the hot air out, so it will not increase the temperature of other parts.


The same model with a single fan or dual fan can be found. In this case, the single fan GPU needs less space. If your computer case is not spacious enough, single fan GPU is better for you. 


Single fan GPU produces more noise than the dual fan GPU. It’s a little bit louder. 


Single fan GPU fan a bit slower than dual fan GPU. If the GPU is less than 1050TI, there will be no noteworthy difference in speed. 


Single fan GPU is cheaper than the dual fan GPU.

More About Dual Fan GPU

Open-air cooler generally works in a different way. It circulates air and does not blow the air out. The vents are vertical along the GPU. So, it can not exhaust the air out through the back of the computer case. This system is generally followed by dual fan GPU


As overclocking produces more heat dual fan GPU is better in this case. The temperature difference is 5 to 10°Celsius. 

Self-built computer

If your computer is a self-built one and the air cooling system is great, dual fan GPU is better for you. As it doesn’t blow the air out rather it circulates the air. But this will not be harmful to other parts because you may already have several cooling fans for other parts too. You can enjoy the other advantages such as speed, Overclocking, less noise, etc. without any worry. 


In the case of the same model GPU with a single fan or dual fan, the latter one occupies more space. But if the model is different, there will be no significant difference in size. 


If you want less noise then the dual fan GPU is better for you. Because it is less noisy in comparison. It is appreciatable between single fan vs dual fan


Dual fan GPU is faster. Though the difference between the speeds is not significant in less than 1050TI GPU. If you want a faster one then go with dual fan GPU.  


It costs more. But the difference is not huge. If you don’t have any budget problem, you should choose to emphasize other factors. 


After going through the article, you got the complete idea about Single fan vs dual fan GPU. Now you know which GPU is right for you. Considering all the factors mentioned above, you can choose the perfect GPU for your computer. We have provided all the necessary things you should know. 


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