Samsung Evo VS Pro – Who Wins the Race?

Samsung is doing extremely well for a really long time and probably everybody living in this era knows about them. With the SSD series they launched, the solidity in budget-friendliness is getting more and more praise.

However, there’s always confusion when you look at two quite similar models. So, to get a better idea of choosing one particular choice, we’ll be comparing two very popular picks for today. Yes, we are going to discuss the Samsung Evo VS Pro issue and give you the ultimate showdown results. Keep on Reading!

Samsung Evo VS Pro

Product Comparison Table

Series Name

Samsung Evo SSD

Samsung Evo Pro SSD

Max Write SpeedModerateHigh
Max Read SpeedModerateHigh
Suitable ForTech EnthusiastsHardcore PC Gamers
Manufacturer Warranty2 To 5 Years5 To 10 Years

Samsung Evo VS Pro- Major Difference

Samsung brand comes with Evo and Evo pro series that are different in many ways. We have done some research on this topic so that any user can understand the main difference between these two series right down below.

SSD Read Speed

To begin with, the Evo and Evo pro series of Samsung brand has dissimilar SSD reading speeds. In fact, the average read speed of SSD products is 500 Mb of most SSD series. The Evo SSD series has up to 550 MB per second speed read for fluid communication.

On the other hand, the Evo pro series has up to 560 MB speeds read that helps a lot for quick communication. By looking at both series, we find the Evo pro series of Samsung has better read speed that works amazingly on internal use.

Warranty Support

One of the main differences between both Samsung Evo and Pro SSDs are their different warranty service time limitation. We all know that the Samsung brand provides the Evo pro that is an upgraded version of Evo. For that reason, the Evo pro-SSD has a better time period than another one.

The Evo pro version of Samsung has a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 10 years warranty service for repairing or restoring product manufacture problems. Conversely, The Evo SSD has up to 2 or above years of manufacturer warranty that gives full support for having a replacement.

Better Capacity

If we look at the Evo series, it offers 3-bit support that has a capacity of 250 GB, 500 GB, 1T, 2T, and 4T. On the other hand, the pro version of Samsung has 256GB, 512GB, 1T, 2T, and 4T capacity support.

With this capacity, the computing system can contain a maximum amount of size. Plus, these series give simple compatibility for fluid communication with the host system.


To make a point, the pro SSD is an upgraded version for that reason it has a bigger price point than the other series. Plus, it has good quality at below 250 dollar price tag.

On the other hand, the Evo SSD series has a reasonable price tag with moderate features and good quality. In this case, we find the Evo series more budget-friendly.

SSD Write Speed

We find a huge difference between the Evo and Pro series on their write speed. Both series of Samsung brand has different write speed.

To make a point, the Evo series has a moderate write speed of at least 300 MB per second for every function. Also, it has less speed of both read and writes speed than the Pro series.

Quite the opposite, the Pro series has high speed with up to 560 MB per second at least for maintaining performance.

Top 3 Samsung Evo SSD

Are you looking for a better functional Samsung Evo series? Here are the top 3 Samsung Evo SSD series that have a better function and good quality at a reasonable price.

Samsung SSD 860 EVO

If you want a product that offers good performance, protects data, and good stability, then we may introduce to you this Evo SSD. In fact, it helps to secure files to render large-sized 3D data and 4k video. Besides, it offers 5 years of warranty service for replacement.

Samsung 850 EVO

This product has high-level performance and endurance that comes with a 250GB storage capacity and is powered by V-NAND technology. Besides, it has a compatibility design with SATA 6GB interface and provides moderate 540 MB of reading and 520 writing speeds.

Samsung 970 EVO SSD

Another SSD series has innovating V-NAND technology for high-end gamers. It has supreme heat dissipation with 1.5 MTBF and includes 500, 00 IOPS random read speed. Besides, the product has a high expanding capacity of 2 TB with 5 years imitated warranty.

Top 3 Evo Pro SSD

If you want the finest Evo pro SSD that has high quality and better warranty support, then here are the top 3 Evo pro set with better features and quality.

Samsung 860 EVO PRO SSD

This product is powered by Samsung V-NAND technology that offers sequential 560 MB of reading speed and 530 MB write speeds. Besides, it works amazingly on rendering large files of 4k and 3D data used by the latest apps. Also, the 860 pro series has 5 years of warranty support.

Samsung 850 PRO SSD

Samsung 850 Pro SSD has premium performance that offers up to 550 MB of reading and 520 MB write performance. Also, it is powered by V-NAND technology that has good performance, reliable and energy efficiency.  Besides, this series has industry-leading 10 years of warranty.

Samsung 840 Pro SSD

The 840 Pro series has good value and perfect performance for heavy-loaded computers. Plus, it is energy-efficiency that improves battery life for 50 minutes. In fact, the series has great protection for all data and a 4th generation 3-core with 5 years of warranty support.

Who Wins the Race Samsung Evo VS Pro?

If truth to be told, both series of Samsung brands have been good in their own way. Considering price with good quality, the Evo SSD is the winner for its good features at a friendly price point. But if we look at the warranty and overall performance, then we must pick the Pro series.

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