Gateron VS Cherry: Opt For The Best One

Gateron VS Cherry

Gateron vs Cherry which one more accessible for you? Both have several colors, the difference in price, actuation force, sound level, and each with its unique characteristics.

If you are a typist or a hardcore gamer,  you may use the keyboard for pretty much anything. Mechanical keyboards have different types of switches in them, and each switch serves its purpose.

Whatever you do, you have to know which ones work best for you. So, now we are going to discuss on Gateron VS Cherry switches and unveil clear comparison in between them.

The Difference Between Gateron vs Cherry

The main features that differentiate Gateron and Cherry are Switches’ smoothness, User flexibility, and the price. As the differences are quite invisible you have to read carefully all the points to choose the best one.

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More About Gateron Switch

Gateron switch is clones of the famous cherry MX switch. Copper click leaves and soft plastic stems apply on Gateron Switches.

Similar to the cherry MX types, Gateron has a variety of types. It has manufactured for an unparalleled, smooth typing experience. It produces a secure fit for any keycaps.

Types of Gateron Switches

Color: Red

Peak force 45g, Action Linear,Sound Level Silent, Feel like Smooth and light.                    

Color: Clear

Peak force 35g, Action Linear,Sound Level Silent, Feel like Soft and light.                    

Color: Black

Peak force 50g, Action Linear,Sound Level Silent, Feel like Smooth but give more force to press down.

Color: Blue

Peak force 55g, Action Clicky,Sound Level High, Feel like Loud and Tactile.

Color: Green

Peak force 80g, Action Clicky,Sound Level High, Feel like Loud and Tactile.

Color: Brown

Peak force 45g, Action Tactile,Sound Level Medium, Feel like Tactile (Mix of Linear and Clicky).

More About Cherry Switch

Cherry is a mechanical keyboard switch, like Gateron. And cherry MX is a descent of cherry.

It has many colors. Such as red, blue, black, brown, and clear. Each color conveys individual quality, key feel, actuation force, and sound level. Uses are also a difference.

Types of Cherry Switches

Color: MX Red (Cherry)

Peak force 45g, Action Linear,Sound Level Quiet, Feel like Light.                    

Color: MX Black (Cherry)

Peak force 60g, Action Linear,Sound Level Quiet, Feel like Heavy.                    

Color: MX Brown (Cherry)

Peak force 45g, Action Tactile,Sound Level Quiet, Feel like Medium.                 

Color: MX Blue (Cherry)

Peak force 50g, Action Tactile Clicky.Sound Level Loud, Feel like Light.                 

Color: MX Clear (Cherry)

Peak force 55g, Action Linear.Sound Level Quiet, Feel like Medium.                 

Characteristics of Gateron VS Cherry


Cherry was standard mechanical switches. But Gateron gets more attention. Because of unique smoothness. It is smooth but less compatible. It is very slight, and less feels the tactility.

On the other hand, Cherry is not so smooth but more compatible. It is stiff and rough. But the tactility feels more.

Sound level

Gateron has a sharper and louder click.

On the other hand, Cherry MX has a little bit of a softer and deeper click. Over the downstroke, it has extra silence.

Key Feels

Gateron and Cherry both have different types, colors, and characteristics of switches. The key also feels a difference.

Red, Black, and Clear color: Gateron red, black, and clear are smooth, and light feels. MX black and clear (Cherry) feels messy. More than MX red (Cherry) color switch, Gateron red color is smoother and lighter.

 Brown color: MX brown (cherry) is scratchy and tactual, but Gateron brown feels smooth and bumpy.

 Blue: Gateron blue is less light than Cherry blue switch.

 Yellow: Gateron yellow is more weighty than MX yellow (Cherry).


Gateron switches have not warrantied. The feel and performance are not as good as it used to be after one year. Gateron guarantees 50M assumes that. The Gateron mechanical switches will serve for years to come.

On the other hand, the Average lifetime is 100M actuation on Cherry switch. It also guarantees 50M. Thirty years old boards will work frequently well, yet it uses or not.


At present, Gateron gets popularity for its exceptional smoothness and quiet typing featured. It is not only for typing but also available in a whole variety.

Cherry has a total of six colors use their different purpose. The Black and Red use for gaming, Green, and Blue for typing, and both for typing and gaming, then the Brown are the ones.


  • Gateron Switches: $0.25 each.
  • Cherry MX Switches: $0.49 – $0.90 each.

Gateron switch is cheaper at a price than Cherry switch.

User  Gateron vs Cherry 

Gateron Switch

  • As Gateron clear color soft and light, it is better for those who like to tig soft on the switch.
  • Red Gateron suits on gamers.
  • The weighty switch blue and green Gateron are perfect for typers and programmers.

Cherry Switch

  •  MX Red(Cherry) switch is speedy and light when it presses. So, it fits for gamers.
  • MX Black(Cherry) is quite heavy. Mistakenly pressing key can avoid this, that’s why gamer can choose it.
  • The light and tactile plop of MX Brown(Cherry) is preferred both for typing and gaming.
  • MX Clear(Cherry) also has similar benefits as MX Brown.
  • The louder click MX Blue(Cherry) is perfect for typing.

Follow Some Factors Before Pick Up

The key switch is a vital part of a mechanical keyboard. You may want such types of switches, which make your work easy and speedy. You also want to get smoothness, long durability, and reliability.

There has much difference in each switch. Before buying, you have to maintain some factors to find your desirable switch.

Firstly, elements, actuation force, and point and color have to notice. Difference actuation force and color make different in use.

Secondly, the action level of the key switch must know. Typing is best in the clicky switch, and gaming is perfect in a linear switch.

Make sure about durability and guarantee. Gateron and Cherry both switches are guaranteed 50 M over remaining with the ability of input.


The smoothness of keyboard switches can make work fast. Although Gateron is familiar with smoothness and high quality than Cherry. However, most of the erosion occurs with the pinpoints of Gateron. In that case, Cherry is better and safe from erosion.

So, we cannot say if the Cherry Switch is better or the Gateron Switch because both of these switches use for different purposes. Various plastics have taken for manufacturing.

Here we have delivered a brief overview of Gateron VS Cherry switches. Now you have to decide whether the switch will suit you.


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