Top 7 Best Battery for MacBook Pro 2011- A Compact Overview

Reduction of the laptop’s battery cycles is undoubtedly a great headache for the active PC users. Just like any other device, a laptop PC runs out of power, and after those several years of usage, it may display some frustrating behavior.  On top, MacBook Pro 2011 holders find it more complicated to purchase an authentic battery substitute for Apple.

According to your Mac operating system and running programs, the charging time may differ. However, if you face unexpected power-balancing problems or overheated chargers, then it is time to go for a replacement. Now, what is the most appropriate general alternative? Our top list on the best battery for MacBook Pro 2011 is here to fix such a delicate issue.

Best Battery for MacBook Pro 2011

Here you go! The following product recommendations include the mostly evaluated and top-picked MacBook batteries. However, we have chosen only those products that are actually compatible with your MacBook Pro 2011and deliver innovative permanence.

#1. E EGOWAY Battery- Officially Certified Power-Provider for MacBook Pro 2011

E EGOWAY is the prime developer of genuinely produced MacBook and laptop batteries. Also, in this tech-field, they have set their identity as the operator of original and brand-new parts.

This MacBook battery model comes with satisfactory 6000-Milliamp hours of energy supply. Moreover, with a lightweight body, it ensures a non-stop device function of 3.5 hours on average. However, the operating period may fluctuate according to the usage of specific programs.

The particular CE-/ FCC-/ RoHS certification of the E EGOWAY batteries can convince you about the ultimate power-oriented safeguarding. Besides, the recharging set contains almost 500 cycles of battery life.  Therefore, for the MacBook 2011 users, this top-reviewed Li-Polymer battery is profoundly recommended.


  • Unique circuit defense for overcharging
  • Integrated wired protection for better safety
  • Exceptional power saving facility
  • High-quality equipment supply
  • Super-fast charging with heavy-duty grade-A cell


  • Possible power degradation after several months

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#2. RayHom MacBook Battery- Quality Power -Alternate for MacBook Pro Users

Here comes a super-performer MacBook battery from the RayHom production house. The RayHom batteries offer all the essential features with the most exquisite competence.

With a standard Li-Polymer category, this six-cell battery delivers almost 5800-mAh/72-Wh power capability.  Furthermore, the 4 hours of the running time is a plus for professional users.

If we talk about safety measures, its transcendent A-graded cells shield your MacBook Pro 2011 from over-charging and circuit breakdowns. Resembling any other standard batteries, RayHom renders around 500 quality-full recharging series.

Global third parties like UL and CE have licensed this maker entirely safe for use. Lastly, the official one-year warranty proves the outstanding company service toward the customers.


  • Premium-quality internal-chip
  • Low-rate of power-draining
  • Balanced battery output
  • Stable discharging and electricity covering
  • Instant charging with prolonged execution


  • Problematic fitting in some models

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#3.NinjaBatt MacBook Battery-  The Ultimate MacBook Pro Power House

NinjaBatt is the pioneering manufacturer for effectual laptop batteries and relevant charging materials. Among their large-scale collections, the top-notch and best battery for MacBook Pro 2011 is also available.

The uncompromising tendency of NinjaBatt helps to assemble the OEM specified requirements for MacBook batteries. Moreover, the batteries are enclosed with durable circuit lines and the best quality substances. As for the battery lifetime, the regular 500 cycles is assured with grade-A class cells.

This battery preserves a spot on charging ability to make your laptop rejuvenated and restore the original Apple actions. With 63.5Wh power holding capacity and10.95 Voltage support, it secures hour-long smooth operation.

Briefly, we can say that among the crowd of unsafe and low-priced MacBook battery replicas, NinjaBatt possesses the top safety certification along with extra- protective features.


  • Preventive overheating structure
  • Precise fit guaranteed
  • Upgraded battery aptitude
  • Built-in short-circuit and overload barriers
  • Authorized 1-year purchase warranty


  • Variation in charging time

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#4. Runpower Laptop Battery- Amazing Low-budget Battery Replacement for MacBook Pro

Most of the proxy MacBook batteries cost quite an amount. Yet, Runpower makes every effort to combine the top mechanism and reasonable price for their power materials.

Runpower battery is designed with a Li-Polymer component, which affords around 6000-mAh/65-Wh power in total. This 6-celled battery is compatible with a 10.95V powerful connection. However, for swift charging, it will not deprive you of the experience of the best A- graded battery cells.

With approximately 500 boosting battery cycles, Runpower manages to cover the proper steadiness of your MacBook. To make you hassle-free, this brand has passed the test of prime safety rules for electrical products.

In addition, this MacBook battery model beats most of the official Apple MacBook parts suppliers with their extended warranty. Runpower proffers 1.5 years of guarantee and unsurpassed specialized customer service, which is a prior cause to choose them.


  • Convenient tool structure
  • Remarkable longevity and charging rate
  • Well- shaped manufacturer packaging
  • Quick installation facility


  • Slightly poor battery backup

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#5. Puredick Stand-in Battery- Advanced Capacity Power-Storage for MacBook Pro

One of the leading and licensed makers of laptop batteries is Puredick. With the experience of a decade, they are producing power-pack cells with precisely engineered tools.

MacBook Pro 2011 replacement battery from Puredick includes an elevated capacity of 65.5Wh. Besides, it exceeds the original MacBook power that is 63.5Wh.  Moreover, Puredick packs a punch with a groundbreaking web activity of around seven hours and a standby duration of one-month. Likewise, for infotainment-lovers, there remains an eight hours playback package for iTunes movies.

Puredick makes the battery enclosure with remarkably high-class ABS + PC ingredients. Thus, its heat-resistant formula automatically activates in case of overheating events. Also, the batteries occupy the grade-A style with genuine Sony cells.

Last, of all, Puredick never fails to apply a successful 12-months authorized guarantee and uncomplicated exchange policy like the other premium third party laptop parts producers.


  • Moisture -resistant operating system
  • Eco-friendly certification
  • Fail-safe secondary protector
  • Elongated discharge point
  • Impactful charging speed


  • Battery draining after several cycles

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#6. Easy&Fine MacBook Pro Battery- Super-sturdy Charging Companion for MacBook

In our recommended products, we have shortlisted another top-charted battery for MacBook Pro 2011. The Easy&Fine batteries come from the highly proficient manufacturing house to take over the Laptop parts marketplace.

Easy&Fine batteries endow their users with an integral circuit shield to ensure ultimate electronic safety. Moreover, its Li-ion type and 63.5Wh capacity enable consistent laptop performance. As for the inside material, the ABS+PC- formed alloy naturally affords abrasion-resistant procedure and extreme pressure handling property.

Also, your laptop battery’s increased temperature prone tendency leads to serious power-damage. However, with the outstanding thermal insulation component, Easy&Fine resists the voltage over-powering and casual heat-transmitting affairs.

In short, with the prolonged cycle duration, class-A cell quality, superb discharging curve resistance, and reduced inner blockade maintenance, Easy&Fine can definitely hold a place in your favorite list.


  • Excellent arrangement of installation tools
  • Instant system recognition ability
  • Exclusive ESD safeguarding
  • Amazing electromagnetic feature
  • Fireproof internal case


  • Less impressive wireless efficiency

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#7. SNSYIY MacBook Pro Battery– Absolute Upgrading of Your Mac Operating System

SNSYIY has connected the impeccable durability and advancement in their MacBook battery collections so far. Thus, it produces the Macbook 2011 Pro battery with top-quality Li-Polymer that generates an extended 6000-milliAmp Hours battery-life duration.

It’s toughly formatted key-control chip, and the safety chip has been upgraded effectively in the second version of manufacturing. Another bang on feature of SNSYIY comprises over 500 of the battery cycle.

Plus, this battery is free from the regular electronic circuit failure due to overcharging. As for the safety permissions, it is FCC, CE, and RoHS approved. On the whole, you can readily initialize the reviving story of your MacBook pro with this incredible power –booster.


  • Improved power-control interface
  • Ultra-lock design of fuse wires
  • Smart Temperature Generation scheme
  • Suitable protective tools for power-overload
  • Steady electricity direction


  • Less responsive macOS detector

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Notable Criteria Before Getting Your MacBook Battery

Notable Criteria Before Getting Your MacBook Battery

Before purchasing a new replacement battery for your MacBook, you need to check several essential features to pick the best one. Here is a brief guideline for you.

Manufacturing Company

After using the original company battery, your expectation obviously wants to go for another genuine item. Despite the high expenditure, the safe and sound technique is to buy batteries from your actual computer distributor.

However, it is reasonable, and you should go for it. Nevertheless, the authentic company instruments are not available for all models. So, if you decide to purchase some third party electrical equipment, choose the globally recognized brands. Moreover, always analyze the trademark before making the final deals.


Here is a crucial reminder. Normally, the single laptop accessories, like batteries, come with at least a certified 1-year warranty. You should check it beforehand. Do not look for the cheap ones with a three or six-month warranty. Generally, these aftermarket PC batteries are more vulnerable to damage. So, think carefully before purchasing.

Battery Material

The regular users do not have enough ideas about the inside material of Laptop batteries. From model to model, these components may differ. However, Li-ion, Li-Polymer, Ni-cad, and Ni-MH are frequently used in core chemicals. The most recent addition is the Ni-MH chemical.

Nevertheless, both the Li-Polymer and Lithium-ion batteries are well-liked for their performance. MacBook Pro goes typically with any of the above Li- types. You should match the original battery component with the replacement product.

Model Compatibility

Your MacBook Pro or any other laptop model needs to support the new included piece of battery. Almost all the battery manufacturers use detailed compatibility structure in their product description. If you do not see the required model in the list, then keep the item out. Without a well-matched battery, your PC or MacBook will not recognize the device.

Original Packaging Tools

Secured packaging is the precondition of brand values. To avoid packing to shipment product damaging, batteries need solid wrapping with well-covered mats. Check the seals, main kit, warranty card, installation tools, and user manual after receiving the parcel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard battery lasting time of MacBook Pro 2011?

According to MacWorld’s report, under the regular test of battery draining, the 17” Core i7 MacBook Pro 2011(2.2 GHz) battery lasts for 5.39 hours on average. Conversely, the 13” Core i5 MacBook Pro 2011 (2.3 GHz) performs continuously for 5.53 hours.

What is the side-effect of over-charging the MacBook Pro?

The Mac operating system comes with a reasonably solid battery backup. To prevent the battery-draining, Apple highly discourages the all-time plugged-in activity of their MacBooks. Additionally, the company suggests a regular monthly discharging plus charging check-up on the PC.

What are the models of MacBook Pro with the finest battery- life?

Among the recent versions, the 13’’ and 16’’- MacBook Pro and 13’’ MacBook Air are the existing MacBook model. Nonetheless, the 2021 edition of MacBook Air conveys the highest durable operating time. Its battery lasts for 12 hours in movie playing and 11 hours for regular web browsing.

Wrap Up

All the global technicians design their latest batteries with a minimum of 3-4 hours of standby supports. However, the incident of battery cycle expiration is not a pleasant experience for any user. Also, finding a trustworthy and well-service provider for your MacBook Pro 2011 can be a bit of trouble. Often the customers are conned by the refurbished or outdated material made batteries that come out with a massive discount.

Hence, in your journey to pick the best battery for MacBook Pro 2011, we have spared no effort in reviewing the highest-rated and top-branded accessories.  In conclusion, this complete assessment will guide your product shopping so that you can choose the most appropriate one with ultimate confidence.