5 Best 120mm Fan Filter With Full Details

Sometimes, your hardware gets warm so fast. As a result, the hardware gets unreliable. Besides, the increasing temperature leads to terrible situations for the pile of dust. So the dust develops on every side of delicate components. Also, the fan sounds loud to slow down the system. In that case, a fan filter acts as the prevention of dust.

The 120mm fan filter blocks the dirt to cross through the fan. A fan passes vast proposition air to reduce the filth. The filter lowers grimes from the area of the fan. Due to excessive heat, the hardware fails to operate. All work gets hampered. Even gamers hate it in the middle of playing games.

In the present day, technology has the proper solution to resolve any kind of a mess. There are so many alternatives. We have brought the least of choices for the best 120mm fan filter. The kit will provide superior performance compared to most of all. No matter what, safety is always mandatory. Read the rest.

Best 120mm Fan Filter

Product’s Name Material Key Benefit Price
Eluteng 120mm fan filter ABS Plastic Heatproof And Mesh Outline Details On Amazon
SilverStone Technology 120mm Filter Fan Nylon Mesh Sleek And Thin In Design Details On Amazon
Aiyide 120mm Fan Filter PVC Simple To Fit And Functional Details On Amazon
eBoot 120 mm Fan Filter Lightweight PVC Secure PC From Heat & Fire Details On Amazon
IMSurQltyPrise 120 mm fan filter Tough PVC Increase The Lifespan Of Fans Details On Amazon

Satisfactory ventilation generates a better controlling system. Apart from that, the lack of airing conducts the mound of the clog to the death of internal machines. The best 120mm fan filter will make your way out. No complaints will arise. Sooner, you will understand the results gradually. So stick to our list to ensure extraordinary service to your computer.

1. Eluteng 120mm fan filter– A flawless Air flowing Dustproof Kit

Eluteng 120mm fan filter has the ABS ventilator grill to circulate the airflow in the whole part. As a consequence, the machine doesn’t get hot so quickly. On the contrary, there is a dustproof fan filter, which comes from nylon. The IP40 anti-dust blower ensures 89% effectiveness to keep clean, enhancing longevity.

The fan filter is mainly for speakers, chassis fans of home computers, and electric items. You can wash the kit for uncountable time. At the same time, the equipment is heatproof as well as resin proof because of the resin element. Another advantage that the tool diminishes noise to deliver you a quiet environment to focus on your work.

A 12CM netting cover is along with the fan. The filter is a great match for USB plus 120×120 container cooling fans. You can simply set up the fan. It requires just six steps to install. To do that, you need a screwdriver to place the fan. Simultaneously, the disassembly is easy to dust off. Lastly, the pack keeps the fan safe.


  • Reasonable price.
  • No compromise in wind proceeding
  • Double fan cases.
  • No breakable issue.
  • Supercilious absorption


  • The smell could be good.

Available On Amazon

2. SilverStone Technology 120mm Filter Fan– Magnet Cooling with Ultra-Exceptional Filter

Silverstone technology filter is from a nylon material to make it sturdy. The nylon material narrates in a specular pattern that makes it an extraordinary filter. This pattern will help to catch filth with the slightest blockage. Also, the kit has 13 magnetic strips to position anywhere for cooling support on metals. Either metal screw or chassis is the exact place to set up.

The kit is thin enough to make the installation process easy. You can ensure a great fitment near the case of the fan. Locating a noiseless as well as a coherent fan is the paramount priority for your machine. Silverstone will offer you the benefit to work smoothly. Regular cleaning allows you the optimum speed, as it stops tiny particles.

There is a honeycomb grill, which makes it more active. The honeycomb grill expands the focus of airflow massively. Moreover, the untied filter offers you top-class dust purification. You can use the filter against all conventional 120mm fans. Last but not the least, the insertion of 4 screws according to size will save your time.


  • Potential to prevent internal damage.
  • The right position of the electric tap.
  • Enormous filter mesh.
  • No barrier for high application.
  • Underwater cleaning.


  • No mount flush.

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3. Aiyide 120mm Fan Filter– Reduction of Noise to Extend the Fan Life

Aiyide 120mm fan filter has the 4.72inch strainer to keep your computer components clean. As a result, less or mild noise turns out. The lower noise manages a long life for the fan. At the same time, the kit contains a magnetic frame including a PVC case to filter the dust. Well, the expedient magnetic structure for hassle-free set up or detach.

No additional screws or delivery is required to place. Just put it on metal. The filter is cleanable. On top of that, you can re-use it too. Just put your soft hands to clean. But don’t put it on the washing machine to wash or bend. When the dirt shows up, cleanse it regularly. The webbing cover grill detects the dust more efficiently.

The filter is suitable for chassis fans, speaker nets, and other items, which requires filth protection. You can adjust it to a 120 size fan. The tool has a great benefit for the mounted casing. For that reason, you can also locate it in the power supply. In the end, it passes the cold air so impressively to relieve from overheat.


  • Remarkable holes to protect.
  • Flexible in handling.
  • Stiff materials.
  • Optimum surface area.
  • All-round service.


  • The magnet could be stronger.

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4. eBoot 120 mm Fan Filter– Computer Mesh with Anti-Dirt Cover Case

eBoot 120 mm Fan Filter has the 10 packets mesh for air flowing purpose. On the contrary, the anti-dirt case carries effective dust minimization properties. As a result, it prevents the overheating problem. The filter is lightweight. You won’t feel the extra weight while porting it.

The screws are 40 pieces. However, it is quite easy to assemble or disassemble. You can clean, again place it in the same manner. The computer filter will keep the internal components dust-free. For that reason, the noise gets quiet. So, the kit ensures you a sound place to perform your work properly. Other than that, it ensures durability for a longer period.

You will find the multiple applications of this filter, such as various electronic products including speakers as well as chassis fans. The kit is perfect for 120 mm or a few tiny fans. Anyway, the materials are also good, which is pure PVC Materials. Above and all, if you own a pet, then it’s the right filter for you.


  • Optimal thickness.
  • Enough cooling supply.
  • Cost-effective value.
  • Substantial design.
  • Great for all work.


  • Block the bit of airflow sometimes.

Available On Amazon

5. IMSurQltyPrise 120 mm fan filter– Indistinctive PVC Netting with Essential Screws

IMSurQltyPrise 120 mm fan filter has the most delicate PVC netting to pass the air. The PVC mesh is 0.45mm thick to hold. Just the same, the net comprises super strength to heavy-duty. There is a 0.8 mm hole in the PVC net. As a result, the filter becomes durable along with sturdy. However, the package contains a 40x screw to put in the exact position.

The kit is simple to install similarly easy to pull off. Keeping that in mind, the cleaning becomes easy for use again. Besides, the filter has filth concession ability. It keeps the inside part safe to free from smut. Because of that, no overheating issue will take place while operating for a long time.

You can use the filter with a 120mm fan or case. Regardless, the whole distance of the mount should be 105 x 105mm. Even the 4x dust filter can run a high application along with gaming. No loud noise comes out while running the computer. The atmosphere becomes friendly as long as comfortable enough, whatever you do.


  • Magnet to the dust to vacuum.
  • Great fitting.
  • Decent operation.
  • Extreme tolerances.
  • Awesome protection.


  • The screw could be a little longer.

Available On Amazon

What To Look When Buying 120mm Fan Filter

What To Look When Buying 120mm Fan Filter

Ensuring sufficient ventilation for your computer is mandatory. To do that, you will need the best 120mm fan filter. It’s a little bit tough managing the genuine right one. Since the markets are getting larger, there are many duplicate products also. Buying a copy product is not fruitful because it can damage the other components of your machine.


While buying the first and foremost thing is the budget. Sometimes the budget determines the quality of a product. So, you have to decide how much money you want to spend on the fan filter. There is some budgeted product available with the best outcome in our list. You can consume the best product with a lower budget.


The filter should be anti-dust to defend the filth. Because the dirt will tend to damage the other parts of your computer. Also, the dust can block the way of connection even if the components are okay. On account of that, the function of other peripherals will stop.

Fan Size

As you are buying a 120 mm fan filter, the size is predetermined. Check the speciation twice, whether the size is available or not. There is more size available in the market. Don’t blend it with other sizes. Otherwise, the case won’t be fit for the filter.

Mesh Construction

Before purchasing, you must catch sight of the mesh. The mesh hole supplies the air to eliminate excessive heat. Hence, proper cooling enables you to run your machine for longevity. Apart from that good ventilation won’t make your machine slow.


The materials can be another factor. On that proposition, the harmful material causes environmental destruction. Moreover, the cheap material will cost you more money for buying another. Further, the duplicate material will damage your machine too.

Easy Placement

You must choose a filter, which has easy installation as well as uninstallation. The filter acts as a protection. Subsequently, the bundle of junk draws out. So the kit requires regular cleaning to use over and over.

Smooth Operation

A smooth operation creates a work-friendly atmosphere to think, concentrate, or whatever you do. The noise hampers the work. Other than that, interruption seems resentful of anything you perform. The gentle operation saves time and encourages everyone to work more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a fan filter restrict the flow of air?

Certainly, fan filters limit airflow keeping the case clean. Also, it put a balance in generating the airflow. Mainly, the kit restricts dust so save other peripherals from blocking or overheating. In that time the good filter provides sufficient ventilation for cooling.

How to clean a 120mm Fan Filter?

To remove dust, you need to clean the 120 mm filter. Just a few simple steps are vital to wash that. You can use a brush or water to wipe the dirt. Grab it smoothly and no rush to cleanse. As a help watch the tutorial if you want. Well, don’t put it on a washing machine or hard materials to rub.

What is the use of a 120mm Fan Filter?

The fan filter plays a major role to cool your machine. It places between the hole and fan bringing the clean year. Another purpose of the 120mm fan filter is it blocks the dust to reach internally. But the most effective role is to run your machine without interruption and load the heavy file.

Final Words

Day by day, science is evolving to give an awesome experience. The techs are the sign of it. Similarly, the problem has a solution. You need to keep your machine or device safe with good care. Only a filter fan keeps away from the dust for your reliability. However, the best 120mm fan filter will give you relaxation while using it. Don’t be so late to buy it. Spend your money on something great