iPad Keyboard Not Working | Fix the Issue

It is really disgusting to get hindrances amidst an important task because the Ipad keyboard not working. Most of the I pad users use an external keyboard instead of a virtual keyboard because of its suitable typing. It is a common problem for many users that their Ipad keyboard is not responding properly.

A software issue or a hardware problem can make a disturbance between your Ipad and keyboard. You need to check your power connection or internet connection well. Reorganize all the settings or you may need to restore the Ipad settings options.

We are concerned about your problems and complications. That’s why we present here some effective solutions which will be helpful to fix the issue ‘Ipad Keyboard Not Working’.

Ipad Keyboard Not Working

Ipad is very helpful and handy to manage everyday tasks.  So it is really time-wasting and frustrating to find the Ipad keyboard unresponsive. Make sure that your keyboard is not damaged or your connections are well fitted. Apply some active strategy from this article which will solve your problem permanently.

Step 1. Ensure the connectivity of your keyboard

Check your keyboard connection with your Ipad. Sometimes there could be dust, damages or debris on your keyboard or connector. It makes a hindrance to your keyboard connection. Try a small step to disconnect your keyboard and reconnect it. 

Step 2. Check your internet connection and speed

Slow internet speed causes the problem to detect any hardware. Many Ipad user accuses the unhealthy internet speed of the smart keyboard inactivity. Check your WIFI speed and connections properly and fix it if needed.

Step 3. Restarting the Ipad can freshen up the device

A fresh restart may remove all hacks. the high-tech devices need some refreshment to operate properly. All you have to do is:

A.  Turn the Ipad off and wait for 2 minutes. Switch on the Ipad again.

 For the Ipad pro smart keyboard, you have to force restart the Ipad. 

B. Tap the “Home” button (upper left side) and the “Power” (lower middle side) button together for 10 seconds. The logo of Apple will appear and your keyboard will work perfectly.

Step 4. Reset iMessage for 5 minutes

Go to the “settings” option of your Ipad. Turn off your iMessage for 5 minutes. Now back it on. Your keyboard will work perfectly if it was misguided by using iMessage.

Step 5. Reset all settings of the Ipad 

Resetting all the settings of your Ipad can erase all spam of the system. Often it solves the connection problems.

A. Go to the “Settings” option and select “General”.

B.  You will find the option “Reset”. 

C. Click on the “Reset all settings” and your Ipad will reset new.

Step 6. Additional keyboard create a problem

Sometimes extra or additional keyboard cause problem in this issue. Uninstall the extra keyboard apps from the “settings” and reinstall one if necessary.

Step 7. Use iPhone OS system recovery to activate the keyboard

You have tried all the strategies but still, your Ipad keyboard not working. Now we think it is a software issue. So you need to recover your iPhone OS (iOS) system. iOS is the operating system that mends any hardware issue of an Ipad. There are many apps of iOS recovery system that will mend your problems without losing data. You can download Tuneskit iPhone Data Recovery, iSkysoft Toolbox for iOS, iMyFone Fixppo, Tenorshare ReiBootDr. Fone and much more available from Google.

Step 8. Install a new version by using restore factory settings

If all the efforts result in nothing than you should apply the restore factory settings on your Ipad. You can do it using the iTunes app. For this process connect your Ipad with a computer or Mac. In the iTunes page, your Ipad icon will appear. Go to the “restore Ipad” and some instructions will come one after another. Follow the instructions properly. Installing a new version will delete all data and restore the latest options. But iTunes will keep all the backup data.


After applying all the methods, we hope your problem is gone. If still, your Ipad keyboard not working, then you should call Apple customer care service. You can go to the nearest Apple store to check any hardware issue by a technical specialist. It will be wise not to waste your valuable time and solve the problem for a happy Ipad typing.

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