The Graphics Battle: RX 570 VS GTX 1060

RX 570 VS GTX 1060

As a gamer, you must know which graphics card is more compatible with your pc. RX 570 and GTX1060, both are best according to their features and quality in their working place.

There are many types of graphical cards found in the market for pc gaming. Now, we would like to discuss about the compatibility between RX 570 vs GTX 1060. Please read the article carefully.

Rx 570 VS GTX 1060: Comparisons

Let’s discuss the difference between RX 570 VS GTX 1060 and make out which is the best for you—

      Radeon RX 570

     GeForce GTX

Clock speeds
1168MHz base clock and boost clock speed is 1244 MHz Base cock is 1506MHz and boost clock speed is 1709 MHz
4GB memory size, 256bit memory bus3GB memory size, 192bit memory bus
Theoretical performance
Pixel rate: 39.81 GPixel/s Pixel rate: 81.98 GPixel/s
Graphics feature
DirectX: 12.0 (12_0), shader model: 6.4DirectX: 12.0 (12_1), shader model: 6.4

More about Radeon RX 570

RX 570 is not as great as GTX 1060 in graphical performance for its comparatively lower speed. It may not be that much harmless for the high-quality game. However, in the shade process unit, the resolution of RX 570 is quite better.

Performance According To Speed

According to video memory, RX 570 has more memory though having less core clock speed. That’s why in video gaming it is better to use RX 570

Processing Graphical Data And Shade Process Unit

In processing graphical data, RX 570 gives better performance. About one-fourth time better shade process unit has in RX 570. This also provides RX 570 higher clock frequencies.

Video Composition

According to authentic sources, the video composition for Radeon RX 570 is 116.73 frames per second. Where the video composition of GTX 1060 is only 21.91 frames per second. So definitely, the video composition of RX 570 is better.


Radeon RX 570 is a very suitable graphics card for the people who are willing to build a mid-range PC by themselves. Remarkably, it is often cheaper too. So it is a better choice for people who want to save money in building pc.


  • Cheaper
  • Has more video memory
  • Amazing performance in 1080p
  • Better for online competitive games
  • Has more shader processors (2048)


  • Slow clock speed
  • High power consumption

More About GeForce GTX 1060

For Video Gaming

The GTX 1060 has better graphics comparatively and more speed. It is less harmful in high-quality game textures as it has less video memory.

So comparatively, GTX 1060 is better than RX 570 for video gaming. That’s why gamers prefer GTX 1060 rather than RX 570.

Performance According To Speed

GTX 1060 has more core speed, which gives more render output. As a result, it gives better pixel performance in gaming.

Though both have a difference in speed and pixel performance, both are still good at GPU supports indirect box 9 or above.

Processing Graphical Data And Shade Process Unit

GTX 1060 is comparatively slow in processing data in the case of graphics. The reason is GTX 1060 has fewer shade process units.


Generally, the GTX 1060 lasts for more than four years smoothly on average use. And it is comparatively long-lasting.

Effective 3D Speed

Through some excrements on several games, we have observed that the GPU speed of GTX 1060 is more than 57% when the GPU speed of RX 570 is near 49%. So we can easily say that the speed of 3D gaming is higher in GTX 1060.


  • Has more clock speed
  • Supports more games
  • Uses less power
  • Produces less heat
  • Has more overclocking headroom


  • Costlier
  • Has lesser video memory

Factors To Look Before Buying

Gamer or a graphic designer, everyone looks for a decent GPU for their needs. So before buying a graphics card, there are some important factors you must consider.


It would be a waste of time and money to buy a graphics card that is not compatible with your computer. So before buying a card, you must check out the space of your


The price of the graphics card is a vital factor. If your PC is not of high quality, then you should spend too much on a Graphics card of high prices.


VRAM or video RAM plays a very important matter in the case of picture and video quality. In general, graphics cards come with 2 to 12 GB VRAM. Now it’s up to you to decide which card to buy according to the picture quality you require.


Bandwidth is the size of memory a GPU can approach at a certain time. And a GPU with wider bandwidth can transfer data to the core faster. Which results in clearer graphics in games and videos.

Clock Speed

Clock speed means the number of processing cycles per second. It also describes the quality of the GPU. A GPU with better clock speed provides lesser lag and higher frame rate.


The wattage and the PCle connectors of the power supply are also important. So before buying a graphics card, make sure to check on these factors.

Shader Processor

Shader processing unit helps to create black and white shades and provides better 3D quality. GPU with more shader processors can bring the best quality graphics. But some GPUs with lesser shader processors can work fine with particular video games.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which one is better for 1080p? RX 570 or GTX 1060?

RX 570 is 5% slower than GTX 1060 in 1080p. So GTX 1060 is the better one here.

2. Is RX 570 good enough for 2020?

Though RX 570 is a bit old, it still works fine with the current games. It is cheaper and supports most of the games in 1080p fantastically.

3. Which RX 570 is better? 4GB or 8GB?

Although 8GB is costlier, it is a better option for future-proofing since some games require more memory. And if the memory does not matter, then 4GB is enough.

4. Which GTX 1060 is better? 3GB or 6GB?

 In general, GTX 1060 6GB is a little costlier but faster than the 3GB. But in the case of VRAM, 6GB is a lot faster and better than 3GB. But if money matters more than memory, then 3GB is the better choice.

5. What is the minimum power supply you need for GTX 1060?

The GTX 1060 3 GB requires 350 to 400 watts, and the GTX 1060 6GB requires more than 450 watts.


RX 570 and GTX 1060 graphical cards are super at GPU’s power performance. Both types of graphical cards are better in performance in modern video gaming and great at high-quality settings.

The above discussion on the difference between RX 570 VS GTX 1060 will help you in selecting graphical cards for your video gaming.


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