Best 240mm AIO- Top 7 Picks Reviewed With Latest Buyers Guide

best 240mm aio


Whether to choose a cooler for your CPU, might be a pain. Am I right? I mean, what kind of cooling option do you prefer? You can go with air or liquid cooler. This is a headache, I think. If your box has enough space for the radiator or sufficient authorization for the block, you are lucky to have a liquid cooler. Finally, you have decided that you can go with the best 240mm AIO. That is a sigh of relief. You have overcome the first step.

Please, don’t worry. We will clarify your confusion, why do you need all in one cooler for your CPU? Several 240mm AIO cooler reviews will help you to make an enrich decision. Honestly, liquid coolers offer something more than giving a lucrative look to your new build. Can you guess? Yeah. You are right. That is RGB lighting options.

So, the days are over for air coolers, and it’s time to step forward getting an AIO cooler. Let’s start our journey.

Best 240mm AIO Reviews 2021

To make your journey easy, we are here presenting the list of 7 best 240mm aio:

  1. CORSAIR Hydro Series H100i Pro – Best for Lower Noise***Popular
  2. Corsair H100i – Extreme Cooling Performance
  3. NZXT Kraken X52– Advanced Liquid Cooler***Overall Best
  4. Corsair H100i Pro– Best CPU Cooler
  5. Cooler Master MasterLiquid – Best For Gaming
  6. EVGA CLC 240mm – Best Liquid Cooling***Recommended
  7. Asus ROG RYUO AIO Liquid CPU Cooler – Intense Gaming Experience

Well, you have initial idea about the selected picks. Now grab the review in details one by one.

1. CORSAIR Hydro Series H100i Pro – Best for Lower Noise

Corsair comes with the fans that are solid and provides fantastic cooling performance. You can consider its cooling performance over everything else. If you don’t like the sound of the fans, there is an option to swap it with quieter fans.

The radiator of the cooler makes precisely double the cooling area. If you swap an air cooler for the 240mm AIO, it will display lower temperature up to 10C.

Besides, you can install the cooler without any hassle. It’s a pretty simple process. So, you will enjoy the faster installation with the help of modular along with mounting brackets.

But if you consider to swap an air cooler with this cooler, you need to install the support brackets. But for new setup, it’s an easy way of installation.

There is a built-in iCUE cable that helps you to customize according to your expectations and monitor the overall performance, including CPU temperature, RGB lighting that suits your system, and other inputs.


  • Powerful cooler
  • Easy to install
  • Customizable RGB pump
  • High-flow fans
  • Sleek design


  • Louder noise at high speed

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2. Corsair H100i – Extreme Cooling Performance

The Corsair has introduced new RGB coolers acquainted with their 240mm AIO series. Moreover, Corsair H100i has RGB platinum along with 120mm fans and pump housing that offers user-friendly performance with RGB lighting. You will find eye-catching lighting surroundings inside the PC box.

Moreover, the Corsair comes with the latest sockets. The sockets it provides can support Intel and AMD processor that you want to purchase. We have also used the cooler to test its worthiness, but it has passed our criteria. However, it comes with the modular and mounting brackets that ensure a quick and hassle-free installation.

Besides, you will get all the screws along with the mounting brackets to install fans and mountain hardware to ensure the security of the radiator.

There is also a 240mm expanded radiator that lets to enhance the cooling surface and performance. Moreover, the cooler has powerful software that enables you to synchronize the RGB colors that are compatible with your devices. You will also have the authority to monitor the temperature, fans, and speeds of the pumps.

There is a ZERO RPM feature that allows the fans to stop completely whether the temperature is low, and it diminishes the noise.


  • Compatible sockets
  • Good cooling state
  • RGB lighting
  • Thermal optimization
  • Dual radiator


  • Hardly change the brackets

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3. NZXT Kraken X52– Advanced Liquid Cooler

There is a dynamic lighting solution for your CPU cooler along with a superior mirror appearance. You will have a fantastic color that can polish your mind.

Besides, the NZXT liquid cooler has been engineered to ensure optimum performance. There is a pump that is quieter and also can displace more fluid comparatively previous options. Also, the elaborated design provides excellent cooling performance keeping the noise to a minimal condition.

The cooler also offers you a user-friendly manual that can help you to change the settings according to your precision. You can also audit the liquid temperature and pump speed.

There are also new radiator fans that provide you multiple options to operate for the betterment of the services.


  • Advanced features
  • Infinite mirror construction
  • 6-year warranty
  • Engineered for great performance
  • User compatible settings


  • Noisy at full speed

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4. Corsair H100i Pro– Best CPU Cooler

In the industry, Corsair has held the top position where the H100i pro series are carrying the trend. Why not? They are providing the best AIO liquid coolers at an affordable price.

In this cooler, there is a dynamic RGB lighting option to enhance your lighting effects. There is also a magnetic ascent incorporated with fans that maintain low noise levels delivering airflow and stagnant pressure.

Moreover, the PWM fans provide a quiet cooling performance. You can also control the fans using iCue software, which are combined. The H100i is not even a quality cooler but it is also customizable.


  • Dynamic RGB lighting
  • Magnetic levitation
  • Customizable
  • Control over fan and pump
  • iCue software


  • Gets loud

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5. Cooler Master MasterLiquid – Best for Gaming

It would be great if you had a cooler that provides cooling fan feature minimizing the noise level. Oh Yes. The Cooler master has a technology of reducing noise and absorbing sound through its rubber pads. However, it keeps your cooler silent during an intense use of your PC. Or you are running overtime.

There is also a classic design, including a helicopter blade and jet engine that assure a static airflow. You don’t need to sacrifice airflow because of its hybrid construction.

Well, the cooler provides excellent lighting options and extraordinary calmness. Those who are interested in colorful appearances and more cable tidying, this would be an option for them.

Moreover, we are surprised by the Master Liquid cooler as it offers better thermal numbers compare to other AIO coolers. The mounting hardware supports most of the AMD and Intel processors. No matter you’re building or upgrading your PC, you can easily install it on the processor.

There is also a dual-chamber pump along with MasterFan design that ensures performance and reliability. Besides, you can customize the colors without having the RGB motherboard.

There is also a low-resistance radiator that helps to maximize the cooling area. According to its performance, it deserves to be your CPU cooler.


  • High cooling performance
  • Fancy look
  • Classic design
  • Silent cooling technology
  • Easy to install


  • Lack of software

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6. EVGA CLC 240mm – Best Liquid Cooling

There is an ample of 240mm AIO reviews from where you can choose. But we are here to help you sorting out your choices and picking the right one. Every AIO cooler provides a similar performance adding some extra features in some cases.

Primarily, you can find EVGA for showing the performance in hardware tools- motherboards, graphics cards, and power supplies. But recently, it has been an excellent liquid cooling in closed loop for CPUs and GPUs.

You will find an attractive and glossy pump with RGB lighting. There is also an EVGA logo that highlights the customization. The cable is connected to USB to the motherboard, and you can adjust the configuration through CLC software.

Moreover, you can also control the pump curves and fans using the flow control software. The software also performs other duties, displaying the real-time temperature of CPU, RPM of fan and pump, which are a beneficial solution at a time.

Do you know that the cooler uses a 2x120mm radiator, which is very common, and it supports the standard and dual fan (120mm) mounts? When we tested it, we had a better result slightly, and we didn’t find any problem with it.

The price is lower, and it doesn’t mean that it comes with the more inferior constructions. Furthermore, it can be a great example of ASETEK’s gen 5.


  • Good cooling performance
  • Software grants customization
  • Unique fan design
  • RGB lighting


  • One side fan design looks awkward

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7. Asus ROG RYUO AIO Liquid CPU Cooler – Intense Gaming Experience

When it comes to reviewing Asus ROG RYUI cooler, we need to talk more. Let’s break down the boxes.

The ROG Ryuo series play a vital role in your gaming world. The design, features, and performance it provides are incredible. You will have a real personalized picture or animation because of its OLED display, where you have an option to customize Live Dash color. Moreover, ROG RYUO enables your system to run and look at its best.

Aura syncs with the system for the RGB lighting effect. There is also a slim ROG radiator fan that optimizes the airflow and stagnant pressure. Thus it enhances the performance maintains remarkable cooling performance.

Furthermore, Aura software lets you customize that suits your devices for proper synchronization. You can use the RG RYUO according to your preferred motherboards based on the vast range of AMD and Intel platforms.


  • Great outlook
  • ROG designed fans
  • Built-in thermal paste
  • Live Dash OLED display
  • Great performance


  • Managing cables might be a pain

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What Features Do You Need to Consider When Buying 240mm AIO

best 240mm aio

If you want to keep your CPU in a cool mood, you need to go with the stock or aftermarket cooling product. So, to keep your CPU happy, you need to choose the right cooler that is important.

Usually, we spend more than of hundred dollars to build a new CPU. So, we must be attentive when it comes to these selections of AIO coolers. We need to ensure the cooling determinant that works efficiently.

In this article, we included 240mm liquid cooler reviews that offer excellent performances, and you don’t need to be bothered about it. How we have preferred those coolers, let’s look forward:


Trustworthiness is a notable factor in terms of AIO coolers. Why is it? Because of Liquid, and this is a straightforward goal. In the bottom line, you want some reasonable depiction that leaks all over the components. Furthermore, you need to ensure the perfect customer service that the manufacturer highly concerns.


If you have read our reviews of AIO coolers, you are pretty sure that every cooler is determined to perform at its grand level. Why not? We selected those coolers that can fulfill your demand. So, no doubt about their performance in the cooling phase.

So, if you want to unlock your money for an air cooler, you will find that you precisely demand it. And most importantly, all the AIO coolers give the same level of performance at maximum times. Sometimes, they can provide some extra influence that is effective for your CPU without harming or braking anything.


The liquid coolers are not as quiet as air cooling solutions. Because a fan is fitted to a liquid cooler and the CPU block pumps water for the AIO circuit.

The AIO coolers that we listed in our review section; all are not the same in noise creation. You can choose according to your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Is AIO cooler worth it?

Ans: The AIO coolers are precisely worth it. They are pretty popular among the customers. Moreover, popularity is increasing day by day. You need to pick the best among several brands available in the market. You must be aware of when you want to purchase. There might be a little difference among them. If you consider some factors before buying an AIO cooler for the CPU, it would be a fanatic.

Ques: Are AIO coolers safe to use?

Ans: Safety is a major concern of using a product, and even it is related to electricity. But I can make you clear about the key point between AIO coolers and custom water loops. Both systems are based on liquid cooling mechanism. There are closed loops in the AIO cooling arrangement, and you can’t change the liquid. Whether you can change the fluid in custom water loops.

Ques: Do AIO coolers need maintenance?

Ans: Every product that you use needs proper maintenance for more prolonged use or productivity. You also need to maintain your AIO cooler but only the radiator and the fans. When you use the more relaxed, a lot of dust gets stuck in the radiator and fans. You need to take care of those parts. Whether you don’t need to take any action for the pump and the liquid. Because you can’t open the pump as it is sealed.

Final Impression

I think I have provided all the necessary documentation for your preference. Like other purchases, here you also need to define some factors to choose the right AIO cooler for your CPU. Otherwise, you’ll have a bitter experience with the cooler.

We have tested all the coolers in our lab, and no one has depressed us. We didn’t overlook any feature that the manufacturer promised to provide. After all, we always try to cover the product according to the customers’ satisfaction. This is our pillar, and we stand on it.

Hopefully, you have a clear idea to get your AIO cooler to have a killer look and tremendous performance. Enjoy your purchase. Good Luck!


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