10 Best CPU Temp Monitor: Free & Paid Versions for Your PC

You need to give enough importance to monitoring the resources of your system. System capabilities are something that a user must know about. And some applications are a great help for such lifesaving monitoring.

There are lots of options available online but only a few of them actually come with beneficial features. And today we are here to diminishes that necessity by providing the 10 best CPU temp monitor software. Stay Tuned till The End!

10 Best CPU Temp Monitor Paid & Free Version

CPU Temp Monitors NameKey Benefits
Core TempEasy To Attach
Monitor CPU Faster
Speed FanFine For Windows Computer
Reduce Irksome Noise Of Fans
SpeccyGood For Basis PC Build
Nice Performance
HWMonitor-ProIncrease Interface Of CPU
Control Temperature Faster
Real TempFine For Intel Core Processors
Great Endurance Ability
GPU TempNice For Heavy Users
Simple To Run On
Open Hardware MonitorSolves Software Issues
Easy To Install
AIDA64 ExtremeAnalyze CPU Performance Smoothly
Good For CPU Fans
Server & Application MonitorSimple To Install
Spot Damages Faster
ManageEngine Applications ManagerShows Data In Full-Detail
Detects And Treats Issue

Want to improve accessibility from remote locations? We have research on the internet to make a list of the top 10 best temperature monitor apps in paid & free versions:

Core Temp (Free)

Highlighted Features:

  • High level of customization.
  • Super simple to run.
  • Great for web developers.

Core Temp is a free version of a temperature monitor that is light, simple to fit, and perfect for Windows computers. In fact, it works on most processors and shows the temperature for each one of the cores. Besides, you can view the overall system data of the processor. Want to know the best part? This application can run in the background without turning off other apps.

Speed Fan (Free)

Highlighted Features:

  • Works on Windows all versions.
  • Support both 86 & 64-bit processors.
  • Detects high CPU temperature.

Speed fan application has convenient support for controlling CPU temperature. In fact, it works amazingly on all versions from Windows 95 to Windows 10. But wait there’s more as the application also shows the basic system information such as graphics card, multi-core programs, and frequency, etc. With this ultra program, you can lessen the extra irritating noise of speedy fan.

Speccy (Free)

Highlighted Features:

  • Has an option to take screenshots.
  • Displays detailed information on the basic system.
  • Gives real-time temperature of components.

Speccy is a perfect application for desktop devotees as it offers a quick outline of hardware workings. Also, it shows helpful data of hardware parts on the desktop. These are just a few as this application supports both 64 and 84-bit Windows. Plus, it has clever-hit performance and endurance. And we don’t stop there, it has a protective problem-solving option. Plus, it targets the CPU issue before it actually happens.

HWMonitor-Pro (Paid)

Highlighted features:

  • A perfect read for all versions of Windows.
  • Helps to advance interface and save monitoring facts.
  • Comes with 2 years of free service with unlimited license.

HWMonitor temp application is a paid version that gives full facts on the processor’s system. In fact, it offers good frequency, performance, and endurance for a smooth CPU by controlling temperature. Also, the application supports 32 and 64-bit processors. We find it really mesmerizing since it gives nonstop updates on recurrent data.

Real Temp (Free)

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes no installation or registration modifications.
  • Supports on 32 &64 bit processors.
  • Shows MHz, TJMax & CPUID systems settings.

If you want an application that gives full temperature for individual cores, then we may suggest running this on your CPU. It is a processor-friendly program that is fully free. Also, the best thing about this app is it supports Intel core-based processors. Besides, the program has a high-temperature alarm and turn-off option depending on CPU temperature.

GPU Temp (Free)

Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable for both advanced users and gamers.
  • Comparing to others, it is light in weight.
  • It shows temperature in degree.

GPU Temp application is super easy to run on any version of Windows for viewing CPU temperature in Celsius. No wonder, the programs help to discover the overall temperature and voltage in the computer. Also, it gives useful information for users to understand the critical problems or temperature at ease. Besides, it gives way out to any software problem.

Open Hardware Monitor (Free)

Highlighted Features:

  • Full free to install & share.
  • Gives good data to detect CPU problems.
  • Helps to improve CPU clock speed.

Open Hardware Monitor is a free version for all Windows users to help with CPU temperature. For what it functions, it has professional style data that helps the user to find a full detailed analysis. If you on one occasion want to analyze CPU temperature, you can lessen the workload for fast and smooth performance.

AIDA64 Extreme (Free)

Highlighted Features:

  • Great for any CPU fan.
  • Top-industrial CPU system analysis tool.
  • Gives full details on benchmarks & hardware.

AIDA64 Extreme program has a brilliant information-providing system with full protection for solving serious issues. In fact, it gives full monitoring benefits for scanning RAM & GPU performance. Besides, if the CPU has any problem on the hard drive or motherboard, it gives a possible solution. Plus, it is friendly to 32 to 64-bit Windows processors.

Server & Application Monitor (Paid)

Highlighted Features:

  • Requires no extra effort to install.
  • Includes 1200+ program monitoring components.
  • Displays Azure and AWS IaaS, and SaaS settings.

Server & Application Monitor is a paid version from SolarWinds brand that offers a good performance of hardware monitoring tools. So, why is it so special? Well, it helps a lot to spot any damages that are helpful for CPU users. Plus, the application has modifiable server monitoring to check CPU, fan speed, memory, and disk space.

ManageEngine Applications Manager (Paid)

Highlighted Features:

  • Included report custom & liberal repots.
  • Has multi-endorsement work-flow.
  • Computerized scale report cleanup.

Another program that has good features and provides time-bound access management is ManageEngine Application Manager. To begin with, it has a platform design for displaying the reports of other launching apps and hardware status. Besides, we find it really helpful as it shows CPU data, frequency, and disk info to detect problems.


To keep overheating and other damages out from your PC, you must take help from such valuable supporting software. Try these 10 best CPU temp monitor that comes with both free and paid choices. And save your computer from potential danger. It’s actually more important than you think!

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