Apple Watch GPS Vs Cellular+GPS – Which One is Popular & Why?

Apple Watch GPS VS Cellular


Now it could be possible that you are all prepared to buy yourself a nice and new Apple watch. You have made your mind on which color to pick and also the size that you’ll need. Everything was fine as wine but then when you checked the website, one thing showed up and created a mess inside your head.

And it’s the confusion of choosing between Apple watch gps vs cellular + gps. There’re variants that include both GPS and cellular, which drastically costs more. And now you are once again in the position of making a choice. But to do that, you definitely need to know what differences both have.

Also, the fact that if the costly version is really worth it compared to the affordable variant. That’s where our today’s comparison idea got born. Keep on Reading…

Difference Between the Apple Watch GPS Vs Cellular

Apple Watch GPS

Apple Watch Cellular

Construction and Design
Usually built with aluminum, titanium, and ceramic and stainless-steel materialsMostly made out of aluminum materials
Apple Streaming Music
Not includedSupported
Battery Life
Via Bluetooth connection, 10 hours audio playback, and 6 hours ofan outdoor workout.7 hours of audio streaming and 5 hours of outdoor workout over LTE.
Connectivity Support
Need an iPhone to do everythingAble to do most stuff without a phone device in range
Storage Space
Offer 8 to 16 GB storage spaceUp to 32GB storage benefits to secure files
Price Range
Mostly comes at a reasonable rateUsually comes at an expensive point

Comparing Apple Watch GPS And Cellular

Here are some key comparison points of Apple Watch GPS and Cellular to find which one wins:

Both Apple Watch Types Construction and Design Gaps

The construction and design of the Apple Watch actually matter as it will show how long you can enjoy using for fine stability. It on top ensures you get a safe usage area on any workout. The firm building and design of the Apple Watch ensure a better usage point for any trainee.

You see, there are good ranges of material when talking about Apple Watch models such as aluminum, titanium, ceramic, and stainless steel to ensure good coverage. The Apple watches as well ensure fine resistance against rain damages for up to 1-meter depth.

Some products like Apple Watch 5 models have stainless steel construction. On the other hand, the Apple Watch Series 5 GPS + Cellular model usually is designed with aluminum material with rainproof benefits. Between 2 materials, the stainless steel stands out on top for long-term use.

And, if you are looking for a solid and long-term construction for your workout track that allows using in water, sun, or any place with no hitches, then the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 38MM) is a fine pick. It on top ensures a good durability.

Most Apple Watch GPS models are made out of aluminum, titanium, and ceramic, and stainless-steel materials that ensure firm resistance. They on top make sure great coverage against rain, dust, and break snags.

On the flip side, most Apple Watch GPS + Cellular models are made out of aluminum materials. They as well make sure you are getting fine coverage and strength benefits to confidently work out.  Yet, the material won’t defend against most damages.

In between both types, then we would like to say the winner is the GPS only Apple Watch that makes sure you are getting long-term execution with no hitch of low durability or stability.

***Best Pick For Long-Term Usage- Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44MM)***

Both Types Apple Streaming Music Features Comparison

Apple Music streaming is a must-have thing when it comes to workout tracking for enjoying. Most people tend to look for music, audiobooks, or podcasts to play when doing an intense workout. And, this feature helps music lover trainees to workout harder.

Depending on the quality and manufacturing process, there are many models of Apple Watch that offer Apple Watch streaming options. On the other side, some models don’t come with Apple Music features.

And, both Apple Watch GPS and GPS + Cellular models tend to have different varieties of Apple streaming Music options. However, there is a clean winner depending on the functions and Apple Music feature availability.

And, if you are looking for a reliable and highly functional option that comes with Apple Streaming Music benefits, then the Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS + Cellular, 40mm) is your ideal pick. It on top makes sure you are easily syncing your favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Mostly Apple Watch GPS only models are designed to use for tracking in a good way with millions of song benefits. But, not all models of GPS only models support Apple Music streaming. Yet, they do make sure good ranges of music benefits.

Conversely, Apple Watch GPS + cellular tend to come with great options with an Apple Music streaming platform for trainees to fully enjoy when working harder. They on top make sure you are getting fine usage for spending your time in a great way by syncing with audiobooks too.

If putting both types in one table, then we would like to say the Apple Watch GPS + Cellular is the winner for their fine functionality that ensures you are listening via Apple Streaming Music.

***Best Pick for Better Functionality- Apple Watch SE (GPS + Cellular, 40mm)***

The Battery Life Options of Both Apple Watch GPS And Cellular Types

Battery lifespan actually needed when it comes to trainee long-term tracking to learn the progress of their effort. The selected battery life on top makes sure you get fine users and talk time to spend. It as well makes sure better support for users to do 2 things in one time at ease.

Also, the battery life benefits of Apple Watch make sure you to get fine support of workout use or listening to music or outside use via GPS or Cellular at ease. And, it makes sure better audio streaming or outdoor workout.

Not only that it helps you to do a workout while listing to audio or songs but also makes sure you get better talk time with your friends to spend time via talking and working out. Apple Watches usually come in different battery life depending on construction.

And, for those of you who prefer getting a long-term battery lifespan option to use in most purposes, then the Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 40mm) is the right pick. It on top allows you to get up to 18 hours of user time with built-in powerful lithium-ion batteries to use freely.

Typically, Apple Watch GPS only models come with a great battery life that ensures you to enjoy for up to 18 hours. They also allow you to use 90 minutes in talk time, 10 hours of audio playback, and 6 hours of outside use. The GPS only models on top give a good battery option.

On the other hand, most Apple Watch GPS + Cellular models come with fine battery support that allows you to get benefits of up to 18 hours lifetime. And, they make sure you are using 90 minutes in talk time, 7 hours of audio streaming, and 5 hours of outdoor workout over LTE.

And so, we find the Apple Watch GPS better than others when it comes to battery natural life and running ability for a good while using that help you to track your workout activity at ease.

***Best Pick For Longer Battery Life- Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44mm)***

Variations Between Apple Watch GPS And Cellular Connectivity Support

The connectivity support indicates the connection of the iPhone with the Apple Watch models to enjoy the most functions. It on top makes sure you are getting fine handling and control to help you manage well.

There are some models that require an iPhone to pair with the run the GPS. On the other hand, some models don’t require an iPhone pairing with the GPS service. However, an Apple Watch that doesn’t need an iPhone is better than the requirement for ease of use.

When it comes to comparing both Apple Watch GPS only and GPS + Cellular models connectivity support, there are some huge gaps. Yet, there is a clear winner that has better functions than another.

And, if you want a good managing option with no iPhone or other device support, then the Apple Watch Series 5 Gold (GPS + Cellular, 44MM) is a fine choice. It on top comes with great options and a quality setup to help you track outside the home with no help from a device.

Mostly Apple Watch GPS only models require an iPhone device to manage everything and sue in a good way. They on top allow you to handle most of the functions with the help of an iPhone device for ultimate handling. Yet, the GPS only needs an iPhone to track when outside.

In contrast, most Apple Watch GPS + Cellular models come with great handling and control benefits with no help of iPhone or other devices. They on top make sure you handle or control most of the functions in a good way with no struggles.

Between both types, we would like to say the Apple Watch GPS + Cellular is the frontrunner that helps you to get better usage with no help from other phones or devices in most setups.

***Best Pick For Fine Connectivity- Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular, 38MM)***

Both Apple Watch GPS And Cellular Storage Space Differences

The storage space of the Apple Watch is a vital thing you want to know when it comes to comparing GPS only and GPS + Cellular types. Both of them have different facilities and varieties of storage which makes one a winner.

The storage benefits to save your music and listen offline to makes sure better usage functionality. It as well makes sure you get fine storage benefits for up to 8 to 32 GB depending on the quality.

However, the most storage benefit will come if your Apple Watch has a better storage option. It on top makes sure you are getting fine storage space to download songs for listening to music when working out.

If you desire to have a higher space advantage option to download music, audiobook, podcasts, then the Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular, 44mm) is a fine option. It on top allows you to get better storage benefits at ease.

Mostly, Apple Watch GPS only models come with up to 8 to 16 GB storage benefits for you to get better space to insert music or other files with no struggle. They on top make sure you are getting fine benefits of downloading millions of songs unlimitedly in the space.

Then again, most Apple Watch GPS + Cellular models come with up to 32 GB of highest space advantages that make sure you get better availability of music to store in your playlist with no struggle.

If weighing both sides at one side, our pick would be the Apple Watch GPS + Cellular included models for their great benefits in storage space for you to do stuff snugly when exercising well.

***Best Pick For Better Space- Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular, 44mm)***

The Price Range Between Both Apple Watch Types

The price of the Apple Watch comes at different rates depending on what quality performance you prefer. Usually, price and quality have a different relationship that helps one to achieve a good option.

Some models come at a lower price range with fewer options. On the contrary, other options come at a higher price with better options to use for a good while. So, depending on your preference, you want to think about everything.

Also, the price ensures better quality in most cases. However, there are some Apple Watch models that have lower price benefits with great options. And, the Apple Watch that has a higher price sometimes has low options.

And, if you want a good-quality option that has a better price rate with great points, then the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 38mm) is a fine pick. It on top makes sure you are getting good options at a practical rate.

Most Apple Watch GPS only models come with great options and fine functions at a lower price range. They on top make sure you are getting better functionality and handling option at a lower range.

In opposition, most Apple Watch GPS + Cellular models come with similar options at a higher rate. Does Apple watch cellular worth it? They have fine points and good benefits that are similar to GPS only models.

When it comes to comparing both watch types, we would like to say the Apple Watch GPS models great in price range than others to have fine features and points to track at ease.

***Best Pick For The Money- Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 40mm)***

Overall Thoughts

And of course, by now we have got the idea that the cellular plus GPS option is actually not bad and quite useful, to be honest. The features and functions make sense of its high price tag. But then again, will it make a big impact in your life, this answer is completely up to you.

Because if you are someone who would like the cellular for your carrier that supports it and the music streaming plus Podcast features are something you do look forward to, then it goes without saying that the price you’ll pay will come back as value.

It would also serve fantastic to those who would like to stay connected to the internet, have some chance of texting and answering calls even without their iPhone. The family setup as well as included titanium or stainless-steel case are phenomenon features too.

However, those who are more on the budget side and won’t mind a few extra features getting cut down, you will be more than satisfied with the affordable just GPS option. These are in no way a bad choice. For this price point, all GPS variants do come with some very promising, value providing, and incredible features.

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