10 Best Apple Watch Band For Surfing- Just Impressive Picks!

Being in search of the best apple watch band for surfing is a very common scenario, with those who would like to keep a track of their progress in the water. And that’s only one reason why bands are so high fashion and also efficient right now.

However, there’s also another prominent reason why people are so in love with getting bands for their already fabulous-looking apple watch. Well, because that little thing just adds a punch of your own style and allows you to have fun with personalization. Who won’t love the idea of adding uniqueness to the almost same-looking apple watches by finding a suitable band for it?

So, among so many fancy and beautiful options available, which ones would impress a surfer’s heart the most with solid features as well as capturing outlooks, want to find out? Well, let’s figure it out together as we have managed to shortlist 10 amazing apple watch bands that are definitely worth a try. Keep on Reading…

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10 Best Apple Watch Band For Surfing

Product’s Name Key Benefit Price
Haveda Black Apple Watch Band Thin And Slim Details On Amazon
SIRUIBO Solo Loop Band Adjustable Outline Details On Amazon
TOYOUTHS Apple Watch Band Feels Soft And Elasticity Details On Amazon
SIRUIBO Turquoise Green Solo Loop Band Waterproof And Bendable Details On Amazon
Carterjett Apple Watch Band Reduce Struggle Of Touch Sensitivity Details On Amazon
OUHENG Apple Watch Band Good Quality And Design Details On Amazon
Huishang Women Apple Watch Band Detachable And Solid Details On Amazon
Apple Surf Blue Watch Sport Band Skin-Friendly Design Details On Amazon
Savior Survival Gear Paracord Watch Band User-Friendly And Adjustable Details On Amazon
EPULY Silver Apple Watch Band Stylish And Comfortable On Hand Details On Amazon

Before getting into any other segment, we want you to have a look at the 10 picks that are the stars of this show. With the complete reviews, each of them will enter one by one below.

1. Haveda Black Apple Watch Band– Best Option For Breathability

Crowned as one of the best Apple Watch strap for surfing, the Haveda black band can be your best friend for its air circulation. This strap is flexible, classy, and reliable for outdoor purposes.

Specification Of Haveda Black Apple Watch Band

Material TPU
Design Thin And Sleek
Function Waterproof And Lightweight
Suitable For Apple Watch Series 5, 4. And 6

Lightweight That Is Easy To Carry

This black band has a thin and sleek layout that makes it light. It doesn’t feel tight or bulky even if wearing for a long hour.

And so, we find it very handy to carry while surfing or doing other things. Not only that this strap gives a light feel but also doesn’t cause pressure on the wrist when wearing.

Soft Texture That Is Skin-Friendly

This band for the Apple watch is soft and supple that doesn’t cause irritation on the skin. If you wear the black band on hot or sunny weather, it won’t cause allergies due to sweats.

And, we are not through yet. This black band ensures air circulation that prevents skin from irritation to occur. It also doesn’t cause rashes.

It has an aluminum buckle and 11 holes to fit well.

Fine Design That Is Easy To Adjust

This strap is also very easy to resize and adjust the right fitting to wear on your wrist. And, it has a great layout that won’t rip easily.

The steel connector is very effective to secure the fit well. But, a few people don’t find it good for long-term use. Yet, it will go long if caring well.

What We Like Most:

  • This strap is thin.
  • It won’t split or rip.
  • Good for workout purposes.
  • It is easy to wear.
  • This strap has a nice outlook.

What Could Be Better:

  • Not good for long-term use.

2. SIRUIBO Solo Loop Band– The Finest Pick For Safe Wear

If you are looking for one of the most secure Apple watch band for surfing, then the SIRUIBO strap is a fine choice. In fact, it is easy to control, functional, and supple to wear safely.

Specification Of SIRUIBO Solo Loop Band

Material Elastic And Nylon
Function Fits Soft And Comfortable
Good For Small Wrist
Suitable For iWatch Series 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, And 1 SE

Stylish Loop Buckle To Adjust Easy

We find this strap for Apple watch very artistic and casual to wear fine. It has a cool loop buckle that helps to resize well. Besides, this loop buckle is made with stainless steel.

That makes it very strong and rust-free even if water contact. It as well ensures no struggle of handling to wear on the average-sized wrist.

Good Flexibility In Colorful Outline

For surf lovers who prefer flexible straps, the SIRUIBO band is a great choice. It also has fine connectors to secure the Apple watch well.

And, this band has a colorful outline with red, green, and black stripe to wear with casual outfits. It also ensures good suppleness to get fine wiggle room.

This strap is made for Apple watch 1-6 series.

Nice Width That Fits Snug

This band has great width and stability to ensure a good fitting. It also doesn’t allow your wrist to sacrifice comfort thanks to its good thickness.

And, a few people don’t find the fitting right on the wrist. Yet, we don’t mind it as the strap is stretchy that fits well.

What We Like Most:

  • It has good pricing.
  • This strap has good thickness.
  • Good for Apple watch 6.
  • This strap fits well.
  • It is comfortable.

What Could Be Better:

  • This strap needs adjustments.

3. TOYOUTHS Apple Watch Band– Most Excellent Option For Small Wrists

The TOYOUTHS band has a leopard printed kink-free design for small wrists. Thanks to its soft patterns and fabric, it feels cozy on hand. And, this Apple watch band is flexible and stretchy.

Specification Of TOYOUTHS Apple Watch Band

Material Cotton, Polyester, And Elastic Fabric
Buckle Stainless Steel
Function Flexible And Stylish
Suitable For Apple Series SE 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, And 1

Nice Fabric That Is Washable

This wristband is crafted with polyester and cotton materials. Thanks to the construction, it is washable and dryable. This wristband is easy to clean using a mild solution.

And, we find it very decent when hand washing. Besides, you should dry it naturally after cleaning. This wristband doesn’t kink or ruin the quality after wash.

Easy Fitment That Stays On Wrist

With a unique design, this wristband has great fitting. Even if it doesn’t have a loop buckle or holes, this strap has an elastic design for women’s wrists.

The suppleness of this wristband is simple to wear that won’t rip or tear. We also love the fact that it stays on the wrist well.

It has a soft fabric that doesn’t cause skin complaints.

Comfortable To Wear All Day Long

This band is made comfortable that allows no bulky or tight feel. It is also one of the best Apple watch band for swimming and surfing.

But, a few people find it tight due to their big hands. Yet, this strap is very cozy on a small wrist that won’t give stress or pain.

What We Like Most:

  • This strap has nice visuals.
  • It fits comfortably.
  • This strap is simple to wear.
  • It has a rational price.
  • The fabric is allergy-free.

What Could Be Better:

  • Not for the big wrist.

4. SIRUIBO Turquoise Green Solo Loop Band– The Best Pick For Casual Wear

The SIRUIBO Turquoise Green band is bendable, snug, and durable for casual wear. It is also named as one of the luxury Apple watch bands thanks to its colorful outlook and function.

Specification Of SIRUIBO Turquoise Green Solo Loop Band

Material Nylon And Silicon
Function Lightweight And Handy
Buckle Style Loop Type
Good For Exercise And Outdoor Purposes

Trouble-Free Installation That Gives Security

This band is simple to install to the newest additions of the Apple watch series. It is also nicely designed that needs no tools to attach well.

This wristband as well has stainless steel connectors that are easy to attach on watches. Sadly, it gives a tight feel if you wear the strap for long hours. Yet, we find it good for occasional use.

High-Performing Material That Is Snug

Built with nylon, this strap is cool and cozy to wear. It also doesn’t get dirty easily even if using for surfing. This Apple Watch band is durable and solid to stand a good while.

On the face of it, this strap for the Apple watch also fits on the wrist like a bracelet that doesn’t cause inflammations.

This strap is light and soft to use on most purposes.

Protective Design Against Scratching

It has a safe and secure design that doesn’t scratch or kink. This Apple watch band also has stainless steel loop buckle that ensures easy adjustments.

Besides, we love the color and outlook of this strap that goes nice on both men and women. It also matches the most type of outfits.

What We Like Most

  • This strap is adjustable.
  • It is functional and soft.
  • Good for the tiny wrist.
  • This band has the right width.
  • It has nice stitching.

What Could Be Better

  • It may feel tight.

5. Carterjett Apple Watch Band– The Finest Pick For Harsh Conditions

The Carterjett band is one of the coolest Apple watch straps for harsh conditions. It is designed securely to use in any season at ease. This band is also weatherproof to use outside easily.

Specification Of Carterjett Apple Watch Band

Material Silicone
Function Flexible And Light
Warranty Limited Lifetime Assurance
Suitable For Apple Watch

Unique Layout That Suits Most Purposes

We are in love with this strap that has zigzag patterns to look cool. This strap is fine to use on both male and female wrists.

According to the Cnet,

The tire-tread silicone on this Carterjett band makes it perfect for people who need durability in a band, and the rugged aesthetic is a bonus for outdoorsy or adventurous types.

And, we agree on it as the Carterjett strap is firm and hard thanks to the outline for both outer and daring purposes.

One drawback we find with this strap is it gets dirty easily. Yet, this issue can be solved by cleaning or storing it in the right place. And, it doesn’t give pain or allergy on the wrist.

Strong Adapters That Fasten Easy

It comes with hard adapters that have little bolts to secure on the Apple watch well. This will require a screwdriver to tighten them out.

In addition to that, it makes sure you are doing better to attach well. This solid adapter fits well to wear on hand with no struggle.

It is also good for surfing, swimming, working out, and other outdoor purposes.

Breathable Layout That Is Wrist-Friendly

This wristband has good breathability to shift air easily when using. It also helps the wrist to get enough space that won’t stop air from coming.

Besides, this strap and buckle has a beautiful classic design for a formal look. It as well has space black color with good porous 9 holes

What We Like Most

  • It is snug to wear daily.
  • This strap is flexible.
  • It has good safety.
  • Good for casual uses.
  • This strap has a strong buckle.

What Could Be Better

  • It gets dirty easily.

6. OUHENG Apple Watch Band– Best Option For Large Wrist

The OUHENG band is a perfect pick for surfing with Apple watch if you have big wrists. It is also slim, high-class, and precise to wear well. This band is also good for both men and women.

Specification Of OUHENG Apple Watch Band

Material Genuine Leather and Rubber
Function Sweatproof And Protective
Good For Men And Women
Installation Method Stainless Steel Connectors

Bendable Layout That Stays On Wrist

This Apple watch band is supple and bendable to wear well. It doesn’t give pain or struggle when wearing for a good while.

And, this strap is comfortable and soft on hand that allows surfing well. It as well doesn’t bother when trying balance on board.

Protective Design To Use Outside

Thanks to its skin-friendly design, it ensures easy wear in protection. This strap also allows good air circulation and comfort to wear fine.

A few people find the strap loop fragile. But, we find it average that would go a good while if not using harshly. Also, this wristband has stainless steel connectors that are simple to attach.

This strap has good flexibility to ensure a good room that helps respire.

Weatherproof That Suits Any Occasions

This wristband is finished with genuine leather that doesn’t ruin under sweat or sun. Also, it has black silicon rubber in the rear to use well.

Besides, this Apple watch band is suitable for surfing, office works, and fitness purposes. It doesn’t rust or peel in most weather.

What We Like Most:

  • This strap has good pricing.
  • It is light in weight.
  • This strap is good in quality.
  • It lasts for a long while.
  • Good for Apple watch series 4.

What Could Be Better:

  • Some people don’t like the loops.

7. Huishang Women Apple Watch Band– Most Excellent Pick For Women

The Huishang is one of the most feminine Apple watch bands for its nice print and color. It is also good in looks and flexible on the hands. And, this band helps you use it well when surfing.

Specification Of Huishang Women Apple Watch Band

Material Silicon And Stainless Steel
Function Flexible And Dirt-Proof
 Print Style Purple Flower
Suitable For iWatch Series 3, 2, And 1

Rainproof Outline That Is Protected

This Apple watch band is watertight thanks to its soft silicone material. It is also flexible and soft on hand that doesn’t ruin quality when surfing.

But wait, that is not all. This wristband is comfortable that gives good protection against water damages. It is also washable after each use.

Flower Pattern That Is Colorful

We love its beautiful purple flower pattern on the pinkish-white strap. It as well gives a feminine fashion look to wear on casual outfits.

This wristband is also stylish on hand with a stainless-steel buckle and holes to fit well. And, the flower pattern color doesn’t fade or lose quality easily.

This band for the Apple watch is made solid and dirtproof for wrist wear.

Quality Case That Is Scratch-Free

It has a case with a strap made with TPU material. The case is safe and protected from scratch or scuff for long-term usage.

Plus, it doesn’t cause touch sensitivity issues. But, some buyers don’t like case design. Yet, we don’t find it a big issue since the case is detachable if you don’t want to wear it.

What We Like Most:

  • It has fine flexibility.
  • This strap is comfy to use.
  • It has wiggle rooms.
  • This strap is protective.
  • Good for fitness purposes.

What Could Be Better:

  • Some people don’t like the case.

8. Apple Surf Blue Watch Sport Band– The Finest Option For Long-Term Use

Made out of fluoroelastomer, the Apple watch surf blue strap is excellent for long-term use. It is also strong and robust to stand a good while. This strap is also clean and thin in design.

Specification Of Apple Surf Blue Watch Sport Band

Material Fluoroelastomer
Function Slim And Universal Fit
Compatibility Apple Watch 38mm And 40mm
Good For Men And Women

Simple Closure To Lock Precisely

This Apple watch band has a pin and tuck closure to lock well. It ensures good fitment based on your wrist width to wear at ease.

And, the closure is stable but also has 7 holes that need poking to ensure the right sizing. It as well has nice resizing adjustments.

Comfortable That Is Non-Aggressive

In our experience, this strap is cozy and friendly to wear on the wrist. It also has strong material that is soft to prevent pressure feel.

In fact, we find this watch band very high in performance compare to others. It also feels great on the skin without harming.

This wristband is soft and dense that doesn’t peel easily.

Cleanable Fabric That Is User-Friendly

With an excellent look, this Apple watch band is cleanable. Also, it only requires water to wash the dirt at ease.

Some people find it not good for formal outfits. However, we love its clean and user-friendly outlook that goes well with casual and freestyle outfits.

What We Like Most:

  • It is firm and solid.
  • This strap is simple to wear.
  • It is good in quality.
  • This strap is comfortable.
  • Good for larger wrists.

What Could Be Better:

  • It doesn’t suit formal outfits.

9. Savior Survival Gear Paracord Watch Band– Most Excellent Pick For Flexible Fit

The Savior Survival Gear band is built for Apple watches. It gives your wrist a flexible fit to surf well without losing or dropping. This band also has a fine waving design and outlook.

Specification Of Savior Survival Gear Paracord Watch Band

Material Stainless Steel And Paracord
Design Integrated And Waving Layout
Suitable For Apple Watch 42mm to 44mm
Function Practical And Adjustable

Weaving Layout That Suits Any Dress

It is designed with 7 inner strands that don’t give load or bulk feels. This Apple watch band also has a weaving style design that looks stylish and nice.

The most amazing thing we find about this strap is it goes well with most outfits. This strap also looks nice on formal, casual, beach, street, or other dress codes.

3 Size Settings That Is Adjustable

Apart from other wristbands, it has unique size settings. This strap has 3 holes where you can adjust your wrist size well. It as well gives good user-friendliness.

And, this wristband size setting allows your big or small hand to fit easily. Besides, the 3 holes are big enough to handle well. It also doesn’t need extra tools to do so.

This band is made practical and budget-friendly for adventurous purposes.

Bow Shackle That Secures Well

It comes with a bow-style shackle that supports changing the sizing. The buckle of this band is quite different from other straps.

And, some users find the buckle hard to adjust as a beginner. Yet, you only need to detach the big screw and insert it in the right-sized hole by twisting it in the right direction.

What We Like Most:

  • It has a nice price.
  • This strap is durable and flexible.
  • It is simple to attach.
  • This strap has nice look.
  • The thickness of it is great.

What Could Be Better:

  • Some people don’t like the buckle.

10. EPULY Silver Apple Watch Band– Best Option For Apple Series 5

The EPULY Silver band is a great option for Apple watch series 5. It also has a luxurious and classy-looking design. In fact, this Apple watch band is light and versatile to wear all day long.

Specification Of EPULY Silver Apple Watch Band

Material Metal And Stainless Steel
Function Lightweight And Durable
Clasp Type Butterfly Style Clasp
Suitable For iWatch Series 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, And SE

Durable Crafting That Meets Expectation

Out of all Apple watch band reviews, this strap is crafted with metal and stainless steel to stand a good while. It is also tough and strong that won’t break or crack after years of use.

Besides, we find it very durable that doesn’t rust or damage to surf in the water well. This strap is also stylish that most people will like for a professional look.

Upgraded Design That Fits Well

We love about this strap all-metal outlooks that look like a comfortable watch. It as well has pins on the strap body that can be detached for the right fitment.

This strap is also hard yet smooth that doesn’t irritate the skin. But, a few people find it bad for daily use. Yet, we find them good for winter more than sunny weather.

This wristband has a luxury butterfly clasp to unlock or lock precisely.

Dustproof Texture To Wear Often

It comes with a dustproof texture that won’t get dirty easily. The body of this strap is solid that is easy to clean using a dry wiper.

Also, it has a unique texture and outlook that allows your hand sweat to remove easily. This band as well suits well for occasional use.

What We Like Most:

  • This strap is comfy.
  • It has great functionality.
  • This strap is effortless to fit.
  • It is good with formal costumes.
  • Good for the quality.

What Could Be Better:

  • Not good for regular use.

Must Consider These Factors to Pick the Best Apple Watch Band for Surfing

Both as a surfer and a regular user, there are a few factors that you definitely want to mind when picking one band out of so many. These criteria basically make the whole decision-making less random and closer to a regret-free purchase. Let’s just dive into the crucial points you must keep in mind when choosing an apple watch band for yourself.

The Performance in Water

This is a no-brainer. When you are looking for an apple watch band to bring along on your fun surfing stories, it needs to be at least well made for surviving in water. So, bands that come with solid water resistance features are your go-to. And this feature is something you cannot avoid at any cost as the whole purpose is intended towards surfing.

There are many options with really bad surviving quality in water, avoid those gimmicky stuffs at all cost.

Also, surfing in summer means you are going to sweat a lot. So, even if the band manages to not get in contact with water, the sweat is still going to need some water-resisting quality. And that’s why you should fire and foremost emphasize bands that have a solid performance record in water.

Surfing is Hard, Wearing Something Uncomfortable Will Make It Harder.

Surfing definitely needs you to implement a good amount of effort. It’s fun but also at the same time requires tons of energy. And after a fun ride, you will feel the thrill along with exhaustion. That’s one of the main reasons why surfing requires the most comfortable wear. And the watch band is not excluded from this list.

It goes without saying a lightweight, easy-wearing and comfortable material-made watch band is the best pick to get for surfing.

Imagine wearing a very heavy, and tightly fitting band while performing a task that requires a lot of sweat such as surfing, not a good experience at all. So definitely give some thought to this matter.

Made Strong with Solid but Comfortable Materials

Now again, just because we emphasized the matter of choosing a watch band that’s lightweight and comfortable, it does not mean you should invest in something made out of flimsy stuff that has less bulk usually.

There’s no doubt an apple watch band for surfing needs to be solidly made with high-quality materials that are also at the same time comfortable.

Both comfort & built-in quality are necessary factors and no, flimsy poor materials are never the right option even with less bulk that may just feel comfortable. It needs to be both, for example, silicone-made ones.

And usually, the ones that deliver both of these crucial characteristics, are a bit on the expensive side. But instead of paying money for something less usable, isn’t it better to save for a while and still choose to purchase the slightly expensive option that at least doesn’t lack basic essential surfing needs? We wonder!

Something That Goes with Your Personality

The whole purpose of having a watchband might be because you don’t like the way your apple watch looks and want to include something that speaks for your style specifically. That is one of the many reasons why watch bands are super in hype right now, not just among surfers but many activity enthusiasts.

Take the chance and don’t hesitate to spend a few extra minutes exploring the variations of colors and designs to pick yourself something unique and personalized.

Thankfully, bands come in many colors and wonderful designs that one can choose from. Having a wide range of styles to choose from makes the whole purchase even better. Especially for those who find it hard to pick general designs and need more options.

Simple to Attach as well as Remove

And of course, the band should have an easy attaching and removing mechanism. You don’t want to get stuck with something as simple as this. Usually, the options available nowadays come with release buttons that take barely a few seconds for this whole task.

All About the Right-Sizing

Finding the right size for your watch strap has a lot to do with ensuring it’s comfortable to wear for long hours. Also, it varies for genders.

The ideal fit is something that does not feel super tight and at the same time isn’t too loose as well. A snug comfortable fit is what you should be going for.

Usually, the male wrist is between 15 to 19 cm in measurements. While female wrists measure around 14 to 18 cm.

Taking Measurements:

  • Use a string or tape to measure your wrist.
  • Make sure you wrap the measuring tool a bit loosely, which means closely fitting but not too tight.
  • Then use a ruler to find out the measurement figures.
  • Round the obtained measurements to half cm above.
  • Suppose you measured 16.2cm, then the accurate fit is 16.5cm.

The Proper Way to Put on or Remove the Apple Watch Band

If you are struggling with taking off or putting on the apple watch band, then here’s a simple guideline on that. Don’t worry it works for most options out there.

You want to lay the watch facing downwards on a flat and clean surface. Then look for the release button of your band. Usually, these are oval in shapes and pretty tiny. You should be able to find them on the top and bottom of the watch.

Press these buttons and at the same time, slide the band pieces out. Make sure to follow the watch’s groove for sliding them out. Do this for the other release button and get the second piece out as well. If the band is not sliding out, you must have not firmly pressed the release button. Some models come with a bit hard buttons, so press more and it should come off.

Now that the old bands are out, there’s room for new ones to install. The text showing on the band should be facing towards you. Now try to slide it into the band. You should hear a click sound. Never try forcing it inside the slot. Once you hear the sound, the band is in place. Sometimes it takes a bit of effort in sliding the band left and right until it actually gets into the slot.

Your apple watch is ready for you to wear on your wrist and experience the surfing plan along with you.

How To Take Care Your Apple Watch Band as a Surfer

As a surfer, there are a few steps or regimes that you should follow to make sure your band stays in optimal condition for a long time. Here are a few really helpful tips you should think about implementing in your life.

  • After every session, you want to wash the watch along with the band. Use fresh water and make sure to dry it off completely. Salt isn’t a friend with any electronics you see, it should be off from the surface.
  • Also, the screen needs some protection from the salt of water. The best way is to get a good clear screen protector for it.
  • The band should be able to not absorb water. Some have the tendency to stink after a while. The ones that don’t absorb water are easier to wipe and there’s no chance of bad odors accumulating on them.
  • If you are wearing a short sleeve or choose to trunk it, then the band should be really worn securely. Use a wetsuit sleeve for the best usage out of it.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to keep the strap clean at all times?

Always have a lint-free cloth inside your bag pack. Something that’s not abrasive as well. You can lightly damp it and wipe the band. Using a hypoallergic hand soap can make the cleaning deeper. Before attaching the band to your watch, make sure it wiped to be super dry.

Are the straps interchangeable?

In some cases, yes. The bands meant for 44mm and 42mm cases are interchangeable. Also, the ones that from 40mm and 38mm cases.

Is buying a band a worthy purchase?

With better comfortability level as well as high-quality construction, no doubt Apple bands are worth the purchase. Usually, the 3rd party bands are too quick to stop working. While with an Apple watch band, you are more likely to spend a long time utilizing and getting the best use out of it. So, even with the extra cost, these are worth the hype and price.

Can you change the band often or even daily?

Definitely! You can change them as many times as you want to. Once you spend on a high-quality apple watch band, it should be able to take this much. And there should be no harm to the watch mechanism as well when the band is of good quality.

Wrap Up

Finding yourself the best apple watch band for surfing is definitely a matter we wanted to cover in-depth, hopefully, the goal was met. You don’t have to be an expert to tell which one band out of so many options are going to fit best into your surfing moments.

However, being aware of the features that make a watch band suitable for bringing in water, is definitely crucial and we are glad you took the step.

Also, it’s not necessary that you wear the band only for surfing. If you are an active person who loves to engage in many sports and activities, a good quality apple watch band should be able to be with you confirming great performance despite what you’re doing at the moment. And the 10 options we shortlist today definitely serve that purpose pretty well.