Apple Pencil Not Charging? Fix Your Pencil in Just 6 Steps

apple pencil not charging

Is your Apple pencil not charging? Don’t get bothered. Sometimes our apple pencils don’t get charged because of some everyday gadget issues. This article is going to solve these issues other than any internal damage.  Reasons Why Apple Pencil May not Charge and How to Fix It Apple pencil helps us to work on our …

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How to Log Out of Mail on Mac: 2 Simple Methods For You

how to log out of mail on mac

What do you think! Is it too hard to logout Mail on Mac? Not that so. It is quite different for Mac than another operating system. If you are a new user for Mac, then it can be a bit tricky for you. If you badly need to logout/signout a specific email address from the …

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Core i5 Vs i7 Imac – Know The Comparison

i5 vs i7 imac

The IMac 2019 edition started its journey in March of this year. Since then, people have been satisfied with their upgrades and performance. With its base price being the same as the 2017 version of the IMac with additions such as eighth and ninth gen of Intel CPUs, buying a Mac isn’t as expensive as …

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