Core i5 Vs i7 Imac – Know The Comparison

The IMac 2019 edition started its journey in March of this year. Since then, people have been satisfied with their upgrades and performance. With its base price being the same as the 2017 version of the IMac with additions such as eighth and ninth gen of Intel CPUs, buying a Mac isn’t as expensive as some people think. Building a computer the same as the IMac sometimes tends to be more costly than just obtaining an IMac.

Now that it includes Intel Core i9 CPU, planning on getting a new computer for the holidays? Some people may be confused about what CPU to pick up, i5 or i7? Let’s break the gist of i5 vs i7 iMac.

Primary Usage of CPUs’?

Well, the CPU does a lot of complicated calculations very fast that make your computer do what it does within a short period. The more cores, the more it can calculate at once, and the quicker it will work. Not to mention having a more powerful CPU makes intensive workloads more manageable to do.

The 9th generation of Intel CPUs was released just last year and provided a boost from the previous generations as these new releases usually do. Right now, they are top of the line and fit for any work.

Differences Between Core i5 Vs i7 Imac

The main differences are the cores it has, The CPU clock rate, and the GPU clock rate. The Core i5 has six cores, while the i7 has eight cores. Well! It may seem like a small difference, but this difference means a lot in the case of performance power.

Both CPUs’ work is relevant in the case of working with editing or animations. While the i7 makes it much more comfortable working with higher resolution videos in real-time. Plus, rendering times are cut down significantly with the i7 upgrade.


The IMac 21.5-inch version’s starting price is $1,299, and the 27-inch’s is $1,799. If you are confused about what CPU you should go with? The CPU’s main workload comes from video editing, photography work, and other types of visual media editing activities.


Still, do you have confusion about i5 vs i7 iMac?

The IMac is safe as a computer, and it sits comfortably as a lesser but still powerful version of the iMac Pro. And it is reliable and aesthetically pleasing to look. Whether using it has a regular lightweight computer for writing, browsing, watching media. The Core i5 is a safe choice for a long-term plan.

But for those looking to put more intense pressure on the system like filmmaking, photography, and such. The core i7 is sure to please.

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