5 Best Stylus For iPad Mini 4 That Brings You The Utmost Benefits?

If you are a selective person about the gadgets, you keep using all day. Then, of course, you cannot select one random Stylus a day to use with your iPad mini 4. Proper knowledge of these products and comparing each of them are bound to cut out a lot of time from your busy schedule.

To save you from these complications, we have gathered a list of 5 Best Stylus for iPad mini 4. Not only has that, gradually in this article, but you will also come out of the superstition of using only Apple products on iOS set.

So that, stay with us till the end of this review of the stylus pens for your best interest.

Best Stylus For iPad Mini 4

Now without ruining any more time, let’s jump to the reviews that we have arranged after irresistible researches:

#1. Zspeed Stylus Pen- Two Protector Caps and Accurate Copper Tip

Zspeed brought to you a super version of all the essential features you want in your Stylus. To be more precise, this pen is the first choice for artists to flaunt their creativity in every angle. You can fully recharge this item more or less in one hour and keep it working continuously for almost 10 hours without having any low battery interruptions.

This stylus pen provides all measurements to protect this product, which makes it durable. They included magnetic closure caps to resist dust or tiny bugs from entering the USB port and causing damages. It has both a fiber mesh tip and a rubber tip to replace one another in case of an emergency. They also protect this delicate part to keep it working better for a long time.


  • It has an automatic stoppage after 30 minutes of pausing of work.
  • It takes 60-80 minutes to full-charged and stands for straight 30 days afterward.
  • 45mm copper fine tip ensures distinct accuracy.
  • It provides two different magnetic closure caps for tips and USB port.
  • No annoying feature, the ultimate real pen using feeling.


  • This pen might be a low performer when in need of quick writing.

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#2. Milemont Stylus Pen- Prompt and Professional

Milemont reserves a unique spot for those who love to maintain professionalism in every sector. It works on a pinpoint to avoid any kind of silly mistakes. No wonder the demanded perfection of writing and drawing you can achieve with this. To continue with the professionalism, you can start working with the Milemont stylus pen without any more waiting for charging.

Other than that, the integration in the fine tip allows it to click and work with small icons swiftly. The advanced technologies make it compatible universal with a wide range of different devices. It takes one to two hours to recharge fully and stands for 10 hours of working without causing any trouble.

The stylus pen will stop working automatically after having a pause of 30 minutes. So it will save battery life and buy you some more time while working in the future.


  • A professional outlook.
  • It encourages a very detailed and accurate drawing.
  • It can be used immediately with fully charged, just after unboxing.
  • It needs 1-2 hours charging and sustainable for 10 hours of working.
  • The pen is a highly compatible solution for uncountable devices.


  • The charging takes more time comparatively.

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#3. Adonit Jot Pro 4– Sleek Body, Quiet Writing and Easy to Carry

You can consider it one of the best Stylus available in the market. If you want a smooth working pen that doesn’t give you any headache of connecting via Bluetooth or any other app, then Adonit is one perfect choice for you. It also serves the advantage of quiet writing because of the cushion tip and special fluid in use.

The construction has taken care of aluminum and steel materials, which indeed added a sleek style on this product. It has a clip that you can tuck in your files or pocket or anywhere it is convenient and carry one place to another without having any tension of losing it.

No connection to an external app you will need to start your work, just touching the tip on the screen is enough to begin with, your long day.


  • It offers both smooth and quiet writing.
  • It is hassle-free and easy to carry around.
  • The aluminum and steel build stylus has a sleek and bold design.
  • It doesn’t roll over and fall, you can tuck it in with the carrying clip,
  • No connection to Bluetooth or apps needed.


  • There is no tip protector cap.

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#4. CLCCON Stylus Pen– Efficient Battery and Minimizes Errors

This white designed CLCCON stylus pen has some advanced features which attract the users who are looking for more in their daily usage. Unlike most of the stylus pens, CLCCON offers an ordinary adaptor or laptop or power bank to recharge it entirely, which is rare.

It gives extra concentration to increase its battery longevity as far as possible. Where most of the pen is shutting down after 30 minutes of pause in work, CLCCON shuts down only after 5minutes of no working. It undoubtedly saves a lot of energy. On the contrary, only a few will still be there. They would feel annoyed by the power going off and on constantly.

The 1.45mm fine tip gives you the pleasure of selecting from one small to the smallest icons perfectly. Not only that, but it also reduces breakage and spelling errors while on duty.


  • It is very fluent in both writing and sketching.
  • It has various charging options other than a USB port.
  • It also shutdowns within 5 minutes of no working.
  • This pen decreases the number of spelling errors.
  • It gives a natural experience of writing on papers.


  • Not compatible with Microsoft windows.

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#5. BoxWave Corporation Stylus Pen– Lengthy Battery Backup and Coloring Facilities

BoxWave Corporation has built a basic stylus pen. If you are a believer in tradition and looking for an item that has been created by thinking of iPad mini 4, then this is the one. Not necessarily, all the features are up to date in the race of other stylus pens but ensure you an excellent match for your iPad mini 4.

The battery of this product wins over by continuously working for 12 hours, which beat some most famous stylus on the line. It does quick interaction with the user’s command and easy to control the 2mm fine tip; this all alone in an impressive feature.

It has an excellent reputation for coloring your drawings. It also gives you the feel of using a pen naturally. The only fact of not being supportive of palm rejection may demotivate you, still a super stylus pen to try out once.


  • It has an ultra 2mm fine tip that does perfect tap and swipes instantly.
  • The battery works for straight 12 hours.
  • It has a stable and robust aluminum build.
  • The pen is capable of coloring nicely on the iPad.
  • The AccuPoint tip does quick interaction by emitting Electronic Pulses.


  • It is not supportive of palm rejection.

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How to Choose the Best Stylus Pen for You?

Best Stylus For iPad Mini 4

When the marts are offering a vast number of stylus pens, each of them equipped with impressive features, it must be hard for you to pick the best one according to your taste. Check out this analysis to find out which product suits you more:


If you are tired of buying one after another pen for your iPad mini 4 as none of them stays workable for long enough, then here is the solution – Zspeed Stylus Pen. Speed shows pretty good performance in all aspects, but the bonus if its construction is that it has two magnetic caps to protect each edge. So, other than you cause any trouble with your stylus pen, it will serve you for quite a long time.

Professional Appearance

You might be one strict follower of fashion in every sector. If this is the case, a fancy drama stylus pen for your everyday office won’t suit your personality at all. To rescue you from this hectic, Milemont Stylus Pen has the ultimate professional look that goes with your professionalism. On a serious note, the performance of the pen is very accurate and on point to save you from having mistakes at work.

Comfy and Easy to Carry

Now the manufacturer company has also created the options for the lazy people who don’t have any strict work to be done but want an easy to use and carry around type stylus pen. Adonit Jot Pro 4 – the smooth and quiet performance of this piece is undoubtedly one item to go for right away. Otherwise, it also has a stylish body, and it won’t roll over wherever you put it because of it carrying clip- isn’t it awesome?

Built of Smart Technology

The young, of course, will want to stay up to date with their gadgets. CLCCON Stylus Pen has bought to you all the advanced features you could ask for in the 20’s century. It has the least standby time, which makes the battery very efficient. It can be an essential item for both an artist and a regular person.

Stable Battery

If you are currently suffering from low battery problem now and then from your stylus pen, which makes you want to but the one with the best battery backup. BoxWave Corporation Stylus Pen gives you the pleasure of using a long time without having an issue of low battery. It has an excellent option for coloring sketches, and a must option to try out for those who love to draw with their stylus pen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use them instead if apple pencil?

Yes, you can use them on your iOS devices. Unlike apple pencils, which you can only use on specific devices, Zspeed gives a wide range of instruments to apply with it.

Does Adonit provide any cap?

Adonit stylus pen has a cap to protect the fine tip while not in work, and it is included in the packaging.

Do Milemont pens make any scratch on the screen?

The smooth work policy doesn’t let the pen tip to do any harm to the screen. The performance is clean and also has palm rejection, which avoids the extra touches of your palm while writing on it.

Does not having palm rejection on BoxWave cause any problem?

In the case of quick writing, it may be a vital problem of not having palm rejection. But for drawing or making sketches, it is entirely adjustable.

Bottom Lines

The Stylus can be one of your all-time companions, just as your iPad mini 4. To get the best experience of using firstly, you must give it a thought on what purpose you are going to buy it.

If the motive is clear, then you already have gone through all the Best Stylus or iPad mini 4 choices, and now is the time to select the perfect one that you think is the best for your work. Moreover, proper caring for your product may increase its lifetime and performance. So, the right Stylus stays for a long time beside you.