7 Best PSU Under 60 Dollars You Should Know

When it comes to building a PC, no doubt, the power supply unit is considered as the most prominent part of your PC. PSU is like the heart of a PC. Without a PSU, your whole PC system will be Ineffective to run. So, you must want to buy a worthy PSU on your budget. However, there are so many PSU manufacturers. You may hesitate about what factors you should consider with your account.

So, If you’re looking for a good PSU that will be very budget-friendly to you and also efficient to power your PC components, then let’s help you to find the best PSU under 60 dollars.

Best PSU Under $60

Let’s take a look at the review of 7 best PSU under 60 dollars we will describe to you today.

1. EVGA 500 BR– Get Secure Protection with this one

This Power supply is our first pick for its high safety purpose at a low cost under 60. Safety comes first while you are using a power supply. EVGA 500 BR provides you a full suite of top tier circuit protection (over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, overpower protection, over-temperature protection) that helps you run strong and keep your hardware safe.

Additionally, it comes with a hard-lined design, making it easy for you to install or remove as the cable is attached to the power supply.

Another thing is the 120 mm sleeve bearing fan, which operates quieter and has a long lifespan. This PSU will fit most cases like HPTX, mATX, HPTX, EATX, and XLATX for its standard ATX Form Factor feature.

At large, you can try this out if you want to get a high-end look as it’s all blacked sleeved cable gives an Aesthetic look within your inexpensive budget.


  • It comes with 3 years warranty period
  • Designed especially for enthusiasts and beginners
  • Best for next-generation computers
  • Long shielded cables
  • Solid performance


  • Non – Modular

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2. Thermaltake Smart 600W– Provides High-Quality Components for stable performance

If you are worried about the capacitor explosion, you can rely on this because it’s made of high-quality components that prevent capacitor explosion or leakage. These high-quality components ensure you a non- stop usage for stable performance.

You will also love its features of multiple connectors because there has been each connector that you needed for power your motherboard, hardware peripherals, modern DVD players, graphics card, etc.

On top, in your strict budget under 60 but for a worthy PSU, Thermaltake Smart 600W gives you a single +12V rail. This rail supports intel c6 status for improved and reliable efficiency.

This PSU is a smart pick for anyone who needs a reliable unit with super user-friendly features. It also has a 5 years warranty that gives you service for an extended period.


  • Easy to install
  • Good packaging
  • Ultra-quiet fan
  • Intelligent temperature control
  • Efficient energy


  • Need a little struggle for plugging in the plugs

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3. Corsair CV Series, CV450– Find all cables needed for your gaming PC

Here is another low expensive PSU, Corsair CV Series; CV450 is the best PSU under 60$ to you. This PSU is an excellent pick for those who need a dependable power supply with maximum reliability and all cables required for a gaming PC.

And, 80+ Bronze certified is ultra-efficient for providing your PC up to 88% operating efficiency. This efficiency indicates it can reduce excessive heat and saves your energy costs rather than other PSU’s.

Also, you would be satisfied with it’s full rated wattage with a continuous power supply at full capacity for steady, reliable output.

Who is very conscious about pc style can pick this power supply. Because, with a stealth mode that provides black sleeved cables and the black powder-coated casing will be adjusted nicely with your PC style. The compact 125mm long case fits all modern PCs very quickly that it’s good to check out for your new home or office PC.


  • Easy to install for the beginner
  • Easy to use
  • Low – noise operation
  • The quality of the material is excellent.


  • The price is a little higher.

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4. Cooler Master MWE Bronze 500 – Get Proper Space with Better Airflow with this one

The Cooler Master MWE Bronze 500 is an entry-level, on budget PSU under 60. Its sleeve enables convenient management of cables to save space in PC systems for better airflow. This airflow helps your PC system producing less heat and run without interruption.

On top, this PSU also appears with durable LDB bearing silent blade fans, which offers you a long time quiet cooling system. It also reduces power consumption to your PC when its standby.

According to the latest law of environmental regulations, this power supply is also designed that consumes less than 0.5 watts in standby mode. The design enables to reduce strain on the environment as well as reducing your electricity bill.

If you are looking at a tremendous but budget-friendly power supply unit for your home PC, or want gaming in your pc on a budget level graphics card, then Cooler Master MWE Bronze 500 is the best bet for you. You also get a globally 3 years warranty for the PSU.


  • Damage resistant
  • Operating up to 40 C
  • Low noise
  • Advanced circuit design


  • According to the value, the price is relatively more.

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5. Thermaltake TR2 600W Bronze– Get Extra Benefit by a Longer cable with this one

This PSU is ideal for those who need a longer cable to route the wires properly in an optimal location. These long cables also prevent airflow blockage. Besides, it helps to control the whole thermal system and gives it a clean look.

Wait, TR2 bronze has been optimized to work with intel’s new, seventh-generation Kaby -Lake processors. To Intel’s latest and AMD users, it is compatible with maximum energy savings.

TR2 600 is surprisingly available at an affordable price under 60 dollars though it includes a high-quality Japanese capacitor that produces supreme stability with low impedance characteristics. You will be reliable for its stable operation over an extended period.

Due to 120 mm cooling fans with intelligent RPM, prevent overheating and allow noise-free operation. Who wants a silent operation, this would be an excellent option for you.


  • 5 years long warranty period
  • Efficient to choose the right voltage. automatically
  • Constructed by steel material
  • The double forward switching circuit


  • Non – modular system

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6. Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W – Make your Computer Case Look Awsome with Bright Visual Effect

Are you fond of the illumination world? Then smart RGB 500W is an excellent PSU pick for you under 60 dollars. Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W appears in a unique RGB design that provides you superb customization opportunity for variant lighting effects. That makes your computer case look aesthetic.

On top, it comes with just one RGB lighting button. This one button will help you meet your desired color among 256 colors with 14 patterned design.

Also, This smart RGB PSU features 10 LED light bulbs. These bulbs do not only enhance the brightness of your power supply but also provides advanced user experience to your system.

On the whole, you should choose it if you are looking for RGB series but want to get an adequate power supply. As well as it will permit you quality function and give an aesthetic look in all cases.


  • Packaging to PSU maintained standard quality
  • Super quiet fan
  • Memory function that saves the color cycle
  • Simple to install


  • The cables can be a little longer.

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7. Cooler Master Elite 500W V3– Get Rid of Random shutdowns with this one

The Elite 500 V3 PSU is a dependable choice for under 60 dollars engineered with higher temperature resistance. This feature helps you with reducing random shutdowns when power sources are not stable.

Besides, this PSU included dual forward topology design and active PFC for advanced circuit design. The circuit design makes sure you to increase efficient power output and delivering more power stability. So you can enjoy the enhancing performance of your system.

But that’s not all. It also comes with PCI- E support to offer you super resilience and function you always want. You could also be relaxed with 3 years warranty for this power supply.

For everyday PC users, this power supply is a terrific option. However, this PSU guaranteed a typical efficiency of 75%, which may not be much impressive, but perfect for the users who don’t require much efficiency to get done their job.


  • Fits in all environment
  • Top power tolerance
  • Sleeved cable design
  • Affordable price
  • Noiseless operation


  • Typical efficiency is lower comparing others.

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What Factors Should Consider When Buying a Power Supply

What Factors Should Consider When Buying a Power Supply

To find the best PSU under 60 dollars, you need to consider some aspects. Check out the features we described to buy the best PSU for your needs.


The first aspect you must check-out in PSU is wattage. To know your required watt, you can use any power supply calculator to calculate the total wattage you need in a building. After calculating the total wattage, you can add 20% more power for safety.

Look for Trusted Brands

If you want a good quality PSU with your strict budget, you must look for trusted brands. Brands such as Thermaltake, EVGA, Corsair, Coolermaster are most prominent in the computer hardware industry. They maintain the best quality of products. So, your other components will be risk-free if your PSU delivers good quality during operation.

Efficiency Rating

After you are done calculating the required wattage, you should check out the efficiency rating to ensure long term energy savings. For efficiency, look for 80 plus certified power supply. Every organization clearly stated its standard efficiency level and how much they can consume a low amount of power to reduce our electricity bill.

Physical Structure

Before buying, it’s wise to check out the physical structure of your PSU. Make a list of connectors you needed to build up your PC. Then ensure that the PSU you are choosing belongs to all the connectors. You should also consider the size of the PSU.

Low Noise

Low noise is the most expectable feature users want. You can look for large bladed fans that will control temperatures and produce minimum noise-free operation.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I understand which is a generic power supply?

It’s hard to find out which is a generic PSU and which is not. In that case, you can only trust on prominent brands that will surely deliver standard quality and higher efficiency.

Is non – modular cable hard to manage?

Yes, cable management is quite challenging because it messes up easily. But as this setting is cheap to produce or design, it is also less expensive. So if you want to buy on a strict budget, you have to put up with non- modular cable.

Is it expensive to buy a good looking PSU?

To the enthusiasts, a good looking visual design PSU is most expected. But don’t worry about your limited budget. Because surprisingly, there are a lot of options that deliver aesthetic looks.

Wrap Up

You can see that there are many options and choices while choosing the best PSU. However, these 7 models are the best PSU under 60 dollars available now for your quality shopping. You can check out our recommendations and think about what you exactly want. Look into the matter deeply, and figure out your best choice for your PC. Take enough time to choose the best power supply that meets your desires!