Best Power Supply Brands Review – Top 7 Manufacturer Of 2022

The part of owning a quality PSU or power supply comes to play when you consider the system’s reliability score depending on performance. Deciding on the right type of PSU is actually making a move for the overall system.

So, it’s really important that you mull over picking a quality model of PSU from a brand that does well in this field of producing ideal matches for users.

Best Power Supply Brands

Brand Our Favorite Products Key Benefits Warranty
EVGA EVGA Supernova 650 G5 Power Supply Quiet Working 2 – 10 Years
CORSAIR CORSAIR RMX Series RM850x Power Supply Improves Airflow 5 – 10 Years
SeaSonic Seasonic Prime 850 Titanium SSR-850TR Power Supply Improves Heat Snag 5 – 12 Years
Cooler Master Cooler Master MPY 750W Power Supply Nice Ventilation System 3 – 5 Years
Thermaltake Thermaltake TR2 600W ATX Power Supply Operate Fast & Smooth 5 Years
Antech EarthWatts 750w Power Supply Fine For PC Use 3 Years
GameMax Power Supply 850W with RGB Light Mode Safe To Use 5 Years

Let’s talk about the best brands in business that are known for being very popular and reliable.

1. EVGA– Great Bang For One’s Money

While needing a brand at good value & smart ability, the EVGA brand is one unbeatable. Comparing with other PSU reviews, this brand’s most PSU supports 52A on a single +12V rail. With the ultra-fan design, this brand gives great benefits for your system build on a budget.

The brand focuses on the attitude of originality, market facts, and good operation. On top, EVGA maintains to classify the desire in the recent market place. This brand provides the perfect solution to customer needs and requests.

The company mostly focuses on buyer need than market profit. This intelligent brand provides products at a reasonable price with good performance to support PC systems.

With 650W plus more power use models, the EVGA shines bright on top to improve PC components. Besides, the brand offers the links and safety required for basic system builds.

Discover Popular Evga PSU

3 Best EVGA Power Supply


Key Features


1. EVGA Supernova 650 G5 Power Supply
  • Typical load efficiency is higher than 91%
  • Clutter reduction and enhanced airflow.
  • 10-years limited warranty.
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2. EVGA 600 BQ Power Supply
  • Efficiency is more than 85%.
  • High-quality protections.
  • 0 to 40 degrees operating temperature.
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3. EVGA 100-N1-0650-L1 Power Supply
  • 120mm fan bearing.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Warranty for 2 years.
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2. Corsair– World’s Most Trusted Power Supply Brand

For the best PSU brands, Corsair Engineering and quality ranks in the higher position all-inclusive. More than 20 years of PC performance progress, Corsair manufacture team and built to exact terms. This brand gives priority on reliability and smart tech for your PC to do well.

With high power supply, this company gives premium design and tests of required power. And, they never failed to give high consistency and upgrades for buyers trust on using it. This brand also produces products in sensible price and quality control for overall benefits.

Besides, this brand is a great choice for a basic PC system to work at low noise for modular wiring. They provide 80 plus bronze certified efficiency and clever fan design for daily working.

This brand allows users to upgrade their computers for greater performance. Plus, they built and tested products to serve best for painless set-up and clean PC process.

Discover Popular Corsair PSU

3 Best CORSAIR Power Supply

Recommended Product

Key Features


1. CORSAIR RMX Series RM850x Power Supply
  • Low power consumption.
  • Temperature within control.
  • Noise is less while operation.
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2. CORSAIR HXi Series HX1000i Power Supply
  • Modular cables with a low-profile design.
  • Power delivery up to 1000 watts.
  • Warranty for ten years.
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3. Corsair CX Series 550 Watt 80 Plus Power Supply
  • Less excess heat operation.
  • Operating cost is reduced.
  • Semi-modular design
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3. SeaSonic– Award-winning Global Company

40 years old, the Seasonic brand is famous for its unbeatable management and manufacturing. This company assures the best quality and advanced tech for the purchaser benefits.

With good research and progress, the creation of the PC power supply has become the main personality of Seasonic. They promise to give modern efficiency and fine results for brand new PC improvement. Plus, this brand gives 12 years of quality guarantee on some terms.

Besides, they are super proud of their manufacturing for its high worth on the market. More efficiency and exceptional capacity, Seasonic brand sure pledge to novelty and expansion. Most PSU of this brand not only gives 80+ bronze powers but also pledges a longer life of fan blades.

This brand also cares for its customers and the latest trends to serve quality products. Besides, they manufacture quiet and protection design products for a gratifying practice.

Discover Popular SeaSonic PSU

3 Best SeaSonic Power Supply

Recommended Product

Key Features


1. Seasonic Prime 850 Titanium SSR-850TR Power Supply.
  • Tight range output voltage.
  • Clutter-free and enhanced airflow design.
  • Efficient up to 92% for 20% load.
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2. Seasonic FOCUS Plus 550 Gold SSR-550FX Power Supply.
  • Enhanced ventilation system.
  • 87% of efficiency with a 20% load.
  • Fan is hybrid and noise-free.
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3. Seasonic S12III 550 SSR-550GB3 Power Supply.
  • Necessary cables included.
  • Sleeve bearing fan with 120mm                            dimension.
  • Warranty for 5 years.
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4. Cooler Master– Reliable Brand for Today’s Generation

Looking for the optimal power supply brands for PC? Cooler Master is synonymous with functionality and artistic favorite brand. This brand’s persona and good built-up features make it one of the most unique innovations. And, they mainly focus on gamers and PC fans to enjoy.

Most products of the Cooler Master brand have a quiet and reliable operation for buyers who like smooth run. This brand also gives MWE 80+ bronze power supply for stable PC operation. Plus, they give users the power options features to enjoy a longer life for their computers.

On top, the brand creates PSU with Silencio fan blades to run a desktop with less uproar while conserved LDB bearings. This brand amazingly designed products with DC-DC circuit to supply power with no trouble. In fact, this brand gives buyers special quality for long-term joy.

Discover Popular Cooler Master PSU

3 Best Cooler Master Power Supply

Recommended Product

Key Features


1. Cooler Master MPY 750W Power Supply
  • 1020 watts of max output capacity.
  • Active PFC model.
  • 135 mm fan type.
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2. Cooler Master MWE 600 Bronze Power Supply
  • ATX power supply of 600 W.
  • 120mm fan type.
  • 3 years of warranty.
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3. Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus Power Supply
  • 70% efficiency.
  • Energy starts meeting green power.
  • 500W of max power.
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5. Thermaltake– Picture Perfect Brand for Lifestyle Choice

The world’s famous brand, Thermaltake comes with inspiring and spiriting features to serve the best quality. Focusing on today’s generation, this brand serves the smartest series rated from 430W to 700W. Its most models are expert to save energy on 86% of high efficiency.

All products of this brand serve a good cooling fan that brings the first-rate airflow without making gibberish noise. This brand product has a single +12V rail outline for nonstop habit with reliable power. Plus, they care for their consumers to have the most challenging necessities.

By keeping a good bond with their customer, this brand listens and solves problems of product-related issues. Also, the manufacture of PSU promises to give budget-friendly and performance-certification. Besides, they give world-class technical dept for lifelong usage.

Most of this brand product gives optimal solutions to PC smooth working for operating faster while the temperature is higher.

Discover Popular Thermaltake PSU

3 Best Thermaltake Power Supply

Recommended Product

Key Features


1. Thermaltake SPD-0700NP Power Supply
  • Consistent power design.
  • 120 millimeters fan.
  • Quiet operation.
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2. Thermaltake TR2 600W ATX Power Supply
  • Fantastic overall thermal efficiency.
  • Huge 120mm cooling fan.
  • Strong graphic card support.
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3. Thermaltake Smart BX1 RGB 80+ Bronze Power Supply.
  • 10 LED fan with 7 colors.
  • RGM control with one button.
  • Super quiet operation.
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6. Antec – On Budget Without Being Un-Reliable

If we have to choose a brand that provides excellent reliability even with budget factors, then Antec cannot be out of that zone. They are well experienced and known popularly for making worthy power supply tools that come with class and eminence in quality.

The solid construction that Antec power supply comes with is truly unmatchable in many models. Usually, users have stronger feelings for Antec products thanks to their efficiency, user-friendliness, and reliability. Especially when the needs are for entry-level power users.

For high-performance computer components, Antec will forever exist in the list of highly demanding manufacturers no doubt. Their accessories of Pc upgrade, gaming, and DIY markets are highly appreciated with optimal quality.

They are one of the most talked-about brands since 1986 when the brand was founded. This is because they maintained their position really well in the worldwide market. And so, you should not be questioned about their warranty features, built quality and efficiency factors when picking a model.

Discover Popular Antec PSU

Best Antec Power Supply

Recommended Product

Key Features


1. Antec Basiq BP500 Power Supply
  • +12V dual output design.
  • Circuity damage prevention features.
  • 2-years of warranty support.
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2. EarthWatts 380w Power Supply
  • Continuous power providing.
  • Stable wattage support.
  • 380 watts of power supply.
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7. XFX – Fantasy of a Performance-Crushing & Solid PSU Lover

When it comes to mind-blowing and competitor surviving PSU models or even video cards and their computer accessories, people favor XFX a lot these days. This brand is surely one great pick when it comes to finding excellent diversity in models and feature sets.

There solid construction and built-in very much appreciated to its users and there’s a good reason behind that. There are many innovative answers for all game and technology lovers when entering the world of XFX.

They also do great with warranty and customer services. Especially with their practically designed warranty options. Being a part of popular PINE TECHNOLOG HOLDING LIMITED, they are regularly coming with designs, developments and high-performance PSU models to meet user demands.

Discover Popular XFX PSU

Best XFX Power Supply

Recommended Product

Key Features


1. XFX ATX12V/EPS12V 650W Power Supply
  • 650W max power.
  • 135mm dynamic fan support.
  • Gold-certified energy efficiency.
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2. XFX XTR P1750BBEFX 750W Easy Rail Plus Power Supply
  • Cables are full of modular types.
  • Lost wattage and heat generation reducing.
  • 90% power efficiency.
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3. XFX ATX 450 Power Supply
  • 99% PF typical rate.
  • +12V output benefit.
  • Polymer aluminum capacitors.
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Factors to Look for the Best Power Supply Brands

Factors to Look for the Best Power Supply Brands

While looking for the brand power supply reviews, there’re few things to consider. You should analyze the PC power system that pleased your difficulty. Let’s start with some consideration.

Good Power Calculator for Extreme Gaming

Do you know the PC needs a higher power for higher graphics performance? Even though the computer can work on 1000 watts PSU, it’s better to look for a higher power PSU for a gaming rig.

Besides, most brands come with a good amount of power use for featuring greater limit output. So, make sure to choose a brand that gives higher power service on their provided products.

Look for the Material Dimensions of the Case

Of course, you should get the right size PSU that fits perfectly with your physical case. Why? As many brands offer higher wattage PSU that has a longer physical size than the standard 5.5 inches.

You definitely don’t want a PSU that gives no clearance on your computer case. For that reason, pick a brand that gives a PSU matching with the size of your PC case.

Pick a Modular Power Supply for Smooth Build

The last thing to consider is the module power supply for PC clean working. This thing needs the most when you have many spaces behind the motherboard.

You can easily set up by cable-wrapping the wires that are lying and hide them. In favor of larger space, you should pay extra for a module PSU. So, note that before picking a brand or model.


When you look for the ideal pick of PSU, there are many factors that will determine the ultimate choice. The list should include reliability, warranty, and trustworthiness of the manufacturer. And so, it’s important you do your research on all the best power supply brands to finally come to which one manufacturer provides you with the right support, warranty and other features. Good Luck with That!

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