What Is ErP In BIOS? Get To Know!

What is ErP in BIOS? If you are looking for it, this is the article you should read.

ErP is one of the main functions of the BIOS in our computers. But many of us don’t have any idea about it.

In this article, we’ll provide you with all the information about ErP. So if you want to know what ErP is, we suggest you go through this article.

What Is ErP?

ErP is the short form of “Energy-related Products.” Therefore, ErP means products or goods that use energy or are indirectly responsible for energy consumption.

What Is ErP In BIOS?

In BIOS, ErP is a special feature. It prevents the computer from draining energy by shutting down all the energy-related devices.

Now, all the facts about ErP in BIOS are:

EuP & ErP

The term EuP stands for “Energy-using Products.” Products that directly use or drain energy are in the EuP directive. The European Union regulated this directive for the energy conservation program.

But in 2009, the ErP directive replaced it. The ErP directive includes all the products that use energy both directly and indirectly.


In the computer BIOS (Basic Input/ Output System), ErP stands for a specific function. It is built-in software that helps to save our computer from energy draining. By the laws of it, a whole computer system must not consume power more than 1W while it’s off.

When and How ErP Operates

Various devices may draw the power from 1-10W when the computer is off. ErP function operates when the computer is in:

  1. Sleep Mode
  2. Shut Down Mode
  3. Standby/ Hibernate Mode

ErP can turn off:

  1. Power Management Event Wake Up
  2. LAN Wake Up
  3. Mouse Power On
  4. Keyboard Power On

So enabling ErP shuts down all the power-consuming components of a computer.

Requirements for ErP system

The motherboard gives ErP full control and allows it to shut down every connected device for energy conservation. So this ErP system requires a motherboard and an ErP Ready power supply to set up.

Advantages Of ErP

  1. ErP shuts down all the power-consuming devices, so it helps in energy conservation.
  2. It does not cause any hamper if you turn your computer on and run it.
  3. ErP also provides the motherboard to reserve energy for the next Power On.
  4. The disabled devices can work fine in standby mode.
  5. It turns all the LED devices that bother many of us off.

Disadvantages Of ErP

  1. All the power affair handling options don’t show up when you enable ErP.
  2. You cannot wake up your PC using your mouse or keyboard.
  3. You cannot use any USB device.

The ErP function plays a vital role in the computer’s BIOS. And so, we all should learn about this for the better usage of our computers.

To know “What is ErP in BIOS?” we suggest you read this article. Our article provides all the essential information and details about the ErP mode in BIOS. If you read everything written here, we assure you’ll get all the useful information and know what ErP is.

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