Is iPhone X Waterproof? Know The Truth!

Suppose your iPhone X accidentally slipped from your hand. It drops down in the pool or any water area. Sometimes the damage can become somewhat fatal, impacting the quality of an iPhone X.

An iPhone X assembles with different kinds of functions. Such as full screen, high performance, 3D recognition into one. That gives an iPhone X on a new height. Above all these, waterproof must keep on the iPhone X.

Now the question Is iPhone X waterproof? In this article, we effort to answer the question which arises in your mind.

Is iPhone X Waterproof

 Apple started adding waterproof features to the iPhone 7. This practical feature has inherited on the iPhone X. The waterproof rating is still IP67.

 Here we recommend some facts on the iPhone X below. That removes your confusion ‘Is iPhone X waterproof or not.’

Fundamentally waterproof

 You may little confuse whether iPhone X Waterproof or Water-Resistant. Up to 1 meter (At large 3 feet) in water, the iPhone X is waterproof. 

 An iPhone X is water-resistant technically, but it is fundamentally waterproof. 

IP Code for dust and water resistance

The IP code ranks an iPhone X by giving a score from 0-6 for dust-resistance and 0-8 for water-resistance. That means the highest level of dust-resistance and the second-highest level of water-resistance.

An iPhone X is dust-resistant and water-resistant up to about in a meter of water.

Dual-USB Solar Charger features

An iPhone X has featured in dual-USB Solar Charger and water-resistant shell. That helps to charge up your waterproof iPhone using the power of the sun.

Dust resistant

As an iPhone X waterproof rating is IP67 That means it is 100% protected against dust and sand and other small solid materials and verified to last till 30 minutes in 15cm to 1m of water.

Limitation time in submerges up

The concept of the waterproof IP67 level is under the IEC60529 standard and the waterproof capacity maximum of 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter is a laboratory measurement.

But in practice, due to different circumstances such as water quality, water pressure, and water depth, the time of water resistance may vary. Moreover your iPhone X may be affected.


Do not try to test whether it is waterproof or not at home willingly. Only iPhone X owners can submerge this instrument in the water of up to 1 meter for till 30 mins.

Keep away the iPhone X from rain or any water area. Otherwise, it could fall and damage accidentally.

Do not put an iPhone X to charge in wet conditions because liquid damage cannot protect under Apple’s warranty.  


 The above is all about ‘Is iPhone X waterproof’? Although iPhone X’s water resistance is still slightly inferior. So, Apple is worried about the situation and working for it.

 For whatever length of time, a great feature is sufficient, and it is enough to match the user needs. 

We hope this article has helped you. You might have understood whether an iPhone X is waterproof or not.  

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