Aio Vs Air Cooler Comparison | Which One Should You Pick and Why? 

aio vs air cooler

When building a PC, choosing between coolers is a tough job. There are mainly two coolers which are pretty famous, Aio and Air cooler. Aio is a liquid cooling system and the Air is fan cooling system. Few processors come with cooler but most of the time, the user chooses to pick an additional one for better cooling performance.

Anyways, if you are among those who are having a hard time deciding whether to choose Aio or Air cooler, this very guide is for you. You are going to see an in-depth Aio vs Air cooler comparison. This should be enough to give an idea about exactly which one is perfect for you.

So let’s not waste any minute more and get to the actual business!

Aio Vs Air Cooling Comparison Chart

Both of these are good coolers, and choosing one would be a little complicated, that’s so obvious. However, we have compared the core features of these two coolers which would give you enough to decide which one to choose.

Air Cooling SystemAIO Cooling System
Offers decent cooling. But Less effective than the AIO cooling system.Incredible cooling performance, better than the Air cooling.
The price of Air cooler is affordable.AIO cooling system is highly expensive.
Makes noise when the CPU is under stressMakes quiet operation even when the CPU is stressed
Air coolers come with RGB lights which looks good.AIO liquid cooler looks incredible, they attracts every eye.

Detailed Comparison of Aio vs Air Cooler

What you have seen in the comparison chart, was the summary of both of these coolers. But nowhere, we are going to discuss in detail every feature of these two cooling systems. Here we go!


If we talk about the performance of the Aio cooling system, with 240mm or larger radiators, they dissipate heat way too faster. On the other hand, entry-level air coolers are not even close to the AIO cooling system. But that being said, the high-end air cooler does offer great cooling performance.

To give you some name we would say, the Noctua NH-D15, Be Quiet Dark Pro 4, these two are highly popular for their incredible performance. And with these air coolers, you can overclock your PC as well. But still, if we compare the Aio cooling system takes the cake. Because of their large surface, they push heat better and faster.


If you are in a tight budget, then for you the best decision would be to go with the Air cooling system since they come at a cheaper price. There are few coolers such as Cooler master hyper 212X, this is a highly affordable air cooler that works pretty decently. If we talk about the AIO coolers, they are expensive. That being said 360mm radiator AIO coolers are double pricier than the premium air coolers. So it depends on your budget, if you have the money, go for AIO coolers, you will not regret.


There is a fan in both cooling systems, the AIO cooler and air cooler both need a fan to cool down the CPU. But in order to cool down properly, the fan of the air cooling system needs to rotate very faster. And compared to that, the AIO cooling system doesn’t need faster-rotating fans and that is exactly why they are quieter than the Air coolers.

Air coolers can irritate the gamers with the fan noise, and if the room is completely quiet then it will get very irritating. But that being said, when your CPU is under pressure, it means when you are playing the heavy game or doing heavy video processing, a fan of the air cooling system rotates at a faster pace only then. In normal use, the cooling fan won’t rotate faster hence won’t make much noise.

However, if you want completely quiet operation, then go for the AIO cooling system. They don’t make much noise, operate very calmly, and perform pretty great as well.


Though the AIO cooling system performs pretty great they are not that much reliable. AIO coolers are prone to fluid leakage and once some users have lost their PC hardware by the fluids. That being said, now modern manufacturers are bringing new capabilities to AIO cooling systems. They are using top-notch materials and mechanisms so that the system doesn’t leak fluid.

But still, if anything wrong happens, you might end up ruining your CPU hardware. Nevertheless, premium models are now offering reliability, users are using them now nicely. Besides that, the AIO cooling system comes with a pump that pumps the coolant. The pump has some moving parts which can fail easily. And if somehow it fails, the cooler won’t function, hence you have to go for a new one.

Top-notch premium quality AIO coolers last more than 3 to 5 years. We can say, now the quality is increasing. On the other hand, Air coolers are highly reliable. They are the best compared to the AIO coolers. There is no chance that the fan will fail or anything like that, people are using air coolers for very long and so far all are pretty satisfied in terms of durability and reliability.

Height Clearance

When it comes down to cooler height clearance, the AIO cooling system comes up first. For height clearance, a lot of people now are choosing AIO liquid cooling system. Some CPU doesn’t leave much space for air coolers and in that scenario, AIO coolers fit pretty easily. Instead of install AIO cooler, you can install a small air cooler but the performance won’t be up to the mark. If you stress the CPU, then it will require heavy cooling, and a small air cooler won’t do anything well.


End of Aio Vs Air cooler comparison. If you have gone through the entire comparison, then you should have decided which one is suitable for you. But we would say, if you need heavy cooling and great PC aesthetic, go for the AIO cooling system. Nothing gives CPU cooling like that.


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