Top 7 Best PCIe Riser Cable Reviews in 2022 With Buyers Guide

Are you looking for the best PCI-E riser cable? No worries. We’ve done the tough job for you to find out top-notch riser cables hitting in the market right now because the manufacturers are trying to grab the booming business rapidly by decreasing their prices without ensuring the quality and durability of riser cables.

So, we’ve had a brainstorming session to make a list of top-quality PCIe riser cables according to the customers’ satisfaction. When to buy your riser cable, don’t compromise with the quality. Otherwise, you might have a bitter journey, which is not expected at all.

By the way, here’s the list of 7 best pcie riser cables:

  1. Thermaltake TT Gaming PCI – Great for Extreme Gaming Enthusiasts***Most Popular
  2. Phanteks PH-CBRS_PR22 – 220mm Riser Cable– High Performance Riser Cable***Overall Best
  3. EZDIY-FAB All New PCI Express – Overall Best Riser Cable***Recommended
  4. Phanteks PH-CBRS_FL22 – 220mm Riser Cable – Works Great for Intensifying Performance
  5. LINKUP {30 cm} PCIE 3.0 Riser Cable – Good for Vertical GPU Mount
  6. AsiaHorse Speed Extender Riser Cable – High Speed Cable at an Affordable Price
  7. Lesozoh Riser Cable 64GB extender – Flexible Riser Cable and Longer Life Support

Best PCIe Riser Cable Reviews

Product’s Name Key Benefits Price
Thermaltake TT Gaming PCI Takes Less Time To Install Details On Amazon
Phanteks PH-CBRS_PR22 Improves PC Data Transferring Details On Amazon
EZDIY-FAB All New PCI Express Fast Signal Communication Details On Amazon
Phanteks PH-CBRS_FL22 Easy To Work With Details On Amazon
LINKUP {30 cm} PCIE 3.0 Riser Cable Increase PC Airflow Details On Amazon
AsiaHorse Speed Extender Riser Cable Lessens Signal Deterioration Details On Amazon
Lesozoh Riser Cable 64GB extender Increase Transferring Speed Details On Amazon

Now grab the reviews one by one in detail. But don’t forget to check the buying guides too.

1. Thermaltake TT Gaming PCI – Great for Extreme Gaming Enthusiasts

If you’re looking for a PCI-E rise cable that presents a supreme range of GPU solutions, then this Thermaltake riser cable is precisely for you.

The gaming PCI is improved to support the most influential gaming system and also to ensure compatibility. If you’re an intensive gamer, it would never let you down your confidence because the cable offers up to 8 Gbps bandwidth along with high-speed data transmission.

Moreover, the riser cable comes with the strong PCBs that precisely transmit data, and there is a minimal chance of signal failure. Hence, the cable also ensures the performance without any degradation, while EMI shielding eliminates the tampering.

I want to depict that this is a PCI riser cable that every passionate gamer wants to have for robust performance. Prominently, it will surpass your expectations whenever you start using it.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Minimal signal loss
  • Perfect in length
  • High-quality extender


  • Price is a bit high

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2. Phanteks PH-CBRS_PR22 – 220mm Riser Cable– High Performance Riser Cable

The GPU riser cable is suitable for intensifying GPU performance where GPU is installed vertically. I want to describe that the PCI cable comes with clean aesthetics and assures more flexibility. And you know that every customer likes to have these features.

When you have a slimming riser cable along with quality contacts that are capable of working flawlessly with high-end GPUs, you’re set to purchase it. The Phanteks riser cable offers you these specs, and you’re not dreaming of, right now.

Do you know that the riser cable also features premium shielded axial cables where their utmost duty to decrease signal loss? It also supports optimum data transmission with maximum stability and doesn’t lose accuracy while extending cable.

You can go with that option because of its active data transmission and will also let you concentrate on your working or gaming without any signal degradation.


  • Well-built riser cable
  • Easy to set-up
  • Superior quality
  • Flexible and precisely works


  • Not cooperative with Evolve Shift

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3. EZDIY-FAB All New PCI Express – Overall Best Riser Cable

If you’re looking for the ultimate high-speed PCI-E riser cable, then this one would be an excellent option for you.

You might be thinking about what specs and features the riser is allowing. Well, it is a high-quality product maintaining the best signal communication and offering stable product life. Besides, 4-layer highly-conductive terminals ensure the durability of the product. Even it offers sturdy and maximum performance through Electromagnetic intervention.

There is also a top-notch golden plate contact that accelerates conductivity for more extensive use and also enhances the product lifespan.


  • Easy to install
  • High-quality product
  • Optimum performance
  • Contacts are strong and sturdy
  • Provides vertically mounted GPU solution


  • Might be a problem with Corsair 275R

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4. Phanteks PH-CBRS_FL22 – 220mm Riser Cable – Works Great for Intensifying Performance

Phanteks has introduced another PCI-E riser cable that also offers a slim design and better airflow with its dynamic adjustments.

Like Phanteks PH-CBRS_PR22 – 220mm Riser Cable, it also extends GPU performance that is vertically installed. PCI-E 3.0 congenial GPU riser cable is an absolute option for more flexibility. You won’t face any problem to settle down this cable for the quality aesthetics and slim design.

The gold-plated quality contacts ensure impeccable work without any signal deterioration. However, the EMI shield will let you working unconditionally without making any interruption.


  • Easy to install
  • Slim design
  • Minimal signal loss
  • Works great with vertical GPU
  • Durable construction


  • Didn’t find any critical review

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5. LINKUP {30 cm} PCIE 3.0 Riser Cable – Good for Vertical GPU Mount

LINKUP has many products on the market. LINKUP {30 cm} PCIE 3.0 Riser Cable is one of them. The cable can boot up GPU speed more than other cables in the same price range. It provides continuous signal flow over 32GB.

The design of the cable is flexible, which helps to flow air effectively. To integrate the signal, the cable use high-quality hand join with solder gold-plated connection. Separate Laneway shielding helps to avoid collision between channels, and EMI/EFI, which come from outside.

LINKUP has consolidated an advanced hole pattern to adjust a proper angle into PCIEXT11SR-V5 cables—different angle variations they used there in the design. On the left, it has handled a 270-degree angle, which helps the graphics card to expand down from the interface of the PCIe riser cable if the cable remains upward.

On the other hand, it uses a 180-degree angle straight, which supports the graphics card to expand straight from the motherboard. It also allows cable riser PCIe interface to extend if the cable remains straight.


  • Specially designed for Thermaltake
  • Use devoted power lines
  • Continuous signals
  • Better airflow
  • Prevents EMI/EFI
  • Avoid disturbance between channels
  • Advanced hole design in riser cables


  • No SLI bridge
  • Do not use custom MOD PSU

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6. AsiaHorse Speed Extender Riser Cable – High Speed Cable at an Affordable Price

AsiaHorse Speed Extender Riser Cable uses an EMI shield in its design, which helps to decrease interference. The cable maintains exceedingly high speed, and the speed is adjustable with both GPU and motherboard elements.

The high-speed cable has a new PCB board layout. The PCI-E slots are edge free. The AsiaHorse riser cable is compatible with Thermaltake cases, as well. The mounting holes are about ten centimeters away from each other.

In general, it fits with any kind of vertical GPU mounts. The cable uses a 180-degree connector. It has used the best quality solder points. Also, the gold-plated connection provides the best dynamism and capable of extended use.

The cable has ensured the proper PCIe slot for all king of graphics card and motherboard components. If you use the cable, the motherboard will get 16x bandwidth, and the PCIe slot offers lower power.


  • Prevents interference
  • Fits with most GPU
  • Compatible with motherboard
  • New PCB board layout
  • Solder points contacts for high conductivity
  • Gold-plated communicate for extensional use.


  • Does not have bottleneck PCIe 4.o system

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7. Lesozoh Riser Cable 64GB extender – Flexible Riser Cable and Longer Life Support

Lesozoh Riser Cable 64GB extender is the super-fast riser card with a port adapter. The card size is around 220mm. The performance of the PCI-E cable is superior, and it does its task in a proper way without lagging for a couple of quarter-fourth.

The cable handles all sorts of performance problems, including extreme heat. It can be used in the most graphics card that holds the PCIe interface of 16x because it is flexible. Both premium standard solder points, along with gold-plated connection uses for the supreme dynamism and extensive use.

The cable can transfer up to 8GB/bps stable signal with PCIE3.0 with 16x. Most of the riser cable is not like Lesozoh cable in features and performance.

Its PCB board has a four-layer. Because of its four-layer, it offers self-rule frequency. Apart from that, it has used layers with EMI design for supreme performance and longtime use.


  • Better performance
  • Solves heat and performance problem
  • Flexible graphics card PCIe interface
  • Transfer 8GB/bps with high speed
  • Newest PCI3.0 with 16x riser cable
  • PCB board contains four-layer
  • Improved wires


  • It will not adjust with 2080 TI’s

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How to Buy the Top PCIe Riser Cables

How to Buy the Top PCIe Riser Cables

Everyone wants to skyrocket the performance of his personal computer. Every person loves to see his computer running like a rabbit with continuity from the story, we know. To make sure the better performance, you need to have a proper look at the necessary parts that use on the computer. The primary function of the Thermaltake riser cable is to extend the storage of the graphics card.

How important it is for the GPU to hold extra storage, only gamers know. The graphics card helps to load massive games faster and smoothly.


Nowadays, gamers are looking forward to buying good looking and updated PCIe riser cables, and the manufacturers are doing their best to fulfill user satisfaction. Only a single thing can change the look of your building through a case, that is a graphics card. Since a considerable portion of the performance depends on the GPU, so you need to focus on the design of it. Cooling is the superior thing to keep your GPU safe from disturbance.

What we have reviewed in this very article, all the GPU riser cables have a better design. The manufacturers ensured the best models in their built quality. If we talk about AsiaHorse speed extender riser cable mainly, the producer has used gold-plated and solder points, which help to use it for a long time.

Most of the best GPU riser cables have a high built quality, which is compatible with Thermaltake cases. Another essential thing in design is flexibility. So that they can adjust with 8x, 16x, 32x and, so on. Some brand uses a twin-axial cable mechanism in their riser cables, which is highly recommended to be the best cables.


Price is the most effective issue before buying the best GPU riser cable. Sometimes you need the best product, but you are in short in the pocket. Then it becomes challenging for people to buy the best cables. If it happens, then you must find some budget riser cables that fit with your build requirement, but do not empty your pocket as well.

On the other hand, you have a sufficient amount to invest for your GPU riser cable; you are good to go with any best cables. Handsome budget can help you to find high-quality GPU riser cable in no time.


Day by day, manufacturers are updating their PCIe riser cables considering customers need. It does not come in a day. Modern technology has a blessing in the tech industry. The producers are building the best PCIe riser cable over the years. Where durability is a vital part. People love to use their best riser cables for a long time without disturbance.

Considering those issues, manufacturers update its riser cable with an extreme version of PCIe cables that ensure extended use over time.


Does riser cable affect performance? No, PCIe riser cable does not affect performance at all. The build quality of PCIe cable is high, so it consumes a small amount of power. For this reason, it does not affect the output. Whereas, other cables need a tremendous amount of power supply. So, in some cases, they do not work correctly if there is a shortage of power supply.

An important thing that can affect the performance is a shield. If a voltage origin is close to the wire, it can change electricity flow, which can decrease the performance, somehow. Nowadays, PCB layers are being used in some PCIe riser cables, which boosts up the performance.

Apart from that, the locking mechanism ensures the proper connections between the wires that can provide a flowless experience. Sectional designs support proper airflow that keeps the GPU cool, which may give better output in performance.

To Sum Up

PCI-E riser cables are often considered a blessing for the graphics card as it extended the space of the GPU. Building a custom PC can be a dream project for a PC builder where the extension of PSU can add some extra value to it.

A PC builder always keeps in mind before building a custom PC. He needs the high speed and the best Riser cable that can fulfill his prospect. The best GPU riser cable guarantee that desire.