Apple Watch GPS VS Cellular: Which One is the Best?

Apple Watch GPS VS Cellular

GPS or cellular, which one is perfect for you? This article will help you to choose the perfect model.

Apple Watch comes with GPS and GPS + Cellular models. There are differences between the two models. In this article, we will discuss Apple watch GPS vs cellular. Then, explore the differences between them.

Apple Watch GPS Vs Cellular

 Apple Watch is such a smartwatch that helps you to lead a simple life. Apple watches contain amazing functions that make it innovative and beneficial. These watches are featured with the always-on display. It also combines fitness tracking and health-oriented capabilities.

There is no difference from outside looking at the GPS and cellular models. The performance makes a difference between them. To compare the two models of Apple Watch, let’s see the features.

Apple Watch GPSApple Watch GPS + Cellular
iOS requirement
iPhone 6s or later with iOS 13iPhone 6s or later with iOS 13
573 sq mm or 759 sq mm with OLED Retina740 sq mm or 977 sq mm with OLED Retina
64-bit dual-core64-bit dual-core
8gb or 16gb of storage32gb of storage
Battery Life
Talk: Up to 90 minutes

Audio:10 hours playback from Apple Watch storage

Workout:10 hours indoor and 6 hours outdoor with GPS

Talk: 90 minutes

Audio: 7 hours streaming Apple                     Music

Workout: 5 hours outdoor with GPS and LTE

Electric Heart Rate Sensor
Apple Music Streaming
Not supportedSupported

More About Apple Watch GPS

Apple watches run under Watch OS that is specially designed for its hardware. So to match the Watch OS, you need at least an iPhone 6 or later with iOS 13. An iPhone is required nearby to run the GPS model watch.

The watch comes with an aluminum body or Nike+ cases. In this watch, you can enjoy music by downloading tunes. You can download as many tunes as the watch’s storage capacity. The battery of the GPS model watch lasts longer than the cellular version. So you can hit your playlist more time.

1.    Less expensive.1.    Don’t support streaming Apple Music.
2.    Lightest Weight.2.    Need iPhone nearby.
3.    8GB or 16GB of storage
4.    Available in aluminum sports and Nike+ cases.
5.    Long battery life. 

More About Apple Watch GPS + Cellular

Apple Watch GPS + cellular works without an iPhone. But you need an iPhone to set up, organize functions and Watch OS updates. The cellular display is larger than the GPS model.

The watch cellular comes with (Long-Term Evolution) LTE connectivity. Benefits of choosing the cellular option, you can make phone calls and receive messages anytime, anywhere without your phone. Also, you can use Siri, social media apps, play, and so on. Cellular also supports international emergency calls.

Along with aluminum and Nike+ case options, you can also get cellular model watches in stainless steel, ceramic, and titanium cases. With Apple Music subscription, you can listen to Apple Music with GPS + Cellular watch anywhere without your iPhone. Also, when you go for a workout out or jogging, you can explore your playlist.

1.    Allows streaming Apple Music and Podcasts app.1.    Most expensive.
2.    32 GB of storage.
3.    Available in aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic.
4.    Work without iPhone 

 Some Impressive Facilities Of Apple Watch

 Some Impressive Facilities Of Apple Watch

  • Customized look: You can change the watch’s band by swapping out. You can customize the look as you want and get a fashionable look.
  • Heart monitoring apps: With the heart monitoring apps, you can check your heart rate. You also get a notification if the heart rate is too high or down. The powerful sensor of Apple Watch helps to provide you accurate information.
  • Noise app: You can avoid the hearing problem by using the noise app. The noise app gives a warning when the sound level rises.
  • Water Resistant: The watch has a water-resistant up to 50 meters. So you can swim with the watch without any problem.
  • Activity rings: the activity rings show your activities progress and inspire you to walk more and exercise every day.
  • Download exciting app: Now, the app store in your hand. You can download new and exciting apps and access them.

How to Choose The Best One?

If you don’t want to worry about wherever your iPhone is, then the cellular version is the best choice for you. With this, you can access the services that your mobile provider. You can make calls, messages, and enjoy Apple music.

The cellular version adds an extra monthly fee from your service provider. So before buying this version, make sure that you’re worth it.

And if you always have your iPhone with you wherever you go, then the GPS version is the best for you. Also, you can wear it longer than Cellular as the battery remains a long time. You can get a large portion of similar facilities as the Cellular at less cost.


Before buying an Apple Watch, make sure you fulfill all the requirements. Then when you think about Apple Watch GPS vs cellular, you need to remember how you use it. The main features of both models are the same. But the cellular gives you some extra facilities.


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