The Answer: Do I Need A Modem If I Have A Router?

“Do I need a modem if I have a router?” is this question lingering in your mind? Worry not! Here in this article, you’ll find the answer.

Most of the time, the ISP suggests both the modem and the router with the internet packages we get. Also, their performance and working fields are kinds of the same. So many people get confused about it. But it is not that confusing at all.

In this article, we will give you some details about both the modem and the router. And by the end of the article, you’ll know if you need a modem with your router or not.

Do I Need A Modem If I Have A Router

To confirm that you need or don’t need a modem when you have a router, you first need to know:

  1. How modems & routers operate
  2. If a router works without a modem
  3. If you need a modem or not

How Modems & Routers Operate

  • Direct Connections: A modem has a direct connection to the internet or ISP. But a router does not have any direct connection to ISP but with the computer and any smart devices.
  • Wi-Fi & LAN Facilities: A modem does not provide a Wi-Fi or LAN (local area network) for any device. It can only connect with a single computer. But a router can create a Wi-Fi connection and set up LAN for more than one device.
  • Modem-Router Connection: The modem directly connects your computer to the internet. But if you include more than one device, then the router acts as a link between the modem and your computer to distribute the internet among them.

If A Router Works Without A Modem

  • To Decode Signal: You’ll definitely need a modem along with a router when you need to collect data from the internet. Because only the modem can decode and encode signals from ISP for your computer which a router cannot.
  • To Create Network Between More Than One Devices: A router can easily connect all your devices so that you can create a network and share data between your computer, your phone, and any smart devices. In this case, the router can work without a modem.

If You Need A Modem Or Not

  • When You Need: As mentioned above when you need something from the internet and work on many devices, you’ll need to have a modem along with a router.
  • When You Don’t Need: If you don’t need the internet but a connection between your devices and the computer then you won’t need to have a modem but just the router.

Modem-Router Combo

To end the whole confusion and tension, There are some devices in the market that has the functions of both the modem and the router. These are called “Modem-Router Combo”. You can buy this or rent it from your ISP.

Best Option Between Combo Set and Separate Set

Now, if you need to have a modem along with a router, we suggest you have a separate set of both. Because:

  • It will provide you flexibility for the arrangement of your home network.
  • In the combo set, if a small part gets damaged, the whole set becomes useless.
  • In a separate setup, you can easily change the modem or the router as you need.

“Do I need a modem if I have a router” is a very common question many people have in their minds. And to have the accurate answer to this question, we suggest you read this article carefully.

So, if you have confusion about whether to have a modem or not if you have a router, just read and follow our suggestions. Then it will be easy for you to decide.

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