Aio Vs Air Cooler Comparison | Which One Should You Pick and Why? 

Aio Vs Air Cooler

One of the hardest decisions that PC builders often come across is choosing between air and liquid cooler. There are plenty of examples for processors that include air coolers basically. However, today’s users are giving much attention to the aftermarket ones.

The air coolers are known for being using direct contact with pipes and processors for dissipating heat. Meanwhile, the all-in-one AIO variants make sue of coolants and carry the heat from the processor to radiator.

Which one among the aio vs air cooler would actually be the worth of your investment according to price-quality ratio, that’s something you need to know more about and ponder enough for making a decision. And that’s why we are here with a complete comparison that occasionally serves with some quality recommendations as well. Keep on Reading…

Comparing AIO And AIR Cooler Types

To know which one wins the race, here are some comparison points of AIO and AIR coolers:

The Weight and Size Differences of Both AIR and AIO Cooler Types

The weight and size of the cooler actually matter that will give ease when fitting it on the PC build with good space. Basically, a smaller and light cooler will give better storage even after fitting in the PC case.

Also, most coolers have different sizes and weight capacities that ensure good accessibility. For example, if talking about 360 mm AIO vs AIR cooler, both have great size and weight points for user ease.

And, if you want a light in weight and compact option for your PC build, then the CorsAIR Hydro Series H150i PRO AIO Liquid Cooler is a good option. It on top makes sure your PC case easily adjusts the cooling system with no struggle of storage or space.

Most of the time, the AIO cooling system offers light in weight and compact size for smaller or bigger PC cases with no hitches. It on top makes sure your PC case to have better user-friendliness without using less space.

Conversely, the AIR-cooling system comes with a bulky and bigger in size design that makes sure to take more storage of PC build. For bigger cases, the AIR-cooling system is fine to use.

And so, we find the AIO cooling system the likely winner for its great clearance and storage support to makes sure better usage.

***Best Pick For Better Clearance- Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R AIO CPU Liquid Cooler***

Temperature Ability of Both AIR and AIO Cooler Types

The temperature ability actually indicates the PC build support to help the hardware to get rid of heat damages. Not only it helps the PC parts to stay normal and work well but also ensure better efficiency.

Also, the best AIO or AIR coolers will come with different temperature’s ability to cut the heat snag at ease. However, there is a clear winner if being compared fairly with both functions and capacity of resisting heat.

And, we are in love with the EK 240mm AIO D-RGB All-in-One Liquid CPU Cooler that comes with great heat performance to keep your PC hardware cool. Unlike other traditional coolers, this cooling system ensures a running liquid coolant to dissipate excess heat.

Mostly, the AIO cooling system comes with a great water coolant that relocating heat outside of your PC hardware at ease. It on top makes sure your PC parts get better coverage against heat damages with fine cooling efficiency.

Alternatively, the AIR-cooling system comes with fairly good heat shifting cooling efficiency for helping your PC and CPU to avoid burn or flame. It on top makes sure your PC to get fine performance with faster reaction.

If putting both cooler types side by side, then the AIO cooling system is better than others for its great heat performance to makes sure your PC parts to get rid of heat damages.

***Best Pick For Heat Performance- Corsair Hydro Series H60 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler***

Gaps Between Both Cooler Types Cooling Performance

Both AIO and AIR-cooling system comes with different performance and functions to help your PC parts to stay cool down. They both have brilliant options and cooling performance for CPU faster access.

You see, the cooling performance indicates keeping the PC parts especially the CPU which gets hot if being operated at full speed for a good while. It will result in the parts working faster and live longer.

On the whole, the MSI MAG CORELIQUID 360R AIO Liquid Cooler is a wonderful pick if you prefer a good performing and functional option. It as well makes sure your CPU to do any task in a smooth way with better control and reaction for accessibility.

Habitually, the AIO cooling system comes with amazing cooling skills to makes sure better control and response in PC parts. It on top makes sure your CPU act fast and smooth when handling two or more tasks at once.

In opposition, the best AIR cooler comes with a great cooling performance that makes sure your PC parts are effective and handy. It on top ensures you are getting fine RPM and functionality.

If weighing both types at one table, then we find the AIO cooling system better than other AIR coolers for its great performance and function that give an efficient and gaming feel.

***Best Pick For Cooling Performance- ID-COOLING ZOOMFLOW 360X Snow CPU Water Cooler***

Both Cooler Types Appearance and Look Disparity

The appearance of your PC build does matter when it comes to doing work or playing games at peace. You see, the extra features like RGB light and radiant support of the cooling system will help the PC case to shine well.

It on top helps your room look nice with a good RGB color tuning option for matching the style well. The RGB light of the cooling system also ensures giving a rich vibe that will help to create a working mood.

And, we find the MSI MAG CORELIQUID 240R AIO Liquid Cooler a fine pick if you want an RGB light and a great radiant setup option that makes sure a great appearance. It on top makes sure your PC to get a fine appearance and looks for a better design.

On average, the AIO cooler comes with great visual and RGB light to offer a classy look that makes sure your PC build to gets beautiful. It on top makes sure your PC gets a better design and looks to use comfortably without ruining the look.

In contrast, the AIR-cooling system comes with RGB light and an amazing design that adds beauty to a PC case. It on top makes sure your PC build gets a better cooling solution for PC enthusiasts and games.

Among both types, we would like to say the winner of the appearance and look in PC build is the AIO cooling system that makes sure your case gets RGB light & design to work well.

***Best Pick For The Appearance- Thermaltake Floe Triple Riing 360 AIO Liquid Cooling System***

Dissimilarities Between Both Cooler Types Ease of Installation

When it comes to comparing AIO and AIR coolers, the ease of installation is a big factor that cannot be resisted. The design of the cooling system on top helps you to fit it into the PC case with no help.

Since most AIO and AIR brand comes with thermal paste and other essential tools, then you are able to install at ease. It also makes sure your PC build to get rid of extra spending by getting help from professionals.

Also, if you are looking for an easy to use option cooling system, then the DEEPCOOL Assassin III AIR CPU Cooler is an excellent pick. It on top makes sure you are getting a better assembly design that takes less time to attach to the motherboard.

Typically, the AIO cooling system comes with direct to install design that makes sure you fit with no one’s help. It on top makes sure you are getting better support to fit in an easy manner with all the essential tools.

Then again, the AIR cooler comes with a great installation process design that allows fitting in most PC cases of all shapes and sizes. It on top makes sure your PC build is getting a good cooling setup with ease of installation.

Between both types, the AIR-cooling system is our pick for its comfortable setup and assembly benefits with no struggle to install in the PC build.

***Best Pick For Simple Installation- Scythe Fuma 2 CPU AIR Cooler***

Both Cooler Types Noise Operation Variation

One of the comparison points of both cooling systems is their noise operation. You see, both AIO vs AIR cooler noise level has a lower and higher frequency that makes a noise at a selected pressure of CPU.

For sure, you want your PC built to work peacefully without making a disturbing noise to focus well. Both AIR and AIO cooling systems have different noise operation levels, which makes one a clear winner.

And, if you are one of those who want your PC to make low noise even if working in strong loads, then the Enermax ETS-T50 Axe Addressable CPU AIR Cooler is a fine pick. It on top makes sure you are getting a fine cooling system for helping your PC to work smooth working.

Mostly, the AIO cooling system makes sure your PC runs apps at a good speed with no serious sound. It as well doesn’t make higher noise when your CPU is doing tasks in higher load with no hitches.

On the flip side, the AIR-cooling system comes with a great operative option that makes sure your PC runs apps without making noise. It on top allows your PC to run high-end apps or work for a long while without disturbing noises.

After reading out both types, we would like to say the real winner is the AIR-cooling system for its silent noise level that makes sure you are getting better CPU working even in intense loads.

***Best Pick For Low Noise Operation- DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX GT BK CPU AIR Cooler***

The Price Point Differences Between Both AIO And AIR Cooler

The price of both AIO and AIR cooler is different with great options and features. Both cooling systems offer a different price range that poles them apart. However, one has better good functions worth the price.

You see, a lower-priced cooling system will offer less beneficial options to use as a long-term option. And, a higher-priced cooler will offer the best options. But, in some cases, you can find worthy features at a budget-friendly price.

For those of you who want a good-quality, functional, and ease of use cooling system at a lower rate, then the Scythe Ninja 5 AIR CPU Cooler is an ideal pick. It on top makes sure your CPU run in a smoother way with no struggle of heat or other facts by spending a logical rate.

Usually, the AIO cooling system comes with a great range of versatility and functionality with great features at a higher rate. It on top makes sure you are getting the coolest options with no struggles.

On the other hand, the AIR-cooling system comes with an affordable price range with the finest functions, accessibility, and user-friendliness. It as well makes sure you are getting the coolest options with similar features like AIO coolers.

In between both types, our pick would be the AIR cooler for its great price range that offers great options and functions with RGB light to use in a greater way with no hitches.

***Best Pick For The Money- ID-COOLING SE-234-ARGB CPU AIR Cooler***

Main Difference Between AIO Vs AIR Cooler

AIO Cooler

AIR Cooler

Weight and Size
Light in weight and smaller to fit Bulky and bigger in size to fit well
Temperature Ability
Ideal for relocating heat outside of the system Fairly good at shifting heat away from the CPU
Cooling Performance
Amazing cooling skill to ensure better control and response in PC Not as good as cooling performance
Appearance and Look
Comes with great visual and RGB light to offer a classy look RGB light and amazing design that adds beauty to a PC case
Ease of Installation
Usually, AIO coolers are complex to install Simple to install and support all shapes and sizes build
Noise Operation
Makes noise when the processor is running in full speed Doesn’t makes noise when the CPU is running in overclocked operation
Price Point
Highly expensive price points Affordable price ranges with great options

Our Thoughts

In the end, both AIR and AIO cooling systems hold different operating features to keep your CPU cool in heavy tasks. Mostly, we go with a cooling system that has fine heat disposal and efficiency for multitasking ease.

And so, AIO is our choice since it holds perfect storage, operating temperature, cooling efficiency, and so on. Not only has the AIO cooler given better user-friendliness but also adds good looks to the PC case.

Quite the opposite, AIR is more likely the second-best pick that offers amazing silent operating performance with easy fitting design at a friendly budget. After looking at both coolers, the crown goes to the AIO cooling system.

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