Best 120mm AIO Liquid Cooler Reviews – Top 7 Picks Of 2022

The “all-in-one” or AIO liquid cooler is one hell of a tool that can easily keep the heated air out of your case from processor to fans. Because these are marvelously quiet and efficient than other types of coolers, people, are tending to prefer them more. Also, the fact that they are a bit costly does not sound too bad when you get the right and ultimate model.

So, keeping notes of your budget, taste and comfort zone, we have sorted around a few popular 120mm AIO coolers that do great in keeping the system cool. Also, we’ll be providing a relevant buyer’s guide for first-time consumers…

Best 120mm AIO Cooler Reviews

Product’s Name Noise Level Key Benefits Price
CORSAIR HYDRO SERIES H60 Single AIO Cooler 28.3 dB Increase Cooling Efficiency Details On Amazon
CORSAIR Hydro Series H60 AIO Liquid Cooler 30.85 dB Makes Less Noise Details On Amazon
NZXT Kraken M22 120mm CPU Liquid Cooler 25 dB Snug To Setup Details On Amazon
EVGA CLC 120mm CPU Liquid Cooler 20 dB Lessen Heat And Resistance Details On Amazon
Cooler Master ML120L RGB CPU Liquid Cooler 30 dB Includes Cool Lightings Details On Amazon
Thermaltake Water 3.0 120mm AIO CPU Cooler 20 dB Fine For PC Big Loads Details On Amazon
Asus LC 120 RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler 37.6 dB Fine For Overclocking Details On Amazon

Well, take a breath and continue to discover all the aio coolers one by one. Congrats! as you are diving to grab your expected one!

1. CORSAIR HYDRO SERIES H60 Single AIO Cooler– Keep Your CPU Cool for Gaming

The 120mm liquid cooler model from Corsair is a true genius when it comes to providing dynamic fan speed adjustment. You can enjoy differing this speed from 600 to 1700 RPM, which is a good number.

Also, it comes with a very convenient slim radiator that helps you to enjoy a lower CPU temperature with the maximum cooling surface area available. Which surely increases performance.

Not only this, but the marvelous model also includes a white LED pump head. This is super at aesthetic providing and also gives a unique touch to the overall system build.


  • A professional cooling system under a full load.
  • It has very quiet sound.
  • Software is super simple to use.
  • Good bungs for the price.
  • It comes with customizable LED light.


  • They have bad customer service.

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2. CORSAIR Hydro Series H60 AIO Liquid Cooler– Exceptional CPU Cooler for Less Sound

The next 120mm all in one cooler is also from the same reliable brand and this time it provides excellent functioning without making irritating noise like other coolers.

Thanks to the improved fan, the cooler is capable of providing very comfortable performance with this noise-free benefit embedded.

It also outstands with a superior heat dissipation great point that comes from the enhanced quality micro-fin copper cold plate design.

The model provides a great performance at decreased resistance, improved flexibility and fantastic outcome at every use.


  • It comes with 5 years of limited warranty.
  • The cooling performance is good.
  • Quite easy to install.
  • The LED light is RGB customizable.
  • It has a good price point to get.


  • The instruction guide needs to improve.

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3. NZXT Kraken M22 120mm CPU Liquid Cooler– Advanced Lighting with Amazing Color

The next cooler model comes with ana advanced lighting mode including that enables amazing color and lighting to create a sophisticated but cool design.

It comes with a nice engineered design that enables no noise performance that feels convenient for any time use, no matter night or day.

You can enjoy maximum speed and precision for changing or any kind of alteration with the desktop and the mobile app.

You can easily have a look at the speed and temperature of the pump with this app which adds a great aspect to the overall usability.


  • Easy fitting of the product.
  • Comes with good performance.
  • Helps to put temperature under 30 to 40-degree C.
  • The product parts are good in quality.
  • Perfect for gaming use.


  • It has loud fans.

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4. EVGA CLC 120mm CPU Liquid Cooler– Brilliant CPU Cooler for Overclocking

This is a self-contained cooling solution that performs as an all-in-one with the amazing overclocking aspect. There’s no custom tubing, filling or maintenance needed to enjoy this basic but cool model.

It comes with a wiring system that’s intelligent enough to work without any kind of hassle wire arrangements. Also, to provide the max heat transfer benefit this model comes with a fantastic copper base plate.

The radiator and fan are really good at keeping heat away so that the CPU stays at a convenient temperature all the time.


  • Super good in quality and value.
  • The cooler is great for reducing overheat.
  • 5 years of a lifetime warranty.
  • The installation is rather simple.
  • It gives no irritating sound while functioning.


  • The fan is made of cheap material.

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5. Cooler Master ML120L RGB CPU Liquid Cooler– Optimal Liquid CPU Cooler for Static Pressure

With the fantastic rubber pads that enable noise reduction and sound-absorbing benefits, the cooler works amazingly without making any disturbing noise for those who work even overtime.

It comes with a combined approach for designing using the jet engine and helicopter blade that allows stack air pressure without even losing airflow.

Not only this there’s a dual-chamber pump with a low-profile design that can provide performance leaps over last-gen techs.

You can easily play with light effects and colors thanks to the included wired RGM controller and splitter.


  • Enhanced with RGB LED lighting feature.
  • Trouble-free usability and installation.
  • No water or liquid needed.
  • It comes at a good price.
  • It helps cool down CPU while multi-tasking.


  • We find the installation guide troublesome.

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6. Thermaltake Water 3.0 120mm AIO CPU Cooler– A Great CPU Cooler With Water Block Technology

With the copper base plate and water block technology, this cooler is surely one great model that enables heat reduction for those who loves to work overtime than their actual working hour.

It can take the pressure without any problem thanks to the 120mm aluminum radiator that works fantastically for your convenience.

Also, the operation is known for being completely maintenance-free making it an ideal choice for those who don’t have time for such things.

The pump comes with a low-profile design to make the functioning even convenient and well working.

It also covers up to 3 years of warranty that provides a great assurance and your money won’t be wasted by the end of the day.


  • The fan speed is awesome for a good cooling system.
  • It gives no irksome sound or noise trouble.
  • The LED light looks great while gaming.
  • It comes with long cable for distance connection.
  • Improves CPU workings.


  • It is expensive.

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7. Asus LC 120 RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler– Advanced CPU Cooler for Reasonable Price

The final model is from ASES, known for being a great brand providing compatible models of stuff without crossing the budget boundary.

It comes with a fantastic mounting bracket for easy and superior’s installation that anybody can do themselves.

Also, the cooler allows for an 81 CFM airflow along with a noise level of 37.6 decibels, making it a very wise choice in the budget,

There’s up to 30% thermal resistance to cope with optimal performance needs thanks to the micro-channels’ technology.

With 5 years of warranty, it’s surely one fantastic model with a precise PWM pump and amazing fan control.


  • It is super quiet for smooth running.
  • The OLED display has nice screen sensitivity.
  • Super simple to set up.
  • Good built quality for durability.
  • Perfect liquid cooler for ROG systems.


  • The software needs improvement.

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Factors to Consider for Buying the 120mm AIO Liquid Cooler

Factors to Consider for Buying the 120mm AIO Liquid Cooler

There are a few things you need to consider that eventually will make you pick the right model for your PC. Here are the points in detail…

Price Points Are a Big Decision Maker…

There’s no denying that this cooling solution is way better at keeping heat away and preserving cool temperatures than the stock fan. However, not everybody really needs it. So, if your already existing stock fan is doing enough, don’t bother buying an AIO liquid cooler. It’s better than wasting money on cheaper models. Because you’ll hardly find a good quality AIO liquid cooler with a poor price point.

And that comes to what we are trying to say, these coolers are pretty much expensive than air counterparts. So, you need to consider investing more rather than thinking about finding a cheap model.

The Right Size Is Your Next Consideration…

If you own a relatively low-power CPU that does not really do much TDP drawing, then don’t go for huge coolers. This is spending extra when you are already paying a quite huge amount.  Better desire the right size for an all-in-one cooler depending on the case room area.

CPU Sockets are Huge Play…

Most coolers are capable to fit CPU sockets. But still, there could be a mismatch coming around with the model you are referring. So, you should check it earlier and go for compatible models that come with various brackets to fit right.

Fan Position & Air Direction…

Little arrows are great when checking fans and this will tell you about the airflow direction. The direction should be compatible to exhaust the hot air from the system. Intake is okay if you are considering the radiator mount on the front of the case.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How can an AIO cooler work?

Well, an AIO cooler works just like a car radiator. It is designed with a pump that stands on top of your CPU for circulating a special liquid.
Basically, the liquid is a combination of distilled water and a thermally type fluid around a smooth tubing system. And, this is arranged in a closed loop.

Does the 120 mm AIO Cooler leak?

It actually depends on the brands providing features of anti-leak technology that assures your AIO cooler will leak or not. Most brand in the market offers anti-leak technology while some still working on it.

What does AIO cooling mean?

The AIO cooling means all in one cooling that usually uses for liquid CPU. Plus, it basically helps to solve the problem of processor overworking or overheating problems. With this solution, you can improve CPU working at no irritating sound.

Are an AIO cooler is safe?

An AIO cooler is probably safe to use for CPU improvement. Yet, they can be risky if the water leaks onto the hardware. Even though the most AIO cooler comes with anti-leak technology, there still have a 1% chance to leak that is harmful to PC.

Does an AIO cooler need protection?

An AIO cooler doesn’t have that much of dignified things. Yet, there’s one thing you can do to maintain in an AIO is the radiator and fans. These two things actually get a lot of pollution that make them dusty. You just need to keep the right solutions at hand while using the cooler to keep these troubles away.


We understand that the best 120mm AIO cooler might feel a bit expensive and trickier to install. But once you get to enjoy the max list of benefits coming along this priced possession it won’t feel expensive anymore. Instead, you’ll find the acquisition something worth the money. But to get on that level, you should consider the important factors and o right research to grab the ideal model suiting your PC needs. Good Luck with That!

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