10 Best Smartwatch Under 30 With Latest Buyers Guide 2021

Best Smartwatch Under 30

If you are looking for a smartwatch under 30$ budget than it’s very hard to find the best matching for you because there are many watches to choose from. But it is very important to find the best smartwatch in your budget.

So, we have come up with the list of the best smartwatches under 30$ for you if you want to track your daily activities, get notifications in a watch or monitor your fitness on anywhere and anytime.

Best Smartwatches Under 30 Dollars

Product’s Name Screen Size Key Benefits Price
Beaulyn Sweatproof Smartwatch 1.54 Inches Good For iOS And Android Details On Amazon
Lintelek Fitness Tracker With Pedo Meter 1.3 Inches Improves Health Habits Details On Amazon
Glymnis Waterproof Smartwatch 1.3 Inches Strong Build Quality Details On Amazon
Qidoou Waterproof Fitness Band 1.63 Inches Soft And Supple Details On Amazon
FITFORT Fitness Tracker 0.96 Inches Monitor HR Easily Details On Amazon
Lintelek Fitness Tracker 0.96 Inches Takes Less Time To Charge Details On Amazon
Willful Fitness Tracker with Step Calorie Counter 0.96 Inches Waterproof And Handy Details On Amazon
TagoBee IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch 1.3 Inches Easy To Access Details On Amazon
AKASO Smartwatch with HR Monitor 1.3 Inches Tracks Accurately Details On Amazon
Fitpolo Waterproof Fitness Tracker 1.33 Inches Flexible And Sleek Details On Amazon

So, we have listed 10 smartwatches for our review. We are going to talk about all of this.

1. Beaulyn Sweatproof Smartwatch – Perfect to talk with it

As you are looking for a smartwatch under 30$, Beaulyn Sweatproof Smartwatch is a good option to choose from. It comes with a 1.54 inch TFT LCD touch screen.

This smartwatch has both a sim card and an SD card slot on it. You can connect your phone with it via Bluetooth 3.0. It supports both iOS and Android.

It has some very useful features like messaging, calling, music player, alarm clock, sleep monitoring sensor, walking steps counter, etc. Also, you can use this watch as your camera shutter button. You can take a picture with your phone by clicking a button on the watch.

This watch comes with a very ergonomic design and a soft strap to wear in your hand. The built is strong. Though the watch is not fully waterproof, it is a sweatproof watch.

The battery of this smartwatch in 380mAh. It takes 3-4 hours to fully charged. And, a fully charged battery can give it back-up for 1-2 days only.


  • Has sim card and SD card slot
  •  Can use for calling and messaging
  • Sleep monitoring sensor
  • Pedo meter sensor
  • Sweatproof Watch


  • Some functions do not work in iOS
  • The battery is not very good

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2. Lintelek Fitness Tracker With Pedo Meter – Fitness tracker with big screen

This Smartwatch from Lintelek is another best option to buy under 30$. It is a fitness tracker more than a smartwatch. This watch comes with a 1.3 inch colorful LCD. The frame made with full metal.

This fitness tracker doesn’t come with any sim card or SD card slot. So you can’t use it for calls and messaging. But this is a good device to track your fitness. It has 9 sports modes to choose from while you doing exercise.

This watch also has an always-on heart rate sensor, a sleep monitor sensor and can track the other activities of your full day. It will track you burned calories with full days, the distance of walking, time of sleeping, etc.

Also, this fitness tracker has a music player form that you can change your music song, pause and play it. The display of this watch is fully touching sensitive and you can adjust the brightness of these. You can change the display wallpapers in 4 different types.

It easily connects to the app and gives you a notification for every call and message. The battery gives it a backup of 14-20 days in one full charge. The belt is super soft. The watch is fully waterproof


  • Strong metal build
  • Easily connects with the app
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Fitness tracking system
  • Water Proof
  • Great battery life


  • No SD card slot
  • No Sim card Slot
  • Can’t answer calls

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3. Glymnis Waterproof Smartwatch – Fitness tracker with colorful touch screen

Glymnis Waterproof Smartwatch is a great smartwatch with a fitness tracker. It has a 1.3-inch color touch screen. This smartwatch doesn’t have any sim card or SD card option on it. You have to connect it with its app to get the notification for calls and messages from your phone.

This fitness tracker has 14 sports modes to choose from. They are all different kinds of exercises you do. It also has a heart rate monitor that always tracks your heart rate. This watch also comes with a sleep monitoring system that will monitor the sleeping time of yours. And to wake up you from the sleep it has a vibration alarm.

The build of this watch is very strong and the look of this watch is very beautiful like Fitbit versa. You can adjust the brightness of the display from the watch. Also, it has a music player on it to control the music of your phone.

The app of this watch has an option for women’s health. That will remind you of the date of your periods. Has a find your device option also. The battery gives 15 days of backup on it.


  • Beautiful look
  • Waterproof built
  • 14 sports modes
  • Colorful Display
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Great battery life


  • Can’t receive calls
  • No SD card slot

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4. Qidoou Waterproof Fitness Band – Smartwatch with the strongly built quality

Qidoou waterproof smartwatch is a great competitor in this budget range. This watch has both Bluetooth mode and a sim card mode. It has a 1.3inch OLED colorful screen with a protector on it. And the frame is made with stainless steel.

When the Bluetooth mode is on you can check the notifications and will get incoming call notifications on the watch. When you are running it with a sim card you can then call or text anyone from the watch.

This watch can track your steps and calculate the calories burned. Also, it can track the sleeping time of yours. You can also control the music from the watch. But for that, you need to connect with the apps they have for the watch.

This watch has a 280mAh battery on it. It needs 2 hours for charging fully and gives 24 hours of standby backup. It has a strong built and the strap of it is very soft. But the app for the watch fully works only in android. For iOS, some functions don’t work.


  • Has Simcard mode
  • Has Bluetooth mode
  • Can answer call and text
  • Step Tracking
  • Sleep Monitoring


  • Batter backup is not strong
  • All functions don’t work with iOS

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5. FITFORT Fitness Tracker – Best of older peoples to track their fitness

Fitfort fitness tracker is a great fitness tracker with a color monitor on it. This fitness tracker comes with a heart rate sensor. So, you will get your heart rate count 24 hours on your wrist.

This watch is only useable with a Bluetooth connection. You can’t use a sim card with it. To use all the functions of it you have to connect the app of this tracker with it. The app is available on both iOS and Android.

Fitfort fitness tracker has 14 different sports modes on it to track your daily activity. You can select those as your activity. It also has a step counter sensor that will count every step of yours. Also, it will remind you to stay hydrated all day with water reminder.

This fitness tracker is IP68 waterproof. You can do swim with it without any problem. Also, you can use this watch as your camera shutter button. The battery takes 2-3 hours to charge and can give backup up to 7 days.


  • Colorful touch display
  • 14 sports modes
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • Sleep Monitoring Sensor


  • Doesn’t come with a USB cable
  • The app is not so good

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6. Lintelek Fitness Tracker– It comes with 14 different sports modes

This is another fitness tracker from the brand called Lentelek. This fitness tracker comes with a 0.96-inch OLED bright touch screen. This is also can be connected with Bluetooth only. There is no slot for a sim card or an SD card.

It has 14 different sports modes on it. Has a heart rate sensor and a sleeping monitoring sensor. Also, it has a wrist sensor that will allow this to light up the screen when you raise your hand to check the time.

You can connect this watch with the app of the brand. After connecting it will send you a silent notification for incoming calls and messages. Also, it will vibrate when any Facebook or what’s app notification comes. With the app, you can use the watch as your camera shutter button also.

This fitness tracker has a 65 mAh battery on it that takes 2 hours to fully charged up. It gives backup for up to 5-7 days. This watch is IP67 rated waterproof.


  • 14 different sports modes
  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • Sleep Monitoring Sensor
  • Step Counter
  • Lights up when your wrist is up


  • The display is not big
  • Black and white display

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7. Willful Fitness Tracker with Step Calorie Counter

Willful fitness tracker comes with a black and white OLED display. It has a good brightness level on it. The size of the display is 0.96-inch. The Wrist Strap Size is 5.5 inches to 8.3 inches.

This fitness tracker is a Bluetooth connected fitness band. You have to connect with the app from the manufacturer to use it with your phone. The app is available in both the Play Store and App Store.

It has a heartrate monitor to track your heart rate 24 hours. It has 14 different sports mode to select for your activity. The step counter is also available to track your daily steps.

In this watch, you will get a notification for every incoming call and texts on the display. Also, the notifications for social media apps will show on the display. You can set up to 10 alarms from the app. It is an IP67 rated waterproof watch. With a full charge, it can run up to 5-7 days. The battery takes 2 hours for fully charged up.


  • Bright Display
  • 14 sports modes
  • Heart rate tracker
  • 10 alarms


  • The app doesn’t work in some android mobiles

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8. TagoBee IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch – The home screen contains all the details

Tagobee Waterproof smartwatch is a beautiful watch with its beautiful display. On the home screen, you will get all the information you need. Temperature, step counter, distance, calorie burners, sleep timer, heart rate, and time & date.

You can’t use any sim card on the watch, you need to connect with the Bluetooth with your phone. They have a well-designed app for both Android and iOS phones. After connecting with the phone you will get all the notifications for your incoming calls and other social apps notifications.

It has 8 sports modes to choose from for your activities. Also, it has a reminder option to set any reminder. With this watch, you can control your music from the display and can take pictures with it by using it as a shutter button for the camera.

The battery of the watch takes 2 hours to fully charge and it gives 7 days of backup. It is fully waterproof.


  • Colorful display
  • Great home screen
  • Well-designed app
  • 8 sports modes
  • Strong Battery


  • No alarm options

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9. AKASO Smartwatch with HR Monitor – Comes with a beautiful look

This AKASO smartwatch is a great fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor. It has a beautiful look with its 2 color combinations. It is very lightweight, the weight is only 35 grams. That makes it more comfortable to wear.

This smartwatch doesn’t have any sim card option on it. You have to connect with Bluetooth of your phone and with the app to use it properly. The app is available on both Android phones and iOS phones. From the app, you can select different face watches.

It has multisport modes to track your daily activity. The hear rate sensor will give you the status of your heart for 24 hours. The step counter will count your all steps and the distance you covered.

The watch will vibrate and show the notifications on the display for all incoming calls and notifications. It is a waterproof watch. The battery of it will give a backup of up to 7 days.


  • Colorful look
  • Great display
  •  Notification alerts
  • Different watch faces


  • Only some sports modes
  • No sim card option

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10. Fitpolo Waterproof Fitness Tracker – The app of this watch is easy to use

Fitpolo waterproof fitness tracker can be a great option for you if you are a person who does exercise daily. Because it is a fully waterproof and swear-proof fitness tracker that will track all of your activity with its 14 different sports modes.

This is a Bluetooth-based fitness tracker that needs to connect with its app from your phone to get all the functions working. The app is available in the play store and app store. From the app, you can see the data of your daily activity like step counter, calorie burner, sleep time, etc.

This watch can track your heart bit by its heart rate sensor all the time. You will also get notifications for your incoming calls, emails, messages, social apps notifications.

It has a 65 mAh battery on it that takes 2 hours to charge. This battery will give a backup of 5-7 days for it.


  • Waterproof
  • 14 sports modes
  •  Heart rate sensor
  • Step Counter
  • Notification alerts


  • Black and white display
  • Some functions do not work with iOS

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What To Look When Buying Cheap Smartwatch Under $30?

What To Look When Buying Cheap Smartwatch Under $30

Is it the first time you are looking for a smartwatch under 30$ or have you already had a bad experience then we would like to give you some tips you should know before buying any smartwatch or fitness band?

Check The Type of Watch

Before buying a smartwatch check its type. Is it Simcard supported or it’s only Bluetooth supported. I want to let you know that the sim card-supported smartwatches don’t have features like Bluetooth watches. Also, their battery will not so powerful to give a long backup.

App For The Watch

If you are buying a smartwatch for using it as your fitness tracker then you need to check the app first. Because without the app you can’t see all the data and analyze those.

Sensor Types

Before buying a fitness tracker/ smartwatch check all the necessary sensors you need. There are some sensors most of the fitness trackers have those are heart rate sensors, sleep tracking sensors, etc. Check if all the sensors the watch has that you are looking for.


Every smartwatch has its design and owns size of a display. You need to decide if you want to go for a slim display or you want a big display. The slim displays are less battery hungry than the big displays. Also, check if the touch responsiveness of the display is good enough and quick.


Before buying a smartwatch make you about its built quality. Check the strap is strong enough to give long-lasting service and it is soft enough to give you a comfortable feel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to connect a smartwatch with the app?

First, you have to know the app name for the watch that the manufacturer company made. You will find it in the instructions manual of the box. Then download the app and connect with the Bluetooth of your phone.

How to install a sim in a smartwatch?

You insert a sim in your smartwatch that must have a sim card slot on that. And most of the sim slot is nano sim. So, you just need a nano sim to insert into it.


You need a smartwatch or only a fitness tracker in the budget of under 30$ you can this post. We have researched the full market and selected these top 10 smartwatches. You can select any of these that meet your requirements the most.

We hope that our top 10 smartwatch reviews helped you to take your decision. Let us know which one you will buy or what you used before.

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