5 Best Tablet with Parental Controls & Kid-Friendly Features

At a little age, your kids have the best learning capabilities than any other time of their lifetime. And so, you want that phase of their life to be helpful for their upbringing. One great gadget that you can bring home for such purpose is a kid-friendly tablet. However, technology is not all good. Kids won’t be able to figure out what content or stuff is safe for them. Being the most responsible person in their life, it’s you who needs to think and take care of it.

So, your finest bet is looking for the best tablet with parental controls. Let’s help you with that today.

Best Tablet with Parental Controls

Product’s Name Suitable Age Internal Memory Battery Life Key Benefits Price
Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet 3-7 Years 32 GB 12 Hours Fast To Run Apps Details On Amazon
Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet 3 Years Or Above 64 GB 10 Hours Crisp Resolution To View Details On Amazon
LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate Tablet 3-9 Years 8 GB 6 Hours Smooth To Multitask Details On Amazon
UJoyFeel 7 Toddler Edition Tablet 3-12 Years 32 GB 8 Hours Fine Built Quality Details On Amazon
Apple Space Gray 32 GB iPad 9 Years Or Above 32 GB 10 Hours Kid-friendly And Reliable Details On Amazon

Let’s have a look at the complete reviews for five recommendations we have for you today.

#1. Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet– Enjoy Long Battery Life with This One

This tablet comes with a longer-lasting battery life that stands for 12 hours in non-stop action. It on top allows your kid to run any apps or content for many hours in one single recharge.

But wait, that is not all. This android tablet with parental controls also makes sure your kid watches what you have decided to educate. It as well allows you to easily limit screen time and manages content. This thing also ensures your kids are viewing what you want them to view.

On top of that, this tablet has 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited so that your kid enjoys friendly books, videos, movies, TV shows, and so on. It as well as allows your kid to run educational apps.

This brand on top comes with 2 years of quality assurance for their buyers to get decent replacement benefits. They also make sure their buyers are fully happy with the purchase to enjoy.

In general, this tablet is an ideal pick for those who want fast recharge and dual-band Wi-Fi featured options. You can try this out for your kid to stream videos of their favorite shows.


  • It appears with 7 hours of battery life.
  • This tablet comes with a mono speaker for a loud sound.
  • It appears with a 2MP front and rear camera.
  • This tablet has a great color and design for kids.
  • Great quality for the price point.


  • The tablet reacts slowly.

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#2. Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet– Wildly Access Videos, Games, and Apps with This One

For the best cheap 10 inch tablet with great storage capacity, the Amazon Fire HD 10 kids edition is your best bet. This tablet has 2GB Ram for your kid to run apps with no lag snags.

With a beautiful 10.1-inch screen, this tablet comes with a 1080p display that allows your kid to view in 1080p HD pictures. It also has 1920×1200 screen resolutions to watch 4K quality videos and streaming content flawlessly.

This tablet on top comes with a quad-core processor that ensures your kid runs many apps with low power use. It also makes sure your kid finds results in seconds with increased performance. Besides, this tablet has up to 1.8 GHz processing speed.

In addition to that, this tablet comes with a brilliant Alexa hand-free mood for your kid to easily pause or pay while standing afar. It also makes sure your kid surf anything by using voice.

On the whole, this tablet is a great pick for those who want smooth multi-tasking and Dolby audio options. It is also worth trying out for using Netflix plan and Showtime subscriptions.


  • It has a seated position to rest while watching videos.
  • This tablet screen has good length to view from afar.
  • Great pick for listening to music and reading books.
  • This tablet comes with easy volume control buttons.
  • It appears with a headphone jack.


  • Sadly, the camera is not great.

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#3. LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate Tablet– Get Shatter-Safe Screen with This One

It is known as one of the best tablet for 2 year old with 7 inches shatter-safe screen that lasts for a good while. This feature also allows you kid to use it sloppily with no fear of lasting value.

Unlike the Samsung tablet, it appears with the dazzling build quality and design with the multi-touch capacity to use easily. This feature also allows your kid to control the apps and other things with no low respond snag.

Not only that it has good accessibility, but also this tablet comes with great Wi-Fi supports that transfer data up to 2.4GHz bandwidth speed. It on top allows your kid to surf in a steady performance.

This tablet as well appears with Kid Smart features that allow your kid to enjoy more than a thousand of learning games, eBooks, and other content with no limit. It also allows your kid to learn new things faster. This thing also allows your kid to listen to audiobooks for learning.

By and large, this tablet is a huge deal if you want a kid-friendly web browser and practice your kid for school at home. It is also worth trying for motivating your kid to study harder.


  • The price point of this tablet is reasonable.
  • It appears with video game-style design for kids.
  • The brightness setting of this tablet is easy.
  • It comes with a great touch screen benefit to control.
  • This tablet lasts for a good period of time.


  • Unfortunately, the speaker is not strong.

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#4. UJoyFeel 7 Toddler Edition Tablet– Toughest Option to Try Out

If you want the best tablet for 8 year old that has strong built quality, then the UJoyFeel 7 Toddler Edition is what you need to try out. It comes with a kid-proof case to avoid crack.

This tablet on top comes with an eye safety protection screen that allows your kid to view closely with no radiation effects. It also ensures your kid is viewing good quality content with no eye pressure. And, this tablet allows your kid to view closely with no trouble.

Besides, this tablet comes with 360 degrees rotational screen that helps your kid to view in any angle with no snag. It also has an LED screen that gives your kid to view in calmest color adjustments.

The brand on top comes with 1 year of hassle-free quality assurance to have replacement benefits. They also allow their buyers to have good client support.

In short, it is one of the best tablet for toddlers for those of you who want their kids to build skills and imagination. You can try this out for learning animals, clothes, fruits and so on.


  • This tablet is easy to navigate with tons of apps.
  • For the price point, it’s hard to beat.
  • It has a great design with a handle to carry.
  • One of the coolest tablets for kids leaning.
  • It appears with a micro USB port to recharge.


  • Sadly, it appears with short battery life.

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#5. Apple Space Gray 32 GB iPad– Find Smooth Performing Tablet to Try Out

The Apple Space Gray 32GB iPad is one of the best tablet for homeschooling with the M9 motion coprocessor that gives smooth operation. It also gives 70% faster processing skills.

With the 9.7 inches display, this tablet comes with a Retina screen with wide color and true tone feature to get the finest adjustments. It also allows your kid to see in a realistic picture to learn each and everything in a detailed picture.

On top, it appears with 8MP iSight with 1.2MP FaceTime camera that gives your kid to have HD quality pictures. This thing also allows your kid to click pictures in crisp resolution.

It as well as comes with a great Touch ID feature for your kid to easily lock and unlock the iPad with good protection when outside. Also, this thing gives good privacy.

Generally speaking, it is one of the best tablet for 10 year old for good durability and a comfortable hand grip option. You can try it for your kids to have a decent quality tablet.


  • It appears with the touch ID feature for protection.
  • This tablet comes with an 8MP iSight camera.
  • It is light and sleek in design.
  • The screen graphic is great to view videos.
  • It appears with 1 RPM hard drive rotational speed.


  • Some people find the package awful.

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How to Choose the Tablet with Parental Controls?

How to Choose the Tablet with Parental Controls

To find the best tablet for 7-10-year-olds with parental controls, you want to consider some aspects. Check out these features for easy shopping:

Durability Matters

When in the market, the first thing you want to check is the durability. Most tablets are designed with protective cases to resist impact as kids usually tend to throw things. So, you want to pick tablets that have good protection ability from bumpers, cracks, and drops.

Check the Ram & Processor

You definitely want to check the Ram and processor of the tablets for your kids before picking one. The 1GB Ram with a dual-core processor should be enough for your kids to operate smoothly. Yet, if you want optimal tablets, then the 2GB Ram and quad-core processor. So, check that before picking any tablets for your kids.

Connectivity Facts

Another aspect that you want to consider is connectivity. Most good quality tablets for kids have Wi-Fi with Bluetooth and 4G networks to surf online or share files in faster speed. Therefore, think about connectivity before picking one for easy usage.

Check the Display

Display resolution with touch sensitivity on the tablets needs to be smooth for kids to view enjoyably. Most tablets with 1024×600 with 171 PPI will be enough for kids to view average picture and video quality. Yet, if you want crisp quality with detailed text, it’s better to choose 2048×1536 resolution tablets.

Consider the Battery Life

If you want your kids to stick with tablets for a longer period, it’s better to consider the battery life. Now, tablets with 8 hours of battery life are okay. But, for greater battery life, try to pick tablets with at least 10 hours of battery lasting life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tablets with parental control handy?

The table with parental control does have multi-purpose usage benefits. Your kids can freely read books, play games, and watch videos by using the tablet with no snag. Besides, the tablet with parental control is safe which small kids can use for different purposes.

Are tablets for kids portable?

Usually, tablets for kids are designed in small and light styles that assurance of portability. They on top make sure your kid is able to hold or carry with no snag of bulky feels for comfortable use. Besides, tablets are thin to secure in small bags.

Which age is good for giving my child a tablet?

The most suitable time you want to gift your kids a tablet when the age is between 3 to 13 years. If you want your kids to educate books or spend time playing games, then makes sure your kid’s age is 3 year or up.

How to manage parental control on the tablet?

To set up parental control, you want to follow some rules. Go to the play store app and in the menu. Then click on settings to parental control and give a PIN and select filters to restrict access.

Wrap Up

You can already tell that there is no shortage of options and choices when it comes to a decent tablet. However, these five models are definitely the Best tablet with parental controls available right now at a very reasonable price point. You can surely do your own research, look into the matter a bit more deeply, and figure out one cool option for your little one. Just Take Your Time & Choose Wisely!