How to Fix Dead RAM: Step By Step Guide 

Everybody knows that it is not possible to use a computer without RAM because RAM is the most critical part of the computer. As people cannot live without oxygen, it is not possible to use a computer without RAM. When the RAM is dead, the processor stops working.

If your computer’s RAM has died recently and you want to fix it again, don’t worry about it, we’ll tell you a great compact about how to fix dead RAM.

Following this article, you can quickly fix it if your question is how to fix dead RAM because here we’ll show you the whole process step by step from beginning to end.

How to Clean Dead RAM?

Before fixing a dead RAM, you must clean the RAM properly. It may also be that your RAM is not dead, after cleaning correctly, you can test the RAM once in a computer. If it works, then you have nothing else to do. 

Necessary Equipment

1. Clean towel

2. Pencil eraser

3. Brush/ Cotton bar

4. Thinner/ Petrol

Step: 1

To clean a RAM properly, you’ll have to unclip it from its slot, and then rinse it properly.

Step: 2

Put your RAM on the towel and gently rub the gold contacts with a soft eraser.

Step: 3

After performing the above procedure, carefully rinse the RAM using a cotton bar/ brush with thinner or petrol.

How to Fix Dead RAM?

It costs a lot to buy new RAM. If a dead RAM can be worked again, it saves a lot of money. There are two natural methods to fix a dead RAM. Let’s see how to fix a dead RAM.

Necessary Equipment

1. Oven

2. Foil paper

3. Heating gun

Method: 1

Step: 1

Preheat your oven to the minimum temperature. (Not use any Microwave; it can damage the Printed Circuit Board).

Step: 2

Wrap the RAM well with foil paper so that no part is visible from the outside.

Step: 3

When your oven is ready to bake, bake the ram in foil paper for 4 to 5 minutes.

Step: 4

After 4 to 5 minutes baking, open the oven door and leave it for a while to cool.

Step: 5

After the RAM has cooled, open your computer case and install the RAM.

Method: 2

Step: 1

Heat the heating gun first.

Step: 2

Now, hit the RAM in normal heat.

Step: 3

Wait for the RAM to cool down.

Step: 4

After cooling, install the RAM on the computer.

Now try to start your computer. If your computer begins faultlessly, that means you’ve successfully fixed your RAM.

If you’re RAM is still warranting, then don’t do anything. Just take away the RAM from your computer and provide it to the manufacturer’s repair hub or call the manufacturer’s customer care for help.


We are trying to help you that how to fix dead RAM. By following the steps above, you can make your dead RAM useable again and save a lot of money.

Not sure if these techniques will always be useful, but it works 95%. If the method does not work, then you are in the other 5%, and you will need to add new RAM to your computer.

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