How to Clean Rubberized Laptop Case

Right after our mobile, the most used and valued gadget is our laptop. Usually, laptops are fragile and expensive; therefore,  they need proper care and safety. Rubberized laptop cases protect our laptops from scratches, dents, scuffs, abrasion, and dust. But, these rubberized cases also need cleaning and proper maintenance to ensure our gadget to function smoothly.

So if you want to know about how to clean rubberized laptop case, then this article is the right place to hook on. Here we will lead you to simple steps to clean your rubberized laptop case with available products in your kitchen.

Five steps to clean your rubberized laptop cases

Usually, rubberized cases are easy to clean. All you need is to be patient and easygoing. Before we go to the steps, you need to arrange things for cleaning. So let’s move into your kitchen and grab the items listed below:

Stuff from your kitchen

  • Household sponge.
  • Mild dishwashing detergent.
  • Lint-free cloth.
  • Cotton swabs/old toothbrush
  • Alcohol strips.

When we have arranged the top mentioned items, now we will start cleaning:

 Step 1: Un-mount case

In the process of how to clean rubberized laptop case, we will first un-mount the case from the laptop. Carefully open the rubberized case so that it doesn’t break at edges or leave any scarce on your laptop.

Step 2: Prepare the cleaning solution

Now Take one part of mild dishwashing detergent and mix this with five parts of water. Mix them well till it makes a soapy solution.

 Step 3: Preparing the sponge

Soak the dry sponge in the cleaning liquid. Dip several times to make it wet thoroughly. When it is entirely soaked, wring out the sponge until you get rid of excess water and soap.

Step 4: Start Wiping

Now to clean the rubberized laptop case, gently wipes down all over its surface. Wipe several times to clean all dirt and grease. If needed, dip the sponge into the soap mix and wipe on till you get the desired clean look.

Step 5: Cleaning in details

Use the swab/old toothbrush to get the nooks and edges of the case. Be gentle at the corners so that you don’t break any of them.

Step 6: Drying

Finish cleaning by rubbing off the case again with the lint-free cloth. Make sure to banish any excess water. Let it dry for some minutes. You can use your blow-dry machine to dry up quickly.

When it is dried completely, your case is clean and ready for re-installation.

 Tips before reinstalling the case

Isopropyl, or “rubbing,” alcohol makes an excellent cleaning agent. Use this alcohol to rub the surface of the laptop along with the screen. This alcohol cleaning before mounting the rubberized laptop case will ensure perfect cleaning and safeguard from bacterial presence.

Finally, you know how to clean rubberized laptop case. It is easy and handy. Always make sure that your laptop case is thoroughly dry before remounting. Usually, before you turn on this kind of electrical device, this is a must to ensure safety. We hope you will follow the steps and keep your loved gadgets, clean, hygienic, and safe.

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