Garmin Vs Apple Watch || The Epic Battle of the Best Smartwatches 

Last month one of our teammates went to mountaineering in Africa. He took many essentials along with him. But a smartwatch was a must in his checklist.  

Nowadays, smartwatches are crucial for many outdoor activities. It is effortful to select the best one for anyone considering their needs. Tech lovers, from Boomers to Millenials, everyone is busy with Garmin vs Apple watches arguments.

We know you are still puzzled about the topic. In our article, we’ll focus on some fundamental differences and seven reasons to pick your favorite latest version. Let’s all see if we can resolve this conflict.

Garmin Vs Apple Watch- Who Wins the Race?

Apple and Garmin both produce top-class fitness smartwatches. Every year, they come up with unique features to beat the other. But they both provide some necessary facilities which are similar.

We can spot some outward differences between the two. Let’s discuss those first.



Apple Watch

Display capabilitiesSun-light visibilityTouch screen
Pixel density.Slightly lowHigh density
Pixel density sharpness257-392 PPI326 PPI (Retina display)
Screen Size1.2-1.4 inches1.32-1.73 inches
Case material Fiber-reinforced polymer and metal rear coverAluminum/ Stainless steel and ceramic back
Glass materialChemically strengthened glassSapphire crystal
Strap MaterialSiliconNylon/ Leather with stainless steel

More About Garmin Watch

The Garmin is more of a fitness watch than a smartwatch. If you care about maintaining your fitness like a pro, then this device is meant for you. 

1.Offers a vast range of Activities

All the latest Garmin watches helps us with a variety of sports. Such as Running, walking, cycling, swimming, and Pama boarding. Those are perfect devices if you are training for triathlons.

It is for serious runners. Its battery can last for two weeks without charge. Even with the GPS and music on, it runs for 10 hours.

You can go hiking, climbing, kayaking, and skiing also. The watch also tells you how much aerobic and anaerobic workouts you have done by analyzing your training session. Garmin Watches provide some suggestions that help you to be more productive.

Also, Garmin has the unique capability to take a reading during underwater sports. It has a waterproofing capability of up to 50 meters.

2. Best Performance  Analysis

The Garmin devices allow us to get detailed information about our workout sessions. Such as Measuring our Lactate threshold, advanced running dynamic stats, vertical oscillation, vertical ratio, stride length, cadence, and training effect. Hardly any apple watch can show that much detailed information.

Garmin is the most efficient one in terms of analysis. The training effect shows if the workouts are working effectively. 

3. On point GPS facility

Triathletes and ultrarunners love Garmin for this feature. The Garmin devices use GPS/ GLONASS/ Galileo, etc. GPS-related apps.

All in all, Garmin mixes advanced metric execution with outstanding GPS technology.

4. Different Types of Sensors

The Garmin watches use Elevate HR sensor to track heart rates. They also have Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors to trail them. It can also monitor our daily steps.

There’s also a feature to track someone’s sleep. It provides information about sleep quality. It helps you to guess how you’ll feel the next day, too.

5. Synchronizing Ability

These watches can sync to any IOS or Android device. They also work by syncing with desktop software. While the Apple watches only sync with IOS.

6. Preloaded Apps

The Garmin has a deal with the IQ stores. So you can get a bunch of preloaded fitness apps by default. 

There are also apps to message and set diary alerts.

7. Incredible Battery Life

These fitness watches have one of the long-lasting battery life. It can run up to seven-fourteen days (With 3-5 workout sessions) without charging. Though it can run for 6 hours with turning on the GPS, the music, and the UltraTrac mode.

Where, on the other hand, we need to charge the Apple Watch every 18 hours.

More About Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a fitness smartwatch for those who work out lightly.  You can wear those to dinner parties as well. 

1. Alluring Appearance

The look of the apple watch is it’s one of the best features. Apple broke the trend and made squire-shaped clocks.

If you are a fashionista, then Apple Watch is your cup of tea.

2. Simple but Smart Features

Apple has Siri. It can reply to imessages and make calls. Also, you could customize the display on the Apple watch.

Further, it shows some necessary measurements. Such as the heart rate, pace/speed, and distance of the route, etc. 

3. Health-related measurements

Apple uses Bluetooth 5.0  to track heart rate. Research shows that it can calculate calories precisely. 

Contrarily there are no evident results on the Garmin about calories.

4. Additional Features

You can get your message notifications here. And reply to them through voice messages. It is also possible to make an international emergency call using the LTE model. 

Apple uses the QZSS in addition to the old ones.

5. Huge Music Storage

Most Apple Watches have a vast memory only for music. Also, you can live stream music using data. 

While you can only save up to 500 songs on the Garmin device.

6. Easy Payment system

You can pay for products from your Apple Watch using Apple pay. It is NFC capable. Also, more than 40 UK banks (like American Express) accept Apple pay.

Whereas, only seven banks are related to Garmin pay.

7. More Cost-Effective than Garmin

Apple watches hardly cost the half money as Garmin does. You can buy two Apple watches at the price of a Garmin.

Additional Tips

  • While training for triathlons, always prefer a Garmin fitness watch over an Apple watch. Because of its long-lasting battery life.
  • The GPS, in addition to the music, drain the battery life quickly. Try to minimize the use.
  • The reinforced polymer case of Garmin makes its appearance less appealing. In terms of making a  good impression, use an Apple Watch.  

These two fitness smartwatches had been the talk of the town for many days. The competition is neck to neck.

Final Word

Garmin vs Apple watch battle will never end. Both of them are the best in their field.  

The Garmin is suitable for professional athletes who like to train hard. On the contrary, If you are a fashionista who also loves to maintain fitness, the Apple Watch is perfect for you. 

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