16 GB Vs 32 GB RAM | Select the Memory as Your Demand

Because of going down the price you may think to buy additional RAM for your PC. But you stuck at 16 GB vs 32 GB RAM. A few years ago, you could be perfect with your 8 GB RAM. But now your 8 GB may support you only one game and other ordinary activities. So you need more RAM for more speed. 

As the software and games are getting updated and need more memory to run perfectly. Your daily official activities, movie or photo editing work also require different sizes of RAM. No matter how wide your PC storage, it is a RAM on which the speed of a PC depends on.

In this content, you will know about the right choice of 16 GB vs 32 GB RAM according to your needs.

16 GB vs 32 GB RAM Compatible Features

You confirm your preferable RAM but do you confirm about your PC? I mean, is your PC enough compatible with your chosen RAM? If you already have a computer then match it with the requirement or if you are planning to buy a new one, then note the information.  between two types DDR3 and DDR4, the DDR4 is updated and available in the market, so we are presenting the info of DDR4 type RAM.

Compatible features

32 GB vs 16 GB RAM

ProcessorCore i3 to Core i7 for 16 GB &

Core i5 to Core i9 for 32 GB.

GPU (Graphics card)NVIDIA®, GeForce®, GTX 1050-1080, RX 500X series.
Storage systemsHard drive and SSD (Solid-state drive)
RAM form-factorDIMM for desktop &

SO-DIMM for laptop

DDR systemMotherboard of DDR4 generation
Slot systemDDR4
Number of motherboard DIMM slots2 sticks for 2×8=16 GB, 4 sticks for 4×4=16 GB. &

2 sticks for 2×16=32 GB, 4 sticks for 4×8=32 GB.

CPU heatsinks sizesBig air cooler

16 GB Vs 32 GB RAM: Usages

RAM or Random Access Memory is a fast type of temporary memory of a computer. It can read and write information so fast. Your system will run according to your RAM speed. Here are some brief suggestions about the 16 GB and 32 GB RAM.

16 GB (gigabytes) RAM

The 8 GB RAM is now an old choice for a PC user. The recent web pages, software, games, video, and pictures all require more space to run. It is 16 GB RAM which will be a perfect fit for you.

1. Regular multitask

If you are an office work person with a heavy load of effort than the 16 GB RAM will be a perfect fit for you. You can open multiple web pages, apps, documents and videos at the same time. You can work even 14 tabs with YouTube. If you open Windows 10, web browsing pages and YouTube video it will take one-third store of your RAM.

2. Best for recent games

The top games of 2021 recommend more space which plays confidently with 16 GB RAM. The big RAM also prevents the experience of shuttering and any performance problems. It also supports Windows 8 and 10 for smooth gaming. You will enjoy the top-rated games “like Ashes of the Singularity”, “Gears of War 4”, “GTA 5”, “Titan fall 2”, Stars Wars Battlefront”, “Dying light” and so on smoothly by a 16 GB of RAM.

3. Average for video editing

 In the case of video editing, you may face difficulty completing the background assignment. You can edit a minimum of 1080p or 4K video files without using background work. You also can unable to apply lots of effects on a complex video file but it will ok with your still pictures.


32 GB RAM is fantastic for enormous creative work. If you are beyond the limitations then 32 GB is your solution. It will be the best choice for video editing.

1. Outstanding multitask

32 GB RAM will be too much for you. You can open so many browser tabs, applications, documents and videos as you wish. It can save your time to complete all the extra qualified file easily.

2. Overqualified for gaming

The games that are ok with 16 GB RAM that will run excellently in 32 GB RAM. It requires more powerful computing systems to operate.

3. Best choice for video editing

This RAM is a super choice for raw photo editing and high-resolution video editing. You can work with a full video or movie including 4K of so many visual effects. You can edit files in Photoshop and 42-megapixel raw photos. This RAM requires a Core i9 motherboard for video editing as the best option.

Which One Should You Choose?

After matching the above features, between 16 GB vs 32 GB RAM you should take your decision according to your needs. If you are fine with lots of web browsing, Microsoft office tasks in addition to enjoying music or movie you can buy 16 GB RAM for your PC. But this RAM is the best for gaming PC. So you should choose this RAM for super-fast games. On the other hand, 32 GB RAM is the optimal requirement for 4K video file editing. You should buy this for your high-resolution picture and video task. Remember this, you don’t need to buy too much RAM which will remain unused. And always chose more than one slot for the RAM that you could able to use one if the other is damaged.

Final Verdict

Now buy your RAM according to your necessity. It is important to install the perfect sizes of RAM for your everyday work. We hope your all confusion will remove after reading this article 16 GB vs 32 GB RAM.

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