Best Trackpad for Windows-5 Top Rated Picks For You

Trackpad has taken the place of mouse that provides a more comfortable and natural experience to the users. Its control surface is flat and extended with which you can control the movement of the cursor with your finger, sliding along the trackpad’s surface. You can perform multiple tasks with faster motion compared to a mouse. As people have started to realize the ease and amenities of using a trackpad, it is growing popularity day-by-day.

To satisfy the user’s need and preference, different trackpads with impressive features are emerging in the marketplace. If you are looking for trackpads that will best fit your Windows, then you are in the right place. We have analyzed the performance of several trackpads and found the best trackpad for Windows that will offer you more suitable gesturing and scrolling.

Best Trackpad for Windows

Product’s Name Operating System Key Benefit Price
Perixx PERIPAD-501 Portable Trackpad Windows 7, 8, And 10 Simple To Press And Track Details On Amazon
Jelly Comb USB Trackpad Windows 7 And 10 Smooth To Touch  Details On Amazon
Seenda High Precision Trackpad Linux, Windows 7, And 10 Nice For Creative Works Details On Amazon
Pirexx PERIPAD-504 Wired Trackpad Windows 7, 8, And 10 Light, Reliable, And Sturdy Details On Amazon
Logitech K-400 Plus Touch Keyboard Windows 7, Vista, And XP Easy To Type And Control Details On Amazon

Our today’s review covers the following trackpads:

1. Perixx PERIPAD-501 Portable Trackpad– Get an Extra Portability with Lightweight like a Feather!

Pirexx PERIPAD-501 is a reliable wired trackpad that includes a multi-gesture style to facilitate pointing. The design has several features like finger slide, two-finger tap, touch with one finger, tag-drop, zoom in, zoom out, and vertical scroll.

With these features, you will get pointing support just silent like a mouse. There will be no need for a driver because it has two buttons. This external trackpad with buttons contains a play feature and plug to ensure ease of use. So, the users who don’t like a single surface instead of physical buttons can choose it and use it by clicking through the computer interface.

Durability is another advantage you will find in PERIPAD-501 with its reliable USB Cable. You can move the wired trackpad freely with its 5.3-foot long cable. PERIPAD-501 comes with two attractive sizes. One is 5.7″ by 3.5,” and another is 2.3″ by 1.7″. Thereby, it has a light and small size, so you can carry it anywhere you want.

It is compatible with operating systems, including Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, and XP. Moreover, Pirexx is an ideal pick for multiple users, such as professional users and especially people having physical challenges.

One can use it by keeping it on a kiosk, rack, server room, and drawer space without any connection problem.


  • Supports Multi-touch
  • Quick and easy set up.
  • Most comfortable.
  • Applicable in the industrial environment.
  • Two-finger scrolling facility.


  • Sensitivity is sometimes not consistent.

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2. Jelly Comb USB Trackpad– A Super Responsive Reliable Trackpad

Jelly Comb USB Trackpad arrives with high precision and multi-touch control that has smoother operation compared to a laptop touchpad. Its touch surface is so perfect that it provides an extra sensitive and faster response to your fingertips. You can scroll, click, drag, zoom in/out and pinch with its varied finger gesture-support.

This convenient trackpad is ultra-slim and is not noticeable when you carry it putting in your bag. It will easily take the place of your big mouse with its navigation facility and a perfect size. There will be no risk of losing connection because its USB cable ensures stable and reliable connectivity. You can use it without any additional driver and freely use it.

Jelly Comb supports laptop or desktop computers having Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating systems. It will provide you a smooth and fluid feel, and you can get rid of wrist fatigue that the mouse may cause. It also offers a durable made with its aluminum construction.

There is a guarantee of money return within 30 days if you find the product defective and ensures free replacement of the trackpad or full refund. The people looking for a slim trackpad and secure connection will prefer Jerry Comb USB Trackpad.


  • Best product for the price.
  • Ensure better control with the touchpad interface.
  • Quick response to touch.
  • Fastest zooming capacity.
  • Provide 12 months warranty.


  • Not compatible with Apple.

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3. Seenda High Precision Trackpad– Enjoy a Stable Connection with This Ultra-Slim Trackpad

Seenda High Precision Trackpad comes with five convenient Hotkeys and multi-touch navigation. It acts more efficiently while pointing or swiping on the computer screen. You can scroll freely through documents, web pages, emails many more with simple controlling based on the gesture.

It includes right, left, and middle buttons along with the mute button of one-touch. Easily select texts from different documents or websites by holding the left button. You can also grab anything, including large areas like image or like. The touchscreen of Seenda Trackpad is 6.3″ with large touch dimensions. Its thickness is 3 to 5 mm that is similar or slimmer than Magic Trackpads for Apple.

The trackpad’s pad is on the bottom, and the anti-slip pads have a metallic body. So, you won’t think much about the durability of the trackpad. The users will recognize the trackpad as the precision trackpad, which will support the Windows 10. With this trackpad, you can have the setting of all taps for clicking with multiple finger-gesture features.

Without any additional driver, you can plug its USB cable into the USB port of the computer, and it will readily work with your computer. With its USB C Cable, you can use it frequently without any Connectivity issue. You can use it with the Windows 7 PC, laptop, Windows 10, and desktop. You are free to return the product if it is defective because it has a return policy, and so, you can get back the full payment after replacing it.

Seenda Trackpad’s title angle design reduces more pressure on hands and keeps your hands relaxed. Users having repeated strain injury and Carpal Tunnel Syndrom can use to get rid of these problems.


  • Long term warranty.
  • More portable.
  • Excellent after-sales service.
  • Easy settings.
  • Comes with a reasonable price.


  • No applicability of three and four-finger gestures with Linux OS.

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4. Pirexx PERIPAD-504 Wired Trackpad– Experience an Extended Touch Surface with It

Pirexx PERIPAD-504 Wired Trackpad provides professional experience with spread and responsive touchpad. It ensures the most exceptional comfort with smooth navigation using two buttons in the trackpad. These two right and left buttons are most responsive that supports quick pointing. Tapping, scrolling and sliding up-down and zooming are also comfortable with the buttons.

The compact size of the trackpad has portability with its 4.13″ by 2.17″ roomy touchpads. The 6 feet durable cable provides simplicity in use. Windows 7, 8, and 10 have compatibility with PERIPAD-504 by plugging in through its USB cable.

The brand struggles and does the continuous evaluation of the items to meet the expectations of users. Like PERIPAD-504, it is also useful for a professional purpose like official, industrial or other workplaces. It offers sophisticated quality along with efficient applicability.


  • Comparatively cheap.
  • Simply customizable trackpad.
  • Controllable pointer speed.
  • Easy installation with only plugging in.
  • Fit with a multitude of operating systems.


  • Not compatible with MacBook.

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5. Logitech K-400 Plus Touch Keyboard– An Effective Cross-platform Trackpad

Logitech K-400 plus is a touch keyboard with a built-in trackpad feature that provides the use of keyboard along with trackpad. It facilitates comfortable typing producing bold and eye-catchy characters that you can read easily. The 3.5″ trackpad ensures smooth browsing and pointing.

The wireless connectivity of the trackpad holds connection from even 33 feet distance. You can also connect it with a laptop connected with TV and have control anywhere. So, there will be no problem with making volume up and down, and playing with it.

The sleek design fits on your lap, and you can save space by storing it vertically. You will not need a separate mouse for vertical or horizontal scrolling. There are also right and left click buttons for your convenience. It works with Windows 7 & 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 8 RT.

People who want a trackpad or keyboard with which they can remain relaxed about charging issues can pick this item because it arrives with batteries that will not require changing up to one year. It has an on-off switch that will save power when you won’t use it.


  • Keep connectivity with a maximum of six wireless devices.
  • Plugging simplicity.
  • Compact size and design.
  • Support multiple tasks.
  • Provide excellent couch-surfing.


  • The trackpad is not significant.

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How Should You Choose the Best Trackpad for Windows?

How Should You Choose the Best Trackpad for Windows

When you lack time for researching on trackpads before purchasing, various options available in the market may misguide you. To have the right direction and profound knowledge about trackpads for Windows, go through the below-mentioned points that will assure that you are picking the ride trackpad for your device.

Compatibility with Windows

The first thing you look for while choosing trackpad is whether it has compatibility with the Windows version of your laptop. Although trackpads, including the design to work with MacBook, are usable with windows installing Boot Camp, its operation process may not be as smooth as you expect.

Some trackpads maybe suited with different devices or brands, but some have specifications also. So, see the trackpad’s compatibility with Windows to avoid all uncertain issues.

Size & Design

Compact size and stylish design is another essential standard you need to consider while buying trackpad for Windows. In some cases, it’s wise to judge the item by its cover. In this age of technology, we not only look for the performance but also modern, shiny, and sleek outward appearance. But you may also weight more on durability, convenience, and functionality oversize and design. In that case, style may not be the prime concern for you.


When we talk about technological products, the durability feature gets more importance. So, the trackpad should have a long durable cable with it.

Wired Vs Wireless

Wireless trackpads have smoother use compared to a wired one. The wireless feature of the trackpad decreases desk clutter. You won’t worry about the damage of wire because it’s winding around your computer after using it. Another advantage it provides you is that it is more portable. Wired trackpads also have some bright sides. You will not lose connectivity at any inconvenient situation. Moreover, there will be no risk of low battery running.

Ease of Use

When you spend too much money on any but don’t have ease of use, it may be frustrating. You may be tech-savvy, and the complex functionality of the trackpad may cause difficulty for you. In that case, you would be incapable of figuring out any issue that arises due to complexity in operation with the trackpad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to draw with a trackpad

Yes, it is easier to draw with a trackpad rather than with a mouse. You can use the inking capacity and draw on the trackpad with your fingers. For moving your drawing Windows, you should use two fingers, and for drawing on a trackpad use one finger.

How to write on the trackpad?

To write on the trackpad, you should first select the input source of handwriting that you added previously. Find the option on the menu bar in the input menu. Click on control-shift-space bar. Choose trackpad handwriting by pressing on the touch bar after customizing the control strip. Then you will be able to write on the trackpad.

Can you use an Apple trackpad with Windows?

Yes. To use Apple trackpad with Windows, you should first install Boot Camp, a particular driver of the software package. Then you should download the Control Panel of trackpad from here. Now, connect the trackpad with the laptop.

Wrap Up

To increase the ease of navigation with your Windows system, use the right trackpad that will act as a functional interface surface with your pc. The trackpad we suggested you will let you better interact with laptop and pc using finger gestures. Moreover, you will get extra portability, a modern and stylish outlook with a trackpad that you cannot expect from an average mouse of the computer.

So, select among the top picks of the best trackpad for Windows to enjoy a more comfortable swiping as well as get a streamlined computing life.