EVGA vs MSI: The Complete Comparison 


Nowadays, EVGA vs MSI is the two leading brands in the technology industry. It can be challenging to authorize which one is the best choice!

 Are you struck to select EVGA or MSI? Well, haven’t panic. Go over this review for the outcome.

Our review will aid you to get the valid information and the precise comparison between EVGA vs MSI.


EVGA,  an American hardware corporation, dispatched in July 1999. This company manufactures GPU-based-video cards as well as  Intel-based-mother-boards. 

MSI is a Taiwanese multinational information technology corporation that launched in August 1986. Headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan. MSI provides, designs, and develops computer hardware related products.

The Basic comparison of EVGA vs MSI

Now, we present here the comparison table of EVGA vs MSI

                  EVGA brand

                  MSI brand

EVGA brand is more famous for graphics cards.


MSI brand is more famous for gaming and eSports.


This brand product price is higher than the MSI.


This brand offers an acceptable price. 


EVGA offers three years of product warranty from shipping. One year for the recertified product. Some products have a lifetime warranty.


MSI offers three years of product warranty and replacement opportunities.


The main products are the graphics card, motherboards, power supplies, monitors, computer cases, gaming mice, consumer electronics.


Gaming laptops, Gaming graphics card, Gaming motherboards, Gaming monitors, Gaming desktop, All-in-one PC are the main products are MSI.


EVGA vs MSI: Graphics Card

Gaming graphics cards will give you all outstanding modern levels of gaming realism, speed, power, efficiency, and immersion. 

Famous EVGA graphics cards are EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 XC gaming graphics, RTX 2060 Super XC gaming graphics, EVGA 2070 Super, etc.

On the other hand, MSI Gaming RTX 2080 GeForce graphics, MSI 2070, etc. are also famous. 

Now, we present below a comparison table about EVGA vs MSI graphics cards.


EVGA graphics card

MSI graphics card

MemoryMemory Bandwidth- 448GB/S- 496GB/S, 616GB/S4 -6 GDDR6
Ram speed14000Mhz – 15500Mhz1285Mhz – 1710Mhz
Cost of graphics card$169 -$789$89.99 – $514

Gaming Laptop: EVGA vs MSI

EVGA and MSI  brands are also famous for their high-quality gaming laptops. 

Famous and high-quality gaming laptops of EVGA are EVGA SC17 1080, EVGA SC15 1060, EVGA SC17 1070, and more.

If you want to create an extreme viewing setting for your game, select the MSI Gaming laptop. MSI serves you eye-catching detail through contrast and shadows adjustment. 

Best MSI gaming laptops in 2020 are MSI GS65 Stealth and MSI GT75 Titan. Other MSI laptop’s names are MSI GL63 9SDK, GL63 9RDS, PS42, and more.

Motherboard: EVGA vs MSI

EVGA’s Motherboards are made to give you unique features and the perfect balance of raw power and ironclad stability. They offer various motherboards like EVGA Motherboard, Z390, Z390 FTW, Z370, etc.

On the other hand, MSI offers the award-winning and best gaming motherboards such as MSI X299, Z390, H370, H310, etc.

Now we present the pros and cons of EVGA vs MSI.

EVGA vs MSI: Pros and cons

Pros of EVGA

Cons of EVGA

Give you a promising warranty.Some products price is high.


Provide excellent service.
Easy to replace.
100% easy to deal with.

Pros of MSI

Cons of MSI

A trusted brand for gamers.Some products have awful technical support.


Give you a better warranty.
Ensure replacement features.
A lot of gaming products.

So, you have already confirmed to assign which is favorable for you EVGA or MSI. Hopefully, we fulfilled our pledge to convey you to the satisfactory data about EVGA vs MSI.


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