Apple Watch Aluminum VS Stainless Steel Series 5 – The Cream of the Crop?

Apple watches are known for being super user-friendly and at the same time satisfying with glamorous design. With mind-blowing features coming up with each series, there’s a reason why people are head over heels for Apple’s watch collection. And with that being said, the series 5 enjoyed a pleasant reaction from people with the number of plus points coming along with the watches.

Today we will be clashing two extremely popular variants of apple watches in different materials. Yes, we are talking about the Apple Watch Aluminum VS Stainless Steel argument. Let’s find out which one made us biased and why…

Apple Watch Aluminum VS Stainless Steel Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 Aluminum

Apple Watch Series 5 Stainless Steel

Case Style
Space Gray Aluminum Case Space Black Stainless-Steel Case
Ion-X strengthened glass Sapphire crystal front
Display Area
759/977 sq. mm display area 759/977 sq. mm display area
Swim proof
Yes Yes
40 mm/44 mm 40 mm/44 mm
30.1 grams 36.7 grams
Material Resistance Ability
Scratch-proof Shatterproof
Networking Options
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz and Bluetooth 5.0 with GPS LTE and UMTS,Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz and Bluetooth 5.0 with GPS + Cellular
Price Range
Reasonable See More Details Sensible Price See More Details

Our Recommended Pick: Apple Watch Series 5 Stainless Steel– Fulfill Workout Goals with This One

With the latest feature and excellent built quality, the Apple Watch 5 stainless steel is our best pick. Unlike the Apple Watch Series 4 stainless steel, it tends to give you extra benefits for getting emergency SOS, GPS with cellular and other aspects. Here are some points to check out:

Build Quality

Working out with stainless steel Apple Watch Series 5 is quite simple for the brilliant build quality that allows you to stay with it forever. You see, it is made out of stainless steel with a sapphire crystal front that is known for its breakproof design compare to others.

The material that has been used in this model is really dense and helps it to be one of the strongest watches for use in most sports. This Apple Watch model also allows you to never fear of water damage for up to 50 meters deep.

Besides, it appears with a regular sports band that won’t crack or peel out even underwater. This model also makes sure of great toughness for a longer period of time. So, it’s definitely a better value-providing option.

Connection Options

This Apple Watch Series 5 stainless steel appears with excellent connection options for you to have both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 version to connect to your iPhone at ease.

Not only that but also this model comes with LTE and UMTS network mode for you to get the fastest networking facility when sharing files or calling others. Also, it allows you to feel almost 4G networks to transfer data at the speed of a bullet.

Besides, the Wi-Fi 802.11 network allows you to get 2.4GHz speed when using Apple Music, Apple Store, or chatting with others.

But wait, there is more. This model also appears with GPS + cellular option for you to get calls, texts, and emails even when your phone is not there. And that’s a lovely feature to have.

Fast Charging

Amazingly, this stainless-steel model appears with brilliant battery life for up to 18 hours with faster-charging benefits.

This model not only gives you a 5W USB power adapter to plug in easily but also allows you to do the simple process of charging with a 1m magnetic charging cable.

On top of that, this Apple Watch model allows you to enjoy 3 pins of charging plug to get charging benefits. Also, because of the number of pins, it requires less time to charge.

The 3-pin charger is also great to transfer the power to give you quick charging benefits, unlike the 2-pin charger. This charger on top gives you safer charging benefits. Besides, it allows you to avoid shock, heat damage, or current failures.

Smart Display

This Apple Model Series 5 stainless steel model appears with a great display that allows you a 977 sq. mm view in the display area. Not only this model gives you a greater display to view from afar but also helps you to view with greater color and sharper text.

It on top allows you to view good pictures with an always-on retina display that allow you to view always with no struggle of opening the screen when working out.

This model as well as allows you to avoid eye pressure when watching. Besides, it comes with 30% larger screen benefits for you to view both outside and inside the home with no snag.

Also, this Apple Model Series 5 stainless steel model also has force touch for up to 1000 nits that allow you to easily touch and it will respond immediately with no snag.

On the whole, this Apple Watch Series 5 is a huge blessing for any serious trainee who wants to track every training process. It is also worth trying out if you prefer the finest adjustments and functions Apple Watch.


  • This Apple Watch has GPS with cellular service to allow the right navigation on Maps.
  • It appears with always-on retina display for your watch face to be visible forever.
  • This Apple Watch has a 30% larger screen for you to view in sharp and detailed text.
  • It has a swim proof design that allows you to use underwater or any weather.
  • This Apple Watch appears with electrical and optical heart sensors to track your process.
  • The emergency SOS allows you to call others when you’re missing the phone.


  • This Apple watch is heavy in weight.
  • Not good for a small wrist.

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Overall Runner up Model: Apple Watch Series 5 Aluminum– Motivate Yourself to Do Workout with This One

If you like better software and convenience watch, then this Apple Watch Series 5 aluminum is your second-best option. It allows you to track every workout activity without feeling discomfort in your slim hand. To find more details, let’s look into its features:

Light in Weight

Some people find aluminum to be lighter than stainless steel. This aluminum Apple Watch on top allows you to carry or hold it with no snag by securing it in a small place or bag.

On top of, this model has 30.1 grams of weight that allows you to wear it with no-snag of bulky feel or wrist pain. It as well as allow you to easily work out without getting the too tired cause of a bulky weighted watch.

In addition to that, this Apple Watch model allows you to fit in your tiny wrist to easily do the workout. It actually has a 40mm wrist band size that allows your hand to be fitted with a comfortable feel.


This Apple Watch Series 5 aluminum model appears in great designs that make sure you are using it for a long time with no snag or scratch.

Amazingly, this model is built with Ion-X strengthened glass case design that makes sure the zero effect of scratches.

Even though it is not stronger enough to resist cracks, but this model is still able to avoid scrapes. It on top appears with a regular sports band design with 7 attaching holes that allow you to easily fit.

The decent design of this Apple Watch Series 5 aluminum model on top appears in a space grey color to match your personality when working out outside. This color also helps you to look good when cycling, swimming, or doing any activity.

Strong Processor

This Aluminum Apple Watch comes with a 64-bit dual-core S5 processor that allows you to feel the smoothest response and tracking system when using.

It on top allows you to get a fast process when using nay apps or listening to music or scanning ECG option in no minute. This processing system as well as allows you to get 2X faster smoothness than the S3 processor.

On top of that, this model appears with strong processing power to deliver a good reaction when accessing the apps or tracking system with no snag. It on top allows you to get rid of lag or slow down snags.

Reasonable Price

This Apple Watch model another big feature that makes it shine bright as an option is its reasonable price point. It actually appears in good value with many accessible features and excellent aspects.

On top of that, the price point of this model allows you to have GPS, swim-proof, ECG app, and other features to use the quality watch at a good value.

This model also appears with electrical and optical heart sensors, a built-in compass, emergency SOS, fall detection, and many more software benefits to assure good aspects at a decent value. Besides, it has standard features that make the price value realistic.

By and large, this Apple Watch Series 5 is an ideal pick for those of you who want thin and inspiring features to support Peloton or other training. You can try this out for fitting in a small wrist.


  • This Apple Watch has an ECG app to easily count exact pulse rates right with your wrist.
  • It has a great optical heart sensor to track your heart rate when getting high or low.
  • This Apple Watch has 32GB capacity to store many songs, podcasts, and audiobooks.
  • It comes with compress and ground elevation to find directions from north to south.
  • This Apple Watch comes with a 64-bit dual-core S5 processor for a smooth reaction.
  • It is super simple to receive a call.


  • It takes a long time to recharge fully.
  • This Apple Watch has a small display area.

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Factors To Consider For Choosing The Best Option

Factors To Consider For Choosing The Best Option

Finding the right option when it comes to iPhone aluminum vs stainless steel watch, you need some concerns. Some people find it hard to make a decision between aluminum and stainless-steel Apple Watch. To help you out, here are some aspects you want in your Apple Watch:

Design and Size Matters

A good quality Apple Watch should have a good design and size that allow you a better wrist fit and looks. Basically, a 40mm Apple Watch should be enough for a slim wrist. For a big wrist, the size should have at least 44mm.

In the same way, the 759 sq. mm display area would be good for seeing at a far distance. Yet, if you prefer your Apple Watch to be a big screen, then the 977 sq. mm display area is good.

Check the Durability

If talking about the durability of Apple Watch aluminum vs stainless steel vs titanium vs ceramic, the winner will be aluminum and stainless steel. Even though both Apple Watch models have different build qualities, they are good for a reason.

Aluminum material is light yet good for avoiding scratches while stainless steel is heavy yet good for avoiding break or smash attacks. Now, depending on your preference, you want to go with one.

Weight Facts

When it comes to aluminum and stainless-steel Apple watches, it is quite essential to check their weight for better portability and functions.

The lighter weight will help your wrist to do the workout more freely than the heavier one. Mostly, you want 33 grams in your Apple Watch to swim, run or do other workouts with no bulky feel. So, consider that before picking anything.

Connectivity Facts

Another big fact which you want in your Apple Watch no matter which one you have decided is the connectivity. Mostly, you need Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS connection features in your Apple Watch to connect globally.

Besides, the GPS with cellular allow you to turn the watch into the phone to call, communicate, or use apps in your watch when working out. Therefore, check connectivity before choosing between aluminum and stainless-steel Apple Watch.

Quality Vs Price

You definitely want to check the price but don’t forget about the quality. You see, a good quality Apple Watch will stay with you longer than a cheap one. Equally, a good-priced Apple Watch is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 How does the cellular Apple Watch work?

The Apple Watch with cellular actually makes sure a faster connection than any other wireless connection.
Besides, the cellular feature of the Apple Watch makes sure the most power capability. With this feature, you can connect to your iPhone with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or a cellular network.

How much the maximum distance these watches will work from the iPhone?

Both Apple Watch stainless steel and aluminum can connect to the iPhone for up to 25 feet. They also allow your phone to be connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for long-distance. Even sometimes they won’t show alert signs if in out of range.

Can I shut off the always-on retina display option?

Yes, you can shut off the always-on retina display option. Both aluminum and stainless-steel Apple Watch appear with an always-on retina display that can be turn off if you tap the crown by using the Theater Mode.

 Will these models sync with the iPad?

The aluminum and stainless-steel Apple Watch can be in sync with the iPad too. Yet, it is quite tricky to sync with the iPad. For syncing these models with the iPad, you definitely want iPhone 5. Besides, there are many things you want to do for syncing rightly.

Are these models waterproof?

Yes, both aluminum and stainless-steel Apple Watches are waterproof. Not only that they are waterproof up to 50 meters for you to give you better waterproofing ability when using on swimming. These models also are waterproof for you to use in the rain.

Wrap Up

To avail more valuable option, it’s very important to know both sides of each pick. Clearly, in this battle between the Apple Watch Aluminum VS Stainless Steel series 5 variants, the sturdier option will be a bit more considered by general users. However, that does not mean the runner-up is completely terrible.

In fact, there are some key features that the aluminum variant offers while the stainless steel-made watch is missing out. The end line is, you will always have a conflict about such conclusions when the user-to-user choices, needs, and requirements vary. And so, on the whole, the final decision taker should be you and your priorities for picking a comfortable, stylish, and suitable watch. Good Luck with That!

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