Holy Stone Vs DJI – Who Steals the Show for Real?

Finding yourself a quality drone that is easy to fly and also not drifting one way or another are only a few parts that you want to ensure before purchasing. This journey may bring you across a very recent and popular debate over two of the mainstream drone brands that are always offering some top-notch models.

Today we will be breaking down them in many comparison points to figure out who is the better half of this battle. We are talking about a full-on comparison between the holy stone vs DJI drones.

Main Difference Between Holy Stone Vs DJI Drones

Holy Stone Drone

DJI Drone

1080P HD picture resolution 48 MP aerial photos with 1/2″ CMOS
Video Resolution
Up to 3840x2160P at 5GHz FPV transmission and 90°adjustable lens. Up to 3840×2160P resolution at 2.4GHz FPV transmission.
Charging System
Takes up to 45 to 60 minutes Takes up to 30 minutes
Operation Range
Longer distance shot for up to 50 to 100 meters Mid distance shot for up to 20 meters.
Flight Time
8 to 26 minutes 13 to 34 minutes
Price Point
Inexpensive price range with similar options Expensive price range

Comparing Holy Stone And DJI Drones

Holy Stone vs DJI drone? To know the winner, here are the comparison points:

Both Drones Dissimilarity Between Photography

Most people definitely choose a drone for camera work. For sure, the camera of drones is made to shot with a cinematic visual and fine point to click and capture the perfect scenery. This main feature of a drone will result in you getting a better image when traveling for visual shots.

The drone with better camera quality will allow you to get an HD or FHD picture whether at day or night time. However, most brands would come with different types of camera quality for different drones. Some has good camera resolution while others have better FPS.

If you want a drone that has better picture resolution and FPS at good megapixels, then the DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter Drone is your lucky charm. It has brilliant options and camera work to shot pictures anytime anyplace.

Most of the Holy Stone models come with 1080P HD picture resolution that makes sure you view pictures at good quality. Also, they make sure you can get a better focus point and viewing comfort even at a distance. However, the Holy Stone models do lack in higher megapixels.

On the other hand, the DJI models come with an HD camera that can take 48 MP aerial photos with 1/2″ CMOS tech. They as well allow you to get better motion to shoot scenery or people with better focus points. The DJI models also can take quality pictures in JPEG format.

Besides, they make sure you can get better color-efficiency and brightness when shooting outside the home. The DJI models can shot photos similar to expert photographers.

In between two of the drone brands, we definitely find the DJI drones better when it comes to camera work or photography for their fine resolution and transistor switch for each pixel.

***Best Pick For Ideal Camera Work- DJI Spark Fly More Combo Drone***

Gaps Between Holy Stone & DJI Drones Video Resolution

Similar to the camera, this video resolution is another point that people are interested to pick drones. The video of drones is usually needed good FPS, resolution, and graphics clock speed to get better quality. It for sure will need a good footage quality to record at a long-range.

Thinking of everything both Holy Stone and DJI brand come with different models that has good video resolution at a different range. If talking about DJI Mavic vs Holy Stone models, you will find both are good with similar video features.

Similarly, in Mavic Mini vs Holy Stone models, the winner will be different based on the video features. Yet, if you want a 1080P wider angle FPV of the video in drones, then the Holy Stone HS160 Pro Foldable Drone is your best bet. It also takes steady and clear videos in real-time.

Usually, most Holy Stone models come with up to 3840x2160P resolution with a 90°adjustable lens to shoot in wide angles. Unlike most brands, they tend to offer 5GHz FPV transmission to experience the lifelike graphics of the videos that are being taken.

The Holy Stone models are also great for video motions that cause no snag of bottlenecks or low quality even in the longer-range distance. They also ensure taking wonderful scenic shots.

In contrast, the DJI models come with up to 3840×2160P resolution at 2.4GHz FPV transmission. They also have great video taking options with color and contrast to shot in a good distance clearly. But, the DJI models do lack in wide-angle video shots to see at different degrees.

After reading out both brands, we would like to say the Holy Stone is the real winner for video quality and resolution to capture scenery at the finest motion and cinematic visual.

***Best Pick For Crisp Video Quality- Holy Stone HS165 GPS FPV Drone***

Both Holy Stone & DJI Drones Charging System Differences

The charging system is a good point in drones that will give you an idea of if the product will use longer or not. Even though many people don’t take charging time seriously, yet it plays a good role. The charging time shows how fast can a drone be charged fully for the next use.

It would be a lie if you don’t want a faster charging especially if you are a photographer. Yet, most brands have fast charge time. In the Holy Stone HS720 review, you will see it takes a long time to charge. Even some Holy Stone drones also have fast charge points.

If talking about Holy Stone vs Mavic drones, you will find a different winner based on charging time. Yet, for those of you who prefer fast charging and longer usage drones, the DJI Phantom 4 PRO Professional Drone is a good pick. It also has great charging and usage time to enjoy.

Most of the Holy Stone models take up to 45 to 60 minutes to fully charge based on the usage time. They also make sure you are getting a 120V charging port with the package to charge easily with no struggle. But the Holy Stone models are not super-fast at charging.

On the flip side, the DJI models take up to 30 minutes to the charger at a good speed if being compared to others. They as well allow you to get better usage time with no snag of longer charging time. Also, the DJI models come with a strong 120V charging port to charge well.

They on top allow you to use for a good while with no snag or long-term charging time. The DJI models are also good for long-hour usage.

If putting both brands side by side, we would say the DJI is the winner based on their models that would charger in good speed and use for a long while with no snag.

***Best Pick For Fast Charging- DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Drone***

Variation of Both Holy Stone & DJI Drones Operation Distance Range

The operation distance range is about how far a drone can shoot the video or images. When it comes to Holy Stone and DJI comparison, you need to think of the operating distance range too. Most brands come with separate operating distance range to shot or capture the scenery.

For example, some Holy Stone drones come with 4000 feet high range operating distance range to shot images or videos. Similarly, if talking about Holy Stone HS720 vs DJI Mavic Mini drones, the Holy Stone drone can run for longer. So, most brands offer a different range of benefits.

If you are looking for a longer operating distance range that can shot at longer miles, then the Holy Stone HS 720 Foldable GPS Drone is your finest pick. It comes with a great operating distance range for up to 3000 feet to take images and videos at a rich quality even from afar.

Usually, the Holy Stone comes with drone models that have long-distance shots for up to 50 to 100 meters depending on the quality. They also make sure you are getting the finest color and picture accuracy to take shots. The Holy Stone models also ensure long-range quality shots.

On top of that, they make sure you are clicking pictures or videos of lands, sky, tree, or scenery at a good range and wide shots.

Then again, the DJI models come with a mid-distance shot range for up to 20 meters to get a better picture and video clicks. They also make sure you are getting better video and image of lands or scenery with no snag of clearance. Yet, the DJI models lack in long-range shots.

And so, we find the Holy Stone drone models the likely winner for their great operating distance range to shot video and images at a better space with no snag.

***Best Pick For Longer Distance Range- Holy Stone HS270 GPS 2.7K Drone***

Flight Time of Both Holy Stone & DJI Drones

The most mesmerizing thing about a drone is the flight time that it can take pictures from the sky flying, right? Flight time of drones can vary depending on the quality and features one provides. Also, many brands come with separate features of flight time in a stable form.

In Holy Stone HS720 vs DJI Mavic Air comparison of flight time, you will see the Holy Stone wins. But in reality, most Holy Stone drones with camera lacks in flight time. For that reason, the flight time of drones can vary based on the features one has.

In short, we find the DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone a great option if you want a longer flight time to shot from the sky or upper side. It also makes sure better usage on a full charge so that you can take as much as possible shots at a good while.

In general, most Holy Stone drones come with 8 to 26 minutes of flight time to take pictures and videos non-stop. Also, they make sure you to take shots at a safe and durable distance which the drone can take. The Holy Stone models are operated to flight mood in the GPS range.

Conversely, the DJI drones come with 13 to 34 minutes of flight time to take shots of the picture and video format with no snag. Not only that they allow you to use for a long while but also make sure good optical flow. Also, the DJI models have great flight time to take shots well.

In both brand’s comparison on flight time, we would like to say the DJI drones are the winner for their great flight time to shoot in a long run with no struggle.

***Best Pick For Longer Flight- DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone***

The Price Point of Both Holy Stone & DJI Drones

The drones come at a low and expensive rate depending on the features and quality, But, not in all cases. You see, most brands come with similar features with a special facility that makes the drone worthy of picking. Yet, some brand comes with great features and quality at a lower rate.

On the other hand, other brands offer great options and quality at a higher rate. The price of drones also shows how long one lasts. So, depending on how your budget and preference, the drone needs to decide.

And, if you want a lot of features and quality performance at a lower price range, then the Holy Stone HS110G GPS FPV Drone is the perfect mate. It on top comes with long flight time, great battery life, quality picture & video taking a resolution, and other options at a reasonable rate.

Mostly, the Holy Stone brand comes with great models that are priced well with quality options to use on a daily basis. They on top allow you to get better flight options, video resolution and long-distance shot range to take pictures and video.

The Holy Stone models are also great in battery life and durability to stand for a good while at a practical price point.

In contrast, the DJI models are priced higher than Holy Stone drones with good options and quality performance. Sure, they have brilliant image resolution, charging time, battery life, and so on. However, for a beginner, the price of the DJI models can be expensive.

If talking about both brands, we find the Holy Stone winner for their great models that has good options and facility at an inexpensive price range for beginner’s standards.

***Best Pick for The Money- Holy Stone HS110D FPV RC Drone***

Overall Thoughts

And after all that, you should be already guessing the ending of this drama. Well, it’s another friendly story where no one is actually a typical villain. Both Holy Stone and DJI are promising as rand and reliable as providers for today’s drone industry.

If you are willing to pay for better camera features, long-time usage facility, decent speed, and fantastic flight time, the DJI models will surely impress you.

While those who want to invest in cinematic visual with the finest motion and also decency in operating distance range for no slag images then the more affordable Holy Stone options will likely be your jam.