Logitech G502 Vs G602 Mouse Combat – The Better Contributor?

Now that gaming mouse is a common thing in the market that every gamer will have their attention on, there’s been a lot going on inside the manufacturing regions. How to increase the efficiency, provide better features, and still manage a practical price point to gain more attention, that’s the key strategy for most well-known and reliable makers.

And with that being said, the competition is at its boiling pointing giving us access to some of the most wonderful mouse models right now. Two of such incredibly awesome and popularly loved mouse models from Logitech known as G502 Hero & G602 are what we’ll be comparing today.

Put on your comparison ride belts, we are steering wheels for a solid clash between the G502 vs G602 mouse models from Logitech. Let’s see who takes the champ trophy for ultimate gamer’s heart ruler!

Logitech G502 Vs G602

G502 Hero Mouse

G602 Mouse

Wire Connectivity
Wired 2.1m Braided cable Wireless (5.8 GHz)
Adjustable DPI Range
200-16,000 DPI 250-2500 up to DPI
Sensor Technology
Optical Lightsync Sensor Delta Zero Sensor
Key Control
11 Buttons 11 Buttons
4.3 Oz 8 Oz
Hand Grip Style
Rubber Side Grip Natural palm-shaped grip
OS Compatibility
Windows and macOS Windows and macOS
Software Type
Logitech Gaming Software Logitech Gaming Software
Reasonable Expensive

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Wire Connectivity

When comparing the G502 Hero and G604 models, we find a huge difference in their wire connectivity. Yet, both models are good in their own style.

On the other side, if talking about the G502 Wireless connectivity setup, this model has a cable-operated system with a 400+ IPS tracking speed to click effortlessly.

On top of that, the G502 Hero mouse has a USB 2.1m long braided cable to connect to the PCs comfortably. Besides, this model comes with a 1000 Hz response time to click easily when you want to surf online.

In the G502 Vs G602 Reddit, some people find the G602 mouse not good for gaming. But this model does have wireless connectivity which makes it superior to others. With no-snag of cable to plug in or out, the G602 mouse actually works via Bluetooth connection to activate automatically.

This model has a brilliant tracking speed of 2 m/s 80 IPS. And that is not all as the G602 mouse appears with a maximum speed up of 20G. This mouse also has 250 hours of battery life that can be set up by setting the mood switch to Performance.

Want to know the best part? The G620 mouse comes with Endurance mode that allows you to use the mouse for up to 1440 hours. This model also has a 5.8 GHz radiofrequency.

After comparing them side by side, we would say both models are the winner. If you want a relaxed browsing experience on your daily office work, it’s better for you to try the G502 Hero mouse. While, conversely, the G602 mouse is decent for the intense gaming experience.

Adjustable DPI Range

The Logitech G502 Hero and G602 models have dissimilar adjustable DPI ranges which makes them special from others. Yet, there is a clear winner if comparing fairly.

Starting from the G502 Hero model, this mouse has high performing 200 to 16,000 DPI aka Dots Per Inch range for giving you the accurate pointer speed when working on your task. This mouse also helps you to control the pointer with a faster click.

On the opposite side, the G602 mouse comes with a good pointer speed from up to 250 to 2500 DPI range to give you quicker shifting adjustments. Even though this model actually has good maneuver speed, still the G502 Hero has better options.

And for that reason, we find the G502 Hero as the frontrunner when it comes to DPI range adjustments for its pixel-precise moving shots. This model also provides an ideal targeting cursor to aim exactly.

Sensor Technology

The sensor technology of both G502 Hero and G602 mouse models is quite differently designed for user comfort usability. Even though both have good sensor abilities, one mouse has better capability than others.

The better version between G602 Vs G604 models is the G602 model for its high accuracy Delta Zero sensor technology. This sensor technology is also great for tracing the pointer where you want it to be. For this reason, many people like it as a gaming mouse.

Then again, the finest mouse among G502 Vs G502 Hero models is the G502 Hero for its Optical Lightsync technology to match any color with the RGB lighting adjustments. This sensor technology is also good for adjusting more than 16.8 million colors with other G gears.

If we would have to say who has better sensor technology, it has to be the G502 Hero for its unique RGB setups that allow you to get better accuracy and functionality setups.

Key Control

If being compared to the key control of both G502 Hero and G602 mouse, both models are quite similar with different styles and options. Even though they have similar key controls, they do differ.

Unlike the G502 Lightspeed mouse, the G502 Hero model comes with mechanical switch buttons that are designed with a metal spring tensioning system and pivot hinges.

This mouse also has key controls in both left and right sides with mini buttons for a precise click feel. On top, this model comes with 11 key controls that allow you to click easily with no bad feelings.

On the contrary, the G602 mouse model comes with 11 key controls with a rapid click pointer to access accurately. This mouse on top comes with a great design that allows you to clack with no lag or stuck snags. It also has a smooth rolling pointer to surf non-stop with no snag.

No matter what you are playing, writing, or editing, this mouse actually helps you to click smoothly and easily.

Overall, we find both G502 Hero and G602 models best in different reasons. For gamers, the G602 mouse is the finest pick. And, the G502 Hero is your best bet for doing research.


Another big fact that makes the G502 Hero and G602 models different from one another is their weight. The weights of both models have a huge gap which makes one clear winner.

Begin with the G502 Hero model, this mouse is weighted up to 4.3 oz which is quite lightweight to put your hand in a comfortable grip when surfing online. The G502 Hero mouse on top is portable for you to easily carry it from one to another place.

This mouse also has a metal plate weighted up to 3.6 grams to help the mouse to stand in a balanced position. It actually has 5 similar little metal plates that allow you to easily balance where you feel need some weights.

In contrast, the G602 mouse comes with 8 oz weight that makes sure you do the productive works easily. You see, many people find this model good for its bulky feel that makes it stand in one place for doing productive work with no snag.

But this model doesn’t appear with the metal plate that helps to weight out or in to balance the flatness to browse smoothly. Yet, it does have good weight to surf in a fixed position.

On the whole, we find the G502 Hero mouse likely victor for its lighter weight to feel cozy while surfing or playing software.

Hand Grip Style

Another aspect that makes the G502 Hero and G602 model quite different is their handgrip style. If being weighed against each other, we find one model has the victory.

The G502 Hero mouse comes with an amazing rubber constructed grip style that is good for small, medium, and big sized hand. Not only has that it comes with good shape but also appears with right length and width for using comfortably without feeling discomfort.

This mouse model also appears with 25.32 Cu. inches volume approximation to fit in tight space so that you can move the mouse easily and smoothly.

Then again, the G602 model appears with a natural palm-sized grip that gives you full freedom of mobility without feeling difficulty. As we mentioned earlier, this mouse has good weight still it gives you the ease of use for its classy grip style for bigger size hand users.

But this mouse isn’t suitable for small hands to hold and move freely for its big length and width. However, for bigger hands, it is a comfortable option to play games intensely.

After comparing them in one table, we find the G602 model a good choice for cozy control on most gaming sessions.

OS Compatibility

If looking deeply into the G502 Hero and G602 models, you will find similar operating system compatibility.

The G502 Hero model actually is good for Windows and macOS operating systems when using the PCs. You see, this mouse model is made for use in the Windows and macOS operating system. Also, the G502 Hero model doesn’t need an account to access or change mouse settings.

On the other side, the G602 model is best for using on Windows and macOS operating system to access better. Just like the G502 Hero mouse, this model doesn’t need an account to regulate the settings.

While we have to say which one is the winner among the G502 Hero and G602 models? The simple answer is both. You see, both models have similar compatibility for smooth accessing.

Software Type

The software type of both G502 Hero and G602 models are different if compare side by side. Both models have similar software but well for a different reason.

The G502 Hero model comes with Logitech Gaming Software that allows you to get lag-free performance while doing simple tasks. However, it doesn’t have a smoother gaming feel compare to the other model.

Conversely, the G602 model comes with Logitech Gaming Software that gives a gaming-grade wireless feel to play any software smoothly.

Among the G502 Hero and G602 model, we find the G602 mouse good for software programming ability.

Price Range

The price range of both models is dissimilar if compare them fairly. We have found the winner who has a good price value than the other model.

The G502 Hero model comes at a reasonable price range if compared to its other features and quality. You see, it does have a good facility to use daily like for doing tasks without any snag of lasting value.

Quite the opposite, the G602 model comes at an expensive price range with good features and quality. Also, it doesn’t have good lasting value.

For that reason, we find the G502 Hero real winner for its affordable price range with better capability.

Who Triumphs the Clash?

So, we are hanging onto the end line of which one is actually the better option between the G502 vs G602 mice. And to be honest, there’s a clear winner from what we can see.

With a slight difference in price margin, the G502 Hero is actually the star who takes a better attempt at providing a nice button orientation with amazing sensor technology that will offer users a wider range of DPI settings.

While the G602 is still a good option with a little bit of more price demand that offers a modern mouse button scheme that goes well with expert gamers who don’t bother very much about button placements to win a game.

However, the G502 Hero is still head with hardcore gamers because there’s no issue of fine-tuning responsiveness delay. Some general users may find the high DPI setting causing lower sensitivity a bit annoying.

Also, the fact that wireless mouse is prone to cause lag problems from time to time is another huge reason why some gamers will look for wired options such as G502 Hero. So, with the least latency amount, G502 Hero surprisingly makes better effort to be a clear champ here.

However, we still believe that an individual must shop according to his or her preference rather than completely relying on comparisons. We surely have a soft side for G502 Hero, however, if you feel the G602 looks promising from your point of view, clearly it is promising enough to serve you best.

So Ultimately, The Choice Must Be Yours & Only Yours!

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