Best Case For MacBook Air 13 Inch- What Makes Them Popular?

To get yourself the best case for MacBook air 13 inch model, there are definitely a few things you want to know about that play pretty crucial roles in the purchase decision.

Spending a huge amount on a MacBook laptop without being bothered about its probability of facing unfortunate mistaken damage is not a very new situation. Many users take the protection needs for granted and ignore them until a horrible consequence shows up. Something they could have easily ignored by investing in a proper, hardy case.

Before anything like that happens, you’ve deiced to take the necessary precaution. Good Job! Let us help you in finding that proper air case you’ll want to trust in for holding your costly MacBook Laptop. Keep on Reading…

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Consider These Factors to Pick the Best Case for MacBook Air 13 Inch Models

When looking for a suitable case to give enough protection to your MacBook Air 13-inch model, you need to prioritize a few crucial factors before making a choice. Here are the pointers to consider.

Proper Size

The first and foremost thing to consider is the proper size case. It should be the right dimension to house the 13-inch-wide laptop of yours. Also, ponder over the thickness of the material to ensure it’s not thin to the point that there’s hardly any protective feature.

Rugged Enough to Last Long

Then you should check the rugged feature if it’s well made enough to fight all the potential wear and tear. As that’s its main job, protecting your laptop against any damage probabilities. So do mind this factor as a critical one.

Drop & Shock Standards

A case that can prevent drop-related damages as well as absorbs shock wholly to ensure zero issues with a laptop, is a very rare thing no doubt. But still, you want your future MacBook case to give this benefit to some extent. It must have some high-level drop-test standards to be qualified as a quality protective case.

Style & Design

You want your laptop case to have some style and sleekness. Right now, the trend is minimalism for office workers. While students are more prone to love the colorful designs. It’s okay to also prioritize your aesthetic demands in your new laptop case. For a few folks, that’s also something highly important.

Best Case for MacBook Air 13 Inch Models

Product Name Color Key Benefits Price
KECC MacBook Air 13” Case With Keyboard Cover Rainbow Mist Light In Weight Details On Amazon
MOSISO MacBook Air 13 Inch Case Transparent Breathable Design Details On Amazon
IBENZER New 2020 MacBook Air 13 Inch Case Crystal Clear Comfortable On Hand Details On Amazon
MOSISO Case with Keyboard Cover Turquoise Distribute Heat Safely Details On Amazon
iCasso MacBook Air 13 Inch Case Mandala & Lace Simple To Clean Details On Amazon
KECC Laptop Case with Keyboard Cover Rose Gold Sparkling Clear-cut To Install Details On Amazon
KECC Leather Case with Hard Shell Cover Navy Blue Improves Appearance Details On Amazon

And finally, now that you know quite a bit about the crucial factors that makes a laptop case truly money-worthy, it’s time for you to explore the complete reviews of our favorite 7 laptop case models. Enjoy!

KECC MacBook Air 13” Case With Keyboard Cover– Best Lightweight MacBook Air Case 13 Inch Laptop

Known as one of the lightest, the KECC case is sleek and slim with a nice pastel outline for MacBook Air 13”. It is also simple to carry and soft that users will love to hold when traveling.

  Specifications Of KECC MacBook Air 13” Case With Keyboard Cover
Material Rubber And Plastic
Design Cut-Out Style
Function Lightweight And Smooth Exterior
Good For A2337 And A2179 MacBook Air

Colorful Patterns with Improved Looks

This beautiful case has colorful patterns with yellow, blue, red, and white. It also has a cut-out design that doesn’t block the Apple logo to shine bright. Also, this case improves the overall look of the MacBook Air with a unique layout. It as well gives a good impression to use outside.

Solid Exterior That Grants Protection

We are in love with this case’s strong exterior that holds a good layer of rubber oil paint and hard plastic. It also has a rubberized layout that protects from smudges, dirt, and oil. This keyboard cover as well stops fingerprints and drops even after years.

This case has 4 rubberized feet to ensure good security against slip. 

Custom-Made Design That Is Handy

This case has a custom-made design that makes easy installation and removal process. And, it is compatible with A2337 and A2179 MacBook Air. A few people find trouble removing the case from the MacBook Air 13”. Yet, we find the instruction helpful to take care of this issue.


  • This case has beautiful pastel patterns.
  • It has a solid frame that lasts long.
  • This case is simple to attach.
  • It protects the laptop from smudges.
  • This case is protected against scratches.


  • It is hard to take out.

MOSISO MacBook Air 13 Inch Case– The Best MacBook Air M1 Case

The MOSISO case is a great blend of transparent and rigid skin that makes it a super handsome choice for MacBook Air M1 laptop 13”. It also fits on easily and turns old laptops to a new-like.

Specifications Of MOSISO MacBook Air 13 Inch Case
Material Hard Plastic And Silicon
Warranty Assurance For Up To 1 Year
Function Safe And Nice In Outlook
Good For A2337, A2179, And A1932 MacBook Air

Accessible Outline That Is User-Friendly

This case has an accessible outline that fits all bottom and top parts. It also has a screen protector that stops dirt and debris. Besides, the keyboard cover is clear that access all keys and buttons. It is also handy that most clients find comfort to remove USB cable or headset easily.

4 Firm Feet That Is Slip-Free

The package contains 4 solid and durable feet that are slip-free. The 4 feet is great to handle from unnecessary shake or slip when using MacBook Air. We also find it very helpful to sit the MacBook in a desk or table firmly.

This case is protected for 12 months to restore and repair. 

Beautiful Design That Is Practical

It comes with a good-looking design with no cut-out layout. This case has good ventilation that grants protection from heat. It also has a small pouch to carry a USB hub and headphones.

According to TechGearLab,

“If you’re looking for a bare-bones clear case for your MacBook Pro, the MOSISO might be the right choice. It snaps on in seconds, barely alters the look of your laptop, and at a mere 212 grams, it is one of the lightest models that we tested.”

And, we have the same view as the MOSISO case has transparent shade and light in weight to use with no struggle.

But, this case is bad for the long-term performance. Yet, it rocks in all fields and features that would last 12 months.


  • The screen protector is easy to attach.
  • It has a small bag for extra space.
  • This case has 4 small anti-slip feet.
  • It is light in weight and beautiful.
  • This case fits on the laptop well.


  • It is not good for long-term usage.

IBENZER New 2020 MacBook Air 13 Inch Case– One Of The Best MacBook Air 13 Protective Case

If you are looking for a safe and handy case for your MacBook Air 13”, then the IBENZER case is an ideal pick. It is not only hard against cracks and splits but also works well to stop dirt.

Specifications Of IBENZER New 2020 MacBook Air 13 Inch Case
Material Hard Plastic And Silicon
Quality Assurance 12 Months
Function Easy To Access And Slim
Suitable For A2337, A2179, And A1932 MacBook Air

Firm Shell That Is User-Friendly

Made out of hard plastic, this case grants great relives against peel and corrosion. We also didn’t find any struggle of scratch or scuff when using. Apart from these, a few people find the instruction not helpful. Yet, it is very easy to install and take out that we didn’t mind this issue.

Nice Layout That Is Functional

This handsome case has a great outline with a keyboard cover. It doesn’t give too tight or sliding feels when being attached. This case also has a crystal-clear shade that won’t blur the real color of your MacBook Air. And, it doesn’t block when the laptop top cover is fully opened.

This case is 0.62 mm in thickness that doesn’t bulk. 

Cozy Keyboard Cover That Fits Well

The IBENZER is crowned as the comfiest option thanks to its 2-matching color keyboard covers. It is handy and super easy to type with. The keyboard cover stops the struggle of fingerprints or dirt. It also protects the laptop keys from spills or sweats.


  • This case is portable to carry well.
  • It secures the laptop precisely.
  • This case stops dirt to trap around the edges.
  • It is soft and light on hand.
  • This case is good for MacBook Air laptops.


  • Some people find the instruction weird.

MOSISO Case with Keyboard Cover– One Of the Best Pick For Flexibility

The MOSISO Turquoise is one of the best cases for MacBook Air 13”. It is flexible and soft to use on laptops well. This case is also handy and great in design that will be perfect for daily life.

Specifications Of MOSISO Case with Keyboard Cover
Material Plastic And Polycarbonate
Thickness 0.62 mm
Design Two-Piece Layout
Good For 2020, 2019, And 2018 MacBook Air

Solid Kickstand That Is Foldable

This case beautifies your MacBook Air with a solid kickstand that looks well. It is tough yet foldable for keeping MacBook straight with no shock or shake. Despite that fact, a few people find hitch of overheating. Yet, this trouble can be solved by cleaning the case daily.

Fine Functions That is Comfortable

With a unique no cut-out layout, this case has a bumper-like hard shell that prevents accidental falls or drops. It also allows you to type in different angles with no hitch. And, the case protects greatly from dirt or fingerprints. Some users as well love its color and comfort of use.

This case has a two-piece design to attach to the bottom and top easily.

Slim Edges To Improve Visual

It is slim and light in weight that gives comfort for traveling. Besides, this case has great visuals that gives the confidence to use outside for different projects. It also has see-through coverage that allows the logo to be seen well. This case is also very functional and practical to use.


  • This case is good for school laptops.
  • It is durable and tough against shock.
  • This case is easy to clean.
  • It is effortless to install and remove.
  • This case has a thick corner and coverage.


  • Unluckily, it lacks ventilation.

iCasso MacBook Air 13 Inch Case– The Finest Pick For Good Design

The iCasso case is unique in design that will make you fall in love with the floral lace prints. It is also flexible, slip-free, and cozy on hand to use in MacBook Pro 13 inches laptops.

Specifications Of iCasso MacBook Air 13 Inch Case
Material Rubber Plastic
Design Lace And Mandela Style
Function 360-Degree Protection
Good For 2018, 2019, And, 2020 MacBook Air

360° Protection That is High Density

This best Mac Air case comes with 360° protection that ensures any angle typing or viewing. It also doesn’t give struggle when the laptop top cover is flipped. And, we find this case cool and high density that prevents cracks and spills. It as well gives a natural feel on the hand.

No Cut-Out Casing That Is Cleanable

It has a two-piece design that is easy to clean after use. This case also allows your MacBook Air to avoid facing the heat. It as well has small vented holes to shift hot air. But, a few people don’t like it need daily cleaning. Yet, we don’t find it a big issue if using a microfiber cloth.

This case is a great option for A2337, A2179, and A1932 MacBook Air 13 inches.

Stylish Printing That Improves Look

This case comes with stylish printing with a colorful layout. It is also nice to show with a classic color and patterns for extra flair. We also find this case a big help to improve the appearance of the old MacBook Air.


  • It has 4 anti-slip feet to use.
  • This case has a nice shade and layout.
  • It is good for the 2018 MacBook Air 13”.
  • This case is simple to access.
  • It comes with a keyboard cover.


  • Sadly, this case needs daily care.

KECC Laptop Case with Keyboard Cover– The Finest Pick For Easy Installation

The KECC laptop case is designed excellently which makes it easy to insert and take out. It is also slim and travel-friendly that goes well with MacBook Air 13 inch laptops.

Specifications Of KECC Laptop Case with Keyboard Cover
FunctionSleek And Portable
Design2 Piece Glittering Layout
Good For2020 And 2021 MacBook Air

Smooth Texture That Is Type-Friendly

This case has a smooth texture that gives comfort when using. It also grants good ease to type with bare hands easily. We also love the cut-out design that lets the Mac logo shine bright. It also protects MacBook Air keys from smudges and fingerprints when typing.

Well-Ventilated That Diverts Heat

It has a sleek and glittery outline with a great ventilation system. The bottom shell cover vented allows MacBook Air to avoid heat struggle. We also find the case not bulky to keep MacBook fully covered. And, it ensures distributing heat to move outside.

This case contains rubber oil paint to ensure a smooth exterior.

Slip-Free Design That Is Durable

This case has 4 slip-free feet and a keyboard cover to ensure functionality. We love the 4 feet that protect MacBook Air from losing grip. A few people don’t like the keyboard cover for its rubbery feel that needs adjustments. Yet, it can be solved by following the instructions rightly.


  • It is straightforward to fit.
  • This case has a nice design to use.
  • It protects from scratches and scuffs.
  • This case is soft and sleek in texture.
  • It is solid and durable to stand well.


  • Most people don’t like the keyboard cover.

KECC Leather Case with Hard Shell Cover– Best Shockproof MacBook Air Case

Built out of leather and plastic, the KECC blue case grants the finest solidity against shock or shake. It is also a worthy pick for the latest MacBook Air 13 inches laptop to enjoy a long while.

Specifications Of KECC Leather Case with Hard Shell Cover
Material Leather And Plastic
Function Easy To Attach And Safe
Design Plain And Smooth Texture
Suitable For 2018, 2019, 2020, And 2021 MacBook Air

Nice Design That Is Travel-Friendly

This case is sleek and soft to carry when traveling. It also has a slim body that doesn’t give bulk on the MacBook Air. We as well find this case, bottom, and keyboard cover very handy to carry on a small bag.

Solid Bottom Case That Is Functional

Built out of solid material, the bottom cover is uniquely designed. It holds tons of holes to ensure good ventilation and functions that don’t cause trouble. We also find the outline great for keeping the MacBook Air cool in most workloads.

This case is easy to clip and unclip for replacement.

Comfortable Layout That Is Accessible

It comes with a nice layout that ensures good accessibility. Most users like this dark blue shade leather that gives comfort when holding. And, it holds full access benefit to insert headphones or other drives without taking out the case.


  • The case has fine thickness.
  • It is clean and smooth to touch.
  • This case is a great investment.
  • It has a nice outline and quality.
  • This case stops dirt to go inside.


  • It doesn’t come with an instruction.

How to Clean and Care for Your Macbook Case?

Once you get the case for your MacBook Air case, it’s time to learn a bit about how you can take care of it and clean it occasionally. It’s pretty easy, follow the steps below.

  • You simply need a regular sponge and some dishwashing liquid. Mix the dishwashing liquid with water. You want the ratio to be 1:5. Make sure you never use something that comes with strong chemicals, as those are pretty acidic.
  • Now dip your sponge into this mixture and wring it. You don’t want it to be too wet with detergent, just a little bit will do.
  • Then wipe the surface of your case. Make sure to cover all the areas of your case and wipe every bit of dirt out. Never try to spray the liquid as there will be too much mixture in one spot. You want to use the sponge only with just the right amount of liquid mixture and that’s enough to clean it.
  • Once you wipe the surface nicely, bring another cloth, a lint-free one would work best. Use this one to wipe the case once again. This time it’s for wiping off any residue of the mixture you just applied. It will also get rid of any remaining dust on top.
  • The areas that seem to be hard for cleaning can be handled with a cotton swab.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the possible cons of the MacBook Air case?

A hard case is supposed to protect your laptop. But there are certain low-quality material-made options out there that do bad instead of good. These are prone to make unnecessary scratches on the laptop body. You may also figure dent or scrap on the enclosure. Usually, the cheaply priced ones are made less effective to protect your laptop and rather cause harm to it. But then again. It’s not really a con of using a hard case, but actually a consequence of not buying the right one.

Which one is better between a rubber case and a hard case?

For easy maintenance and clean-up, rubber cases are more convenient options. However, to protect your laptop better, a hard case is still a better choice. Both are great in their own way. It actually sums up based on the laptop owner’s preference.

Is it really necessary to buy a MacBook case?

If keeping your MacBook safe, free from dirt and debris as well as organized with your other laptop accessories are something you find necessary, then yes. A case can be one of the best investments in terms of providing protection to the laptop, there’s no doubt.

Wrap Up

And that brings us to the end of today’s discussion. Were you able to find at least one preferable pick out of these 7 best case for MacBook air 13 inch models that we just reviewed? If yes, then congratulations! And if you still are not sure about the right pick, don’t worry. It may take a bit more research for you to confidently choose a case.

And that’s absolutely fine! Take your time and decide only when you are absolutely sure that a certain case seems like the perfect one for your MacBook Air 13-inch laptop. Good Luck!