Best 360mm AIO CPU Cooler Reviews –What Are The 7 Top Picks Available 2021?

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Keeping your CPU cool to function properly is a headache when you can’t find the right type of cooling solution. An all in one CPU cooler can really help you out from such a situation. There are both air or liquid type of cooling solutions available at the market that comes with a sensible price tag.

We would like to focus on the best 360mm aio coolers available at the market for reasonable pricing. Also, there will be an entire section covering a buyer’s guide to help out first-time consumers. Keep on Reading!

Are you busy? Well, here’s the list of the 7 best 360mm aio coolers:

Best 360mm AIO Cooler

Now, don’t skip rather enjoy one by one. Because we reviewed them in detail.

1. NZXT Kraken AIO CPU Cooler– CPU Expert Liquid Cooler for Overclocking

For the best CPU liquid cooler with a supreme performance for overclocking, the NZXT Kraken CPU cooler is a good choice. In fact, it comes with 1,600~2,800 +/- 300 RPM pump speed.

But wait there’s more, the CPU cooler has Aer P 120mm fan model that runs 1,600~2,800 +/- 300 RPM with their 3 fans. Plus, it is designed for liquid-cooling perfection to control the temperature.

Besides, the fans have noise level for up to 500~2,000+/- 300 RPM. With 6 years of warranty benefits, the Kraken CPU cooler gives confident quality guarantee.


  • The CPU cooler is easy to install.
  • It’s great in value for long-term usage.
  • Quiet machinery working for calm processing.
  • It allows users to enjoy decent overclocking.
  • Cool the heated processor for operating.


  • The software powering lighting can be pram.

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2. Thermaltake Floe DX AIO CPU Cooler– Advanced CPU Cooler for Less Noise

Looking for a dazzling CPU cooler that is excellent for quiet operating? If so, the Thermaltake Floe DX cooler is a perfect option. It comes with 42.45 CFM flow of air.

These are just the beginning as it has 3600 RPM of motor speed for running fan at 500 ~ 1500 RPM. Also, it has control fan speed that needs a click to cool it down.

Plus, the CPU cooler has 16.8 million full range RGB colors to lighten-up your gaming life. On top, it gives balancing low noise and high performance.


  • Comes with 3 years of warranty service.
  • The LED rings on water and fans shine bright.
  • Made of copper for tough and strong base.
  • It can drop the temperature faster.
  • Improves the CPU workings.


  • The installation sheet is hard to understand.

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3. Thermaltake Water 3.0 AIO CPU Cooler– Smart CPU Cooler for High Performance

The cooler looks amazing with a complete copper base plate for the maximum benefit on heat conductivity. It also helps to maintain the airflow inside.

Plus, the high-efficiency radiator that comes along is basically a large surface aluminum made part. It helps to maximize the cooling surface and additional heat dissipation.

There are also triple curve fans coming along with 120-millimeter PWM. These are great for keeping the cooling functioning instantly.

You can also expect maximum water circulation with a high-quality pump. This also includes a 3-year warranty to safeguard your deal.


  • It comes with 5 different styles.
  • The CPU cooler is simple to set up.
  • Comes with 3 years of quality guarantee.
  • The speed control options reduce noise.
  • It has durable sleeved cable for high performance.


  • The hoses are short.

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4. Corsair Hydro AIO CPU Cooler– Exceptional Liquid Cooler for Cooling System

The next one in this list is a customizable RGB backlit pump-based cooler that helps in making vivid lighting effects. So that it could match the built and look super beautiful.

The airflow and noise level are also satisfying and, manageable without making your time hard. There are two low noise magnetic levitation fans.

These are great at delivering the right amount of airflow to function properly. Also, the noise production is up to 20dB even with full speed operation.

When there are low-temperature events, the zero RPM cooling profile starts working to allow fans to stop completely.


  • It has 4 different styles to choose from.
  • The RGB LED pump head to offer vibrant lighting.
  • It helps to coolant temperature.
  • The individual fan speed is fast.
  • A quiet CPU cooler for easy usability.


  • The customer service is of no use.

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5. EVGA CLC AIO CPU Cooler– Brilliant CPU Cooler for Static Pressure

The cooler from this brand is compatible with a lot of Intel models and also the upcoming ones. This is a great feature that enables universal use without worrying too much about finishing a suitable cooler.

Also, there is a triple fan radiator that maximized the functioning and provides best service at this price.

It also comes with RGB LED lighting benefits that looks marvelous and lets you know when the cooler is working. Also, you can enjoy the syncing benefits with other RGM components while using the cooler.


  • The triple-fan improves CPU performance.
  • It gives less noise accessing benefits for easy set-up.
  • The CPU cooler helps to control the heat.
  • It comes with premium sleeved tubing for safety.
  • The RGB LED is controllable for a sleek look.


  • It has loud fans.

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6. ASUS Ryujin AIO CPU Cooler– A Great CPU Cooler for High Efficiency

Everybody has a special spot for ASUS these days. The cooler is no different and comes with a complete color panel. The panel shows you real-time stats and that’s pretty convenient.

Also, it has logos and animations personalized with the live dash software control benefits. It’s quite charming in terms of looks and design.

The radiator fans work excellent which is considered as industrial standard for operation. Also, it has the ability to reduce unnecessary noises but keep the entire system cool and running well. There’s no overheating problem.

The pump housing comes with a patent-pending embedded micro fan. This is a great plus to keep the cooling performance be as enjoyable as possible.


  • It comes with an aluminum pump cover.
  • There are RGM lighting benefits as well.
  • Keeps system cool without any overheating issue.
  • The radiator fan’s quality is great.
  • It comes with a sensible price tag.


  • It’s a bit expensive.

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7. DEEPCOOL Castle 360EX AIO CPU Cooler– An Optimal CPU Cooler for Gaming

The DEEPCOOL Castle 360EX comes with magnificent anti-leak tech design that leaves only great performance. It provides extra exclusiveness in safety.

Also, the flow route helps in optimizing that really reduces operational noise. Also, it benefits with no energy loss.

There are also an additional 25% extra skived fins behind. This is made with a copper base and so helps to absorb heat.

It also has a huge list of compatible models so you don’t really have to worry unless you own an uncommon model.


  • 3 fans to work in sync for better cooling.
  • The copper base is super large.
  • The logo is customizable for making DIYers happy.
  • No hard noise issues.
  • Anti-leak tech included.


  • There’s no RGB in the fan.

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What to Look for the Best 360mm AIO Cooler?

Finding the optimal cooling system is not so hard with easy and simple tricks. For that, here are some exceptional factors to consider that help in finding your desired one with no trouble. Let’s get started:

Easy and Simple Usability is Okay

The first thing to consider before going to the market is to look for the easy and simplest installing system. You definitely don’t want a CPU cooler that failed on the installation process.

Plus, a trouble-free fitting system helps to minimize the number of chases or wire problem. For that reason, make sure to grab a cooler that is super simple and comes with a plug-and-play method to install.

Go for the Fastest Fan Speed Benefits

Of course, you should get a cooler from the brand who gives the fastest fan power to reduce the heating issues. Most brands come with 500 to 2000 RPM fan speed for quicker liquid cooling operation.

So, try to pick a brand that comes with at least 500 RPM for improving CPU performance like magic. Besides, go for the zero RPM cooling system to lower the temperature while the temp is in control.

Pick the Quiet Sound Operation

Another thing to consider is the less noisy sound for choosing the perfect cooler. For that, you should grab the quietest and silent operating cooler for easy CPU workings.

It feels weird if you heard a sound at midnight or when your baby is taking a nap, you find the machine is making irritating noise. So, pick the quietest and noiseless operator for playing games anytime anywhere.

Look for the Warranty Service in Cooler

It’s important to look for some warranty options on the purchase you make. Because you never know, there might be a manufacturer defect or problem that comes to your realization after a few days.

Some realize it just after receiving their shipments. So, it’s good to have a safeguarding option that ensures your money is not getting wasted with a good return policy or warranty.

Don’t Forget about the Price Point

It’s okay to look for reasonable options when looking for a suitable cooler. But just because it’s an extra accessory you are getting don’t just pick anything cheap or flimsy. It’s going to be pretty traumatic if your cooler falls apart just after a few users due to the poor quality.

Go for the options that are reasonable and practical with what features they offer. That way you would be saving some money without losing the quality by buying any piece of a burden for the cheap price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: How many years does a warranty serve?

Well, it actually depends on the brand provided warranty period. Yet, the standard warranty given by the AIO cooler brand has 3 to 6 years of time. For that reason, while looking for a new AIO cooler, go for at least 3 years warranty service.

Ques: Does an AIO cooler leak?

The AIO cooler can leak if the product you’re purchasing doesn’t come with anti-leak technology. However, most of the brands do offer AIO coolers with anti-leak technology. You just need to be aware of it while making a choice.

Ques: Why do I need a liquid cooler?

In point of fact, A CPU or processor needs an additional fan to keep their temperature cool. For running multi-apps or improving processing work, you may need a liquid cooler. Even though the stock ones perform the same way, it’s better to keep a CPU cooler.

Ques: How to install an AIO cooler?

There’re a few steps to follow for the easy installation process. For that, remove your CPU box to unplug the old cooler and clean the place after detaching. After that, with a backplate, install the support screw and attach the sticky glue for installing the new AIO cooler.

Final Words

So, these were the top 7 best 360mm aio CPU cooler that comes with amazing price tag and features. You can consider the factors we discussed today and finalize a particular model that fits right into what you are needing. Hopefully, the writing was helpful to make you a wise choice. Good Luck!


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