Apple Watch Aluminum VS Stainless Steel: The Ultimate Winner Of 2020

apple watch aluminum vs stainless steel

We all know that apple watch is now the trendiest smartwatch available in the market. The good looks and its functionality of apple watches raised the sale with a vast range. Apple watch series comes with multiple combinations, including the sizes, colors, and finishing.

Apple watch includes finishing of aluminum or else stainless steel. Both of them look incredibly awesome on the wrist. And both the aluminum and else stainless steel finishing has their pros and cons. Therefore, to prevent confusion, in this article, I am going to discuss the major and the minor differences between apple watch aluminum vs. stainless steel. So let’s read and gather the knowledge’s to choose the precise apple watch for you.


Significant Key Differences between Apple Watch Aluminium VS Stainless Steel

Aluminum Apple Watch                          Stainless Steel Watch


ION-X Strengthened Glass                                                                             Sapphire Crystal



Gives a Matte Finishing and Eye Catchy Look                                       Provides a Shiny and Glossy look



Connects using GPS and GPS + Cellular                                                  Connects With only GPS + Cellular


Damage Resistance

Aluminum protects the watch from scratch         Stainless Steel protects the watch from Shattering


Case Weight

The Aluminum Case weight is Lighter                                                    The Stainless Steel Case is Heavier


More about Aluminum Apple Watch

The aluminum apple watch is the lightest apple watch you will get on the market. Besides that, it is also available at the lowest price possible. Indeed, it is also best for a physical fitness tracker and is also wearable for a long time. It also provides a standard look with its premium matte finishing.


  • Damage Resistance

Our aluminum apple watch can bear all types of scratch hits. The case can resist scratches, but if the watch gets hard hits, it will break. Therefore, you can stay tensionless about the scratches on your watch.


Yet, after a long term of usage, you will probably notice scratches on the matte finishing. But scratches aren’t noticeable from long range. Therefore, it won’t be visible to the eyes of the audience. But make sure that your watch stays away from strong hits.

  • Case Weight

Aluminum watches are always great in comfort, and those watches are wearable for an extended period because of their lighter case weight. And that is why Aluminum Apple Watch is an excellent choice for physical fit wear. People who are looking for an apple watch that weighs like the traditional watches, aluminum apple watches are not for you.

If you do workouts regularly, this wear would be the best choice for you, as it weighs a lot less than the stainless steel apple watch, and you can wear it for a long time without losing comfortability.

  • Cost

You already know that you won’t be able to find and apple watch at a low price. Apple watch was always a costly watch since it started its journey on the market. But to be more precise, you will find the aluminum apple watch a bit cheaper compared to the stainless steel apple wear. Thus, the aluminum apple watch is affordable to many people.


More about Stainless Steel Apple Watch 

Stainless Steel Apple Watches gives a classy vibe with its premium glossy looks and having a bit weight. Besides that, people who used to wear bulky ancient classy watches, for them the stainless steel Apple watches, will be the best watches. On the other hand, it is also powerful as it is made up of sapphire crystal and stainless steel materials. Let’s see some more qualifications of the stainless steel apple watches:

  • Damage Resistance

Unlike the aluminum apple watch, the stainless steel watch can bear massive hits and protects the watch very easily. But the problem is the stainless steel body can’t fight back with the scratches. Therefore, you will notice marks around your watch body if the watch gets lots of scratches. But if you can protect the watch from scratch, then there is no more thing to worry about the stainless steel apple watch.


  • Case Weight

The aluminum apple watch weighs 33% heavier than the stainless steel watch. Therefore, it will be the correct choice for those people who loves to wear traditional watches. The heavier the clock, the hard it will be to get broken. And talking about stainless steel? You can crack an egg using your stainless steel apple watch. That’s how durable the stainless steel apple watch is.

  • Cost

Stainless steel apple watch is a bit premium as it includes premium built-in materials and gives a glossy premium looks. Luxurious peeps wear these premium classy watches. Yet, the price is not that high at all. It is just a bit more costly compared to the aluminum apple watches. Besides that, the stainless steel watch lasts longer compared to the aluminum watch as it can bear massive hits because of its stainless steel built-in materials.

Why You Should Go For Aluminum Apple Watches

  • You don’t need cellular to use the apple watch
  • Provides a matte finishing
  • Very much affordable
  • It can be wear while exercising, jogging, and running, etc.

Why Should You Choose the Stainless Steel Apple Watch?

  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Gives a shiny and glossy looks
  • Expensive and traditional vibe
  • Heavier in weight

Wrapping up Context

Apple watches were always the demandable watch for the people. No matter it is made up of aluminum or stainless steel. Both of them are great for their fans. There is very little difference between apple watch aluminum vs. stainless steel. And that is why people get confused about choosing the exact apple watch they need.

But I made it easy for them by providing all the information in this article about aluminum apple watch and stainless steel apple watch. This article will not only present significant differences between them. Indeed, this article will help you to choose the best one you need. If you have a personal choice of picking up anyone apple watch then you can go for it, but if you don’t have any choice, you can pick any one of those apple watches as all of them are 99% same. It is just about the durability, cost, etc.


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