Best Thermal Paste For MacBook Pro- Top 7 Picks To Discover 2022

Are you looking for the best thermal paste that is compatible with your favorite MacBook Pro? But you’re still confused about how to choose the right one and what properties you should search in?

Well, I am here to provide the reviews of the best thermal paste for MacBook Pro along with a definitive buying guide. Hopefully, you will find the best way to pick the right one according to your demands.

Here’s the list of 7 best thermal paste for MacBook pro:

  1. Thermal Grizzly – Suitable Thermal Grease for Overclocking***Recommended
  2. GELID GC-Extreme Solutions – Get This Thermal Paste for Extreme Uses***Overall Best
  3. K5 PRO viscous Thermal Paste – Find High-Quality Performance
  4. Arctic Silver 5 – Provides Good Support for Lowering the Temperature***Popular
  5. ARCTIC MX-4 – Get the Carbon-Based High-Quality Paste
  6. Noctua NT-H1 – Editor’s Choice for Overall Performance
  7. Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Thermal Paste – Popular Thermal Paste for Experienced Users

Best Thermal Paste For Macbook Pro

Product’s Name Temperature Key Benefits Price
Thermal Grizzly -250 ° C To +350 ° C Lessen Heat And Burn Issue Details On Amazon
GELID GC-Extreme Solutions -45 ° C To +180 ° C Improves PC Processing Skill Details On Amazon
K5 PRO viscous Thermal Paste Up To 250 ° C Lasts A Long Time Details On Amazon
Arctic Silver 5 3 ° C To 12 ° C Great Performance Details On Amazon
ARCTIC MX-4 Up To 200 ° C Stable And Portable Details On Amazon
Noctua NT-H1 -10 ° C To -20 ° C Simple To Fit Details On Amazon
Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Thermal Paste -5 ° C And Above Lessen Overclock Temperature Details On Amazon

You should continue now one by one in detail to match your demand with top performance.

1. Thermal GrizzlySuitable Thermal Grease for Overclocking

You might’ve guessed what I should say. Thermal Grizzly is one of the best metal thermal compounds that you would find in the market right now. Experienced users prefer this liquid paste for their devices. However, you might have loved this product, if you’re concerned about heat distraction.

The thermal paste is designed to ensure the premium jobs that exist in its field. It provides excellent thermal conductivity that will amaze you. Specially, you would find the overclocking feature that will help you to tackle this problem. It also efficiently optimizes your processor and cooler.

Moreover, it is a highly demanded product in the industrial sectors for a critical cooling system. Despite having lucrative features, it is not compatible with aluminum. No worries at all because the paste uses gallium. Hopefully, you have a sigh of relief, now.


  • First choice for heat dissipation
  • Tackle overclocking
  • Longer stability
  • Superb thermal conductivity
  • No electrical conductivity


  • Difficult to clean

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2. GELID GC-Extreme Solutions – Get This Thermal Paste for Extreme Uses

The thermal paste might be suitable for anyone because of its extreme uses. The product gets the best heat conductivity and ensures superb thermal conductivity as well. When we tested the thermal compound, the results are entirely satisfactory and is a perfect contestant for your solid earned money.

The thermal paste has got many heads-up on its optimal performances. So, it stands on top and performs better than Krayonaut thermal compound. It doesn’t mean that Krayonut paste is a bad performer. It also has good fame in the industry.

The temperatures, the Gelid thermal product provides, are quite similar to those thermal pastes that have higher conductivity valuation. The Gelid solutions come with an 8.5W/mK conductivity rating.

The product is not electrically conductive and also ensures safety. There is no risk of short circuits with this ultimate solution, as well.


  • Non-electrical conductivity
  • Non-Corrosive, Non-Toxic & Non-Curing
  • User friendly
  • Great heat conductivity
  • No bleeding


  • Application is quite tricky

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3. K5 PRO viscous Thermal Paste – Find High-Quality Performance

The K5 Gummy thermal paste is developed to use in multiple applications. This sticky paste might immediately put you loving it if you use it in your Apple iMac. It is one of the best MacBook pro compatible thermal paste available in the market right now.

If you want to replace the soft thermal pads, K5 would be an excellent option for you. However, without knowing the thickness of the original pads, K5 pro is squished itself for adjusting the correct depth. This thermal paste is straightforward to apply, and you would love this after once you used it.

It has a high thermal conductivity than other general thermal pads that might be used in commercial electronics or computers. Besides, it doesn’t provide any electrical conductivity that ensures safety as well.


  • Original gummy paste used in MacBook
  • Low price tag
  • Easy to use
  • Higher thermal conductivity
  • No electrical conductivity


  • Nothing remarkable from the customers

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4. Arctic Silver 5 – Provides Good Support for Lowering the Temperature

If you’re looking for a unique thermal conductive particle along with enhanced stability and performance, the Arctic Silver 5 would be an excellent pick for you. It is a premium thermal paste that can be used in high-power CPUs. You will also find proper heatsinks or liquid cooling solutions for providing high performance.

The Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste comes with an 8.9 W/mK conductivity rating. Though there are many newer products with the same conductivity ratings that are right there on the market, the tremendous heat dissipator containing silver particles, make the difference among them. For this reason, the paste ensures higher thermal conductivity.

Though it is a metallic thermal compound, you can use it in both compressed based and liquid-based systems. After all, the product has non-electrical conductivity but can cause short circuit due to the silver particles.


  • Easy to use
  • No electrical conductivity
  • Absolute stability
  • High density


  • May overheat over the time

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5. ARCTIC MX-4 – Get the Carbon-Based High Quality Paste

If you prefer a carbon-based high-quality thermal compound, Arctic MX-4 is for you. It is one of the best thermal compounds in this list whether the Arctic brand has its value in the industry for a longer time.

Surprisingly, the product also has a conductivity rating of 8.5 W/mK, which is slightly lower than its prototype. There is no metal substance used in this paste.

Though it has some lapses, you might be surprised that the overall performance is better than Arctic Silver 5. Yeah, it’s true.

The carbon-based thermal paste also disseminates heat efficiently generated from your CPU or GPU. It also provides stability to your system to its bindings.

Like other pastes in our list, it is also a non-electrically conductive compound. So you don’t need to face any short circuits. Importantly, you can stop overlock temperatures as well.


  • Compatible for all CPUs.
  • Composed with carbon micro-particles
  • Super thermal conductivity
  • Ideal consistency


  • Conductivity rating is lower than Arctic Silver 5.

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6. Noctua NT-H1 – Editor’s Choice for Overall Performance

Are you concerned about overclocking? Or, if you are looking for a thermal compound that can be a boost for your system, then Noctua NT-H1 thermal paste is for you. This is the best MacBook pro thermal paste I have ever tested. The product has got glowing reviews from the customers for solving the overclocking problem. It doesn’t even have a negative review as well.

I can recommend this paste for you for its impressive performance. I used it in my pc and found a tremendous result.

You will find the best part of the Noctua NT-H1 is the durability and performance it offers. I can assure you that it will last for many years with a smooth performance.

The paste is also ideal for the cooling water system and compressor cooling mechanism. If you belong to both systems, the glue is your perfect partner.


  • Compressor cooling
  • High performance
  • Budget buy
  • Non-electrical conductivity
  • Simple installation and easy to use


  • No objection from customers

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7. Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Thermal Paste – Popular Thermal Paste for Experienced Users

If you’re an experienced pc maker, you might have read about the thermal Grizzly conductonaut thermal paste because the paste is very popular among them. It is effortless to apply on your devices where you want to use it.

The thermal paste delivers adequate heat transfer from your system for the maximum cooling operations. It can efficiently dissipate heat that is generated from your CPU or GPU. So, you can easily use this paste where thermal conductivity is crucial.


  • Easy to use
  • Great cooling systems
  • Good heat transfer
  • Recommended for experience users


  • Don’t use with Aluminum

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How to Choose the MacBook Pro Thermal Paste

How to Choose the MacBook Pro Thermal Paste

Do you know what thermal paste is? A thermal paste is used to settle down the imperfections of two objects. It can improve the performance of your PC by maintaining heat conduction.


A thermal paste can remove air gaps between two objects and maximize the heat transfer. So, it is generally known as thermal insulators. It can conduct 100 times better heat dissipation than air, but not good as copper. You can’t use it to extend the mechanical strength of two substances. Besides, you need to apply the thermal paste in a limited quantity. Otherwise, the heat sink will not work properly to cool your CPU or GPU.

Types of Thermal paste

There are different types of thermal pastes available in the market. Let me allow to figure out:


The thermal paste, which has electrical conductivity containing metal substances like aluminum, silver, are known as metal-based thermal paste. Generally, they come with gray color. You can find the best for lowering the temperature. But the metal-based glue holds a detriment due to its electric conductivity. If the paste drops onto CPU pins or motherboard, it may cause a short circuit where these objects are more expensive.


They are not electrically conductive. The silicone compound having ceramic powder is used to make a non-conductive thermal paste. These types of thermal paste are adequate for daily operations and also have cheap price tags. There is no chance of short circuit as they are not electrically conductive.


The carbon-based thermal paste is superior for heat transfer, as well as to lower the temperature. They are the costliest and most popular among extreme users. They are also non-conductive and offer a more extended period of smooth use.


The silicone-based thermal paste is also non-conductive. Usually, people use them on thermal pads, which are directly attached to the heat sink or the processor. They are not worthy of purchasing.

How to Apply Thermal Paste MacBook Pro

How to Apply Thermal Paste MacBook Pro

If you want to rebuild your MacBook pro applying thermal paste without any omissions, please follow the steps carefully, which are very important. If you make any mistake, I will not be liable for any bloopers.

You need to arrange the following items to continue your process:

Thermal grease, you need to buy a tiny amount of it. You find many people arguing about which one is the best thermal paste. But you are quite clear about this confusion. Just scroll above and pick what you want.

Isopropyl alcohol is needed to clean the previous thermal grease where you also need a little amount of it, approximately 250ml bottle.

Q-tips and paper towels, this stuff are needed to clean off the previous grease. However, they are also known as cotton buds or kitchen roll for UK readers.

Screwdrivers are essential to come in the shape and size of your MacBook pro. Once I bought a bag of screwdrivers for fixing my iPhone, it is still useful for my work.

Metal polish is needed to polish the heatsinks.

Now you need to go for the action.

  • Please carefully take out the screws to detach the heatsinks.
  • Then you need to use alcohol (>/=90%) on your Q-tip to eliminate the previous thermal grease from the heatsink and the CPU.
  • Make sure you removed all the previous thermal paste having nothing left on the objects. Then wipe with the small amount of paper filter.
  • You are almost done to apply the thermal paste. Again make sure that you have cleaned everything.
  • Now apply a little amount of thermal paste to the heatsink surface where it will rest. Please don’t use too much of it to make a mess.
  • Place the heatsink gently where it was attached before.
  • When CPU and heatsink are adjusted, don’t pull them until they are correctly reunited.
  • Lastly, screw up everything in the previous order, and you’re done.


Let’s end our journey here. You know all the arrangements that need to think before purchasing a good-quality thermal paste because it can increase the performance of your PC by dissipating heat.

We have reviewed the top-notch quality thermal compounds that are dominating the industry. So, any of these products will value your money. You won’t feel any regret after purchasing. Try to maintain the quality and avoid cheap thermal paste because it may be fatal for your PC—Good Luck with your journey.

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