7 Best Stylus for Ipad Air 2: Write in the Smart Way

best stylus for ipad air 2

Do you need a stylus to write smartly on your iPad? But in a fix, which one will be best for your iPad Air 2? Then, you inevitably get your solution here in this article.

There are a lot of models of stylus you will get to buy. But in reality, not everyone is ideal to use on all devices. Again there is a matter of quality also.

Keeping all these things in mind, we have brought some best stylus for iPad air 2, including detailed features and benefits. In this article, you get to know some great stylus to use on your iPad and have great writings.

Best Stylus for Ipad Air 2:

Well, here are seven best stylus for iPad air 2 that you can use without any second thought. Read further to know the perfect one for your iPad.

1. amPen Stylus: Quickly Reactive Ipad Stylus

The amPen introduces an amazing stylus for iPad air 2. It has the latest technology of fast responding feature that is quite impressive.

It’s added benefit is that the rubber tip of fiber hybrid is replaceable. So, no tension for buying another stylus frequently, you only need to replace the tip.

Again, it is like a general pen shape and so, very light to carry. The stylus is available on five stylish colors-pink, black, red, silver, & white. Again it is not only compatible with iPad Air 2, but also you can use in iPad air 3/4, air mini, Samsung edge series, etc.


Tip on the top is replaceable

Durable and easy to carry

√  Rubber is not too hard  not too soft

√   Superfast reactive technology


If something breaks inside the top clip, the clip always rattles

2. MEKO Stylus: a Stylus Compatible with All Touch Screen Devices

It is a stylus compatible with all types of touch screen devices. And MEKO company is giving an opportunity of buying a 2 in 1 pack series. With this series, you will be going to get two stylus with two extra rubber tips and two extra replacement disc tip.

The stylus gives you a real pen feeling. It has a 9mm pen tube with a 2mm rubber point. The rubber tip is replaceable, so no need to buy another.

The stylus is available in attractive, some colors-black, silver, golden, pink, purple, and blue. Each package includes one black and one any other color of stylus.


√  versatile one compatible with all touch screen devices

√  Replaceable rubber tip and replacement disc included

√   No plastic material, made of stainless steel & aluminum

√    Perfect for writing notes, drawing, playing


√  The tip doesn’t work without the plastic disc 

3. MEKO 2nd Gen. Stylus: Upgraded Stylus with Thinner Disc Tip

MEKO brings another stylus series compatible with all touch screen devices, but this one is one step ahead for its thinner disc tips.

All the features of this series are the same as the previous one. But for its thin disc tip, writing or drawing on your smart device has become so comfortable.

It is also available in two in one package. You will get the real pen feeling with this smart tool. It’s another excellent feature that it is divisible into three parts, and the mini pen part is also useable and portable.


√   No need to change stylus only the tip & disc

√   Updated with thinner disc tip 

√    The curved design of rubber point gives non-slippery grip

√    You can use only the mini part of the big stylus also


√   Using on the dirty screen can result in scratches

4. CCIVV Stylus: Slim Stylus with Widened Tip

CCIVV stylus is a stylus with a broader tip. Its highlighted feature is it can ignite so fast that you will love to write with it.

The body clip of it is a solid stainless steel clip and oxidized aluminum barrel that makes your grip so comfortable one to use.

The stylus is a perfect stylus for iPad air 2 and also in other android /iOS devices. Again, you get extra several rubber tips with it, and you can use them for replacing tip further.


√  So durable with replaceable rubber tip 

√   Easy to hold & use

√    Given extra tips lasts for years

√    Attractive colors & reasonable price


√    The slightly longer length looks awkward  to some users

5. Aceirst Stylus: Rechargeable Stylus for Air 2

Well, it is a rechargeable stylus with excellent and fascinated design. The pen can give you to write an hour by charging only four minutes.  So, thirty to forty minutes’ charge can continue for 12 hours spontaneously without any delay. 

It has an on-off button on its body and a light indicator to indicate the power. Its charger port is at the back of the pen.  Using it will give a no delaying option, superfast sensitivity. So you can use the stylus for any kind of drawing, writing, or even optimize scratch. 


√  Rechargeable & fast charging

√    No need  Bluetooth connection

√    So accurate & responsive

√   smooth experience and excellent pressure sensitivity


√    Writing gets scattered in some fast writing

6. BoxWave Stylus: Non-Breakable Stylus for Air 2

The highlighted feature of it is that it is not breakable,  super durable with fiber mesh technology. Its tip is electric sensor conductive.

It has a long length and constructed with a robust aluminum barrel. Again you will be attracted to its module of cleaning during use.


√  Tearing free & non-breakable

√    Ultra-durable

√    Cleans the screen while using

√   Flimsy & cheap 


√    A not good one for serious drawing

7. CLCCON  Stylus: Energy Saving  Rechargeable Stylus

The stylus is for Apple devices only. So you can use it easily on air 2 or any other Apple device. 

It is rechargeable, and it does not need any Bluetooth connection or any app to use. It is super fast in responding, and it automatically turns off after 5 minutes of inactivity. So this is an energy saver yet.


√  Energy saver 

√   No need Bluetooth connection or any app 

√   Finest copper tip

√   Can be rechargeable with ordinary Apple charger or power bank


√    Only compatible with Apple devices.

Considerations Before Choosing a Stylus for Ipad Air 2

Buying one stylus among the various brands is a tough one to do. Besides, different companies hype people by showing one and giving another one. So, to refrain from befooling, you need to keep some crucial things in mind while buying the best stylus for iPad air 2.

Choose the Right One

While buying a stylus for air 2, make sure the stylus is compatible with air 2. Sometimes the companies show compatibility on their features, but in reality, they don’t. So, be careful and first check with the precise device.

 Be sure of durability

Before buying, always make sure of the strength of the product. It is an essential one to check

Look for the Quality First

While purchasing a stylus, check the quality at first. If it is not a good one, then it will not last long. Again, choose that one giving long time warranty so that you can be sure of the lastings. 

Price Is Also Remarkable

The better product sometimes costs much. So, it will not always be wise to choose the cheaper one. Choose the good one having many features with benefits also.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I Need to know Some Extra to Use A Stylus?

No, you don’t need it. A stylus is like a normal pen. The fact is you will use it on your smart tool and nothing else.

 How Stylus Works?

The touch screen devices detect electric sensor spots usually. Every stylus is of conductive material so that it can send touch or the sensor to the touch screen. 

What type of stylus will be best for iPad Air 2?

For the 2nd generation of Ipad Air,  it does not need any extra features. Only see the compatibility with the device and the qualities with highly user recommendations, and that will be enough for long time use.

Final Words:

The article includes 7 best stylus for iPad air 2, and these are the highly-rated with great operating features.  Each one features different unique benefits. So, read the entire article to know about them and select your desired one.

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