7 Best Wireless Mouse for Mac Mini- Ultimate Reviews

A Wireless mouse is an excellent alternative to the wired mouse. It can function as fast as or even more than the wired counterparts. The lack of cables makes it more proficient, flexible, and easy to carry.

Using a wireless mouse allows a broader range, which helps you to control your device from anywhere in the room. It makes life more comfortable. You can get a wide range of various wireless mice with different and similar features available in the market. So choosing the perfect one that suits your Mac mini can be challenging.

To relieve you from this difficulty, here we provide you a list of recommendations with pros and cons on the best wireless mouse for Mac mini. To know more, please keep on reading.

Best Wireless Mouse for Mac Mini

Product’s Name Darkfield Sensor Key Benefit Price
Logitech MX Anywhere 2S 4000 DPI Fine For PC And Phone Details On Amazon
Tsmine Wireless USB 800, 1200, & 1600 DPI Saves Power When Not In Use Details On Amazon
Apple Magic Mouse 2 1300 DPI Long Cable To Plug Easily Details On Amazon
Logitech Wireless Trackball 1000 DPI Clicks Smoothly When Using Details On Amazon
Apple Magic Trackpad 2 Not Included Feels Easy To Control  Details On Amazon
Microsoft Surface Mouse About 1000 DPI Light In Weight And Travel-Friendly Details On Amazon
Logitech G Pro 25,600 DPI Tough To Stand 50M Clicks Details On Amazon

Let’s find out the top seven wireless mouse for Mac mini.

#1. Logitech MX Anywhere 2S– Top Rated and Durable

Logitech is a Swiss company well-known for manufacturing high-quality wireless mouse and other computer accessories. It works effortlessly with three computers at the same time. It is an excellent choice for multi-computer tasking.

One of the great features is it works everywhere. It comes with a darkfield sensor that helps to work on any surface, even on glass correctly. It can fully charge in just three minutes and works up to 70 days with one time full charge.

The advanced wireless technology enables scrolling long documents faster and precise navigation. Three LEDs at the bottom of the mouse allows swift switch and battery status indicated by one Led.

This mouse from Logitech is very compact and lightweight so that you can carry it everywhere. It offers a one-year limited warranty and comes with three different colors.


  • Supreme quality
  • Energy saving
  • Available in graphite, teal and grey colors
  • Glides smoother


  • Louder clicking noise

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#2. Tsmine Wireless USB– Affordable and Functional

Tsmine wireless mouse is an excellent choice for Mac mini. It is lightweight and comfortable to use.  It offers optical performance up to 1600 dpi, which makes it a perfect option for gamers.

The beautiful shape and color of this mouse make it unique. You can charge it using a micro USB cable, so no need to worry about buying an AAA battery. The built-in battery is made of Lithium polymer and ensures higher cycle life.

You can use it on most systems such as laptops, computers, MacBook, smart TV, Android, etc. This mouse is very efficient when working outside as it can charge with a computer, power bank, or adapter. Full charge time is about 2 to 4 hours, and blue light will extinguish when fully charged.

The installation process is straightforward. The on and off switch and auto-sleep mode, when remaining inactive for a few minutes, help save energy.


  • Ultra Slim and light in weight
  • Preserves energy
  • Fast charging
  • Inexpensive


  • Do not work with the iPhone or iPad.

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#3. Apple Magic Mouse 2– Reliable and Compact

Magic mouse 2 suit perfectly the Mac mini as it is a product from Apple Inc. It works smoothly with the Mac mini. It is entirely rechargeable, so you do not need the traditional batteries.

It has few moving parts due to the constant bottom shell and built-in battery. The compact and lightweight design enables it to carry everywhere. You do not need to bring a cable as it supports Bluetooth.

Magic mouse 2 crafted with high-quality material, mainly aluminum and acrylic, gives it a stylish look. It is available in grey and silver. It glides smoothly on the surface and can easily detect different gestures.

It comes with a lightning cable. The sensor at the top of the mouse may make the cursor move in a different way than the conventional centered sensor mouse.


  • Enables multitouch surface
  • Supports Bluetooth
  • Provides warranty
  • Longer-lasting battery


  • Expensive

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#4. Logitech Wireless Trackball– Long Lasting and Comfortable

This mouse from Logitech provides trackball support, which enables moving the cursor effortlessly without moving the arm. The unique sculpted shape design helps your hand to rest so you can work all day comfortably.

It provides a stable wireless connection. You can operate your Mac mini with this mouse up to 10 meters (30 feet) away. It makes data transfer faster and easier.

One of the remarkable features of this mouse is the long battery life. You can use it with just one AA battery for up to 18 months. It saves you from the hassle of replacing batteries often.

The trackball is very easy to clean and move. You can carry and use the trackball at every corner of your home. The small size of this mouse makes it an excellent choice for users with limited space.


  • Can work with up to six wireless devices
  • Reliable
  • Available in blue and silver color
  • Provides three-year warranty


  • The click wheel can be loud.

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#5. Apple Magic Trackpad 2– Ensures Optimum Performance

Magic Trackpad 2 from Apple offers a long-lasting built-in rechargeable battery. It weighs little and easy to carry.

It comes with a lightning cable, which you need in the installation process. After installing, the connection is possible via Bluetooth 4.0, and you won’t disconnect unless you turn it off. The battery will last a month or more with a single charge.

The glass surface at the top and plastic bottom design makes it look sleek and stylish. The flat design helps you use it on any surface, both soft and hard, which is an excellent advantage over wireless mice.  You can find it in silver and grey.

Beneath the trackpad surface has four force sensors that enable free clicking, subtle difference detection, and maximum functionality. The larger glass surface makes scrolling and swiping more comfortable.


  • Minimalist appealing
  • Easy to set up
  • Improves airflow 
  • Ambidextrous user friendly


  • Expensive

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#6. Microsoft Surface Mouse– Saves Energy and Space

This mouse from Microsoft maybe designed mainly for surface owners, but you can easily use it on your Mac mini. The elegant look of this mouse enhances the visual of your device. It also functions faster and smoother.

It is small and comfortable to use. It comes with a metal scroll wheel that feels firm under the finger. You can easily fit it in your hand.

The Bluetooth connection it uses is energy sufficient. It is light, portable, and provides precise navigation. It offers a variety of vibrant colors.

It can last for a year with two AAA batteries, and it also provides a one year warranty. The minimalistic design also enhances its durability.


  • Scroll faster
  • Comfortable to use
  • Connects immediately
  • Great in quality
  • Works on fabric


  • Restricted palm support

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#7. Logitech G Pro– Enhances Gaming Experience

It is one of the top-rated wireless mice from Logitech and is an excellent choice for professional gamers. It allows complete control in your hand while gaming. It is also an efficient mouse for other works besides gaming.

This mouse uses the most advanced optical system, enabling swift movement, optimum speed, and precision. It is a highly functioning mouse with different programmable buttons.

It provides greater energy efficiency than the previous generation and maximizes gaming speed and responsiveness. It is incredibly lightweight and has a thin but super robust outer shell.

The lasts for a long time and weighs a little. The latest button technology in this mouse enables accurate and consistent clicks.


  • Great build quality
  • Enables low latency
  • Ensures excellent performance
  • Suitable for hands with diverse grips


  • Lacks aesthetics

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Factors You Should Know Before Buying Wireless Mouse For Mac Mini

Factors You Should Know Before Buying Wireless Mouse For Mac Mini

Before buying a wireless mouse for Mac mini, you should consider the following factors.


Most wireless mouse comes with AAA battery. These batteries can run longer or shorter, depending on the mouse’s quality and use time. You can also find mice with built-in batteries. These mice are slightly more expensive, but you do not need AAA batteries to charge them. You can charge them using a charger, power bank, or even a laptop. You need to select the one that is more convenient for you.

Size and Weight

Size and weight are significant factors in choosing the right mouse. Some mice are heavier, whereas some are lighter. If you travel a lot, you can choose lightweight mice.

You can hold some mice with just using fingers while some mouse needs the whole palm to work. Every person has different preferences in mice. Selecting a mouse’s shape is very crucial as using the incorrectly shaped mouse can cause discomfort.

Mouse Buttons and Feet

You should check the quality of the button, clicking noise, etc. before picking up a mouse to avoid future problems. If you need a mouse for gaming, you should buy the one with more buttons. More buttons will help you in accessing the in-game items faster.

Mouse feet are essential for smoothly gliding the mouse over a mouse pad—the thicker and broader mouse feet last longer than the thin and small ones. If you are buying an exclusive mouse, you need to watch out for these things.


The most crucial feature of a mouse is the comfort level and ease of use. Ergonomic mice help reducing muscle strain and stress injury. You cannot fully know if a mouse is ergonomic until you use it. So do your research on the device before buying it.

If you need a mouse for using a short period, you can choose the pretty, aesthetic design one rather than the comfortable one. Long term users should give importance to the comfort level.


When choosing a mouse, the budget is essential. You can find a mouse that is both budget-friendly and functional. If the budget is not the problem, you can buy the more expensive ones. Choose the one that fits your requirement completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of wireless mouse is best for gaming?

There are various wireless mice with different designs and sizes available in the market. The essential quality of a gaming mouse is the level of comfort it provides. The quality of buttons, response time, etc. of a mouse is also crucial in gaming.

What is the main difference between a Bluetooth mouse and a USB mouse?

USB and Bluetooth mice are different from each other due to the difference in their operation nature. You can use a Bluetooth mouse if only your device supports the Bluetooth feature. The USB mouse needs to use the USB port of the device to function.

How long do I need to charge a wireless mouse?

The charging period can vary depending on the type of mouse you use. You should read the manual for specific charging instructions. If the mouse comes with a battery indicator, it will show a particular color when fully charged. Typically two hours is enough to charge most wireless mice with modern cables fully.

Wrap UP

Wired mouse even if they function well, they are not ideal for travel. The cable also requires more space. A Wireless mouse allows more freedom, smoother movement, improved response time, etc. It enhances the function ability as well as the aesthetics of your Mac mini.

Now that you know everything on the best wireless mouse for Mac mini, we hope it will help you choose the best wireless mouse that fits your budget and device.