RX 570 Vs GTX 1060 – Who Wins the Clash of Quality?

RX 570 VS GTX 1060


Looking for a budget mid-range graphic card option that isn’t a disappointing tragedy later on for providing the performance you expect is sometimes hard and we agree. However, the game is quite different after two very promising options showed up in the market with some incredible and praiseworthy features that turn head around.

And, there’s a tough competition between both of these graphic cards and so manufacturers are bringing lots of models to enhance and improve the overall user experience.

You might have already guessed that we are here to compare and find the true winner between the RX 570 Vs GTX 1060 graphic cards. Also, we will be serving some fantastic models recommended that you should be eyeing for certain specific needs, keep on reading…

RX 570 Vs GTX 1060 Graphics Card

RX 570 Graphics Card

GTX 1060 Graphics Card

Graphics Ram Size
Up to 4 GB to 8 GBUp to 3 GB to 6 GB
Memory Clock Speed
For up to 7000 MHz to 7 GHzFor up to 8008 MHz
Graphics Clock Speed
Mostly offer 1250MHz base and 1750MHz max clock speedMostly have 1556 MHz base and 1771MHz max clock speed
Blade Fan Design
90mm noiseless fan90 mm 3D active fan
Memory Bus Width
256 bits192 bits
Price Range
Inexpensive price pointReasonably practical price rate

To know RX 570 Vs GTX 1060 winner, here are some comparison points:

Both RX 570 And GTX 1060 GPU Graphics Ram Size

The graphics ram size actually affects the performance of your PC to show a better motion and reaction of your video or apps when is running. Usually, if your PC has good graphics ram size, it will help apps or system to operate in a faster manner with no struggle.

Not only has it will help your system to display better quality pictures but also ensure better viewing comfort. The GPU ram size will affect your PC in a good way to give a rich tone to be seen in a clear screen. For instance, the AMD RX 570 driver has 4 GB ram to run PC parts fast.

And, if you want a rich picture and great streaming speed for playing well, then the Sapphire Technology Radeon Pulse RX 570 Graphics Card is your finest bet. It on top allows you to get better video quality with 4 GB of ram size to deliver good performance and storing benefits.

Most RX 570 graphics card series as well come with 4-8 GB of ram size that ensures fine working skills. They on top make sure good accessibility and benefits to get fine performance. And, the RX 570 series GPUs ensure a fine system run in a positive way to show better graphics.

On the flip sides, most GTX 1060 series graphics cards come with 3-6 GB of ram size that helps your PC to get good storage and control. They as well make sure you are getting the fine performance of your PC when viewing videos. Yet, the GTX 1060 GPU lacks in boosting speed.

After reading out both sides, we would like to say the RX 570 graphics cards series is the real winner if talking about ram size to enjoy better streaming control and operation.

Best Pick For Streaming Control

The Memory Clock Speed Differences Between Both Graphics Card

The memory clock speed of the graphics card is a vital thing that makes sure your PC running speed to improve. Depending on the memory clock speed, your PC will react differently to show video or other apps in a great movement with no lag. It also makes sure better PC performance.

Also, the graphics card memory clock speed usually has two types such as base and max to ensure high overclocking. If you are running apps or software for overclocked execution in RX 570 8 GB Vs GTX 1060 3 GB, the GPU memory clocks speed will help graphics to be seen well.

If you want a good speedup of your PC components, then the XFX Radeon RX 570 AMD Graphics Card is your finest pick. It on top makes sure you are getting better 1286 MHz speed to run any video apps in better speed with no lag or bottleneck issues.

Mostly, the RX 570 GPU series comes with 7000 MHz to 7 GHz great speeding of your PC parts that help to boost performance. They on top make sure you are getting fine working on your apps or games. The RX 570 GPU also ensures the ideal speed progress of your PC.

Then again, most GTX 1060 series GPUs come with up to 8008 MHz memory clock speed to ensure better speeding of your PC. They on top make sure you get better performance if running high-end graphical games to run better. Yet, The GTX 1060 GPU lack in speed point.

In between both series, we would like to say the RX 570 graphics cards are the real winner for their great memory clock speed that helps stable and ideal performance.

Best Pick For Stable Performance

Variations Between RX 570 And GTX 1060 GPU Graphics Clock Speed

The clock speed of GPU actually indicates the base and max speed of the video card that helps your PC to deliver the smoothest playback motion. It on top makes sure you are viewing pictures or video graphics in great quality with no struggle of clearance or degree.

The clock speed of GPU on top makes sure you are getting better picture resolution to view video in a perfect motion. There are great differences in GPU clock speed when comparing RX 570 vs GTX 1060 3GB graphics card. Yet, there is a clear winner that has better clock speed.

And if you want a Display Port x 3, HDMI, DVI x 1 video interface with fine clock speed, then the XFX RX 570 Graphics Card is a great option. It on top makes sure you are getting fine clock speed that helps your PC to display video or games in a clear format with better clearance.

Most of the time the RX 570 graphics cards series come with up to 1250 MHz base and 1750 MHz max clock speed. They on top make sure you are getting better video and gaming performance with faster playback. The RX 570 GPU as well makes sure better clarity.

In contrast, most GTX 1060 graphics cards come with a 1556 MHz base and 1771 MHz max clock speed to ensure good video and game smoothness. However, they do lack in gaming performance when it comes to smooth playback or accessibility.

If putting both series side by side, we would like to say the winner is the RX 570 graphics card for their great clock speed to makes sure better playback and running ability when using apps.

Best Pick For Smooth Playability

Disparities Between Both Graphic Card Blade Fan Design

The graphics card does come with a blade fan design that makes sure better usage benefits to deliver better performance with no struggle of heat snags. It on top makes sure your PC video card and closer parts to cool down easily with a great amount of airflow in the PC case.

Also, the GPU fan blades can come in 2 or single format that makes sure your PC to get better handling and control to get rid of damages such as burn or flame. A single or double fan blade that ensures good work to deliver better fresh air to get rid of heat snags.

If you are looking for a good operating GPU that makes sure better heat coverage and noiseless working, then the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 Graphics Card is an ideal pick. It on top makes sure you are getting fine working to give the most amount of heat resistance to avoid flames.

On average, most RX 570 graphics cards come with a 90 mm silent fan in a dual or single form to makes sure better coverage. They on top make sure you are getting fine guard against most damages. Yet, the RX 570 GPU doesn’t have better air flowing benefits to avoid heat snags.

On the other hand, most GTX 1060 graphics cards come with a 90 mm 3D active fan that has a great blade length that makes sure better airflow to PC components. They on top make sure your PC is getting fine performance with no hitch of noise or other troubles for peaceful use.

And so, we would like to say the frontrunner of both series is the GTX 1060 graphics card for their brilliant fan design that makes sure better protection against heat and noise troubles.

Best Pick For Heat-Free Process

Dissimilarities Between Both Graphics Card Memory Bus Width

The memory bus width of the graphics card actually indicates a fine transformation of data in a selected speed to ensure the clock speed work in a faster way. It in fact works like core and threads of CPU that ensures better performance and efficiency of PC in a good way.

Usually, the memory bus width of graphics card bits varies depending on the speed and quality. Most GPU comes with similar memory bus width in a bit by bit form to shift the data for making video and games in a rich tone than ever. It also ensures good picture resolution to notice all.

And, for those of you who want a crisp and clear visual experience on gaming or video, then the Evga GTX 1060 Gaming Graphics Card is a perfect partner. It on top comes with the highest data transfer speeds for the most bandwidth-hungry games and 3D applications.

Typically, most RX 570 series graphics cards come with 256 bits memory bus width that makes sure you are getting good shifting of data to see a clear visual in your PC. They on top ensure running 3D apps and software or games in a smooth and faster way.

Out of all series, most GTX 1060 graphics cards offer 192 bits memory bus width that makes sure better data shifting with a unique performance. They also make sure you are getting a fine picture and video graphics, unlike others. The GTX 1060 GPU series also helps to perform fast.

Among both series, the GTX 1060 graphics card series is our pick for their finest memory bud width that makes sure fine image stability and faction to view video or games in a realistic form.

Best Pick For Higher Quality Images

The Price Range of The RX 570 And GTX 1060 Graphics Card

All GPU aka graphics card comes at a fixed price with good options that makes one reasonable while other cheap. Most people think the lower price means a good option and a higher price means wasting money. But in reality, there is a different story.

You see, a lower rate GPU that has fewer features and option is not a good option than a higher-priced option with many good and functions. So, you want to choose one series depending on what you prefer.

And, if you prefer a great performing GPU that has great quality and options at a reasonable range, then the EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 Graphics Card is a good choice. It also comes at a higher rate with logical functions and 4K display benefits plus many features.

Mostly, RX 570 graphics card series offer good options and performance with amazing features at a lower range. They also offer special benefits like good ram and memory clock speed. But, the RX 570 GPU still lack in heat performance at this budget.

Alternatively, most GTX 1060 graphics card series offers good options and quality pictures in 4K performance with great functions at a higher range. They also have great features and heat resistance options for the future-lifespan.

If weighing both series in one table, we would like to say the winner of the price range with quality options is the GTX 1060 graphics card series for their great functions at a practical rate.

Best Pick For The Money

Overall Thoughts

And the same old story is getting repeated here as well but we are not complaining. Because having two good and worthy options means you’ll be able to explore two sets that may serve different purposes. And that’s the case with RX 570 and GTX 1060. Here’s what we would like you to know.

From the affordability and overall exceptional value perspective, the RX 570 is a scene-stealer that serves you right with the best game playing in this budget range honestly. While the GTX 1060 graphic card is also a promising option that’s maybe a little bit costly than the 570 but because there are also additional features to this. So those who are looking for updated and enhanced outcomes, 1060 will not disappoint for sure.

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