How to Clean a Macbook Pro Screen Without Messing Up

When it’s about how to clean a MacBook pro screen, you can already tell that task needs some good knowledge on following cautions and knowing how to do the stuff without causing any sort of pressure on this quite vulnerable part of your MacBook pro.

Usually, screens are not something you can move ahead with using abrasive or heavy saturated cleaning fabrics. That’s surely inviting some serious damage to the screen component. Apart from being enough carefully, you also need a legit working method that actually works and makes the display clean.

Seems like we have quite a few things to cover today and no we’re not complaining at all. Keep on reading as we share some of the fabulous display cleaning methods plus some tips you won’t mind knowing about.

What You Are Going To Discover Next

The most useful tricks and tips that work best for the purpose of cleaning a MacBook Pro screen. Also, there will be the easiest method of cleaning the display using a dry cloth barely. If you are more interested in using a formula cleanser for a more thorough display clean-up, wait for the method we are going to share using one. And finally, there will be notes on using LCD wipes and getting done with the display cleaning just like that. Figuring out which method works well for you would be a choice of your own, we’ll ensure you have plenty of options nevertheless.

What To Keep in Mind When Cleaning Macbook Pro Screen

Are you tired of seeing your Mac Pro screen filled with dirt, prints, smudges, and so on? If so, trying the best way to clean the MacBook screen will be a great solution. Yet, it would be hard to clean the Mac Pro screen if you don’t know the right method to apply.

MacBook Pro screens are thin that need good methods to remove debris. 

If you want to know how to clean up the Macbook Pro screen from fingerprints, then using a specific way is a good choice. Avoid using the same trick on different types of MacBook Pro screen dirt. For that, here are some tricks and tips are given below to clean well. However, these are really top MacBook pro cleaner you can consider too!

Don’t Rub Extremely

Rubbing is forbidden when it comes to cleaning the MacBook Pro screen. This can damage the screen by leaving scratches and scrapes. So, avoid extreme wiping on the MacBook Pro.

Want to know the right way to wipe your MacBook Pro screen? Then, use a cloth on the screen and wipe gently using less pressure.

Use High-Quality Tools

Another thing you need when planning to clean the MacBook Pro screen using high-quality tools. Always use a soft and lint-free cloth that doesn’t damage the screen when wiping. Also, never use an abrasive cloth, paper towels, tissue, or other stuff as an alternative.

Using a heavy cloth will cause more pressure on the MacBook Pro screen. So, try to use high-quality items.

Power Off MacBook Pro Beforehand

The cleaning screen may require a perfect shutdown of the MacBook Pro to avoid system changes. If you clean your MacBook Pro laptop screen while it is turned on, this may cause damages.

Just click on the Shut-Down bar to makes sure perfect power off.

Also, be sure to plug out all the power sources, cables, and other devices if being attached to the MacBook Pro.

Protect Your Hand & Mouth

When planning to clean the MacBook Pro screen, it is better to keep your hand and mouth protected. If you use your bare hand, the solution smell or dirt may cause irritation. For that, be sure to wear gloves and a mask to continue cleaning your MacBook Pro screen safely.

Avoid Using Spray Solutions

Before your head to the steps of how to clean MacBook Pro retina screen, it is better to stay away from spray solutions directly on the screen.

Basically, if you apply spray solution directly on the screen, it may cause the moisture to get into the gaps. And, avoid bleaches or harmful chemicals included solutions that can cause damages.

Instead, spray the solution into a clean cloth and then apply it to the screen.

How To Clean A MacBook Pro Screen Using A Dry Cloth

The most effective and helpful trick that most people try at home to clean the MacBook Pro screen is by using a dry cloth. In general, the dry cloth is a good item that ensures easy wiping out of visible dirt, bacteria, and germs.

Use a dry cloth to the clean screen if you frequently use your MacBook Pro.

Just be sure to open every window and turn on your room fan before starting the process. Also, be sure to take a cleaning cloth that matches your screen size. Now, grab all the items given below and then jump to the step-by-step guide.

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Required Tools:

  • A Dry Cleaning Cloth
  • Lukewarm Water
  • MacBook Pro

Step-1: Turn off your MacBook Pro rightly. Just click on the Apple symbol and there you’ll find Shut Down bar which is located in the bottom section. Then, click on it and wait for the screen to turn all black.

Step-2: Next, you need to remove the power adapter from the MacBook Pro. If your laptop is attached with external drives or USB hubs, then remove them before going to the next process.

Step-3: Then, take a dry cleaning cloth and wipe on the screen to remove visible prints and germs. You can also try taking dirt by moving your hand in a small circle. And, apply some pressure on the screen.

Step-4: After that, you need to take lukewarm water and dip the microfiber cloth. Then, squeeze the cloth to take out excess water. Next, wipe the MacBook Pro screen using less pressure.

Step-5: Use a dry cleaning cloth to remove the stubborn dirt from the screen. Try wiping the screen horizontally from side to side. After that, clean the MacBook Pro screen vertically from top to bottom.

Pro Tips: Makes sure to use distilled water to ensure no minerals or other element is conducted. And, do not use tap water.

To Clean MacBook Pro Screen Using A Formula Cleanser

The formula cleanser is another option that helps cleaning the MacBook Pro screen fast and effectively. Basically, this method is perfect for those who have bacteria and fingerprints on the MacBook Pro screen.

Formula cleanser contains alcohol and distilled water to remove prints.

To know how to clean Mac screen using a formula cleanser, you may require a MacBook cleaning kit. Also, try to wear your safety equipment such as gloves and mask beforehand. And, take all the tools that you’ll need and go for the actual processes.

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Required Tools:

  • A Cleaning Kit
  • MacBook Pro

Step-1: First off, you need to turn off your MacBook Pro. Makes sure you have detached all the plugs, devices, and power adapters from the laptop.

Step-2: Next, you need to use a clean cloth and spray solution from the cleaning kit. Now, spray the solution on the microfiber cloth to wipe down the MacBook Pro screen. This way you can keep your laptop screen free from visible dirt. Avoid spraying on the screen.

Step-3: Then, use the lint-free cloth on the lenses and keyboard to wipe down the areas which may cause the screen to get dirty again. Just simply wipe out until you see no dirt left.

Step-4: Again, apply the liquid solution on the microfiber cloth and wipe the surface to makes sure no dirt is attached to the screen.

Step-5: Now, take a dry clean cloth and wipe the screen in horizontal formation. Then, rub in the top to down sections in a small circle. Try to apply less pressure when wiping the screen.

Pro Tips: You may need to reapply the solution for some time to ensure there is no dirt is attached to the screen.

How To Clean MacBook Pro Screen Using LCD Wipes

If you want to know how to clean MacBook Pro screen smudges apart from the 2 given methods, then using LCD wipes is a great option. To speak frankly, the LCD wipes are way more convenient and trouble-free to get rid of debris on the MacBook Pro screen.

An LCD wipe removes dust and remains without leaving a scratch on the screen

Cleaning the MacBook Pro screen with LCD wipes will remove most of the marks deeply. Before you go to the actual instructions, here are a few tools that you may need to take for getting the job done.

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Required Tools:

  • An LCD wipes
  • MacBook Pro
  • A Microfiber Cloth

Step-1: Turn off your MacBook Pro to makes sure the wipes will not harm you. Try to remove all the plugged devices, power adapter, and wires. By doing this, it will save you and your MacBook Pro from electric shocks or damages.

Step-2: Next, you need to take out LCD wipes. Makes sure it is not used. After that, you need to gently wipe the screen in both vertical and horizontal movement. Be sure the corners of the MacBook Pro are clean too. You can also try using one finger when cleaning corners.

Step-3: Then, you need to take a dry microfiber cloth to remove the wetness from the screen. It helps the wet germs that are stuck on the screen to get out easily.

Step-4: Again, use the wiper on the screen to remove all the dirt from the screen. After that, use the dry microfiber cloth to take out the debris easily. And, you are done.

Pro Tips: Be sure that your used LCD wipes have no toxic chemicals as it may result in damage to the screen. It can cause a screen with scratches.

Wrap Up

Once you have done reading this guide, we hope it helped to learn how to clean a MacBook Pro screen precisely. The screens of the MacBook Pro are easy to get dirty which need daily care to keep it glossy.

Luckily, all the methods are safe and simple to try at home with no extra spending. Our listed techniques will give a big hand to remove bacteria, germs, dirt, fingerprints, dust, oil, and others. These methods also won’t cost more energy or time.

To put it briefly, we have given different ways you can try cleaning MacBook Pro retina screen without harming any part. Have A Lovely Day!