Best RGB Fans for Radiators – What Are the Top Picks Available 2021?

best rgb fans for radiators


We all know that radiators do demand to have a high-quality RGB fan as an essential part. However, there are too many options available on the market today. And so, finding the right fan that fits your radiator in the best way is kind of confusing and also demanding.

So, what we would like to do is bring you some top-quality options and make your finding relatively simple.

Yes, we are here to provide you the list of 7 best RGB fans for radiators:

  1. Thermaltake Riing Plus Radiator Fan– Cool Your PC’s System with This One***Most Popular 
  2. upHere RGB Series Case Fan– Get Noiseless Airflow With This One***Overall Best
  3. Pccooler PWM PC Cooling Fan– An Affordable Pick for PC Gaming
  4. Corsair LL120 PWM Fan– 16 Vibrant LED Lighting with This One
  5. GIM RGB Case Fans– Find Friction Free Substance with This One***New Release
  6. upHere T3SYC3-6 RGB Fan– Enjoy 40,000 Hours of Lifespan with This One
  7. DS LEDdess Addressable RGB Fan– Ensure Reliable Power Output with This One

Best RGB Fans for Radiators

Below are the complete reviews for most popular 7 RGB fans for radiator. Enjoy!

1. Thermaltake Riing Plus Radiator Fan– Cool Your PC’s System with This One

Thermaltake Riing Plus fans come with 9 blades high static pressure design that delivers a good amount of airflow. It as well as ensures to cool your system without losing the power.

On top, it comes with 12 separately controlled RGB LEDs so that you can enjoy first class lighting power. This thing also ensures you to paint with 16.8 million colors which you prefer.

It as well as comes with anti-vibration mounting system that helps users to install at ease. This thing also makes sure you have 80 percent protection coverage for hassle free usage.

Besides, the RGB fan comes with easy connecting software benefits with Link to enjoy 16 controllers. It as well as has coding and controller guide to understand the process well.

This RGB fan is a good pick if you want lighting effects for 80 fans at guaranteed performance. It also has good fan design.


  • Fan rotates perfectly.
  • It has 40,000 hours of life span.
  • Fan is silent with multiple lighting modes.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It has individual color changing options.


  • Sadly, it has an expensive price.

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2. upHere RGB Series Case Fan– Get Noiseless Airflow With This One

The RGB case fans from upHere brand are equipped with rubber pads and hydraulic bearings that make sure no sound. It as well ensures you perform well with no snag of irksome noise.

This case fan also comes with unlimited color alteration which only needs users to press one key. It as well as makes sure you can easily pick your color style to enjoy computing.

On top of that, the case fan comes with 120mm size that offers high airflow in large volumes. It as well as ensure your system to get enough air by spreading in small areas.

This RGB fan also comes with great LED rings that are super bright in color. It as well as makes sure you improve your computer efficiency.

On the whole, the case fan is a decent option for those who want a reliable and water-cooling system. It also comes in 6 pins interface.


  • It comes at a decent price.
  • The fan interface comes in 3 to 4 pins.
  • It has a remote that works on batteries.
  • Each fan has colors individually.
  • The fans are very quiet.


  • Most people find the remote small.

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3. Pccooler PWM PC Cooling Fan– An Affordable Pick for PC Gaming

For the best cheap case fans, Pccooler brand is what you need to pick. It comes with good quality and design for you to enjoy smooth computer process that has a decent price rate.

With intelligent speed control, the 120mm fan has module rotating speed for up to 1000 to 1800 RPM. It as well as makes sure your system cools down faster.

This cooling fan on top comes with dual light loop design on both sides of the fan. It as well as makes sure you can enjoy single or multi-colored mixing rotation.

Also, this case fan comes with 8 shockproof rubber pads that ensure no vibration when running. It on top helps your system to run flawlessly whenever playing games or office workings.

In general, this RGB fan is a good investment for pro gamers who want a long service life and heat-free efficiency. It also has 30,000 hours lifetime.


  • It comes in 30,000 hours of natural life.
  • The LEDs are bright and vibrant.
  • It has good speed to run smooth works.
  • Excellent pick for the price.
  • The fan comes in good airflow.


  • Some buyers find the design weird.

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4. Corsair LL120 PWM Fan– 16 Vibrant LED Lighting with This One

If looking for the best corsair RGB fans, the LL120 model is a good option. It comes with 16 color options in every fan to spill between 2 separate light loops.

This case fan also comes with good airflow for up to 43.25 CFM that is enough for a PC to cool down. It also reduces heat from your PC.

And, this RGB fan comes with PWM control that allows users to enjoy dynamic speed between 600 to 1500 RPM. It as well as ensure your system works better than before.

This RGB fan as well as comes with low noise operation that helps users to work peacefully. It on top makes sure your desktop process is well and competent.

Generally speaking, the RGN fan is a perfect alternative for those who want easy to install and use designs. It on top has hydraulic bearing type with no rust trouble.


  • This RGB fan is great in airflow.
  • For the quality, it’s hard to beat.
  • The LED lights are striking.
  • Fan speed can be controlled by Link app.
  • It lasts longer.


  • Unfortunately, it has lots of wires to connect.

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5. GIM RGB Case Fans– Find Friction Free Substance with This One

Gim RGB case fans come with self-lubricating surface with a resistance free substance. It as well as ensure you never face the trouble of rust or metal marks in bearings.

This epic case fan also comes with beautiful Red, Green and Blue effects that allow a user to enjoy different shades at ease. It as well ensures you to bring cool gaming experience.

Plus, it comes with silent and efficient design that makes sure no terrible noise touches the user’s ears. This thing allows you to work at comfort.

It also comes with RF wireless remote RGB fan controller that works in one press of buttons. This thing as well as makes sure you adjust speed, mode, and colors at ease.

By and large, this RGB fan is an excellent pick for those who prefer worry-free replacement and good features. It also comes in 33 CFM airflow.


  • It comes with 30 days of warranty support.
  • The fan is easy to install.
  • It has good looking LED lights.
  • The fan has no noise operation.
  • It has strong plastic corners.


  • The fan screws are small.

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6. upHere T3SYC3-6 RGB Fan– Enjoy 40,000 Hours of Lifespan with This One

Another mention of upHere brand that offers large air volume with an amazing service life for more than 40,000 hours. It also ensures the fan lasting ability to wear-resistant construction.

This PC cooling fan on top comes with amazing air pressure that is designed for perfect compatibility with the cooler. It’s as well as suitable to fit in your radiator or motherboard.

Besides, this fan comes with adaptable 8 RGB LED lighting that users can change color separately. It also gives full lighting for you to enjoy nothing but good effects.

This RGB fan comes with unique blade style that offers powerful rotation to create maximum air. It also helps your system run for a longer period of time with no trouble.

If you want a durable and scientific air channel design, this RGB fan is a big deal. It also comes with friendly customer service to solve product-related troubles.


  • Good option for the value.
  • Vibrant light through the fan blades.
  • The package includes 7 port fan hubs.
  • It has Velcro cable ties.
  • The fan has good airflow and acoustics.


  • It has an unclear instruction guide.

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7. DS LEDdess Addressable RGB Fan– Ensure Reliable Power Output with This One

DS LEDdess Addressable fans come with a 6-pin interface that ensures users use it safely. It as well as makes sure you enjoy the perfect PC speed when playing games.

This fan on top comes with 32 inches 5050 SMD LED 2 strips that make sure users enjoy vibrant colors. It as well as has 15 lights in each strip to modify color.

On top, this RGB fan comes with 20 inches cable that is super simple to plug. It as well as takes no hard work or tangle trouble to manage when plugging.

Unlike other brands, this RGB fan package comes with a clear instruction manual that is described in simple grammar. It as well as helps a lot to understand the process of installation.

This RGB fan is a great option for price and vivid visual effects. It also has Halo Arc-shaped frames.


  • It comes with LED strips.
  • The fans are easy to set up.
  • It doesn’t make bothering noise.
  • The RGB fans are affordable in price.
  • It has bright and beautiful lights.


  • A few people find it not durable.

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What to Look for The RGB Fans for Radiators?

Finding the best RGB case fans for radiators is simple with a few hours of research. You definitely want to have affordable RGB fans with good features. So, here are some effective facts to look out for getting the right one:

Check the Noise

When you are shopping for RGB fans, it’s vital to check the noise drop operation. Going with silent RGB fans that don’t irritate you is highly cherished. Also, check if your selected RGB fans have rubber pieces at the corner for noiseless working.

Pick One Depend on Its Compatibility

You should always go with one that is friendly with any radiator or motherboard. As RGB fans quality depends on their capability, you should consider it before picking one.

Look at the Lights

Decent RGB fans do have attractive and different shades of lights. The LED lights of most RGB fans have party vibe colors that pleasure eyes when working or sitting in your space.

Consider the Lifespan

Like everything else, you want to invest in RGB fans that last long. Most brands offer 20,000 to 40,000 hours of a longer lifespan. So, ensure that before choosing one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Which is better 120mm or 140mm fans?

Ans: Both 120mm and 140mm fans are good for their own reasons. The smaller 120mm fan offers a high CFM as it passes air through a tiny area faster. Also, you’ll feel more air flowing because of its small area. Conversely, the 140mm passes more air through a big area yet it feels less.

Ques: Do bigger case fans work better?

Ans: Basically, Bigger and smaller fans run at the same speed by creating equal amounts of airflow. Yet, the smaller ones have tiny motors in the systems which don’t roll faster. For that, they make more irksome noise than the bigger fans.

Ques: What are RGB fans?

Ans: RGB fans actually mean red, blue, and green LEDs that intake the heated air to transfer cooling air out. It is usually used for cooling the PC system and reducing the operating noise to improve efficiency.

Bottom Line

You may believe that finding the best RGB fans for radiators is hard and to some extent it’s true. However, it’s not space science and so, you should be able to complete the hunt in a positive manner once you have the right source of information plus a good sense of making a profitable purchase. Do your own research in case you have some lingering confusion left. Make sure to let your final bet be something worth the money and superior in performance. Good Luck!


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