G502 vs G602: Which One Suit You Most 2020?

g502 vs g602

Are you baffled about to buy G502 and G602 as your desirable gaming mouse? Both of the two mice are super speedy and multifunctional for your pc game. Pc game lover who passes his most of the time in gaming will be thrilled to operate G502 and G602 of Logitech.

G502 is a wired mouse besides G602 is wireless for superfast gaming.  Stylish design, comfortable grip and 11 multifunctional side buttons with optical sensors are adaptable for an FPS player.

Read the important features, descriptions, benefits, and drawbacks of these mice. Wipeout your conflict to choose perfect gaming mice between G502  vs G602.

Logitech G502 vs G602: Comparing The Essential Features

G502 and G602 both mice have some facilities like DPI range (means resolution number of dots per inch in a digital print), optical sensors, and thumb buttons. Operate in updated windows systems with a fashionable shape. Here are some distinguishing features:

G502 mouseG602 mouse
  DPI range
From 200 to 12000From 500 to 2500
Connecting system
Wired connectionWireless connection
USB Polling
System requirements
Up to Windows 10Up to Windows 10 and Mac OS
 Sensor technology
Pixart PMW3366 and Delta-ZeroDelta-Zero

More About G502 Mouse

G502 is a wired gaming mouse with 11 side buttons. It has an LED light on its top with gaming software. In addition to two mouse buttons, it has three thumb buttons, a scroll with three commands, two DPI buttons, one button besides the scroll, and one beneath the scroll. You can change the scroll mode to click the beneath button.


  • Smart layout and buttons.
  • Scroll works both free and rock mode.
  • Adjustable DPI mode among five settings.
  • Fat DPI mouse is comfortable for first-person gamer.
  • Speedy and sensitive for gaming.


  • The clicking sound of the mouse button is loud and disturbing.
  • Small in size and sometimes uncomfortable for the big hands player.

More About G602 Mouse

G602 is wireless with 11 gaming buttons. It works with a micro USB 3.0 connecting to pc and takes up to 10 feet area to move. It has two mouse buttons, six thumb buttons, two DPI buttons and a performance button beneath the scroll. You can change your mouse in the endurance mode to lit the LED light blue. For the performance, lit the LED light green.


  • Modern wireless design.
  • Endurance and performance mode battery system.
  • Long battery life, up to six months.
  • Works on both up to Windows 10 and Mac OS.


  • No scroll buttons.
  • The DPI range is comparatively low.

Which Mouse will be Beneficial For a Gamer

If you want something advanced and speedy for pc games you can purchase G502 mouse. Its sophisticated buttons, high range DPI and two types of optical sensors will give you the utmost pleasure to play a game. You can buy it approximately $49.99 from Amazon.

You also purchase a G602 mouse because it has a good range of DPI and well-controlled buttons. Most of the gamer likes it for its modern wireless quality. You can buy it approximately $40.99 from Amazon.

Logitech G series mice are smart to look and comfortable to use. Both of them have updated characteristics by which a player can enjoy the full excitement. Now, we hope all of your confusion between G502 vs G602 will eliminate confidently.  Play games happily.


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