Ryzen 7 2700x vs i7 8700k: From a Gamer’s Perspective

ryzen 7 2700 vs i7 8700k

Depending on your workload and power requirements, there’s a close chance that processors are the most important thing you care about. Because this is the major part that controls what exciting features you’ll be enjoying. Two epic processors from the two very famous, AMD & Intel have caught our attention.

So, we decided to go for a clash between these two popular picks. Yes, it’s going to be a fun ride with the Ryzen 7 2700x vs i7 8700k battle. Who’ll take over, let’s find out!

Ryzen 7 2700x vs i7 8700k Comparison Table

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X ProcessorIntel Core i7-8700K Desktop Processor

Processor Cores & Threads

Usually, it has 8 cores & 16 threads for doing multi-task non-stop.The i7-8700k has 6 cores and 12 threads for better gaming experience.

Smart Cache

The Ryzen processor comes with 20 MB of smart cache for sharing things easily.It has 12 MB of smart cache for smarter and quicker PC workings.

Max Processor Frequency

It offers 4.3 GHz maximum processor frequency for speeding up CPU functions.This processor comes with 4.7 GHz maximum processor frequency.

Memory Type

On top, the Ryzen 2700X processor has DDR4 SDRAM latest variant of memory in computing.It has good memory type of DDR4-2666 for boosting performance and improves efficiency quicker.


The 2700X processor has reasonable price tag at good features.It is expensive than the Ryzen 2700X processor.

Ins and Outs of AMD Ryzen 2700X Processor

If you are a game lover and prefer the CPU processor to come with a cooler, then we may suggest you to AMD Ryzen 2700X model. Plus, it has a unique platform that helps to improve desktop running. For what it worth, we find it amazing that it has high function at a good value.

And we don’t stop there as it has fantastic technology that gives support to do multi-task even if running 4k video or 3D data. Besides, it manages the CPU workings, sound, and looks.

Here are some details of this processor features and workings:

Processors Speed

If we look at the AMD 2700X processor, we see that they have CPU speed for up to 4.3 GHz that is a lot than the average processor. Besides, it helps to speed up CPU’s overall performance for doing any task without shutting down any apps.

Price Point

To start with the 2700X processor, it has a cheap price point with good quality with lots of features. Besides, the advanced 2nd generation processor has less than 250 dollar price tag. Plus, it is quite cheaper than the i7-8700K processor.

Processors Cores & Thread

The 2700X processor has 8 processor counts with 16 processing threads. In fact, an average amount of core and thread of processors are 4 & 12. By looking at the average cores and threads, we must say that the Ryzen 2700X is great at this point.

Smart Cache

On top, the 2700X series of AMD brand has for up to 20 MB of smart cache for faster sharing memory between different finishing cores. Also, an average processor has smart catch for up to 10 Mb per second that indicates how perfect this processor is. So, we can say it has good smart catcher for faster sharing data.

Ins and Outs of Intel Core i7-8700K Desktop Processor

Intel core brands are popular for their incredible high performance and well-built technology for PC devotees to have fun. Also, it has up to 1200 graphics dynamic frequency to look good.

These are actually a few since they give good image quality in the 4k & 3D version while doing multi-process. On top, it increases RAM and compatibility for increasing terminal efficiency.

Here are some particles of this brand for understanding each and everything of its function.

Processors Speed

If we look at the other brand of the i7-8700k series, we would see they have 4.7 GHz frequency. That is better than the 2700X version even though every average clock has 3.00 GHz to 4.00 GHz speed. Plus, it helps to reduce heat temperature from the processor to the cooler.

Price Point

In addition, the i7-8700K has a high-quality performance with lifelong features that gives better CPU progress at a higher price point. Besides, it has many facilities and endurance that comes in less than 400 dollars for users to experience better gaming option.

Processors Cores & Thread

By looking at this supreme processor, it comes with up to 6 cores & 12 treads that are good like a regular CPU processor. A good number of CPU processor cores & threads are 4 cores & 12 threads in average. So, we can say it has good processing cores and threads for everyday workings.

Smart Cache

Like everything else, the i7-8700K processor has 16MB of smart catch per second which is good for average performance. With good technology, it helps to increases the speed of the PC response. Also, the smart cache option gives full advantage of sharing any file, games or any data whenever you wish to.

After getting full details of each product, Continue reading for getting who is the winner of Ryzen 7 2700X VS I7 8700K topic right down below.

Who Wins the Battle Ryzen 7 2700X VS I7 8700K

There are a lot of debate on Ryzen 7 2700X VS I7 8700K topic. But, both products have different benefits in their own way. If we wish to have good performance and max core & thread support, then the 2700X processors are our pick.

Plus, it is budget-friendly price tags for users to develop content creation. So, if we prefer to have good warranty support, high–quality performance and good frequency, then we elect to choose the i7-8700k processors. Besides, both brands have good endurance, balanced design, and perfect compatibility.


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