6 Best Case for Macbook Air 13 inch With Extra Support

Best Case for Macbook Air 13 inch


Are you struggling to find out a perfect case for your loving MacBook Air 13 inch? So, this content is for your preference with the best cases.

Laptop cases may be the exact products to enhance protection and to show more fashionable functioning. They also give more accessible facilities to carry laptops while traveling. There are huge collections from different designs, colors, even brands with expressing creativity.

To save your costly device with decoration of artistic mind, we review 6 cases on MacBook Air 13 inch, whether you demand something classy or flashy. Now, read in detail to make the best investment on a regular basis.

However, here’s the list of 6 best case for macbook air 13 inch:

  1. TwoL MacBook Air 13 inch-Choose Abstract Flower with This One
  2. Ueswill Macbook Air Case 13 Inch-Made from Polycarbonate Formula This One
  3. Braecn Stock for MacBook Air 13 Case– Get Folding Stand with This One
  4. Dongke Newest MacBook Air 13 inch Case– Get Refund Facility with This One
  5. Kuzy MacBook Air case 13 inch– Access all USB Cable and AUX Ports with This One
  6. Case Star Macbook Air case 13 inch– Get More Space to Plug Ports With This One

Best Case For Macbook Air 13 Inch

We have introduced the remarkable cases with pros, cons, and details so that you can satisfy the perfection of desire; they are the following:

1. TwoL MacBook Air 13 inch– Choose Abstract Flower with This One

If you rear a great passion for flower, searching cases with floral design, this one just for you. You can see different colors and designs colors particularly on abstract flower reflections in this product, rather than harsh or rough.

So, this will make you feel comfortable, silky-smooth touch though made of anti-skidding with semi-translucent frosted finish humanized design.

In order to provide you the best service, TwoL includes the best quality hard plastic case, clear bottom cover, even a keyboard cover to protect your MacBook Air from scratches or scrapes. Besides, its transparent design reflects on shining off the apple logo.

Not only have all of those but this one carried only 7 ounces where the case allows your computer to open enough space more than 135 degrees.

By and large, this product will not dis-satisfy you; quickly, you can take an artistic view with authentic materials case from it.


  • Lightweight
  • Front cover very clear
  • Background don’t have color
  • Looking amazing
  • Easy for installation


  • Screen protector is not magnetic

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2. Ueswill Macbook Air Case 13 Inch– Made from Polycarbonate Formula This One

This case comes with strong, rigid materials advantage to provide a long-lasting application. At the same time, Ueswill attaches polycarbonate plastic what is energy efficient, flame resistant, moldable, and most pleasing.

The case design includes ways to acquire slim status so that users can carry them anywhere within bags or backpack. Moreover, to protect the laptop from scratches, the case enriches hard shell durability.

Further, it put on rubber oil paint to decorate with a high silky-smooth soft touch. You can find numerous colors variety such as black, green, crystal clear, marble white, gold, etc. all together more good choosing option.

Incredibly, the Ueswill MacBook Air case is easy to open and close to how you want to manage your laptop. The apple logo also entirely remain here through the design.

After all, hopefully, this can be a good option for you where you have an opportunity to fix the best case for favourable result.


  • Highly durable
  • Weight of 8.9 ounces
  • The case is matte
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable price


  • Don’t allow to open more

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3. Braecn Stock for MacBook Air 13 Case– Get Folding Stand with This One

If you are a slothful person, always prefer to facilitate product. This case genuinely carries with consideration of this kind of customer. Professionally it designs for easy installment and removal.

Here you see only three colors without a doubt: lite blue, khaki, or gray. Hence, it includes two heavy-duty hard bumpers to provide adequate protection from accidental shock, bend, scratched, etc.

The surprising fact is that the right side of this category folding stand is to amplify the ventilation quality, with better visual experience to relieve neck strain. So, you will able to use a laptop for a long period while you need not think of cooling function.

In fact, this case is composed of a hard polycarbonate and flexible thermoplastic Polyurethane to increase safety while only maintain 1.15 pounds weight.

Simply, to ensure extra protection with the more cooling facility, you can select this to get extended time usages.


  • 30 days warranty
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Enable to plug charger or cable
  • Perfectly fitted
  • Full heat release function


  • Don’t have touch ID function

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4. Dongke Newest MacBook Air 13 inch Case– Get Refund Facility with This One

If you want a case within affordable price, high protection, and beautiful color, the Dongke case for the newest MacBook air is for you. Moreover, it’s possible to back your money whether you can’t be satisfied.

It is not only light but deep natural color also possible here. It is easy to apply top to bottom cover one by one to redouble removal or installment, besides super smooth touch hard plastic everywhere.

Yet, grippy exterior texture coating is used to make the case waterproof, energy-saving since it is flexible to protect from scrapes and scratches. For what, you never face any problem with that.

Instead, It is in separate pieces; with the case, you will get one screen protector, one keyboard cover, also one dust plug set. When you might decorate all of them, this brand satisfies you 100%.

In fine, try this case; Dongke makes it highly affordable, which has overall 9.6 ounces weights.


  • Compatible with touch ID
  • Made of hard plastic
  • Transparent to show apple logo
  • Very smooth
  • Prevent dust


  • Can be problematic in the first installment

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5. Case Star Macbook Air case 13 inch– Get More Space to plug ports with this one

This brand capable of protecting your laptop perfectly, which provides you silicon cover and also dust brush. It includes flower, trees, or more paints as same as other brands, but this one can also show you notebook pattern design.

Besides, the case will not cover plug-in areas, so quickly the charger, cable, then your headset can be joined with MacBook air except removing the case.

Silicon Plastic is mainly used here to bring lightweight, strength to assume many forms. So this way, the silicon keyboard cover ensures your longtime protection if you are a messy person. More, it doesn’t require an optional object where the dust brush helps you carry away visible dirt.

The case is so cool that it is easy to open all the way, especially laptop screens that occupy more than 90 degrees. In fact, the ventilation facility still enough good to release heat.

Above all those reasons, this is a fantastic product to feel you have supper thin and durable special case with MacBook air 13 inch.


  • Appear new look for MacBook air
  • 8.8 ounces
  • Easy to put on
  • Demand lower price
  • Matte rubberized feeling


  • Apple logo won’t appear

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6. Kuzy MacBook Air case 13 inch– Access all USB cable and AUX ports with this one

Kuzy releases this hardshell case for the newest MacBook air 13-inch version to attract customers with full contentment; connect any kinds of USB cable and AUX ports; you won’t need to remove the case to plug necessary adapters.

Super thin with lightweight, only carry 8.8 weight, various colors accent comes to show you a great professional look along with smooth, silky touch. Use in your official purpose, even at home, with great peace of mind.

Hence, it equally fit perfectly over the whole MacBook area trough correct seizes. On top of that Apple logo always keep shining since Kuzy provides translucent materials. Flexibility is also impressive to easily install or put it out easily past 90 degrees.

Much durable to holding up well, this case has no ricks to break down while falling. The bottom cover has the same strength as the back cover; in fact, it also cut out nicely to prevent overheating.

You will thank Kuzy after using this case definitely, precisely what a customer wants. As much as more beneficial, take it for traveling.


  • Safe for heat disbursement
  • Refund is possible
  • Don’t add bulkiness
  • Enough sheerness
  • Provide natural colors


  • Fit for only MacBook air 2018-20

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How to Choose the Laptop Case for Macbook Air 13 Inch

How to Choose the Laptop Case for Macbook Air 13 inch

Willingness is not enough to buy a product; if you don’t find exact information on how you can make the right selection, on the other hand, you will suffer in the long run. So in below, take a glance for your MacBook air 13 inch.

Easy to put on/out

A good case has to carry this feature; while you choose a case, at first focus on that it fits well with your MacBook air. The MacBook needs to the comfortableness to fit inside the case easily, also enable it to remove without difficulty.

Take a smooth case

Ensure that the case has enough softness when you touch it. Smoothness carefully protects dirt, scratches, or any other damages. On the other hand, try not to select a too rigid case like a traditional briefcase. A soft case retains laptop softly, but a hard one makes jostle inside the case.

Check Dimensions

Different apple laptop appears with different measurements, it’s not right to buy a case only you impressed with a specific case, preferably you have to make sure that the case requires the perfect capability. To find out your MacBook air screen edge, height, and weight to get the maximum fitting

Examine Model Number

Apple always changes its products from time to time, so according to enhancement MacBook air case solely take an update. So, to avoid mistake, survey your MacBook air model number before purchase, read the case description that allows detailed information within your laptop model and case.


It’s not enough to look after only the best quality materials to get an outstanding result. Still, here fashion or arts can’t get less importance; within your budget, confirm the latest color and design also so that case enables you to express your taste with the full hearty background.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Buying a case for MacBook air is worth it?

Yes, Cases are helpful. Laptop always need ultimate care and sincere protection, so that no dirt, dust, or scratches don’t touch it. When you spend huge money to buy a costly material, then hopefully ensure its safety.

Ques: What types of cases are the best?

You see two types of MacBook air cases in the market: hard case and rubberized case. Rubberized case good to take mac clear, but hard case ensures more protection, also dirt or dust protection quality pretty enough.

Ques: Is the keyboard cover equally important?

If possible, don’t use the keyboard cover. It decreases your typing comfort, then MacBook air’s real beauty also. Further, this can slow down your laptop. Unless you have a messy attitude and fear of spill drinks on a laptop, try to avoid it.

Ques: What need a Macbook case or sleeve?

MacBook cases are used to protect scratches or dust, so chances are severe at home or outdoors. Sleeve only require to carry MacBook, especially for traveling. If you travel a lot, try both sleeves and cases.

Bottom Line

The primary purpose of the MacBook air case 13 inch to prevent scratches or dings; from this issue, all the brands bring their best MacBook cases with superior technology, the best material, and beautiful design. Everything is awe-inspiring for your laptop. But here comes the most difficult to select the right one. Actually, only that reason we generate this article on Best case for MacBook air 13 inch to provide you extreme help.

Our recommended cases basically nearly similar, but besides, they have different compatibility; hopefully, you read the whole process. To ensure long time usage without disturbing, your loving MacBook air must need a case, so take your time to make the final decision.

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